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Joining the Company

by JackP77

Joining the Company

Joining the Company
By: Jack P.
It was strange. A few months ago my cousin up and joined this new ballet company that came into town. Now, I never pegged him as a dancer, but people can surprise you!
Now, every month my cousin has a recital. And every month he asks me to come. Unfortunately, the recital has always fallen on a day where I have to work late or already have some plans with my friends. Really, I was not that into ballet. This month though, he finally got me.
I had just walked in the door, home from work, when my cell goes off. I answer to hear my cousin on the other line. “Hey my recital is on the 25th this month! It’s only the 2nd today so mark it!” He got me! So I told him I would save the date for him.
Finally the 25th rolled around. Instead of going home, I went straight to the company downtown. They had their own stage and everything! It was a really nice place. Apparently some rich man from California bought the land and built it. It’s his 3rd dance company.
I went to the box office and picked up my ticket which my cousin had already reserved and paid for. The ticket was for second row center. Great seats! I won’t be able sleep through this. After about ten minutes of waiting, the show began.
Immediately I was transfixed. The company was all men. And only men. Their strong bodies moving across the stage which grace and elegance. Some men had huge muscled arms and legs, while some were thin and lank. Everyone had on tights and leotards. This show was apparently about a prince who was captured by a wizard but saved by a knight from his kingdom. I noticed that my cousin was in the role of the wizard.
He was in deep, royal purple tights, bright pink ballet slippers, and a sequined aqua top. He was phenomenal! I was just amazed at his skills. I was even growing kind of jealous. He could really move.
The show was over far too soon. I was out in the lobby when I got a text from my cousin saying to come back to his dressing room. When I got there I was greeted with a big hug! As soon as we split, I was assaulted by the typical, “I’m so glad you came!” and “How was it?” I told him it was great and that I was very glad I came. And I even told him I wished I had come before. And I really meant that. It was then that he made a suggestion.
“You should join the company!”
“Me? No way! I can’t move like that!”
“Listen, you have the body, and you will learn the moves! I promise!”
He was right. I really did have the body. I’m about 5’11”. I have nice strong legs from playing baseball most of my life and I had decent stamina. I am just uncoordinated as shit!
“Nah. I just don’t think it’s my thing!”
“Okay. I understand!” And he dropped it just like that. “Hey do you want to meet the director? He is also the owner of the company.”
“Yeah sure!”
So he took me over to the office of the director. He rapped on the door three times and popped his head in. I heard their muffled talking and he came out and motioned me in. We walked into the grand office of the director. It was huge! The floor had a lush red carpet. He had a nice black modern style desk and a big comfy looking chair right in front to match. Behind his desk was some strange colored painting I couldn’t really make out. Next to his desk was a small shrub. And the room perfectly matched the man sitting behind the desk.
The director was a slightly short man with jet black hair and a soft face. He was wearing and open collar red silk shirt and tight black dress pants with matching pointy shoes. “Welcome! It is nice to meet you.” He said shaking my hand lightly. He spoke with a slight accent I couldn’t really place.
“You as well! You cousin speaks highly of you.”
I look over at him and grin. “Does he?”
“He says you’d make a fine dancer.” He smiled.
“Yes and I see why. You sure do have the build of a ballet boy.”
“Do I now?” I was starting to become uncomfortable. “Well it was great to meet you but we gotta run to dinner.”
“Oh, sorry cuz! I need to go pack up my stiff real quick. You stay here and I swing back and grab ya!” And with that my cousin left the office.
“Please sit. You don’t mind if I light a candle do you?
As I sat, “No, not at all.”
He brought out a red candle and lit it. It let out a nice soft glow. I couldn’t help but stare at it. Damn this chair was comfy. I was even starting to feel warm. I guess it was heated.
“Do you like my candle, Jack?”
I guess my cuz told him my name. “Yeah.”
“I see you really like my chair.”
“I really do…”
“Just keep staring into my candle, Jack. Just keep relaxing in my chair.”
“Yes, Director.”
“Yes, Director.”
“Now, Jack. You really enjoyed tonight’s performance, correct?”
“Yes, Director.” My body felt so heavy. So good. Love staring into the candle. Listening to the Director.
“You wanted to be up on that stage dancing, didn’t you?”
“I can’t dance….”
“You didn’t answer my question, Jack.”
“Yes, I wanted to, Director. I can’t dance…”
“I can help you, Jack. I can help you dance. But you have to submit to me. You have to become one of my Ballet Boys. Do you want to be one of my Ballet Boys, Jack?”
“Yes, Director. I want to be one of your Ballet Boys. I want you to be my Director.”
“Good, Jack. Good boy. Now repeat after me. I, Jack, dedicate myself to the art of ballet.”
“I, Jack, dedicate myself to the art of ballet.”
“I will dance for my director. I will serve him as his loyal Ballet Boy.”
“I will dance for my director. I will serve him as his loyal Ballet Boy.”
“I will live the rest of my life in tights, leotards, and ballet slippers. I will live for ballet. For am I a Ballet Boy.”
“I will live the rest of my life in tights, leotards, and ballet slippers. I will live for ballet. For am I a Ballet Boy.”
“Good. Now, Jack. I am going to count to five. When I hit five you will awaken. You will see a ballet tights, leotard, and slippers in front of you. You will put them on without questing. Kneed before me, and say the pledge again. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Director.”
“Good. 1…2…3…4…5. Awaken.”
With that I awoke. In front of me I saw a pink leotard, purple tights, and pink slippers. Instinctively, I stripped and pulled the ballet garb on. I loved the feel of it. I cherished the idea of being a Ballet Boy. As soon as my shoes were laced, I walked around and kneeled before the director.
“I, Jack, dedicate myself to the art of ballet. I will dance for my director. I will serve him as his loyal Ballet Boy. I will live the rest of my life in tights, leotards, and ballet slippers. I will live for ballet. For am I a Ballet Boy.”
“Rise, Jack.”
I did and he embraced me and gave me a soft kiss.
“Welcome to the company, Jack. My Ballet Boy.”


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