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Hypno Boys

by MasterKing1

Hypno Boys

This is not a true story, which is a shame. It would have been a lot of fun
if it was true! I love hypnosis and mind control stories.

Let me tell you a little about ourselves. We were both in middle school and
we had been best friends for years. My name is Mike and I was a well
behaved kid at school. I had blond hair and an average body for a boy my
age. His name was Tommy and he was on the soccer team. He had brown hair
and because of his involvement in sports he had an athletic body.

It started out as a normal evening. My friend and I were hanging out for
the evening. We were watching TV when we saw a segment of hypnosis. We
thought it would be fun and try and make it work.

Tommy: Wouldn't it be fun to hypnotize someone?

Mike: Yeah it would, you could make them do anything you want.

Tommy: I could use it to convince my parents not to give me chores anymore.

Mike: No chores would be great...no more needing to clean your room.

Tommy: It would be awesome to hypnotize my brother and have him do my
chores for me.

Mike: Yeah, that would be funny. I bet I could do it to you.

Tommy: Yeah right, I don't believe you. No way could you hypnotize me.

Mike: Want to make a bet?

Tommy: Like you have the guts. Besides, I don't think you can do it. If
you succeed, I will clean your room. If you don't succeed, you can clean

Mike: Fine whatever.

I moved him over to my bed and told him to stay there. I found a pen and
nervously returned to him. I don't know why I agreed, I have never done
anything like this before. I didn't really want to clean his room, but I
was curious if I could do it. It didn't look that difficult on the show.

We sat down on opposite sides of the bed, legs crossed. I told him to
listen to my voice and focus on the pen. I tried to mimic the show as best
as I could. Telling him to relax, take deep breaths, and feel himself going
into a deep sleep. At first nothing was happening, but then I noticed it in
his eyes. They were starting to glaze over and I could tell he was having
trouble staying awake. Could I really be doing it? Could I really be
putting my best friend under the influence of hypnosis?

I started to count down, telling him that with every number he was getting
deeper and deeper. By the time I reached one he was staring blankly ahead,
no expression on his face. I giggled to myself a little, he looked a little
goofy staring like that. I wasn't sure what to do now. I sat there for a
couple of minutes, thinking about what I could with him. But first I needed
to make sure that he was actually hypnotized.

I gave him a command and told him that for the next 5 minutes he would no
longer be ticklish. I went over to him and ran my fingers up and down his
sides...he didn't even flinch! He is very ticklish and normally he would be
squirming by now. My innocent mind turned to the possibilities. I had won
the bet...so now I could make him clean my room. I smiled to myself as I
gave him the command.

He moved off the bed and started picking up my room. It wasn't a big mess,
but it was nice not having to do anything. Plus it was funny watching him
do it. I watched as he picked up some toys and put them away for me. He
then moved to a dirty pile of clothes on the ground. I watched as he picked
up a pair of my dirty underwear. Seeing this I felt a little movement down
in my pants. I had never felt sexual towards my friend before, but now that
I was watching him I suddenly wondered what his private parts looked
like. I had never seen another boy naked and I wondered how I compared down

I couldn't do that to my friend could I? That would be taking advantage of
him. And what if he woke up? He would beat the crap out of me. But my
curiosity was taking over. I really did want to see how I compared. I took
a deep breath and decided to do it. I told him to stop what he was doing
and to stand in the middle of the room. I watched as he did as I commanded.
I stared at him for a minute, looking at his body. He really did have a
nice body from his sport playing.

My mind was in over time, thinking about what I was going to do. I took a
deep breath trying to calm myself down. Finally I told him to remove his
shorts. If he was faking it there is no way he would comply. Without any
hesitation he reached down and dropped his shorts to the floor. I looked at
him in amazement and excitement as I stared at my best friend who because
of me, was only standing in his boxers and shirt.

I felt some more movement in my groin as I stared at Tommy and his blue
boxers. They looked great on his body, resting on his smooth legs. My
imagination was going wild and I wondered what he was hiding underneath.
What his private parts looked like and how his compared with mine. I needed
to see more, this might be my only chance.

I took another deep breath, before telling Tommy to drop the boxers. He
reached down, pulled on the band and the lowered them to the floor. I
watched in fascination as they went down his smooth legs. This was it, I
was finally going to see another boys privates.

I got closer so that I could get a better look. He had a decent bush
showing that he had already started puberty. His soft cock hanged limp
against his smooth balls. I estimated that he was about 3 inches soft. I
reached over and gently fondled him, for the first time holding another
boys cock in my hand. It felt warm and smooth to my touch. After a few
seconds of my fondling, I felt him reacting. He started to get hard right
in front of me, right in my hand!

I felt my dick reacting as well, now fully hard in my shorts. I stared at
his dick, trying to figure out his size. I estimated that he was about 6
inches, bigger than I expected. I pulled down my shorts and underwear,
freeing my stiffy. I compared our privates. He had a bigger bush than I did
and his dick was bigger and thicker than mine. Mine was about 5 inches in
length, while his was about 6 inches. I hoped that I wasn't small or
anything and that I would grow to be the same size as him.

I looked at the clock and realized that I was running out of time. My
parents would be home soon and I could get in a lot of trouble if they
found out what I was doing. Taking advantage of my friend like this,
practically molesting him. I was suddenly filled with guilt over what I had
done...it was exciting and I was turned on, but I felt bad for taking
advantage of him like this.

I told him to put his clothes back on and to sit on the bed. I watched as
his privates disappeared under his boxers and then his shorts, before he
sat back down on the bed. I told him that he was to forget any of this had
happened, before waking him up.


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