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Under his fingers sway

by possy4321

Under his fingers sway

/* Gay Hypnosis Session Story
This is my first story. Not a native english speaker. */

I'm sitting at my computers desk at home. The evening has just begun, but I'm still working on some boring task for my work. I'm trying to concentrate and turn away the thoughts of having dinner, fun and watching a good tv-series, when I get a message over Skype: "Turn on, cam! Feel good!"
Suddenly I feel like someone is pulling at my heart (and at my trousers).

The message is from Miles, he hypnotized me some days ago, it felt incredible good...
Thats nearly the only thing I remember from the session... Before we talked for a while ... about things we love, hows living in our cities or even about customs in our countries...
He was friendly and charming ... and then suddenly he tized me sooo deep, soo good.

I'm writing back to him over Skype:
deep: "Hey what's up? I'm still working, like always."
miles: "Time differences... Today I didn't even begun to work."
deep: "I got to finish that stuff here, perhaps we can talk later."
miles: "No problem... But I want to show you something, only for some seconds..."

It feel a prickling sensation all over my body. Like an aching need to obey him.

So there comes his call over Skype. I accept and turn my web cam also on.

There he is... sitting at his desk, sun shining in. Wow he's so good looking. Such a killer smile.
And I just love that little hair which looks out over his shirt.

I begin to remember my manners :
"Hi Miles! Good to see you! I was just in the middle of...."
And suddenly I'm having a hard time to talking...

Miles didn't say anything, he just raised his hand and moves his index finger from side to side in front of his webcam.

I look at his finger and begin to feel so good.... so nice. And my dick twitches so hard.

I try to restrain myself and start to speak again ...
deep: "I was just working ...... and .... I .."
miles: "No talking for you. Just relax and look at my fingers."
miles: "and feel yourself getting back to a nice trance, getting back to feel soooo GOOD!"

I'm letting out a deep sign. It's soo much better to relax, and watch his finger, than try to act normal.... and not submissive....

miles: "Remembering the fingers?"
deep: " yes, .. feels very good..." I begin to moan softly, as I emotionally start to remember ... something...
miles: "Just follow them now. left ............and right, right............ and left..."
miles: "They hypnotize you, the bring you so deep... but they also bring you great great ? What bring they?"

I try to think but its so hard when watching his fingers ... his fingers going left to right, right to left,left to right. Its such a good rhythm my hard dick tells me, exactly what I need, such a great, good and horny...
deepunder: "PLEASUUURE!".

miles: "Yes, that's right boy. Sure your dick is now so hard.... Without you ever touching it.. Is it?"
left to right, right to left,left to right, right to left,left to right, right to left
deep: "yes, very hard"
miles: "Because my fingers are wanking your mind."
left to right, up and dddooowwwnnn, down and uuuuuup.
miles: "Go deeper, deep. Go deeper, deep."
miles: "so nice and horny, the deeper you go the better you feel."
miles: "You love hypnosis, or?"
deep: "YES! YES! very much!"
miles: "But you know who loves it more than you?"
up and down, down and up, I should answer but I feel so conflicted, I don't know the answer...
left to right, right to left
deep: "no".
miles: "Your dick, boy! Your dick is soooo heavenly hypnotized and feels soooo incredible good."
left to right, right to left
miles: "Your dick just loves hypnosis, your dick just loves to be the slave of that wonderful process."
left to right, right to left
miles: "of my swaying fingers, of my voice, of me wanking your mind."
left to right, right to left
miles: "Is it so boy?"

I moaning heavenly, still looking at his wonderful hot fingers, that got soooo near the camera,
soo big and huge... with that wonderful hypnooootizing rhythm.
deepunder: "yes"

miles: "You love that feeling of your hypnotized cock. You would do anything for your cock feeling sooo much better or?"
deepunder: "yes... YES!"
miles " Good."
miles "And you are soooo lucky !"
miles " Because your cock wants you to join the fun of being sooo deeply under my sway. "
miles " It wants you to be also so happy and hypnotized and completely under my control "
miles "Your cock wants you to be my slave, too!"
miles "Do you want that too, deepunder?"

I moaning, feeling so good... still looking at that wonderful fingers leeeft and right, riiiiight and left.
deepunder: "YES!"

miles: "Very good."
miles: "But your cock needs your help!"
miles: "I have enslaved your cock, now your cock needs to enslave you".
miles: "You need to be part of that brainwashing enslaving ever pleasure-giving process."
miles: "Take out your hard wet cock and beat off looking at your master enslaving you with his brainwashing pleasure-inducing fingers!"

I rip my pants open and free my hard wet cock, never letting my eyes go off my masters fingers.
miles: "Yes that's it boy! Bring yourself deeply under my control and rub that hypnotized cock."
up and down, down and up, up and down, down and up
miles: "Deeply tized. deeply my slave. 10."
miles: "Its such a wonderful cycle. I wank your mind with my fingers, so your deeply tized obedient cock feels so good. And now you obey your cock and jack off to be a deeply hypnotized slave of me. "
miles: "And now go faster, Chris. 9"
I go faster, but his fingers also go faster, I'm lost, panting heavily.

miles: "You love hypnosis!"
miles: "You need hypnosis!"
miles: "Nothing feels better. Its so nice to let your mind completely go."
miles: "So you can let go and FEEEL so GOOD!"
miles: "You love being my slave. Because it feels better... and"
miles: "better and"
miles: "better and"
miles: "soooo horny gooodd hypnotizing obedient enslaving horny goood!"
miles: "8"

miles: "Whats better that one finger? TWO fingers!"
up up up, and down down down.
up up up, and down down down.
up up up, and down down down.
miles "7"

Oh good that feels so good, I love being tized, I love being a slave ,
more please more please!

"Stop wanking, slave!"
I immediately stop.
"I think your cock has enslaved you very good and very thorough for me."

"Look at my big wonderful moving fingers, slave."
"they tized you sooo deep."
"let for some time my fingers wank your brains deep into hypno-addicction"
left and right, right and left, up and down, down and up,
I stare totally transfixed at is fingers, its just feels like I'm still rubbing.
"What do you love slave?"
slave: "Hypnosis"
"What else?"
slave: "Your fingers, your voice"
"Who else?"
slave: "You, I love you"
"Good boy. Get your self rewarded boy and rub your dick."

I'm jacking again feeling so nice... so hot...
"How do you feel, slave?"
slave: "wonderful, sooo" moan "good"....
slave: "sooo"....
slave: "grateful that you enslave me"....
"Good, WAKE UP NOW!"

I come back. I'm at my desk, my pants wide open. cock hard and so wet in my hand.
I'm still very disorientated. I stop jacking. His fingers are gone from screen, he just sits and smiles at me.
miles: "How was it?"
deep: "Incredible. I'm still speechless."
Oh god. I need that feeling back, I need to get off.
miles: "What do you want?"
deep: "more, please, more"
miles "More what?"
deep: "That feeling"
miles "I don't understand. What?"
deep "I want to be hypnotized again"
miles: "Just hypnotized? No, you want more that that. Tell me!"
Oh god I need that feeling back....
deep "I want to be your hypnotized slave, please, please!"
There is a pause. He waits and smiles at me.
miles "Then look at these"

There are they again, his hot horny pleasure inducing hypnotizing swaying fingers.
I moan deeply. So nice to be back, my hand immedialty start jacking in unison with his fingers.
"You know why I'm counting slave,or?"
slave: "Because I will cum at the end."
And then it will reward you with cumming at the sway of my fingers"
"Does that sound good to you?"
slave: "yes very good. Thank you! Thank you!"

"So now focus more deeply on my fingers and let your cock do all the thinking for you"
His finger is now so big on the screen, swaying so nice left to right, right to left.
"Your cock is tizing you now so deep, you feel your cum bubbling in your nuts"
"You have to obey me you have to obey your deeply hypnotized cock"
"You are a slave to your cock and your cock is a slave to me"
"And all of you are slave to my hypnotizing pleasure-inducing brainwashing swaying finger"
"Now say "I am your slave" with every turn of my finger goes left to right"
Sway finger to right "I am your slave"
"3 Very good. loving to be tized. feeling so good and obedient"
Sway finger to left "I am your slave"
"and 2. Brainwashed, enslaved and so happy and content"
Sway finger to right "I am your slave"
"and 1. and CUM BOY!"
And he no longer sways, instead he snaps with his fingers
"Always a slave"
"Cumming and cumming"
"So adddicting"
"Loving the "
"Totally enslaved"
"Tottally hypnotized"

My brain just shuts off.

I wake up exhausted.
I immediately look at skype.

HE is not online.
I feel so sad.

I look at the clock. Lost two hours.

I look at my work...
and ... my cock tells me better I finish this so i can spend my time after, fully dedicated to my master,
in case he gets back online later....

I get the feeling my cock will tell me more things....


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Great story!

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I only wish my penis were that wise.

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What a great story! I hope you continue to write more...

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