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by OwlGold


"I bet that you can't create a costume that we can't recognize you in at the party," Tom challenged. I said, "You're on!". What else could I say? I had been bragging all night about my costume. In reality, I didn't even have one yet. With this now wrestling in my mind, I looked up at the crowd. It was a busy night at Fat Tuesdays, our favorite happy hour spot. This is where anybody who wanted to be seen went. Usually the guys are overdressed, and the girls are underdressed, but I liked it that way. I loved to look at the women, the fine curves, swelling breasts, swaying hips, smooth skin, the roundness of their asses. I had gotten more than my share of dirty looks back, but I didn't mind. Tonight, though, there was a woman, within earshot, who kept giving me the once over. The best part was that she was easily the hottest person, male or female, in the joint. I found that I very much liked her going over my body. Her voice was the ultimate in sexy, soft, and throaty. She seemed to be following the conversation at our table. This last thought brought me back to my current dilemma. What costume or disguise could I wear that would fool all the guys at the table. This was made even harder by the fact that I wouldn't just have to fool these three guys, Tom, Ambrose, and Bryan, but every female at the party. You see, of the three, I was the homeliest. I was by no means ugly; I was just the quietest and least confident of the group. They had every girl with which they had slept, and with which they were still on speaking terms, trying to find me a date. The table was just getting around to the stakes of the bet. That was the best part of it: everyone at the table was to participate in the bet. Whoever found out who aomeone was was to get the services of that person for a week. I didn't like this bet: I had done this last month for a racquet ball match which I lost, of course. I had never been so busy or embarrassed in all my life. I had done everything from scrubbing bathroom stalls to chauffeuring a beautiful lady in my underwear. Now, more than ever, I had an incentive to find a costume, and I had less that 48 hours to do it. Being as it was Thursday night and closer to midnight than eleven, the other three finished their drinks and left. I, beginning to sink lower into despair, ordered another drink. This was something that I shouldn't have done. I had had too many already. I was nursing my fifth drink when I caught the blonde that I mentioned earlier wandering over to my now deserted table. "Hi,there," she said. "Hello," I grudgingly responded. "I hope I'm not being too forward, but I couldn't help hearing about your costume party and the bet which you made." "Yeah, I shot my mouth off pretty big, and I don't even have a costume yet." "Well that's sort of what I gathered by your expression and the drinks you have been ordering since they left. I think I can help you out. I have a friend who has just opened a one of kind, exotic costume, and make-up parlor. She deals in making disguises that go from head to toe. She does disguises for stars so that they can go out in public undetected. Her shop is new here in town, and, if you go and mention my name, she will do you for cost of the make-up." For some reason, probably either the beer or just that I hadn't had sex in about two months, this women was turning me on. She seemed to be my every fantasy. I was just listening to her voice and figured, if nothing else, this disguise thing would be a way of staying close to her longer. Parts of my body, which I thought were long ago deadened by alcohol, were coming to life. "Well, how about showing me the way?" I asked. I didn't expect the shop to be open, but I was definitely hoping for other things. "Sure, she's a night person, and her place is open all night." I really didn't believe her, but who the hell was I to argue with someone who looked like she did? "Let me finish my drink," I said. I wasn't so sure a about this now. This seemed a little too convenient. I was starting to think she had a friend waiting outside. But my alcohol deadened brain was overtaken by my lust. I finished my beer with one last gulp and said, "Let's go." Just walking out of the bar, my dick grew another three inches. Her hips swayed dramatically in her high heels. She was wearing a tight one piece sweater-dress that ended just below the inward curve of her behind. Her waist went in so much that it almost didn't look natural. It did emphasize the widening of her hips and the gentle bubble of her buttocks. Being slightly to the left and rear of her I could see her breast protruding from in front of her arm. There was a lot to see. Judging by eye, one hand would not nearly cover one breast. They jiggled and bounced as she walked. I could see the swell pushing to get over the top edge of the front of her one-piece outfit with each step she took. Suddenly a blast of cool air hit me, and I realized we were outside. This saved me from going over the edge and caused my friend to slow down slightly to where she was walking next to me. My fears of her having a friend outside to acquire my wallet never materialized. We hailed a cab and headed for her friend's shop. The address she gave turned out to be on the other side of town which was a 30 minute drive, if we were lucky. When she put her hand on my thigh, I was sure I was going to be lucky. When our lips met, I saw fireworks. I had never believed that corny saying until that kiss. It was as though we were electric. Before I new what I was doing, I pulled down the top of her dress. God! I didn't even know her name. "Excuse me," I said, "What's your name?" "I was wondering when you were going to ask. It's Kari." "Kari, my name is-," I started. "I already know. It's Rob. I heard part of the conversation at your table tonight," she purred. I then noticed that her dress was pulled down around her waist. Boy, I was really tipsy tonight. "Lets get back to what we were doing," she offered. Without another word we were back at as if we had never stopped. I reached down to release her front latching bra and watched as her breasts bounced free from their restrictions. They bounced and swayed with every movement of the car. I was mesmerized. Chuck, my dick's pet name, was also was responding to the stimuli. So much so that he had found his way through my now open pants and under the sweater- dress. It was as if he had a heat sensor because I could feel the warmth coming from her groin. I was now massaging her magnificent globes. Electric shocks seemed to travel up my fingers, and I swirled my fingers around the brown aerolea. Then, lightly squeezing her nipples, I got the surprise of my life: MILK! I heard her say "Suck them PLEASE," and I was in no condition to refuse. I had never tasted breast milk before, and this was creamy and sweet tasting. I got so involved with her breasts, that I didn't even realize that she had pulled off her dress, and my tool was inside of her. We continued to make love in this contorted position. For some reason, I couldn't stop. It was like an addiction. Suddenly, I a felt tug down below. It was as if Chuck was being pulled farther in and at the same time squeezed. The sensations of sucking milk and being inside a woman were fulfilling all my sexual and psychological fantasies at once. Finally, the cab put on the brakes and the sudden urgency of the trip coming to an end sent me over the edge. Chuck starting spitting out like he never had before, and, as near as I can guess, Kari reached her climax also as the pulling sensation intensified, and she pressed my head farther into her breast. I was sucking so hard that my cheeks were getting sore. Finally Chuck had his last sputter and I went totally limp, not just Chuck but my whole body. It was some seconds before I was able to start dressing. By the time I was able to look up, Kari had pulled her dress back on and was preening her hair, a shoulder length blond perm, back into shape.
"This is the place," she stated. I paid the cabby the outrageous fare, at which point he look at me, winked, and gave half of it back. I helped Kari out of the cab and escorted her to the front of the shop. Walking by it, you would never guess that it was a place business. Kari, seeing my disbelief, said that her friend liked to keep a low profile since stars liked to come by to get a once over. When I entered the store, I noticed the time on the clock: 12:30. I would have to call in sick tomorrow, even though I didn't have to be in till 10. I suddenly started to feel funny. I tried to attribute it to coming down from the alcohol, but it was unlike any such feeling I'd had before. It was more a lethargic feeling, like I wanted to go into hibernation. It was a while before I realized that Kari was talking to someone in the corner of the store. I was still standing at the front door. It was when I saw to whom Kari was talking that I realized a man can have more than one perfect fantasy woman. The other woman had the same lustiness and animal magnetism that Kari had, and she had the same figure with some distinct differences. The first things I noticed about her, since they were so prominent, were her breasts. They were an extra large size but with a perky, upturned look to them. Kari and she walked over, and Kari introduced her as Mona. She had a high melodic voice, and I was in love for the second time that night. "Hi! Kari tells me you're in need of some help. Before you say anything, let me explain. What I do is very special. It is a complete disguise. I use synthetic material on the skin to change your features. My work is so good that oftentimes people loose themselves in the character I create," Mona said. This sounded great to me, as there was now hope that the guys would never recognize me. "This is great!" I exclaimed. "I need something that will pass the scrutiny of three guys at a party." "I have just the thing for you," Mona expressed. "Just sit right down here while I fill you in on the history of the character I want to create. First of all, the character is female." I instantly sat back up. "Don't worry about that. If you want to fool men, this is the one sure way to do it." I sat back down reluctantly. I had a small but weak voice telling me that I was accepting this too easily. I chose to ignore the voice. "This girl is known as the chameleon. She takes on the shape of any man's fantasy. She does this by letting her subconscious mind take the information directly from the man's subconscious mind. In order for the process to work, she must be in the man's vicinity for a period of time. The time varies, dependent upon the intensity of the man's fantasy. The chameleon then gives the man what he desires most sexually. After which she has control over him, both physically, and mentally. She is able to change his form or mind, to read his thoughts or change them," Mona explained. "That sounds great. I wish I had that power," I blurted, without thinking. "Ah, yes, but there is a catch, she is controlled by what, for lack of a better term, is a master or, in more modern terms, a pimp. He has the same control which the chameleon has, but it is over her. He has the power over her because he seduced her in what she thought was a dream. A dream in which she imagined herself as a man having sex with a woman. Only it wasn't a dream it was a rite. It is said that if she could kill her master she would have power over both sexes at will. The problem is that he knows her thoughts, so it has never happened." It was soon after Mona finished her story that I passed out. When I woke up, I looked down, and all I could see was a blanket over me, and I could feel a tugging at the back of my head. "I see you're awake," Mona said. "You passed out just as I began the make-up, and I decided to complete it with you unconscious."
I then reached up to scratch my head, at which point I found out what was tugging at my head. What I had thought was a pillow under my head was actually hair. It was very long strawberry blond hair, at that, and, even worse, it felt as though it were attached to my head. It wasn't coming off as I pulled at it either. "Don't worry, Rob, that is really your hair. I used a new process, called growth extension, on it. It's sort of like growing crystals, only it is done with hair. I put this chemical in your hair, stick your hair in a solution, and the stuff grows on the end. It will come right off with the special shampoo," Mona calmly told me. Next, I noticed that the hand and arm which were scratching my head didn't have any hair, and I could swear that they looked somehow daintier. Again, Mona was ready with an explanation. "I'm sorry, that is the one privilege which I took. I removed almost all of your body hair. This, along with the shading make-up makes your body look smaller." Next were the hands and fingernails. Mona continued to explain the changes as I noticed them. "Your hands are softer looking, mainly the result of a manicure which involved soaking them in a formula not unlike moisturizing cream that helped eliminate calluses and scars." She didn't say anything about my fingernails, but I couldn't tell them from my own, and they were painted bright red and extended about a half inch past my finger tips. Lying on my back all this time, I had noticed two things. One, it felt like I was sitting on a pillow or something, and, two, the tented effect of the blanket as if it were being help up by something. As I started to slide the blanket down, both a shock shot up my spine and a knot was tied in my stomach. The sheet was definitely not just tented up, for, as I slid the sheet down, it took an upward slope. What was underneath gave slightly to the pressure by flattening out. What I saw on my chest was definitely breasts, bigger than many women's that I had admired. They were covered only by a lattice work of material that looked like leather but clung like spandex. The commentary started again, "What you are now seeing are silicon implants, of the same type which are used in breast augmentations. They, as well as the rest of your body, are covered by what looks like a leather lattice outfit but actually serves to hold the synthetic skin in place until the glue dries. Underneath this outfit are prosthetic devices that give you the feminine curves." Boy, was she right. I couldn't tell the difference between the synthetic skin and my real skin. The only way I could tell that it wasn't me, was when I touched myself. It all felt real enough, but it fell like touching myself through a plastic bag or with a balloon between my finger and my skin. In places it felt more real than I would cared for. As I sat up, I noticed what she meant by feminine curves. I had a perfect hourglass figure, and the lattice work outfit ran all the way down to my ankles. I noticed the bit of areolea and nipples under the outfit, and that they looked real. When I sat up, the breasts bounced and jiggled just as I had seen them do on countless women, The angle from which I was seeing it being the only difference. With my excitement growing, I finally looked up and saw myself in a mirror. At first, I didn't believe that it was my reflection. It was when the expression of surprise showed on the face in the mirror that I realized it was definitely mine. My nose, which had always seemed rather wide and large, seemed too small and slightly pointed. I now had high cheekbones with just the right amount of blush to them. My lips were a full, sensual, glossy red. All the pimple scars from my youth were gone. I had fine, high, arching eyebrows, and lashes that now hit the top of my brow when I blinked. Make-up had been expertly applied to my face.
Mona began explaining again, "The same technique which was used on your body was used on your face. A little plastic here and there, and then a shadowing job to make things look right." As I sat the rest of the way up in order to get down from the make-up table, I would have sworn that I had to stretch to reach the armrest to pull myself up, and, when I sat up, I noticed that my feet barely touched the ground even with high heels on. When I looked down to see why I was having trouble touching the floor, I got another surprise. I couldn't even see my feet. My new breasts were obstructing my view. Looking down at *my* breasts caused butterflies of excitement. As I was looking at this, I was believing less and less. Mona was telling me that she had raised the table while I was out, so that she could work on me better. By this time I should have had an erection that would have burst through this disguise, but I didn't. I was starting to get concerned because I didn't see anything there, under the lattice work. When I reached my hand down there, I even felt a soft depression. Again, Mona was there to calm me, "This is my finest work ever, and I used a small secret of mine to accomplish it. By putting a special salve on you penis, it can be made to shrink and pull within the scrotal sack. This salve also deadens the nerve endings, essentially preventing an erection. The effect of deadening the male sex drive is also produced. This salve was said to have been used by the Egyptian eunuchs, who were not truly eunuchs, and, later, in the monasteries of the medieval times." I had too many emotions and sensations going through my body at this point to fully take in this last comment. I still noticed the constricting feeling and realized that my 5' 10" frame no longer seemed that, even with heels on. I was my own fantasy! I said the first thing that popped to mind, "Wow!" My voice, however, pulled me back to reality as it didn't at all match the body. Mona handed me a pill, "Take this, and the illusion will be complete. It will cause a tightening of your vocal cords, raising your voice to a suitable female range. It will make you sleepy, but I will wake you in time for your party." It was then that I noticed a rather large, muscular man walking down the stairs. "Hi," he said. "My name is Cary." Mona interjected with, "Rob, if you don't mind, Cary can complete your character by being your master at the party tonight. What do you say, Rob?" "Sure," I hesitantly replied. For some reason, all I could manage was that one word. Even thouhg it hadn't been my original thought, it seemed right now. I felt like I had a hangover as I walked over to the sofa, and, as I walked, I was keenly aware of the swaying of my hips to accommodate for the high heels. My breasts were doing their best to throw off what little coordination I had left. They seemed to have an inertia all their own. They kept swaying left while I was shifting right. I politely told everyone that I was going to try to sleep off this hangover. I then took the pill Mona gave me without even thinking about it. I laid down and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, I was being nudged awake by Cary the Conan. He had on nothing but a g-string. I turned over onto my back which, with all these new bumps glued on me, was one of the most comfortable positions I could assume. It was funny, but the costume felt almost natural now. The lattice leather bodysuit seemed to move when my fake skin didn't, and the constrictions of the glue were gone. They were replaced by a tingling feeling. The electric tingling was more intense at my breast and groin. The funny part was that the tingling in my chest was coming from a point that should not have been part of my body. My nipples were so sensitive that rubbing against the suit caused them to become erect. I could see my nipples. What was happening?
Why was I breathing so hard? It was hard to concentrate. Then I realized that the tingles were in direct relation to Cary touching my body. I didn't even know when he had started touching me, but he was on his knees over my legs now. He was un-velcro-ing the lattice over my groin. Where was Chuck at? I had a sudden, uncontrollable desire to spread my legs. I knew that, if I opened them, the pleasure I was feeling would increase. I managed to get them around Cary's knees, and I noticed that he wasn't wearing his g-string anymore. He had an erection that would choke a horse. My brain was screaming out that this couldn't be happening. I was a man, what was wrong with me. The urge to open my legs to him was fogging my mind. I suddenly realized that I was arching my pelvis up in the air toward Cary, but there was no way he could enter me: I still had a penis. I tried to scream. He was going to enter my asshole! I was not gay, and I didn't want this. I closed my eyes, still unable to stop thrusting my hips upward, and trying to stop it was impossible, though I tried. I then felt a pressure against the area directly between my legs. Suddenly, there was an intense heat that went shooting up to the pit of my stomach. What was he doing? I opened my eyes, and he was on top of me. His face was directly over mine. He was so close. The first thought to enter my mind was to kiss him. I tried to resist, but I seemed to be driven by some internal desire. My mind was becoming more and more foggy with each thrust of Cary's hips, and I was being swept away by the sensations. The kiss was ecstasy. Our tongues were twirling against each other, and I completely forgot that I was a man and accepted my situation of being female. When I gained my next glimpse of sanity, I felt what like should havw been Chuck growing, and I thought that this would certainly end now. I was wrong. I suddenly felt myself become very wet, like a woman, and something did grow, but it didn't interfere with his rod. In fact, it increased the sensations I was feeling to a point where I thought I was going to faint. Cary's head seemed to be sliding above mine, and we were no longer able to kiss comfortably. I arched my head back and he bent his down. It was then that I got the most horrible yet fascinating feeling of my life, as Cary's penis suddenly slid into me. The feeling was wonderful, but I subconsciously knew that it wasn't possible. It felt as if a void, of which I was unaware, being filled. I was revelling in the feeling. Cary then started to slowly move back and forth. I found myself moving in rhythm with him. I then heard a sound, it sounded like a woman during sex. I was ready to push Cary off when I realized that it was I who was moaning. Listening more closely to my voice, I noticed that it was at least two octaves higher than it should have been and much smoother and sexier than I was used to. Suddenly an increasing tension and desire took over, and I couldn't think about anything. This sweet tension was building and increasing, and I could not get rid of it. My whole body was on fire, and ice cubes were sizzling everywhere. His cock seemed to expand even more, and I felt a sudden jolt. I then felt something driving in further. That was all I could take, and a flood of sensetions exploded throughout my body. It was like my body was having an earthquake, and, just when the tremors seemed to be dying out, they would suddenly increase again. This kept happening until I passed out. When I came to again,I was being shaken. Mona was there, and she said, "Time for the party." I shook my head groggily. I was greeted by locks of my strawberry blond hair falling in my face. "Boy, you were dead to the world. I had twenty customers here today, and you didn't even move once." Thank God, it had all been a dream. I was still a man, and I'd just had the strangest dream of my entire life. Something was still bugging me, though. I suddenly realized what it was. The strange tingling sensations from my dream were still with me, even though the other discomfort had gone. I looked around the room. I found a clock, and it said that the time was 6:00 pm. My God! I couldn't believe I had I slept that long. I couldn't get over the tingling feeling, though. It was as if every cell in my sex zones was alive, especially in the area of my breasts. I noticed that all the make-up and disguise were more comfortable now, almost natural or like it should be the way it was.
I jumped with a start, I hadn't been thinking about my surroundings, and I realized I was sitting on the john. My next thought was that men don't sit down to pee. I then remembered what Mona had said she had done to me. I then wondered how I was going to pee. I then noticed that the lattice work suit was off and was laying on the floor of the bathroom. That explained one part of my question but didn't tell me how I could pee from my retracted penis. I saw that the piss was coming from a point which I couldn't see and, therefore, assumed to be my retracted tool. Part of my visual problem was that my breasts or, rather, my costume interfered with my line of sight. Then there was the fact that if my penis were pulled into my scrotal sac, it wouldn't hang out or down as far. I could hear a tinkle in the water, however, and I felt a definite sense of relief. I then wiped myself and stood up. While my mind pondered why I had wiped myself after a piss and went through the events of the last few hours, something else was going on. I began to get concerned when I realized what I was doing. I was in front of the mirror and was touching up my makeup! I shouldn't even have known how to put make-up on, much less how to fix it. But I found that the less I thought about it, the more it just came naturally. I was concerned because I'd never had mental lapses like these before. I always had known what I was doing and why. Suddenly, however, I was doing things that I shouldn't know how to do and not even realizing that I was doing them. What's more, I didn't remember taking off the lattice work suit or putting my clothes on after I used the bathroom. Just as I was thinking about how strange everthing was: my body's feelings, my mental lapses, my new found feminity, and my sexual turn-on; Mona showed up at the bathroom door. "Time to go to your little party," she said. Cary was standing right behind her, holding a leash. Suddenly, all I could think about was that I needed to get next to Cary so he could put the leash on me. Why was I thinking that? Despite my confusion and hesitancy, I found that my body was moving over to Cary. As a matter of fact, my body seemed excited by the nearness to Cary. "Cary will make your disguise complete. No one will know who you are," Mona was saying. "Will you...," I started to say, but sudden confusion overwhelmed me. What was wrong with my voice? It was so high and breathy. I was starting to get a chill up my spine. "Will you be coming?" I finally managed. "No, and don't worry about your voice. It's the effect of that pill you took before sleeping. It has changed your voice temporarily," Mona reassured me. I don't know why, but I was becoming sexually excited, only in a way that I had never experienced before. This excitement should have disturbed me, but that fact only got me more turned on. I was feeling sexual arousal toward Cary. That truly should have disturbed me, but it didn't. I was getting a tingling feeling in breasts that were fake, and an itching sensation in my crotch, but not an erection. God, I wanted someone in me. I was horny as hell, but I was not feeling like a man should. I had another lapse, and I was already outside with Cary the Conan, who was in an outfit that fit my appellation better than the clothes he had worn earlier. He was in a leather vest with fur trim and leather shorts with some fur that hid a rather noticable bulge. On his feet were sandles that had laces which criss-crossed up his shins. As we walked down the steps, I was fascinated with my breasts and the way they jiggled. It struck me as odd that I was feeling the tugging and bouncing of what should have been silicon implants as though they were part of me. Another nagging difference was the absence of the small bounce from down below. I began to wonder if I really had a penis left down there. As I bent over to get in the car, I got another feeling that raised by level of sexual arousal. The sway and downward pull of my breasts were turning me on. Many other things about my own body were turning me on, things that I had never noticed as a man.
Sitting in the car was another new feeling. I felt like there were small pillows beneath my butt, and they seemed to spread out to the sides when I sat down. Part of me was saying, "My hips are too wide, and I have fat thighs." Another part was saying, "What a sexy body! I love those curves." I also noticed that my back was positioned flatter against the back of the seat and that my breasts hid most of what was below from sight. Once again, the thrill of sex sent waves through my mind and body. I had never seen breasts, from this angle, and the sight excited me. I also was proud of my breasts, and, as a male, I wanted to touch them. I was pulled out of my attempts at auto-eroticism by other thoughts. Thoughts that did not seem my own and should have sent me into panic. However, they did not. Instead, I took them as mine and obeyed them. These thoughts told me how I was to act at the party (like a sex starved slut), how I was to approach men (rubbing and caressing them with all of my body parts), and how I was to respond to their proposals (promise them something later). They also told me how I was to work my way to one person (my friend Bryan) and what I was to do to him (have sex with him and satify him anyway he wanted). They left me with the feeling that more would come later. When I looked down, I noticed that my left hand was down at my crotch with fingers edging under my garment. It was very moist down there. Had I wet myself? No, not enough for that. I reached in farther, trying to re-arrange Chuck, but I couldn't find him. Suddenly, my finger slipped into a crevice. I found something in there that felt like a very tiny penis, but there was no way that any drug could have made Chuck that small. I was touching it, and I noticed that it started to grow but just a little. At the same time, my right hand was near my breast, and a finger or two had found their way to my nipple. I felt a respone there also. The nipple was pushing out against my dress and showed as a little point. I became very conscious that this shouldn't be happening. They are not my breasts, just silicon paste-ons. Then,... My mind went blank and I felt a sudden thrill of pleasure. "What was I so worried about?" I asked myself. I sat back with my arms to my sides and relaxed. I spent the rest of the drive to the party in an expectant bliss.


Re: Costume - Ashley_H

A great story, but why is it so damn hard to put things in paragraphs!? This is why you loose a star from me. The text is far too dense and compact. Please use spaces between paragraphs from now on! Don't ruin your fine work with very minor issues like that.

Re: Costume. - Haxsaw

Dear Friend,
I started reading, thinking it to develop one way it most certainly did not. One troubling spot was grammatical errors. As I am finished I can say, chiefly, more. A small yet certain way to make it more realistic, more tied together, is reference where it took place. Another would be time. Was it an upcoming Halloween event? Were competing Frat and Sorority Houses involved? Minor pepperings of information, as such, would cause a reader to stay tuned, longer, with the story. Another issue, regarded believability: 1. Should the main character had shown more signs of being intoxicated. 2. Should the lady, Kari, have tapped him on the shoulder, perhaps; secretly injecting him with a drug, (for example,). Realistically Kari could be telling him her friend would help him soon. In reality, the main character would be going to this special make-up place, immediately. With the addition mentioned, once the main character met Mona at the special place his conformity would seems believable. Mentioning losing track of time in greater voice from the main character would make it all seem to meld together.
I only kept reading as you mentioned a leather lattice, form fitting outfit. I was curious enough to read, because of this. The only other complaint would be if the man was shorter.
The reason I started reading was it reminded me of a short series of little stories I posted here. They involved the fictional material Flexi-Steel. That foolish story was, indeed, copied from someone else. Despite this it seemed like it had great potential.

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