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My naughty hypnotic mistress.

by subbysub

My naughty hypnotic mistress.

Brandon pulled the last trash can from the curbside up to the side of his house and was just heading into his garage when he heard a feint voice say, “Excuse me but would you be a dear and bring my cans up for me as well?”
An older but still very attractive Asian woman smiled at him and said, “Those trash cans are almost as big as I am.”
Brandon smiled and said, “Sure, where do you want them?” and he proceeded to put them away.
Mimi put her hand on his shoulder and pulling towards her she said, “Bend down so I can kiss your forehead.”
She put her lips to Brandon’s forehead and said, “You are so sweet to help me like that.” Then she placed a soft sensuous kiss to his head and left him standing in her driveway.
Just a few days later Brandon had just finished installing a flag holder and flag on his house for the upcoming 4th of July celebration when Mimi walked over and said, “I hope you bought two of those. After all, you do not want to be the only patriotic person on this street do you? I am running a few errands and I want my flag up before I get home.”
As Mimi walked into her garage and climbed into her car Brandon stood in his driveway still stunned that this woman had the audacity to assume he had thought of her while making purchases for his own home. The car backed out and as she went by she smiled at Brandon and blew him a kiss and winked at him. He smiled back at her and thought that she must have been very beautiful when she was younger.
He had just finished installing her flag and tightening it down when she pulled up and said, “Oh my that is wonderful. Come to Mimi so I can reward you with another kiss.” This one was even softer and more sensual than the first and as her lips left his forehead he surprised himself by saying , “is there anything else I can help you with?”
Mimi smiled at the younger man and said, “Not now but I’ll let you know when I need something.”
Brandon said, “Thank you” to which Mimi replied, “you’re welcome.”
He felt giddy like a school child but as he went back into his house he realized how stupid he was acting. After a few moments he realized he was even a bit upset that she had him thanking her for doing work around her house. Brandon decided next time she came over and asked for help he would tell her no.
Two days later Mimi knocked on Brandon’s door only moments after he had completed mowing his lawn. He knew she had gardeners so he was fairly confident she did not need her lawn mowed. He answered the door and she said, “There’s my little helper. Now let me kiss your head.”
She kissed his head and his senses betrayed him causing him to melt to her touch. Then she whispered, “I let my gardeners go to save some money. Be a dear and mow my lawn for me.”
He wanted to tell her to go screw herself but instead he just resigned himself to not being able to say no to her and said, “Okay, I’ll get started right now.”
Mimi kissed his forehead again and as the shivers ran down his spine she said, “From now on you can just hit both our lawns at the same time so you do not have to start the mower twice.”
Brandon said, “Oh good idea.”
Mimi patted him on the head like an adult pats a child and said, “That’s my boy.”
This pattern continued until Brandon realized he was now responsible for two households and it was starting to upset him. He was pussy whipped and had never had anything but a kiss on the forehead. Brandon gave himself a pep talk and then decided it was time to tell Mimi he had enough. He went over to her house and knocked on her door nervously waiting for her to answer.
Mimi opened the door and said, “Brandon dear; what a pleasant surprise. I do not need anything right now but you are always welcome to visit with me.”
Brandon went inside and she said, “Grab a seat and tell me what’s on your mind.”
He said, “Well I’ve been thinking.”
Mimi barely stood five feet but with Brandon seated she towered over him looking down and said, “Oh honey that’s never a good thing. I do not like when my helpers start thinking for themselves.”
She bent down and gave him the longest and most erotic forehead kiss she had ever given him. He felt his body lean back into the chair as he melted under the touch of her lips on his forehead. She pulled her mouth from his head and said, “Now what you were saying my dear?”
Brandon knew what she was doing and he had to fight back this time. He said, “I’ve realized I am basically running two entire households and its got to stop. I am exhausted and just cannot keep this up.”
Mimi said, “I see. Well I wasn’t ready to consolidate yet but since you are here telling me your needs and I am a compassionate woman I will accept your offer. But I do have some rules before we move in together.”
Brandon sat up and said, “Move in together? I was talking about you taking some responsibility for your own house.”
She sat down on Brandon’s lap and said, “I did take responsibility baby. I slowly put you under my spell and had you do my bidding. But now that you have become aware it is time to take our special relationship to the next level. You see your mind is trained to respond positively to anything I tell it when I kiss your forehead.”
Brandon said, “I knew you were doing something funny to me. But how could a simple kiss do that? That just doesn’t make sense. I do not believe you.”
While he was talking Mimi bent over and kissed him on his forehead and said, “You really want to sit here and at least hear what I have to say don’t you?”
Brandon knew better than to listen to her especially in the unusual predicament of having her seated on his lap with her able to kiss him at any point in time. Just before he could answer she planted a second kiss on him and when she finished he said, “I guess it can’t hurt to hear you out.”
Mimi said, “Hmm, that’s better. Now I want you to notice how incredibly sleepy you are feeling and how heavy your eyes are becoming each time I kiss you.”
She kissed him again before he could even begin to form any words of protest and immediately felt his body respond to the suggestive power of her words and kisses. He reached up to push her back and was surprised at how heavy his arms felt already. His push had no effect as he replied, “I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to brain wash me or something.”
Mimi pushed his hands down to his sides with little resistance and kissed him twice in a row. Then she said, “Brain washing, hypnotism, mesmerism, mind control, I guess it doesn’t really matter what you call it as long as you know you will soon be completely under my control. Your level of service to my needs has been impressive but I know with my guidance you can be a much better slave.”
Brandon’s mind felt like it was swimming and one thought just would not connect with another. As he struggled to think he felt his eyes drooping closed. Then, as if off in a distance he heard his own voice say, “Yes, a much better slave.”
Mimi ran her fingers through Brandon’s hair and said, “You would like to slip into hypnotic oblivion now. When I kiss your head this time you will sleep and your mind will be completely mine. You no longer need to worry about paying bills, what to wear, what to watch on television, what movies to see, which friends to keep or any other decisions. As your mistress I will make all these decisions for you and you will simply obey.”
Mimi kissed his head and then felt the rush of power as his eyes fluttered shut and a blissful smile crossed his face. Just as she did in her practice she gave the final and most powerful hypnotic suggestion right before she induced the deepest form of the trance. Then she repeated the suggestion one more time. She found it very effective in allowing the subject to think they were awake and yet she was still able to control their thoughts. It seemed to push the thoughts deep into both their conscious and subconscious minds.
She kissed his forehead again and said, “I should not need to use this much if at all but if I need to have you return to this trance I will simply kiss your forehead and tell you to sleep for me and your mind will immediately return to the hypnotic trance I have it in right now. Is that understood slave?”
Brandon did not even have to think or contemplate the question at all. His immediate response was, “Yes Mistress.”
Mimi said, “I like your initiative my sweet obedient boy but I prefer to be called queen by my slave.”
An immediate response of “yes my queen” brought a smile to Mimi’s face. She knew he was aware of the hold she had on him and he was about to make a power struggle to break that hold. Some men were successful and some were not. After all, she did not waste her time on men that immediately rejected the first kiss or had no reaction to it. But to be safe she took the time to hypnotize Brandon and complete his enslavement. Now it was time to reap the benefits of her patience in programming his mind and this day’s hypnotic encounter.
Mimi said, “You will awaken when I snap my fingers. Your memory of this event will be hazy and dreamlike but you will know that today, in my home, you willingly relinquished control of your mind to me. You will immediately disrobe and will get on your knees kneeling at my feet and ask how you may serve me.”
Brandon heard a snap and was suddenly aware that he was wearing clothes and standing in the presence of his queen. He immediately disrobed and as he went to his knees he said, “I’m sorry for being clothed my queen. How may I serve you?”
As Brandon kneeled before Mimi waiting for his command he noticed the cool air on his exposed skin and for a moment he questioned why he was naked and kneeling. But as he looked up at Mimi it hit him that he has been serving her without question for months now and this must be where the relationship was finally heading. He never gave it another thought and eagerly awaited his first set of instructions as her new slave.
Mimi turned her body around and putting her elbows on her knees said, “You may kiss my ass and tell me you exist to serve me.”
He immediately kissed her ass, said, “I exist to serve you my queen” and then kissed her ass a second time.
Mimi walked away from Brandon while he still remained kneeling and sat down on the couch. She lifted both feet and wrapped her arms around her calves. She smiled at her slave and said, “Let’s see how your tongue and my pussy get along. Give me oral and do not stop until I command you to.”
Brandon began to stand up and in a firm but loving voice she said, “Oh no slave I did not give you permission to stand up. Crawl to your queen and satisfy me.”
He immediately went back down to his knees and as he began to crawl he replied, “Yes my queen; as you wish.”
Mimi took less time to reach orgasm than she ever had and as Brandon eagerly waited to hear her response she said, “You have done well my slave. Now lie on your back and allow your queen to pleasure you.”
She climbed on top of him and slowly began to bring him to climax. She wondered if he even knew what was coming next. It was all part of her plan to remove any lingering ideas of thinking for himself or ideas of ever questioning the power she had over him. She looked down at him and said, “Cum for your queen.”
His body arched and then shook with pleasure before he finally collapsed. Like any male his immediate desire was to sleep but she climbed off of him, assumed her position on the couch again and said, “My turn. And be sure to lick up all your cum from my pussy.”
Brandon’s face said it all as he had a mixed look of disappointment that he could not just nod off to sleep and a look of horror at having to eat his own cum. But both those looks quickly disappeared as a new look of acceptance to his new position in life quickly replaced his initial reactions. He did not even attempt to stand and immediately crawled back to Mimi as he said, “Yes my queen; as you wish.”
Mimi put her hands behind her head and rested her heels on Brandon’s back and said, “You are going to be my best slave yet.”
And so began Mimi’s and Brandon’s life as queen and slave.


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