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Laura's Desires

by paulinpj

Laura's Desires

Part 1
The flame for the silver lighter highlighted Laura's face as she lit the long brown cigarette. Never a smoker before "the change", she was now exhilirated by the feel, the smell and especially the look. As she gazed at the mirror lining the back of the bar, she was struck by her appearance. The cigarette, the inch-long fingernails and the blood-red lipstick joined to create a woman she did'nt recognize. Gone was the slouched shoulders, the down-turned eyes of the normal Laura. In her place sat a woman clearly comfortable with her appearance, and the effect that appearance had on many of the bar's male customers. The thought of 20 cocks twitching at the site of her smoking sent a shiver down her spine. "If a cigarette and a little lipstick make'em twitch" she thought, "What can I do if I really try?".
The fact that the nails, lipstick and cigarettes were'nt Laura's idea no longer seemed to bother her. That, however, was a different story several hours before. On her lunchbreak, Laura was driven by an unseen, but powerful, force to the mall. At the make-up counter she chose 4 lipstick colors in a mater of seconds, as if she had already planned the purchase. The nail polish purchase was just as quick and mare alarming. A nervous young woman, Laura had never been able to grow her nails past the ends of her fingers. In fact, most days found her nails chewed to the quick. "This is insane!" she said aloud, startling several nearby shoppers.
Her next unplanned stop was to a nearby nail salon. Laura was as suprised as the tiny Asian manicurist when Laura mumbled her request. "Glamour length" her mind screamed. "Why did you say that" Laura demanded herself. The manicurist looked quizzically at Laura's face. The internal struggle was apparent, but when she asked "You sure...very long...hard to use?", Laura's face suddenly calmed and she answered in a sure voice "absolutely, at least an inch!" The very act of "doing" seemed to ease the tension.
On the way back to the office, Laura struggled to come to grips with the last few hours. "Why have I suddenly become obsessed with make-up?" she asked herself. "I don't even wear lipstick!". "And these damned nails!!" she yelled. "I can barely drive the car!". "How in the hell am I supposed to type?" As the car neared the office, Laura suddenly swerved into a convenience store. "What now?" she screamed, to the amusement of a passing rollerblader. Laura quickly entered the store and stepped up to the counter. "Yes Miss?", the elderly man asked. "M-M-M-More 120's", Laura stammered. "I DON"T SMOKE!!!", her mind screamed. "I'm sorry, mam. I didn't hear you so clear", the man said. "More 120's, the long brown ones, menthol", Laura said, this time in a slow, steady voice.
As Laura entered the office, she was quickly assailed with questions about her tear-streaked face, her new "dragon-lady" fingernails and her 2 hour lunchbreak. "I've had a bad week" she sobbed. "I just needed a change, now leave me alone!". That earned her a few hours with her office door closed to evaluate her purchases. "These nails are useless" Laura said. "But...as her mind began the adaptation process..."they are kinda sexy". The image of her long nails stroking a huge cock suddenly filled her mind. Her pussy was throbbing, as it had been during her purchases. "What's going on?", she asked for the 20th time that day. Her mind suddenly went back to the cock. The hand and nails now stroking harder....insistently...faster...the cock pulsed and huge gobs of milky white cum drooled down it's length. Laura was mesmerized by the thought. Her own hand curved in the exact form as the one in her mind. Laura suddenly brought her hands to her face, licking her hand cleaning...sucking the cum from her fingers....."AAHHHhhhhhh" Laura moaned as she exploded in orgasm. "Why didn't I try these before?" she asked herself.
Dr. Jacob Stevens watched Laura's performance at the bar with a quiet satisfaction. "She's quite a fast learner" he thought as he finished his beer. "A few more weeks of personality augmentation and she'll be ready for the next step", he chuckled. The next few months would be very interesting.
Dr. Jacob Stevens had established himself as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country. Beginning with breast augmentation for erotic dancers, as most "Plastics" do, he quickly demonstrated a skill level far above that commonly available. Within 5 years, he had improved breasts, noses and lips for some of the most well-known stars in Hollywood. While happy with his practice and his list of clients, Jacob began to grow frustrated with merely improving the "outside" of his clients. Many of the actors and actresses he dealt with were shallow, egotistical idiots. "If I could just round them out a bit", he thought, "They'd be fantastic!". If he could develop a treatment that would break down established mental interactions and reconfigure in a more "desirable" way, he'd make millions! Better yet, he would truly make an impact on the medical world. With those lofty goals in mind, Jacob began his search for "DesirEX".
6 years and several million dollars later, Jacob was crushed. "DesirEX" was nearing completion, but FDA regulations and the major drug companies were blocking his path. "Mind-altering drugs are immoral, unethical and impractical" read the most recent FDA response. "The U.S. Government will not approve any drug, substance or treatment which results in the long-term, irreversible alteration of patients mental capabilities."
Furthermore, it is the finding of this board that any further testing and development of "DesirEX" should be considered illegal and warrant prosecution under California Legal Code #15766A.........""Illegal!!??", Jacob screamed. "I've dedicated the last 6 years of my life to this project...and the Government suddenly says I'm too close....it's illegal!?" DesirEX had been vey costly, from both a financial and personal standpoint. Jacob had invested most of his life's savings into the project. His marriage had crumbled under the strain of his practice and his all-night devotion to the lab. 6 years later, Jacob found himself virtually broke, alone and very angry. It was then that an idea occurred to Jacob. "A proof source!...I need a proof source to demonstrate the capabilities of DseirEX", he thought. "If I could find a patient, completely unhappy with their lot in life...I could change them...make them better.....I could show them I was right all along!", he ranted.
Several attempts at the development of a proof source were failures. Choosing the path of least resistance, he sttempted to "round out" a series of strippers. While accepting of the idea of "being smarter" and "finding a real career" appealed to several, their mental capabilities were limited. DesirEX could only work with intellect already present in the host. A dumb stripper became a extremely frustrated, highly agitated dumb stripper. The drug merely caused the mind to focus on that which it did'nt posess. The results were mixed: 2 suicides and 1 seemingly happy marriage. During his work with erotic dancers, Jacob came to appreciate the look, the mannerisms and the attitude of the women he worked with. The heavy make-up he found strangely arousing. The clothes, the mannerisms....they all appealed to something deep inside him. Jacob had always considered erotica in general to be intended for the desperate. Now, however, he revelled in it. Suddenly, a thought came to him. "What if I could make my own stripper....from the exact opposite....release the animal inside", he mused "I could go all the way"........"What if I could make the perfect sex machine...a.aa.a slut!?" "Slut.......yeah.....maybe more than one.....let them work for me", he was yelling now. "Fuck the government...fuck my ex-wife...fuck the drug companies.......They want a proof source...I'll give them a proof source!.

Jacob had met Laura several months before during a pre-surgical consultation. Laura, suffering from a deviated septum, had come to him on a referral from her doctor. Drab and shy, Laura nonetheless had great bone structure and body shape. Even during the consultation, Jacob could picture the "new Laura". A brief "personal" conversation revealed a woman alone, unhappy and without the prospect of a better future. "But surely your parents, your family cares for you?" Jacob asked. Laura's eyes misted slightly. "My parents are dead....car accident" she mumbled "No brothers or sisters".
Later that evening, Jacob considered the prospects of making Laura his first "proof source". "Can I really make this woman a sex addict?" he asked himself. His "perfect slut" would be addicted to sex as a crack-head was to drugs. He had'nt asked Laura about her sexuality, but it was apparent from the frumpy clothes and the shy, closed personna that this was a woman probably had little sexual experience. "Well, Maybe I can fix that" Jacob laughed. Jacob pulled a pad from his pocket and began a schedule for the next 6 months. "That should allow ample time for the mental adjustments" he thought. The physical augmentation could be handled at his office at his leisure. "The big question is.....what do I want my slut to look like?" Jacob thought happily.
As Jacob injected the area around Laura's nose in preparation for her deviated septum procedure, he was also careful to monitor the IV dripping slowly in her left arm. "This is going too smoothly" Jacob thought. After excusing his nurse for the rest of the day, Jacob had been concerned about Laura's reaction to him performing the operation alone. "She's so nervous...she doesn't even notice" he thought. She hadn't questioned the IV for a "localized" procedure. The DesirEX served two purposes: first, as a mental reconfiguration agent, it would allow Jacob to mold her thoughts and beliefs in any manner he liked. Secondly, due to the numbing effect of the initial reconfiguring, it place Laura in a dream-like trance. This allowed Jacob time to complete the nose as well as allowing ample time for the fist of several collagen lip injections he had planned for her.
Jacob mentally congratulated himself on the lip work. Three injections later, Laura's puffy lips looked wonderful wrapped around his 8 inch cock. The small barbell she now wore in her tounge caressed the underside of his dick in a rapid motion. "Your one fine cocksucker, Laura" Jacob said. Laura moaned in appreciation as she forced the cock down her throat. "That's new", Jacob thought as he watched it disappear in her mouth. With no gag at all, Laura ran the cock back and forth, pulling back so only the tip caressed her blood-red lips...then pushing forward, swallowing until her nose nestled in his pubic hair. The long nails of her left hand stroked his balls as her right pushed a small vibrator into her shaved cunt. After 10 minutes of her now expert minstrations, Jacob moaned "I'm cumming!". Laura quickly pulled the cock from her throat so that only the tip remained firmly locked between her lips. As Jacob began to spurt, Laura collected as much of the cum as she could hold in her mouth, allowing a few drops to spill out of the corners of her lips. As his orgasm subsided, Jacob opened his eyes to behold a truly wonderful sight. Laura, mouth open displaying a huge gob of cum, small white rivlets oozing down her chin and neck, eyes locked on his. ""Eat it" Jacob commanded. Laura slowly gulped the load, then seductively licked her puffy lips. "Thank you Jacob" Laura moaned as her own orgasm approached. Jacob had reconfigured Laura's mind so that any orgasm she caused was quickly followed by one of her own. Of course, by eliminating all of the moral inhibitors most humans have surrounding their own sexuality, Laura's orgasms were earth-shattering. "UUUuuhhhhnnnnngggg" Laura groaned as the first wave swept over her. Laura's hand was a blur as she pounded the samll vibe into her pussy. "aaahhhAAAHHHAANNNGHT", she gasped as the full force of the cum hit her.
Jacob stood from the chair and walked around Laura's quivering body to the kitchen. As he opened a beer, Jacob considered Laura's situation. "The mental reconfiguring is progressing well....in fact, it's taken on it's own momentum" Jacob thought. The deepthroating and tounge-piercing were her idea, probably gleaned from the steady diet of porno's he had her watch during the day. "I beleive it's time to begin Phase II".

to be continued


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