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Barbiee Barefoot In Boston

by Slave4Barefeet

Barbiee Barefoot In Boston

Barbiee barefoot In Boston M/F ``````````````````````````````````````````` Having lived and grown-up in Boston it didn't feel at all weird being back this time. What did was her standing with a towel wrapped around herself waiting to meet somebody she had been corresponding with on the Internet with. “Come on Barbiee relax, it's just another meeting with a guy you've been chatting with over the Internet.” So while Barbiee rehearsed her moves to prepare for meeting James. He as a matter of fact was just walking up to the front desk. “May I help you Sir?” Exclaimed the distinguished gentleman behind the desk. “Yes, I'm here to meet Miss Dickerson could you tell me what room she's in please?” “I can do better than that sir.” Reaching in front of him he next hands me an envelope. “The young lady wanted me to give this you if and when you arrived.” Walking away I carefully rips it open. Hi James, Welcome to Boston. I can't wait to meet you. Just take the elevator to your left up to the 5 floor. When you get out walk staright ahead until you see room 505. Now listen before you knock on the door please remove your sandals. When you knock on the door knock loudly once. After that I'd like you to close your eyes and count backwards from 10 before you open the door. Once inside the room I want you to turn around to close door behind you. Once you feel the door is closed you may open your eyes again as you turn yourself back around. See you soon, Barbiee Feeling like a secret agent in the movies I walk over to the elevator to my left and get inside. Taking it up to the 5th floor I then gets out of it and begins walking straight ahead. Now standing in front of room 505 I reach down with both hands to unzip the Velcro from my sandals then steps out of them. Closing my eyes I next knock upon the door once loudly then begins counting backwards from 10 Page 2 Once finished I then turn the knob of the rooms door and step into it turning around quickly. Still with my eyes closed I close the door. After which I now open them turning at the same to face Barbiee... Then exactly as I had described in numerous chats together upon my viewing the soles her bare feet for the first time I now was instantly in a hypnotic trance as I kept starring at them. Giggling to herself Barbiee remembered the one thing left she needed to do so she did it. Wiggling her toes at him caused me not only to deeper into a trance but he also could be seen lowering his upper body a little hunching over then hanging his tongue out of his mouth like a lap dog in heat. “Awww dats my good slave, just keep watching my toes wiggle, dats right good slave.” Wiggling her toes for several more minutes I get entranced much deeper. Getting up finally Barbiee walks over to stand in front of me. “Hmm, Let's see if your really as obediant as you previously claimed you'd be,. Slave take off your shirt for me now? Do you understand?” Watching me nodding my head slowly she listens to hear me say “ I hear and will obey” Then without hesitation grabbing the sides of it. Then in another motion lifting it half way up afterwhich I lift it the rest of the way off. “Whooooooooo I'm gonna like this very very much yes indeed. O.K. Slave drop your shirt there on the floor.” Still watching, Barbiee grins seeing it being released from his fingers. “Wow! Very good slavie wavie, now off with your shorts ?” Again nodding my head to her with my tongue still hanging out of my mouth I reply back. “I hear and will obey.” After which I unsnap then unzip my blue jean shorts letting allowing them to fall helplessly to the ground. Page 3 “Mmm Mmm Mistress like very very much, Alright Slave look at my toes wiggling again.” Slowly looking down I see her toes wiggling there entrancing my mind further incredibly deeper. “O.K. James, I'm going to count to 3 then snap my fingers to wake you. Once your awake I want you first to remove my towel off of me then escort me over to the bed and restrain me spread eagle.” Nodding my head without words I immediately open up her towel then dropping it to the floor as instructed to do. Next I could be sen escorting her over to the bed where after she lays down upon it I begin tightly restraining her wrists to the head board then after do the same to her bare feet separating them “All right now blindfold me please.” after Turning to pick it up off the night stand I proceed to place it over Barbiee's eyes. All right now comes the part your love love doing slave I'd like you to tickle my bare feet for 1 hr without mercy Do You Understand?” Nodding my head still watching her delicious toes wiggling I say back to her watching me “ I hear and will obey” Smiling at him she then says. “Thats my good Slavey wavey good boy. Now at the end of the hr you'll hear a rapid beeping that sound when you hear it will signal you to stop tickling my bare feet do you understand?” Nodding my head slowly I reply “ I hear and will obey.” Grinning towards me Barbiee starts counting “1, 2, 3” Snapping her fingers loudly I awakens from my trance. Immediately I begin kissing her toes, and then uses my tongue to lick not only her toes but her toe stems. Page 4 “THEHEHHEHEHHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! MASTERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! THAT!!!!! HAHHAHAHAAHAA!!!!!! TICKLES!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!” Grinning a sinister grin I watche her toes wiggle about. Now with 55 minutes left until the beeper goes off I next uses my fingers along the edges of her precious feet. “NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHA NOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHA NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHA NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! THEREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH HAHHHAHAHA GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHAHAHHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!” Snickering to himself James next replies. “Awww, dose dat tickle slavies wavies feet, kitchie kitchie.” Back n Forth my fingers lightly glide still tracing the edges of both her bare feet. As Babiee's hysterical laughter intensifies I step up to my tickling to another level. Listen to hear a buzzing sound Barbiee next feels another ticklish feeling upon both her soles. Jumping sparatickly the battery powered toothbrushes works slowly and lightly upon her heels first before moving up next to tickle her tender soft soles. “NOOOOOOO!!!! HHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!! JAMESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! HHAHHAHHAHHAHHA!!!!!! STAPPPPPP!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!! HHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!! HAHHHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!” Trying in vain to sway her helpless bare feet about wildly she continues laughing hysterically. “Awww is my ticklish slavey wavey ticklish here?” Sticking his tongue in between her toes Page 5 I starts licking slowly in between her toes while his battery tooth brushes keep attacking her the soles of her bare feet. YESSSSSS!!!!! JAMES!!!!!! HAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!! HHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! STAPPPPP!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! HHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!! DON'T!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHHAHHHAA!!!!!!!!! I'M!!!!!!!! GETTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHAHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!” Knowing exactly what Barbiee's was getting excited me more too looking down momentarily to see his own cock rock hard. “Awww poor Barbiee so ticklish ahh 40 minutes left, better play piggies before times runs out ready?” Watching Barbiee shaking her head I keep smiling as I begin by lightly grabbing her big toes. “These little piggies went to market.” Barbiee shook her head from side to side laughing louder as my tongue licked slowly beneath each big toe I wiggled. “STAPPPP!!!!!! JAMESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAAHHAHAHHAA!!!!!!! HHAHAHAHA!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! PIGG!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!” Grinning Knowing I just might get her babble at any minute I continued playing piggies with her second toes upon both of her feet wiggling them. “And these little piggies stayed home.” Deciding this time to incorporate not only his tongue licking skills on the back her toes. But I also could be seen lightly stroking a q-tip swab along the front of those very toes “JJJJJAAAMMEESSS!!!!!!!!! PLEESSEE!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!” Barbiee clearly could be heard babbling out loud as she continued laughing hysterically her body thrashed about the bed wildly. Pausing momentarily to let her catch her breath I noticed the timer was at 30min now before the beep would sound to signal the end to Barbiee's tickling. Page 6 So instead of continuing with his piggies play of her toes I decided now to utilize something dark and sweet upon the soles of Barbiee's feet. Seconds passed before she erupted one again in hysterics. As my tongue started to lick slowly upon her heels Barbiee's laughter echooed hystericly as her body squirmed and bounced about. “Mmmm, Chocolate syrup yum my tongues loving this slave. Aww is there anything wrong?” Grinning my tongue moved slowly around and around upon her heels “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! MYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!! OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHHAAHA!!!! I'MM!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!! LOOS!!!!!! LOOS!!!!!!! LOOSINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! MY-MY-MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHHHAHHAHHA!!!!!!!!!MI-MI-MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Babbling incoherently now she sweated profusely as her body thrashed and squirmed. My eyes looked up slightly at my little slave. Delighting at her suffering from his expert tickling of her bare feet he now admired her freshly licked heels all cleaned up. “Awww is slavey wavey tired? Awww it's almost over but first let me finish cleaning up these sexy soles.” Descending once again using his tongue I even slower commenced licking the soles of her feet alternating between them. “Hmm you have some tasty soles slavey wavy, ahh I just remembered we didn't finish playing the piggie game.” Shortly after finishing another section of Barbies soles I lightly touches her third toes saying “ These little piggies had roast beef.” Twisting and turning trying to escape all Barbiee could do was laugh harder as James kept playing with her toes and licking her sentuase soles of her feet. Page 7 “And these little piggies had none.” Boncing up and down Barbiee was a mess laughing much more hysterically . .“HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! JAMMMES!!!!!!!!!PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA STAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!” Looking at the timer it now read 15min left. “15 minutes left to go, oops I forgot about these last two piggies silly me. And these last piggies went we, we, we, we, all the way home” Continuing to play piggies with her toes a couple times in between sucking on her toes caught me completely off guard as the Beeping sounded. I reverted back once again into just starring hypnotically at the soles of her bare feet. Knowing this Barbiee after several minutes regained her composure enough. Began to wiggle her toes thous hopping to catch her slaves quick attention. “Yes slavey, good boy that's right keep watching my toes wiggle.” Spending several minutes even more deeply hypnotizing him Barbiee next said to me. “All right slave listen I'm going to count to 3 then snap my fingers. When you hear the snap I want you to get up walk over here and release me do you understand?” Pearing up slightly she makes out seeing his head nodding back at her listening next she listens hearing me say “I hear and will obey” Slightly smiling back Barbiee then counts. 1,2,3, Snapping her fingers loudly still listening she hears me approaching her. The first thing removed was her blindfold tossing that to the floor. Several minutes after now freed she sits up against her big pillow on the bed lying back. “Thank you Slave, Ohhh look my toes are wiggling.” Turning my head slightly I view her toes wiggling once again hanging my tongue back out of my mouth. Page 8 “That's my good boy” While Barbiee remained there laying back very much content. I on the other hand saw myself back down by her bare feet on my knees, yes once again with my tongue out of his mouth just starring mindlessly at her toes wiggling. The End? Or could there be a sequel to come next.....Maybe?


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