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Pokedreams & Love

by Raziken

Pokedreams & Love

This content may be arguably Adult in certain areas. I suggect you be 18+ to read this story. I do not own pokemon. This is a fanfic written by Raziken and is meant for non-profit use.

Pokedreams & Love

Justin walks down the street from school, passing by the households with people and pokemon. Many of them doing chores and playing with the children. He was happy he lived in such a happy town. Even his own family had a female blaziken that would help cook dinner and use her fire powers to evenly cook the food, and cook it fast!

She was actually the town's pride and joy for cooking. She could whip up a turkey dinner in 5 minutes. And if she strained herself, she could feed a company feast in 10 minutes for 50 people! Of course that’s not only what Justin liked her for.

In his eyes, he had full access to the most well shaped female in the whole town! Many of the human girls came close, but nobody had seen the blaziken like Justin had. He knew she had nice large DD cup breasts, leading down to her shapely navel and slightly toned body. Her hips were wide, but not overdoing it. Her curves accentuated well by the smooth fur of her body. Her legs were especially vibrant with the yellow furred calves with the bell bottomed style fur near her feet that made her look like she was gliding everywhere. Her legs were incredibly toned naturally but without training they seemed normal, and at the perfect size, as to not distract attention from the rest of her body. And her perky butt. That's what people noticed most. There was no better description to fit it than with the rest of her body's profile. And Justin thought, she was the greatest thing ever placed on this planet.

As Justin walked he realized he was becoming erect thinking of the blaziken girl, and he was almost home. The last bit of the trek seemed the longest. The sun beating down on his shaggy brown hair, his green pokemon trainer shirt, and khaki shorts. He could barely wait for his return home.

He opens the door to his house and closes it. He could smell food cooking already! He puts his backpack at the base of the stairs and goes into the kitchen, finding the female blaziken and his mom. Justin's mother had her hair bunched up and tied so she could cook, and a matching apron that the blaziken had on as well.

“Blay!” the blaziken perks up and puts down the batter of something and hugs Justin, he could have sworn she was teasing him. She was just about as tall as him at 5' 10”.

“oh! Hey Justin! We were just making a small snack! Would you like some?” Justin's mother happily chimes and he nods. “sure! What is it?”

“it's just some celery with a special peanut butter sauce. We already cooked out the bitter flavor in the celery. Well. Most of it... we didn’t have enough pecha berries.” she never lost her smile, she enjoyed her cooking. And so did everyone else!

“okay! Ill have some! I love peacha celery!” he sits at the kitchen table and hears the door. He knew it was his older sister because of the jingle noises of the bells on her backpack.

“hey everyone.” she walks in and moves to the fridge with haste, grabbing a juice box and leaving the kitchen again before anyone can really start a conversation. but as she walks by, Justin taunts “love you too Jessie.”

The sound of her jingly backpack is heard as she goes up to her room and closes the door. The blaziken looking a bit sad that the sister didn’t want to be around. “don’t worry Ashley. She doesn’t like to make any conversation stale. That's why she stacks it all on at dinner.” Ashley the blaziken smiles at the comment. “I bet she is organizing her whole conversation for tonight!” she giggles “Blay!”

he loved to make her laugh, it make him light up inside. If it wasn’t illegal, he would marry her. He wanted to spend both of their lives together. They were about the same age and blazikens lived the same amount of years as a human!

“Justin?” his mother snapped him out of his fantasy, his heart racing still “yeah...?” he goes from staring at the wall opposite the room, to looking at his mom. “how much would you like?” “um. 3 pieces is fine.” she nods and goes to work on filling the celery, both of the cooking girls were facing away, and Justin took a good look at the blaziken's ass before he gets up for a juice box and grabs the plate from his mother on the way back. “thanks mom!”

after the long dinner that seemed like a feast, Justin lies on his bed looking over his homework. It was simple enough battle tactics for pokemon battles. Math problems concerning stat differences and type factors that all came easy to him. The only variable you could never know, was what moves the trainers have picked. Although there were obvious moves that some Pokemon just couldn’t function without, there was always an element of surprise!

“hey!” Jessie walks in and sits at his desk chair.

“huh? Um. Hey.” he was obviously perplexed as to why she was in his room, she was usually very isolated.

“you stared at Ashley for 7 seconds longer at dinner tonight...” she gives a clever smile and bites her lower lip, wondering about his reaction.

“what?” Justin sits up, face feeling a bit flushed “why do you say that?”

“you like her. I can tell... But you know you cant be with a pokemon, right?” she sounds concerned. Her face taking a caring look and her voice soft and gentle.

Justin looks down and takes a big breath, sighing and hanging his head “i know... you don’t have to lecture me... we take an oath on it at pokemon training school.”

her tone changes, now just a little optimistic. “I’m not here to lecture you. I want to help you.” she smiles and her voice is filled with a slight laugh “you’re too weird without help.” he smiles but confusion hits him at his core “what do you mean...?”

She pulls out a fire stone from her pocket and a pill. “You can be together with her. But you cant be human for it.” she gives a weak smile, her mouth quivers and a tear rolls down her cheek.

“Jessie? What do you mean...?” he perks up and leans forward with his feet on the floor. “hey... whats wrong?”

she wipes the tear away and puts the items on the desk. “these will help you become a blaziken too.” Justin leans back and freezes, staring down at his feet.

“Its permanent, and quick. You can think about it.” she smiles sadly and looks at her brother. Justin looks up at her after he notices shes looking at him. “thanks Jes...” he mutters sincerely.

“you're welcome. Its pretty easy. You just take one hair of blaziken DNA and hold it against the fire stone, and take the pill. I don’t know the specifics but it should work. Any blaziken DNA will work.” she stands up and walks out the door, going downstairs for something.

Justin goes down to the kitchen and grabs a glass of water, looking around for a stray hair. Sure enough, he found a pretty recent one on the kitchen rug. White and silky just like the blaziken he loved so much. He knew it was hers, because nobody had as long of hair as her, and everyone in the family had a shade of brown or dark brown.

With a few strands of hair in hand, he realized that his sister must have gone into the basement to talk to ashley. He had to be quick! So he rushed upstairs and put the hairs between his thumb and the stone, he picks up the pill. The large capsule was obviously more than a chemical inside a disintegrating pod, it had an unearthly weight to it.

He puts the pill on the back of his tongue, takes the water and gulps a mouth full. It goes down his throat with some bumping, but he could feel it enter his stomach. This was it. Everything he dreamed of was just in front of him. He was on a one way road, and it was too late to consider any other options.

Justin feels a funny sensation on his hand as the hair bends and curls around his finger, sinking in and turning his hand white. The stone chimes in soon as well, both items sinking into his hand. His stomach feels a bit strange now. It was as if his stomach was tied to something above him and was lifting up. His sight turning to tunnel vision and his body numbing. He falls to the ground and he tenses up, looking like he was in the vacuum of space and trying to hold in his breath. He looks down at his hands, watching the trembling human digits shift into talons, but more human in shape. From what he could see, his legs changed quickly. They were already covered in fur and his feet were newly clawed. He had a similar bell bottomed fur style as Ashley, but more masculine and rough. He feels his face shift and his hair grows down around his shirt into the vest-like hair, it also grows out and separates into two lengths of hair behind him while he is on his side.

Lastly, he feels the two antenna sprout from his beak on his forehead. With this, his sensation comes back and he gasps for air, exhaling quickly and spurting fire from his open beak. He rolls onto his hands and knees, and looks down. His body was more toned, and well defined than before. He stands up effortlessly with his new strong legs, he notices he has a certain spring to his step, and he was much taller! about 6' 1” tall!

He goes for a minute looking himself over, he was utterly attractive! This would definitely make Ashley like him. And just in the nick of time, Jessie stands at the doorway. “how does it feel...?” she asks sadly.

Justin smiles with the corners of his beak “its amazing!” Jessie looks shocked. “you can talk?! I thought you'd lose that...” Justin just shrugs quickly “added perk?” he grins for what he can with his beak.

Ashley spins from around the door frame, she wasn’t in the kitchen and that meant she was naked again. Justin's heart soars and his stomach flutters.

“Heya Justin!” Ashley's smooth voice chimes in his head like never before in his dreams. His beak hangs open and he wobbles in place, frozen. “are you okay Justin...?” she sounds concerned. He falls back and his vision goes to a dark purple.


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