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The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 2)

by Maid_Hazuki

The Special Maid Outfit! (Day 2)

Once my new maid woke up he was extremely freaked out. "What has happened to my body!," he shouted. I looked at him and said "Don't worry you will be completely female very soon." His butt started getting bigger and his testicles retracted deep inside of his body and became ovaries. The shaft of his penis vanished and became a sexy vagina. With his manhood completely destroyed it was time to reprogram his brain to behave as a woman. 1 hour later a man showed up. "Good our guest is here!," I said while I giggled happily. The man looked at my girly maid and said "Good work Hazuki. You always create perfect women for me." "You can call her Sarah," I replied. But Sarah was obviously resisting a little. "My name is not Sarah and I am not a woman," she replied. I glared at Sarah and said "You are Sarah now! Since your penis is gone you are clearly not a man!" The man had a huge buldge in his pants and dragged Sarah into her room where they will have sex.

Remember to check for the next story next Sunday. May 13th will be Day 3 in this very arousing story.


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