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Misunderstanding and Bliss

by AshleyJoshG

Misunderstanding and Bliss

Misunderstanding and Bliss

I'm in quite the predicament. I never expected my older brother to take this sort of action. You see, he saw me meeting with his girlfriend. It was a completely harmless meeting. He, however, took it as I was taking his girlfriend away from him. He was really into psychology and hypnosis. This incident has led to my transformation. It was a transformation I was forcibly more than willing to go through. 

Before my transformation, I was a pretty average 18 year old guy. My name is Joshua. Physically I was a little chubby and had a significant amount of body hair. The polar opposite of my brother, named Aiden, who was 19 years old and the stereotypical sports jock. He is fit, little to no body hair and just got all the ladies and even turned on the guys. He was also known as Ace to his close friends because how good at sports he was.

Our parents died last year in an accident in Europe, so we have been living together in the house left to us, it was a place where we paid no rent or had no bills except for utility and the occasional repairman bill. We fended for ourselves most of the time and shared cleaning duties. It was pretty easy with two paychecks coming in so we could afford to live well. I worked at a local supermarket and my brother was going to college and a delivery boy for his girlfriends' parents cafe. My brother was waiting for his girlfriend to turn 18 so she could move in with us, we had plenty of room after all. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was rather quaint.

She had invited my brother and I to have lunch at her parent's cafe. I decided to accept her invitation to meet at the cafe to discuss the living arrangements. It was my responsibility to tell my brother of the invitation but I forgot. My brother saw both of us together just by pure chance when she walked me out to my bike. It was cheaper and better for my health or so my brother told me. Anyways, he took the situation out of context and he was furious at the sight. 

He never told me about the incident or supposed incident he witnessed but one night he asked if he could hypnotize me. I gave him the okay and told him don't do anything too crazy or out there. He smiled and promised he wouldn't. I smiled back and told him I was ready. Little did I know what fate had awaited me. I was woken up from my trance almost 40 minutes later. I have no idea what he ordered me to do. I wasn't concerned very much. He probably made me do animal noises or something silly. He's done it to me before and said I was a natural test subject. I decided to go to sleep shortly afterwards and that was that.

I woke up the next morning. It was pretty much the usual Tuesday morning. I looked at myself in the mirror and just stared in the mirror for ten minutes or so. My hair was getting long, it was down to my shoulders and decided I'd get a haircut today. I had breakfast with my brother and got ready and dressed for the day. I stared at the salon door, unsure why I didn't go to my usual barber for my haircut this time. 

I walked into the salon and managed to get in a chair and get service rather fast. I was pleased by the speedy way they got me in. The lady asked me what I wanted. I told her what I wanted and she smiled, nodded and started working on my hair. It took about an hour, maybe longer, my concept of time was just out of it. I was under a dryer, had my hair washed a few times and tinfoil in my hair. It was just one big blur to me. I was in pure bliss. The lady told me she was done and made a big presentation of what she had done. 

It was precisely what I was wanting. This lady did the job perfectly. I looked in the mirror at my newly dyed bleach blonde faux-hawk. I went to touch it with my hands and noticed that my nails were cleaned up and looking good. Apparently in my bliss I told this lady and her friend to do my finger and toe nails. They looked great. I noticed in the mirror that my eyebrows looked cleaner too. I looked really good and the ladies were swooning over my good looks. I smiled and left the salon after paying and giving both ladies excellent tips. I loved my new color and hairstyle. I couldn't wait to show my brother and the girls around town.

I walked back to my bike and was getting ready to leave when I noticed a Claire's a few doors down in the shopping center. I had the sudden urge to walk down there and go in. Claire's is a jewelry store and place where people, both boys and girls, went to get piercings. I have no idea why I went in and was really confused when I walked out with both my ears pierced and a bag with three pairs of diamond stud earrings. Nothing was making much sense but I was in ecstasy and bliss so I didn't care. I was enjoying myself and felt really cute. I couldn't wait to show my brother!

I rode back home on my bike. My brother got home a little while earlier. I snuck in through the back in the hopes of surprising him with my new look. He was in the kitchen and caught me. He smiled and said I looked really cute. I smiled and blushed at his approval. He asked if he could hypnotize me some more and I  agreed to let him. He was family, so I could trust him with his hypnosis tests. I was a good little brother. I was out a bit shorter than last time or at least has how it felt. He told me it was time to sleep so I went. 

It felt weird waking up this morning. I decided I needed to shave. I was so tired of shaving. It was just another time-consuming task to do in the morning. I wanted to look cute with my new hair and piercings. My brother suggested electrolysis to remove all my hair except on my head and face. He had set up an appointment and just my luck they had an opening. He smiled and told me to go do what I needed to do for the day. I got ready and got on my bike, riding down to the clinic.

I gleefully opened the door, the receptionist knew precisely who I was and walked me back to the room almost immediately. Just as fast as I can remember, a few hours later and I was done. I have no idea what exactly happened. Strangely, it was all a blur. I had the overwhelming bliss overcome me the entire time. I just loved how hairless I was. I would never have to shave again! I couldn't wait to show my hairless body to my brother! He was going to love it just as I love it!

I decided to go by the local Wal-Mart to pick up a few hygiene products when I came the fitness DVDs. I was doing all this work to my body so I decided I needed to get in shape. I picked up a Yoga, Pilates and a few other fitness DVDs. I picked up all the necessary equipment for the workouts as well. It was going to be some amazing fun. I didn't really want muscles. I just wanted to become leaner and more toned. I decided I'd eat right as well, I smiled as I imagined myself lean, toned and cute. I'd get all the cute ones. I couldn't wait to show my brother that I'm going to change my lifestyle!

I got home and placed my bags on the kitchen counter. My brother was talking to his friend Matt. I have no idea what they were talking about. I did know Matt was a homosexual and wanted my brother. It turns out he was doing his hypnosis to him. I left them to do whatever they were doing and went to put away what I had bought. Matt left after about 30 minutes and I went to see my brother. He looked at my hairless chest and back. He looked at the fitness equipment and videos too. He gave me a thumbs up and I blushed at his approval. 

He told me he bought me something today while he was out. I had no idea what it could be so I ran into my room with glee. It was workout clothes. A spandex leotard in fact. It was purple. I love the color purple. He smiled and told me to wear it when I work out with the tapes. I nodded, hugged and thanked him for his gift. He asked if he could hypnotize me one more time and I grinned from pierced ear to pierced ear. He told me it was going to be a long one. I nodded and gave the okay for him to do it. He patted my blonde faux-hawk hair and smiled.

I don't remember anything that happened last night. Having just woke up. I went through my morning routine. Got a shower with my hairless body, brushed  and gelled my blonde hair into a faux hawk, looking at my diamond studs and getting dressed. My clothes haven't been fitting me very well lately either. I guess I should buy some new ones. My brother agreed with me on that. That was on my list to do for the day. I couldn't wait to get out of these loose fitting clothes and into something more comfortable. 

My brother gave me a list of shops to go to and a wad of cash to spend. It was his kind of clothing. He told me I could finally dress like him! I was giggling with excitement. He told me it would bring me all the boys. I blushed when he said this. I needed to find a boyfriend. I didn't care for girls anymore. I wanted someone like my brother. Strong and willing to help me at every turn. Too bad I couldn't have my brother but I was envious of his girlfriend.

I ran into Matt while shopping at one of the stores. He was buying new clothes too. He looked different too, not physically but more attractive to me. He was my age, but I didn't know if he was like me. We ate a light lunch together. It felt like a date. I was in bliss and didn't care. We decided to shop together and helped me pick out fabulous clothes. He told me I looked cute and adorable. Naturally, all I could does blush and remain awkwardly silent. We parted ways about three quarters of the list of stores done. I had about 14 new outfits. Cute outfits at that. I called my brother because I knew I couldn't carry these on my bike. 

My brother came to pick me up and grinned when he saw how many new outfits I had. I picked up a few workout leotards as well, a hot pink, lime green and a dark yellow colored one. I picked up a few cute t-shirts and button down pattern shirts, a few pairs of jeans which might have been for girls but I don't know exactly. A new pair of sandals with a slight heel. I'm only 5'7" so a heel shouldn't be too much. I had bought some vests and a bow tie for formal events. I really loved all that I bought. I also bought some cute pajamas with sock monkeys on it. I loved my big brother for giving me the money to afford this new wardrobe. 

He liked all the clothes I picked out and I was glad. I couldn't wait to show Matt all that I had bought and put on a fashion show for him. My brother asked a favor of me. He told me he had to do one more test on me and I sighed. I gave in though because he paid for my new wardrobe and everything else. I went straight to bed afterwards in my new pajamas. I could not wait until tomorrow. My new look was finished and couldn't wait to walk around town in it. 

This morning was like every morning, I got up and groomed myself to perfection. After all, I had to look good for my brother and for Matt. I got dressed in a button down pink shirt with a white shirt underneath and some of the tight jeans. It had a cute flower on both cheeks of my butt. I looked in the mirror and gave myself a thumbs up. I walked out to the kitchen with a sway of my hips. My brother was with his girlfriend when he suddenly hugged me and told me he was sorry for all he has done to me. I had no idea what he was talking about. I smiled and told him it as okay and liked all that he had done for me. He explained what he did to me in front of his girlfriend and I. He knew it was a misunderstanding but decided not to take a risk on it. 

I continued to smile dumbly, knowing full well what he has done and cannot question him. I can't hate him for it. No matter how hard I try, I can't hate him. I love him, after all, he is my brother. I can't hate him ever. I am forced to accept my new lifestyle with a smile on my face. I leave the room after being consoled by my brother and his girlfriend. I continue to smile. The true me, the me I was, is gone. Forever. I still smile. I can't hate what's been done to me because that would be hating my brother. That's all I can do because my love for my brother is unwavering. 

A few months later...
Matt and I are a couple, my brother apparently hypnotized him to fall in love with me. We're both happy as can be. I continue to get my hair dyed blonde and faux hawks too. The piercings have stayed. My body is leaner and more toned. I even joined some classes at the gym. I made lots of girl friends. Guys hit on me all the time but I will never be disloyal to Matty. He calls me Joshie and I call him Matty. It's our own thing. I also developed a lisp, not sure when I got one but I do and it's cute or so Matty and my brother says. My brother and his girlfriend got married. They live I the house together and plan to start a family. I moved in with Matty at his apartment. We're all happy in the end really. I giggle when I thought how all this started by a misunderstanding. I'm still in my blissful fog and I wouldn't want it any other way.


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