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Mae Story Part 2

by Sokan85

Mae Story Part 2

Stage Two

It was just so much fun hanging out with her, and so we grew pretty close.
And those lily dolls where I was living with so far, they where not near half the fun.
So two weeks later I decided to move in with Diedre.
When we were planning the move, I found out I would be in need of some help.
And I knew just the right person, someone who would not say no to me.

Probably waiting on my call impatiently, not leaving his cell phone out of sight, I decided to call darling Cian. When I rang he answered on the first tone. Me noticing he tried to cover up his excitement, he told me he was a bit occupied at first, and might not have time for this.
Then again, there is nothing that can resist to a few well-placed convincers, right!
Rather he liked it or not, he was bound to say: “ Yes ”.
After which the move went smoothly. And I got him to say, “ thank you” as well.

Diedre had a nice detached house with garden and was living there kinda on her own.
She inherited the house from her parents, they died way to early.
As it happened they were in one of the planes that went down, back that September 2001.
She got the house, some hard cash, and the shares of her parents, well fed company.
She sold all those shares, some to the company board and others on the stock exchange, she was not willing to run the company on her parents behalf, I would’ve been to hard on her, so she told me.

Together with the house she also got her parents housekeeper, Angelica.
Angelica took care of Diedre’s needs and the household. And there was Angelica’s husband Julio, he took care of the garden.
“It would be good to have a friend in the vicinity of Diedre”, so was agreed by Angelica. And so went along this newly composed family.

As Deidre and I were spending almost every bit of time together, we were more and more behaving like a genuine lesbian couple. We started to mimic each other behaviour, got our hair in the same way, and every in a while we were like wearing the same outfit, just as twin-sisters do. I’m a natural blond, and she is a brunette, but hairdressers these days, there wonderful hands are able to make that a minor issue.
We knew each other inside out and loved every second spend together, often we did not need to say a word, just to know what the other meant, our sensuality spoke to us.
We shared everything together, so wonderful time that was.
We did have separate bedrooms, but we slept together, switching rooms!

The weekends, when Angelica and Julio were off.
We would let darling Cian in. He became a willing guinea pig in the games we played, under the supervising eye of our, to become best friend Hypnos.

Stage Three

One day, Angelica and Julio were planning holidays and they asked if they could go for a longer period. They wanted to make “ The Tour, South – America “.
Angelica asked us, if we could be left alone for that amount of time.
“ Sure…” we both replied simultaneously, “…enjoy your time off, you both deserve it”.

Angelica and Julio, went on their trip, they would make a stop in Mexico, to visit some relatives. Where after they went to South-America. They would be gone for close to a month.

Diedre and I were grown adults. I mean we were able to manage, right!
Sure we did! The first few days. But with Angelica not there to tell us to keep the place clean, we grew a bit in despair. Keeping the house clean was one thing, the garden, an other. And, yes, I admit we were a bit spoiled.
So what could we do? Call in Cian, would you think. And yes, that’s what we did.

We experimented a lot on him, and for some weird reason, he loved it.
Must have something to do with that Hypnos-stuff, my guess.
Anyway, he agreed to keep an eye on the garden, he proposed this voluntary.
But to a condition. He wanted to be able to move in with us, for the time being.
After a quick consideration we agreed.

Cian was a handsome guy, so that would not be a problem.
He has not set an eye on other girls since the time we first met.
Hmm…, wonder why. We got along pretty fine for the next few days.
At a certain point Diedre came up with a magnificent idea.
The point is that Cian has done a lot for us, and so, we would need to do something for him.
The tricky thing was, what? So Diedre and I went on brainstorming over this.
And, yes we came to a conclusion.

The thing is that Cian hangs out a lot with us, sometimes a bid too much for his well being. So we would help him to find a different kind of companionship.
And so we reasoned;
*He hasn’t set an eye on an other girl for a while.
*Before he knew us ‘great beings’, he was more interested in the doing than the caring.
*When kept a certain distance between him and us, he could be a great friend.
So, we concluded, we would help him in finding out about his true feelings.
We hailed him, and brought him under. This was for his better good, you know.
Therefore we did a session into finding out more about his hidden and suppressed feelings. In doing so we also did a bit reprogramming. So he would be able to handle his near future, as we’ve seen it for him, ‘manly’.

Later that day we would head out, and he was invited as well.
It was once again to become a great evening. Once arrived in the club he would do his thing as he always did, paying us the drinks.
Then at the certain point I gave him the releasing trigger, placed in earlier that day..
This instruction would make him look out for the guy he wants to be his friend.
And yes, warily he gazed around. When his eye caught, who he’d believed to be potential catch, he would tell it to us. The next step would be, that Diedre or I would have a chat with that guy, this was needed to check out if we would like that person as well.
It just was part of the bigger picture. We only want the best for our Cian, you know!
It al went smoothly, as like it was destiny.
Eventually we found our guy, and it came to a physical introduction.
We told our newfound friend and Cian, that we needed to powder our noses.
As we came back and saw that our sweethearts, were getting along pretty fine.
We let them be for a while.
Later on we joined them again. And rejoice, the evening was definitely worth while.
As the evening became to an end, we all head home, greatly satisfied and fulfilled.


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