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Output - The Brothers by Hexept (The Librarian)

by Hexept

Output - The Brothers by Hexept (The Librarian)

Warning! This story contains explicit content

It was a cold afternoon. Snow was falling outside as I sat in a quiet coffee shop listening to new age jazz over the café’s speakers. I sipped my coffee and looked around the shop trying to find something to do until the storm died down.
All of a sudden, I saw them, my first victims. The door’s bell jingled as two college aged frat brothers walked in from the cold. I watched them as they congratulated each other on their conquests from the night before. Brent, the older of the two brothers, ordered a coffee and started bragging to his younger friend.
“Hey bro, you see that girl I was with last night?” Brent asked.
“Yeah man. I saw you two go upstairs after that sweet keg stand. How was she?” The other brother asked.
“It was fucking nuts man. First I get her upstairs and start going at it, and then she starts telling me about how it’s her first time and that I should take it slow. I was like fuck that, I just went for it.” The cocky brother responded.
“What happened, when you were done?”
“She was screaming my name by the time I was done with her bro. I smacked her ass after I came all over her clothes and kicked her out of my room. I don’t know what happened after that, and in all fairness, really don’t care.” Brent bragged to the younger brother smiling.
“Yeah man, I saw her running out of your room crying with jizz all over her face. That is classic. I know I need to talk to the other brothers, but I am pretty sure you are going into the fraternity hall of fame for that one.” The younger brother said, high fiving the older one.
“Two black coffees!” The barista yelled behind the counter.
The two fraternity brothers took their drinks and went to a secluded corner of the café to continue talking about the party from the night before.
It was my lucky day. I had so much to work with, and it was barely four o’clock! I smiled and looked into the two gentlemen.
The younger of the two brothers was named Adam.
Adam was from a small family in the suburbs of a nearby town. Being an only child, he had gotten most of his social skills from MTV and the football team he had played on during college and grade school. He wasn’t as misogynistic as his friend, but he idolized him all the same, which I considered just as bad.
Brent was from a bigger family consisting of a single dad and two brothers. Being the youngest of the three children, Brent was always looking up to his brothers for advice, and taking it whenever possible. He loved to fight, abuse the girls in his relationships, and hated black people more anything else. I saw he was also a chronic drinker and cocaine user.
“That’s going to get you into trouble.” I thought.
Adam and Brent: No matter what happens during the duration of your visit to this coffee shop, you have always been friends, and always will be. You will not notice anything different about yourselves until I say you can.
Everyone else: You will think that everything that happens between the two gentlemen in the back is completely normal, and will do nothing to stop it.
The two kept talking. Unaware of the changes I had made.
Adam: You have never played football in your life nor can you remember any of the rules to the game. You know that it is dangerous and that big men try to get the ball from one side of the field to the other, but besides that you could never figure out anything about the sport. In fact you don’t know why anybody would care about any sports. You have never exercised before in your life, but have always eaten healthy to keep a slim figure.
I looked across the room as Adam stopped talking and looked around.
“Is something different?” He thought as his body began to shrink in his Abercrombie clothes. The former jock lost 40 pounds of muscle and his strength dwindled to that of a 12 year old girl. He couldn’t even open most jars anymore.
I laughed to myself as the tiny jock shifted uncomfortably in his clothes.
“You watch the game last night?” I heard Brent ask Adam.
“You know I’ve never been interested in sports.” Adam shot back, obviously annoyed by Brent’s question.
“O, yeah… I guess I already knew that.” Brent stumbled over his words. The confusion was evident in his voice.
The conversation ended quickly, and the two began to talk about their conquests again. They were really getting under my nerves.
I looked over to Brent this time and reached into his mind.
Brent: There have never been any men in your family, only your sisters and your mom. From a young age, you were dressed in girly clothes at home and girly underwear whenever you were at school. You are submissive to all women, and can’t live with yourself if any of them happen to not like you. You have never gotten in a fight before, because whenever one is about to start, you wet yourself and run away crying. You hate confrontation and generally do whatever anybody tells you because you are afraid they might hurt you.
I looked over at the cute barista behind the counter. Her name was Sara.
Sara: You will go into the bathroom, remove your underwear, and hand them to the young man in the corner.
As if in a trance, Sara walked out from behind the counter and headed into the bathroom. A moment later, she walked out with her panties and bra in hand. Her pert breasts bounced as she passed by my table, and walked towards Brent in the corner.
Brent: Because you have worn women’s underwear most of your adult life, you will feel weak and insecure whenever you aren’t wearing any.
Sara: You took off your underwear because the gentleman in the corner promised to pay you a thousand dollars for it. You don’t normally do this kind of thing, but you are bored, and thought it might be fun to do something different for a change.
Sara and Brent’s eyes glazed over as they listened intently to the new commands I was giving to them. Sara came to first, and handed her underwear to Brent.
“Here you go,” she told him in a cute perky voice. “Where is my thousand dollars?”
Brent looked up at her in distress. I knew he didn’t have a thousand dollars, and he was already insecure because he had forgotten to wear his girly underwear today for some reason. The fear began to form on his face.
“I know that I told you I would give you a thousand dollars for your underwear, but I don’t have a thousand dollars.” Brent said, quickly grabbing the clothes before she could change her mind.
“Nice one bro,” Adam said as he held up his hand for a high five. Brent was such a player. Suddenly he couldn’t remember why.
“Didn’t he just take some girls virginity last night?” Adam thought to himself. No, that’s not right. The girl walked out of Brent’s room laughing for some reason. Brent had told Adam that they had just talked. Thinking harder about it, Adam couldn’t remember Brent actually talking about sex. Whenever he tried, he just remembered his best friend telling him how wonderful a certain girl was, and how great she was to talk to.
Adam looked at his best friend. Of course he never talked about sex, Brent was still a virgin. He had tried to hook him up a few times, but according to Brent, they had all gotten cold feet at the last minute. Adam was running out of options.
“I didn’t take off my underwear for no reason you asshole!” Adam snapped out of his trance as he heard the barista yelling at his best friend. “You think I’m some kind of whore?”
“No ma’am.” Brent responded. Visibly upset by the confrontation. “I just really needed your underwear and I really want you to like me and I’m really sorry I don’t have a thousand dollars and and and…” Brent trailed off as he suddenly closed his eyes took a deep breath and relaxed. Sara looked in disbelief only to see a wet spot forming in the front of his faded denim jeans.
“Are you wetting yourself?” Sara asked. Clearly confused about what was going on.
The warm liquid began to come out faster, dripping down Brent’s pant legs, falling onto the floor and soaking his socks and designer shoes. As the warm wetness around his crouch began to cool, Brent quickly became uncomfortable and realized what he had done. Tears welled up in his eyes as he ran to the bathroom, still peeing his pants, bra and panties in hand.
I saw Brent in my mind quickly running into an unoccupied stall and changing out of his male underwear. He literally ripped off his clothes before desperately trying to put on the panties and the bra he had left on the stall floor. Brent was clearly at ease after he hooked the constricting bra around his chest and pulled the much too tight panties up his legs. He was just about to pull up his soaked pants when he felt a strange tingling in his head. He reached one hand up to massage his temples as the other casually slipped into his panties and started playing with his ass.
Brent: You have always worn the smallest, sexiest women’s underwear that you can fit into. Whenever you are wearing women’s underwear you will be constantly erect and desperate to do anything to have an orgasm. You are unable to have any real satisfaction with an orgasm unless you have another man’s cock in your ass, and you are playing with yourself at the same time. You have given yourself an orgasm by fisting yourself as you rub your penis through your panties before, but it never helps for long, and you quickly become very horny afterwards.
Brent started moaning as the finger in his ass became two, and then three. His other hand moved down to the front of his panties and started massaging his rock hard cock. He leaned back on the toilet and spread his legs against the stall as he put his whole fist up his butt. He fantasized about his ass being filled up completely by a huge cock as he rubbed faster and harder. His asshole relaxed from a lifetime of abuse, and Brent pushed farther, burying most of his arm up his loose hole.
Brent: You have always loved the feeling of fresh cum all over your body, particularly in your girly panties. You have never had sex with a man, but have always been desperate to try it. Having a huge cock fuck you in the ass and then jizz on your face and into your panties has always been a particular turn-on for you. You cannot help but moan like a little girl every time you fuck yourself, or are fucked by someone else.
As he reached his climax, Brent screamed in a high pitched squeal as he shot his load all over his chest and into his panties. Still fisting himself, he casually rubbed his cum over his body, pushing most of it into his underwear, so that he could feel it against his softening cock. He pulled his wrist out of his ass and moved shakily onto the tiles of the restroom floor. Brent pulled the pee stained pants up his legs and slid his designer shirt over his bra before leaving the stall. He was still shaking as he washed the shit off his arm and fingered himself under his jeans with his other hand. He looked at himself in the mirror.
“Why did I just do that?” Brent thought, starting to moan as his cock stiffened again. He knew there were times when he had masturbated without something up his ass, but couldn’t seem to recall any particular instance. As he started to fuck himself over the sink for the second time in less than five minutes, the memories started coming back to him. He had borrowed his sister’s dildo and started fucking himself to pictures of naked men as soon as he had hit puberty. When his mom found her daughter’s dildo in his room, she had made sure that he put on a show for the rest of the family. She made his sisters dress him in girly clothes like the sissy he was, then cleared the middle of the living room and watched as he started rubbing his dick through his tiny panties. He remembered deep-throating the ten inch dildo before shoving it into his hungry ass. After working the artificial cock in and out of himself to the cheers of the rest of his family, he came violently in his panties and collapsed on the floor in ecstasy. When he recovered, he fucked himself again and again as his family watched in perverse fascination. Brent screamed like a ten year old girl the entire time, and that was only the beginning.
New memories of himself throughout middle school and high school replaced the relatively normal memories that had been there before. He had been an outcast. The other boys had found out that he wore women’s underwear that first day of gym class freshman year, and had made fun of him until he started peeing himself and ran out of the locker room crying. He remembered the parent teacher conference where his mom made him show his gym teacher and principal his girly underwear.
From that point on, he was allowed to skip gym class as long as he took home economics for credit and participated actively in the school’s cheerleading team. He had loved home economics more than any other subject, and was always coming up with new recipes to show the class. His embroidery skills were also top notch, and he often put on demonstrations to show all of the female classmates he had become fast friends with. Brent was ecstatic to be a cheerleader, not because he had any interest in any of the girls, but because he got to hang out with so many hunky basketball and football players. Being on the cheer squad, he often got dragged along to the same parties they did.
He remembered one party, junior year, at Jennifer Grillert’s house. He had been drinking wine coolers all night and was beginning to get a bit tipsy. He had fucked himself in the ass three times that day, but was still unbelievably horny as he stared across the room at Jake Flanders, the school’s star quarterback and an unquestionable hunk. He had rubbed himself a full five minutes before Jake even noticed what was going on and pointed it out to the rest of the party. Brent was humiliated as everyone stared at him massaging himself on the couch. He immediately froze and was even more humiliated when Jake called him a fag and told him to finish in front of everyone. The embarrassment was too much and Brent had wet himself and started crying as his entire class had looked on in shock.
“Look at that! The little sissy pissed himself!” Jake had yelled as Brent emptied his bladder into his pants and all over the couch. As the warm liquid leaked into his constantly abused butthole, an image had flashed into his head of him shoving the huge dildo into his ass in front of his family and he became rock hard. Everyone stood in quiet fascination as Brent had bent over the couch, pulled down his pants revealing his sissy underwear, and started fucking himself with his fist. He rubbed himself and moaned Jake’s name with each thrust as his hard dick poked out of his tiny pink thong. He had come hard into his pants as he fell onto the couch soaked in his urine and started rubbing his piss and jizz all over himself while he continued to fist his now loose “man pussy”. Needless to say, he was let go from the cheerleading squad the next day, and graduated high school without even touching another man’s cock. He had been very sad about this. His mother and sisters told him that he would eventually find the right one. All he needed was a little patience.
He recalled meeting a nice sexy boy named Adam his first day of college. He remembered the only reason that he was here at this coffee shop was because he desperately needed Adam to fuck him up the ass as much as possible. Brent wondered how big Adam’s cock was. Would he fuck Brent up the butt enough if they even did have sex? Brent came hard for the second time that day thinking about Adam’s tight little body and how his hard cock would feel deep inside of him.
Brent felt his underwear soaked with jizz and smiled, getting turned on again. He checked himself in the mirror to make sure that his tight leather biker pants and white half-shirt would look sexy enough when he went out to see Adam with his sexy pierced belly button exposed. He didn’t know what he would do if Adam didn’t like him.
Brent strolled out of the men’s bathroom, and passed by my table, still wearing his pissed-soaked leather pants and panties stuffed with the gooey loads from his escapades in the bathroom. I could clearly see the bra that he had borrowed from the barista through his queer looking see-through shirt, and his hips had quickly developed an exaggerated sway to them as he walked. As he moved towards the back of the coffee shop, his hands hung limply from his wrists and ass stuck out like a desperate sissy in heat.
“This is too good,” I thought to myself. “Time for Adam.”
Adam: You have never watched MTV in your life. Everything that you know is based off of Jerry Springer, wrestling, and trashy talk shows. You grew up in a trailer park on the bad side of town, and have no memory of every living in a nice house. You’ve smoked a pack a day since you were twelve and dropped out of middle school because you refused to learn how to read.
Adam flinched as he saw Brent walk back towards his table. He had been invited to the coffee shop by Brent after they talked at McDonalds a few days ago. Adam’s friends had tried to get him a job at the construction yard, but he was desperately afraid of building muscle. It was something he had lived with his entire life. Besides, he loved working at McDonalds, it was really the only job he had ever had. He had memorized where the buttons were to compensate for his illiteracy and had all the salads had could ever eat. He had tried other items a few times, but quickly thrown them up in disgust.
As his new friend Brent sat down across from him, he couldn’t help but notice as he ground his ass into the chair and moaned to himself. Adam adjusted his brand new wrestling T-Shirt he was sure he had bought at goodwill that morning and moved his cutoff jeans against the hard wood chairs.
“Yo Brent. You ain’t no fag or nothing right?” Adam asked.
Brent snapped out of his revere and looked at Adam clearly hurt. How could he have been so wrong about him?
“Of courth noth,” He lisped.
“Ya sure sounds like a fag ta me.” Adam said again, standing up and walking towards Brent. “Ya looks like a fag too. And I know what ta do wit fags.” I watched as Adam stopped in mid swing and looked at Brent through a different light. The animosity turned to lust as the “Cindi” started rubbing Brent’s cock through his pants.
Adam: You are completely gay. You have never been turned on by a woman in your life, and never will be. You know that you smoke because you have a deep seated oral fixation. You have sucked and jerked off men around your trailer park since you dropped out of middle school. You have done this more often recently because you are addicted to cocaine. Just the thought of putting a man’s hard cock in your mouth gets you extremely aroused, and you come quickly whenever you swallow their seed down your slutty throat. Both of your parents are black, homophobic, and have been secretly feeding you estrogen since you were fourteen to make you more “normal”. You changed your name to “Cindi Sucks” when you turned eighteen after your parents kicked you out of the trailer. You have been working at a strip club turning tricks on the side ever since. You still take hormones, and know that you will have to take them for the rest of your life. You are unable to ever grow any body or facial hair. You no longer have a fear of unhealthy foods; in fact it is just the opposite. You love fatty foods more than anything else in the world, and eat as much as you can put into your mouth. Healthy food has always made you sick, and even the sight of a salad makes you feel nauseas.
Cindi let out a huge burp. Years of eating healthy and staying away from junk food were immediately replaced with Cindi’s strict diet of hamburgers, french fries, and chicken wings. Cindi’s body started to expand from years of abuse, and her face started to develop a double, then a triple chin. Her jean shorts shrunk into a tight pink miniskirt and her wrestling t-shirt changed into a matching tube top. Brent glanced down and noticed “she” wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her rock hard erection poked through the bottom of her skirt as Cindi’s tennis shoes turned into five inch black stripper pumps. She continued to massage Brent’s dick through his pants as her skin got darker and her clothes grew even larger with her body. Her lips got plumper and her hair started to grow longer and curlier down her back. Cindi’s ass grew wider as she took Brent’s good sized penis out of his pants and started sucking him off like a pro. Brent started to moan as Cindi suffocated him with her huge tits. He started fingering his ass, more and more aroused at the prospect of it getting rammed by this trailer trash shemale. Cindi’s body hair receded into her skin and her dark chocolate legs quickly grew thicker and meatier as she bobbed up and down on her new boyfriend’s cock. Her belly grew over her skirt and the chair broke under Brent as Cindi refused to let his cock leave her aching mouth.
I chuckled to myself and sent out a final mental command as I watched my newly made queers go at it in the middle of the café.
Brent: You have always had a tiny, very sensitive penis. You have always been alright with its size because you have never had the desire to fuck anybody. Whenever you have an orgasm, you will shoot a massive load of jizz. You have always been proud of this. You have always had an abnormally big ass for a sissy. You are proud of this also. You have even less bladder control then you did before. You have always had a very high girly voice.
Cindi: You have always been very proud of your huge shemale cock, and will fuck Brent often with it. You will also use Brent to help you score as much drugs as you can by having him turn tricks with his sissy ass around the trailer park. You will quickly get him addicted to drugs and love to humiliate him as much as possible. Although you need to wear the sluttiest makeup possible at all times, you have almost no personal hygiene habits. You get especially turned on when you piss and jizz on Brent and watch him rub it all over himself. You enjoy the taste of piss and love to make Brent wet himself so you can suck it out of his useless cock.
Heavy red lipstick appeared on Cindi’s fat cocksucking lips. Cheap glitter and caked on foundation magically formed as well, accenting her slutty trailer trash look. She let another fart out of her gigantic ass as she continued to suck off the little sissy. Cindi’s efforts turned to frustration as she realized his cock was shrinking. Had it been that small before? Of course it had, she couldn’t remember why she had even bothered with his pathetic dick. It could never actually satisfy her like a real man could. Cindi stopped sucking on his small penis and went to the other side of the table motioning for Brent to follow her.
“Get da’ fuck ova here ya sissy beoch,” Cindi commanded in a barely passable throaty baritone. “Im fina fuck da shit out of that sissy ass o yous.”
“Yeth thir!” Brent said as he slowly moved toward Cindi with his panties down to his ankles.
Cindi watched in amusement as her pathetic sissy boyfriend waddled over to her, limp wristed with his tiny cock out. She pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her massive grease-stained top and lit one in her mouth, running her pierced tongue over the tip. Cindi put the cigarettes back against her sweaty tits and moved her dirty hands between her thighs to start jerking off her twelve inch cock as her arousal increased at Brent’s humiliation. A lifetime of infrequent bathing and skin care started to become evident as pockmarks and acne appeared all over her face and flabby arms.
“Awww… look at da’ little sissy beoch wit is teeny dick.”
Brent just blushed with humiliation.
“Yous wants sumtins sissy beoch?”
Brent stopped in front of the 250 pound black shemale and quivered. She blew a huge plume of smoke into his face. It smelled strongly of cigarettes and jizz.
“Pleath thindy…”
“Please Cindi wa ass hoe?”
“Pleath thindy. Thuck my thithy ath. I have been tho horny for tho long and my tight man puthy really needth ith your huth cock thilling me upth.”
Cindi started stroking her huge dick faster, obviously turned on by Brent’s display of affection.
“Wa don ya gat up on dat table der an tell da ho resraun wha a teeny dick you got.”
Brent started to get nervous as he climbed onto the table.
“I goth a theeny penith!” Brent yelled to the rest of the café as he stood on the table. Nobody looked in his direction. I had forgotten I told them not to.
Everybody else: You will stare at Brent and laugh at his tiny penis the next time he tells you about it. You will react normally to everything that happens afterwards, but be unable to move or do anything to stop it.
“Louda beoch. Ay don thank dey herd yo. Gat et hard sa dey can say wha a pus joo ar”
“I goth a tiny penith!” Brent screamed even louder as he tugged at his fully erect two inch dick.
As if taken out of a trance, everyone else in the café looked over at the little faggot with his dick out and started laughing. Tears started to well up in Brent’s eyes, and Cindi knew what was coming next. Brent’s cock twitched and pee started running down Brent’s legs as he bawled even louder. Cindi jumped forward, caught Brent’s ass with both of her hands, and shoved his dicklet into her mouth. She vigorously sucked until she was sure there was nothing left before she pulled Brent’s face to hers and started forcing his pee into his mouth.
The café recoiled as they watched the two queers make out, pee dribbling down their chins, as they fondled each other in an animalistic lust. Cindi pulled away and held Brent’s mouth closed.
“Swalla,” she commanded as she jerked herself off over the sissy.
Brent swallowed as she groaned and shot a huge load all over his face and down his body. What he couldn’t fit into his panties, he enthusiastically rubbed all over his chest.
Cindi took her boyfriend in her hands and pushed him down on the table. Pushing the chairs to the side, she moved her stained miniskirt to the side and raised Brent’s legs over his head. Brent started rubbing his penis through his squishy panties when he saw her huge dick get hard again at the sight of his loose sissy hole. He squealed and shot another load as her shemale cock entered his plump ass, only to scream louder as she started pumping into him faster and faster. Brent was in ecstasy. Between the dry and wet orgasms, he quickly lost count of how many times he came as the jizz started to seep out of his underwear.
“Ay Ay AyyYYYY!!!” Brent let out a final high pitched squeal as Cindi filled up his hole with so much cum, it started to force its way out of his plump hole around her cock. She pulled out and picked up his tight biker shorts from the floor. Dick, still erect, dripping cum, and poking through her skirt, she walked towards the entrance of the café before throwing the pants into the trash.
“Gat up slat,” she yelled at her used sissy boyfriend lying on the table. “Yous comin hom wit mey tanight.”
Brent struggled to his feet as the jizz continued to run down his legs from his dirty panties. Cindi started to get turned on again as she imagined her seed freezing as it dripped from Brent’s ass and sloshed around his tiny dick in his underwear.
The blizzard was still in full force and the other patrons in the café looked on as Brent left the café with his huge shemale lover. In the middle of the room, a mother was desperately covering her teenage daughter’s eyes while she tried to explain to them what had just happened.
“Don’t worry girls. God will make those faggots burn in hell soon enough. You remember where he tells us this?”
“Leviticus mother,” they replied in unison.
I smiled to myself and looked over at my next victims.


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