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the treatment

by camo1994

the treatment

Unknown to me lady l had developed a process similar to hypnotism that could actually give the feeling of switching minds.

The two people who participated would feel like they occupied the others body but took on some of the fears and attitudes of that person.

I was into b&d and had met lady l while pursuing some of my fantasies I always took the aggressor role and enjoyed it and when she came to me with this fantasy she had I jumped at the chance.

Lady l phoned me one night and said to me “if you could be me what would you do to me if you were you."

This confused me for a few minutes till she explained: that she knew that I secretly liked to be dominated and pretend to be the female.

I was shocked that she knew about my fetish but asked her to continue.

What I would like you to do is to try some of your bondage and domination fantasies an me so I can learn what men desire in that area...

I said I would consider it during the week and phone her on Friday.

Friday I called her and said I would go along with it and we could do it on Saturday.

She said that would be ok.

I said there was to be certain conditions.

And what would those be she smirked.

First I said you will be dressed in your shortest skirt and you highest heels.

You will be disciplined for a heel height lower than 4" and a skirt length longer that 6" above the knee.

You will arrive at 7pm sharp.

There will be a set of handcuffs on the step. Use these to handcuff your hands behind your back

And then ring the doorbell.

But she said I don't have heels that high!

Too bad I said you will just have to get some.

And I said just before I hung up the code word if the treatment gets too rough is rumplstiltskin.

She arrived a few minutes late and when I opened the door there she was standing as I had ordered. Her hands cuffed behind her back.

I let her in and said do you want to continue on with this? Yes she said. "Yes master" I corrected.

I grabbed a ruler and measured her heel 3 ½ inches I said.

I told you I didn't have any she said and I looked all over and could not find any.

Too bad I said.

Her skirt was short but on measurement it was 2" to long too bad I guess I will be punished for that she said smiling.

Yes I said unbuttoning her coat.

I pulled it down her arms.

Next I fastened a collar around her neck it was snug and had silver rings for attaching to and a small lock so it could not be removed.

I then unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down her arms.

I then unfasten her bra and pulled it up over her head and down her arms.

I reached into my bag of restraints and pulled out a pair of elbow cuffs.

These I fastened just above her elbows.

A strap between them was pulled tight pulling her elbows together.

She started to protest. Till I pulled a penis gag out and forced it between her lips.

I tighten the strap on the gag around her neck forcing the gag deep into her mouth. This silenced her.

I removed the handcuffs and took off the coat, blouse and bra. Leaving her naked to the waist I then replaced the cuffs on her wrists.

I tweaked her nipples and pulling two clothespins from my bag clipped them onto her erect nipples.

There was a muffled protest and I said. "Rumplestiltskin". She shook her head so I proceeded to unzip her skirt.

Pulling it down I discovered she had worn panty hose.

A no. No. I said that will mean more disciplining. Removing her shoes I pulled down her panty hose and panties in one go leaving her naked except her restraints.

Leaving her standing naked I went outside and returned with a garden chair.

These were wrought iron and since the temperature outside was below freezing very cold.

I forced her to sit in it and belted her in it so she could not get up.

There was much murmuring behind that gag but I ignored it and went upstairs for some nylons and heels.

I returned back down and then proceeded to dress her in the long black nylons.

They had a rubber strip at the top to hold them on.

I them forced on her feet a pair of heels I had bought for Kristina.

They had 5 ½ inch heels on them and a strap across the instep to hold them on.

Undoing the strap holding her on the chair I clipped a lead on her collar and pulled her to her feet.

She almost fell over due to the height to the heels.

It took a few minutes till she could walk in them and I lead her to the bathroom.

When we got there I strapped leather cuffs on her ankles.

Using some short chains I fastened her legs to the legs on the bath tub effectively spreading her legs apart.

I stepped back to look at lady l.

There she was naked except for the long black nylons and high heels.

The leather collar around her neck and the two clothespins pinching her nipples, her arms bound by the steel handcuffs and the leather elbow cuffs.

I then pulled the strap between them tighter making her breasts stand out more. She murmured a small protest behind the gag.

I got out a razor some shaving cream and a pair of small scissors.

Pulling a stool I sat between her spread legs and proceeded to clip and then shave all the hair off her pussy.

When I was done it was as bald and smooth as a baby's ass.

Unclipping her ankles from the tub I forced her to her knees.

Crossing her ankles I clipped the ankle cuffs together.

I then pulled the chain on her collar between her legs and clipped it to the ankle cuffs causing her to raise her ass high into to the air as her head was pulled toward her ankles.

In this position she was ready for her next torment.

I played with her pussy till she was good and wet then I pulled a medium butt plug out and greased it up with lubricant.

I slowly forced it up her ass and there was quite a bit of moans from behind the gag.

I said rumplestilskin but she shook her head.

With a final push it went all the way in there was quite a loud noise from her despite the gag as the widest part went in.

She would wear it all day.

I un-cuffed her and stood her up.

Using a yardstick to urge her on I made her walk back and forth and admired the effect of the butt plug and the high heels on her stride.

Now for your punishment for the low heels, long skirt and the gall to wear panty hose instead of nylons

Unfortunate for you I am better equipped for that type of thing over at the shop.

I pulled the protesting lady l out into the hall and then opening the outside door out into the below freezing night. The outside light came on bathing her near nude body in cold white light.

The chilly walk over to the shop as about 100 yards and she did not relish it at all.

Unfortunately she would endure it again since there were no clothes for her over at the shop.

When I pulled the chilly lady l into the shop she was quite subdued.

I unclipped her elbow cuffs and then quickly pulled her handcuffed hands up and clipped them to her collar.

This left her ass unprotected and she knew what I had in mind when I pulled out my belt.

I have some other goodies for you I said.

Pulling out a pair of nipple clamps I took the clothespins off her nipples and replaced them with the nipple clamps. The nipple clamps are designed the harder you pull on them the tighter they pinch.

There was quite a protest during this operation but I endured it.

Taking the chain connecting the nipple clamps I tied it to a hook in the ceiling.

Pulling clamps up tight they pulled her large breasts up. She tried to stand up on tiptoe to ease the pull but could not hold that position for long.

There I said that will keep you from squirming too much while I punish you for your transgressions.

I gave her a couple of blows with the belt on her ass she jumped and squirmed despite the nipple clamps so I was forced to clip her ankles together with the ankle clamps.

After a few more blows I asked her if she thought she had been suitable disciplined.

She nodded her head. Good then you can show your appreciation by giving me a blow job.

No!! She indicated by shaking her head.

After a few more minutes of use of the belt and a very red ass she had changed her mind but I gave her five more just to make sure.

Untying the nipple clamps I made her kneel on the cold concrete.

I tied the end of the chain on the nipple clamps to the chain I replaced the clip with on her ankle cuffs. A short chain. This allowed limited movement on her knees but would not allow her to stand up.

With her hands cuffed behind her neck she was still quite restrained.

I pulled up a chair and made her crawl over.

I removed the penis gag and asked her how she liked the lesson so far.

She said she was learning a lot of tricks that would come in handy later.

I made her grovel in my crotch to get my zipper down and finally get my limp penis in her mouth.

After a while of making her suck me off I stopped her before I came.

That is good for now I said. I just wanted to see if you were compliant.

Unclipping the chain on the nipple clamps I pulled her up.

I made her walk back over to the house. With the short chain on her ankles she could not take big steps and protested so much on the way over I had to stop half way over and reinsert the penis gag.

When we got back to the house. I informed her we were going into town to shop. She looked puzzled.

I pulled out a shorter skirt than she had worn over. It was a jean skirt with buttons up the front.

How well she behaved would dictate how many of the buttons would be done up I informed her.

I removed the nipple clamps and replaced them with a couple of nylon strings.

These had a loop at the end that tightened around her nipples.

When I connected them together behind her neck the weight of her breasts kept the string tight and nipples hard.

I un-cuffed her hands and pulled a thin blouse up her arms. Quickly replacing the cuffs I pulled on the blouse and buttoned it up.

Her nipples could be seen though it quite nicely.

I replaced the elbow cuffs with a short chain between them. This allowed me to keep her restrained even in the store. When I removed her handcuffs. The elbow cuffs allowed some movement of her hands. But for now till we got to the store the handcuffs would stay on.

I removed the heavy leather collar from around her neck. I have something better for you when you go out in public.

It was a stainless steel band about ½ inches wide.

It was covered with black velvet and slipped together with little ratchet teeth.

This allowed it to be tightened snugly around the throat and could not be removed without a special tool.

Throwing a coat over her shoulders we walked back over to the shop.

It was a little better for her but the short skirt and thin blouse did little to keep the cold out.

She had a problem getting in the truck with her cuffed hands and ankles but I let her struggle. Enjoying the view as her short skirt road up exposing her shaved pussy while she struggled.

On the way over to the mall I played with her getting her good and wet.

There was little she could do to stop me.

When we reached the mall I took off the hand and ankle cuffs.

Getting out of the truck was a bit easier but still gave some guys across the way a good view as she got out.

She knew how wet I had got her when the cold hit her under the short skirt.

What are we shopping for she meekly asked.

Shoes I said grinning.

She knew why when she realized how short her skirt was and with a shaved pussy and no panties the shoe clerks would get a good view.

After several embarrassing moments of trying on shoes and a hour of walking on the 5 ½ inch heels I said I guess there is not what I had in mind here.

I know another place that caters more to what I had in mind.

Back in the truck the hand cuffs and ankle cuffs went back on. I buckled on the heavy leather collar over the smaller one on her neck.

I tied a scarf around it to make it less obvious to someone driving by.

She protested when I pulled up outside Maggie’s and made her get out of the truck with the cuffs and collar still on. She quickly shut up when I unbuttoned two of the buttons on her jean skirt. I told her Maggie is used to it all kinds of clientele coming in all states of bondage and dress.

When we were inside I told Maggie that my little slave felt her high heels were too low and desired a pair with higher heels to please her master.

I have just the pair she said

She came out of the back with a pair of Dorsey pumps

They were black patent leather and had an ankle strap with tiny locks on them.

These are what we call hooker pumps she said.

The heel is 6 ½ inches.

I cannot walk in those she protested as Maggie pulled off her 5 ½ inch heels and replaced them with the hooker heels. Pulling her up by her bound arms I unbuttoned two more of the buttons on her skirt. Maggie smirked as we walked her around the shop till she got her balance.

She will take them I announced and we left her to walk in them by herself.

All that walking in the 51/2 inch heels paid off she managed to navigate in the new shoes.

Anything else Maggie said. Maybe a corset to improve your slave’s posture.

Yes! Lady l said one that is quite restricting.

Maggie brought out a black one it had stainless steel stays and looked very tiny.

This one is designed to go on wet Maggie explained.

That way it can be tighten quite snugly.

When it dries it shrinks it gets much smaller.

It can be quite uncomfortable when worn for long periods.

Good lady l said we will take it.

I looked at her puzzled but paid for it anyway.

I drove her home wearing her new shoes.

The walk over to the house was hard for her. Since her arms and ankles were cuffed and the walkway was gravel.

When we got inside I had her finish the blow job she had started.

It took a little use of the yardstick to convince her it was in her best interests.

I removed all of her restraints and sent her home dressed only in her coat and the shoes she came in.

The rest of her clothing I locked in her trunk so she could not use them on the ride home.

She called me on Friday and asked if she could come over she had a surprise for me.

When she came over she had a drink and she explained that she could hypnotize me and it would improve my sex drive.

I could come many times after the treatment. (I did not know it would be as a woman).

I said sounds great.

She proceeded to hypnotize me but I did not know the full extent of the treatment.

She had given me a few post-hypnotic suggestions I did not know about.

When I woke up she asked how I felt.

Ok I said.

Good. She said she would like to try the bondage bit again. I said ok. She proceeded to handcuff her hands behind her back.

Strip me naked she said then hang me from that hook in the ceiling.

She was wearing jeans and a sweater.

I pulled the sweater up over her head and down her arms

I then took off her bra the same way.

Replacing the handcuffs with leather ones I removed the sweater and bra.

She was naked from the waist up.

I made her stand on a small stool as I chained the cuffs on her wrists to the hook in ceiling.

I pushed her off the stool and she was left hanging with just her toes touching the floor.

I took her boots off and they undid her belt.

I pulled her tight jeans down her legs and off.

She was left with just her panties and socks.

I quickly removed them noticing that she had kept her pussy shaved.

Cuff my ankles together and put those clothespins on my nipples she whispered.

I put the leather cuffs on her ankles and clipped them together with the short clip.

She gasped as I tweaked her nipples and clamped them with the clothespins.

I played with her a while and asked how she felt bound and hanging helpless to my administrations.

It makes her stomach fluttery she said. Then she uttered the code word. I went into a trance and with the post hypnotic suggestion she had implanted in me hypnotized her.

When she was out the next posthypnotic suggestion made me lie down on the couch and fall into a deep sleep.

When I opened my eyes I was the one hanging.

My arms were sore from the stain and my nipples burned from clothespins.

They were a lot more sensitive than when I was a male.

I looked over on the couch and I/she was, still asleep. I hung there helpless the cool air on my wet pussy my toes barely touching the rug.

She/ he woke up and smiled and said, good it worked.

You will now get to know how it feels to be a girl slave.

I will enjoy trying the tricks you taught me on you.

My stomach got all fluttery at that.

Now we’re is that nice corset you bought last week she said. Upstairs with the other stuff in the dresser is said.

A sharp blow on my ass with the yardstick made me jump. You forgot to say master he said.

I meekly nodded my head.

He brought the corset out and soaked it in the sink.

Wringing it out he pulled it around my waist.

Hanging as I was there was little I could do as he pulled the laces tight.

The corset was ice cold as he had soaked it in cold water.

When it was fully laced up it ran from my hips to just below my breasts.

He then removes the clip from my ankle cuffs he crossed my ankles and re-cuffed them with a single strap. That forced my knees apart.

He then strapped a gag harness on my head

Stuffing my soiled panties into my mouth the bit on the gag harness pushed them deep into my mouth effectively gagging me. The harness was strapped onto my head and the straps tighten around my neck and under my chin.

There was a ring at the top of it.

He took a chain and clipped it to this ring.

He pulled my head back and clipped the chain to the strap on my ankles.

This pulled me into a hog-tied position with my knees spread it was quite uncomfortable. There he said how does that feel.

I could not move or say anything but murmur though the panties stuffed in my mouth.

He left me hanging there like that by my arms and wrists but came in every so often to play with my wet exposed pussy and to pull on the clothespins on my sore nipples.

The corset continued to dry and began tighten.

I could hardly breathe when it was finished drying and it was very uncomfortable in the hog-tied position.

He finally came in and undid the chain connecting my ankles to the gag harness.

U-cuffing my ankles he brought back the stool to stand on. This was a great relief to my strained arms.

It also relieved a bit of the pressure from the corset.

He then unhooked the cuffs from the hook in the ceiling. And then re-cuffed my hands in front of me.

Throwing down a tiny pile of clothes he told me to put them on.

In his hand was the yard stick to encourage me to hurry.

As soon as I bent down to pick up the clothes the corset cut into my waist.

I gasped but could not say anything due to the gag harness and panties still in my mouth.

I awkwardly squatted down trying to keep my modesty.

It seems one of the posthypnotic suggestions gave me was I now had the modesty she felt, but also increased it so I would feel great discomfort at some of the embarrassing situations he had in mind for me.

I picked up the clothes. I sat on the bench and pulled on the dark nylons with the elastic tops.

There were no panties I noticed in the pile.

I was then told to put on the heels they were the hooker heels I had bought the week before.

I was told to close the locks and hand him the key.

He told me to walk around. I almost fell over but with his encouragement with the yardstick on my bare ass I managed to walk in them.

He then undid my cuffs and told me to put on the bra.

I did and was told to tuck the clothespins under the bra.

My nipples were sore and this did them no good.

He then handed me a thin blouse.

When I had put this on he then handed me the jean skirt the short one with the buttons down the front.

After I had pulled and buttoned it on he handed the steel handcuffs to me and told me to remove the leather ones and rebuffing my hands behind my back.

He then fastened the elbow cuff above my elbows and pulled the connecting strap very tight.

This has made me force my breasts out and put more pressure on the clothespins on my sore nipples.

Now let’s see how you like it outside in that short skirt and thin blouse.

He connected a leash onto the strap around my neck and led me out the door to the shop.

The trip over was difficult I could hardly walk in the heels and the cold crept under my short skirt to freeze my wet shaved and exposed pussy.

When we got to the shop he took off the skirt and blouse. He took off the gag harness and replaced it with a ball gag.

The ball gag forced my lips apart and forced the sodden panties deeper into my mouth.

He then put on the velvet and stainless steel choker; he had added a small ring to the back of it.

Pulling my cuffed hands up he connected the chain between the cuffs to ring on the back of the choker.

I stood in the cold shop part naked and bound in a very awkward way while he went out and brought in the wrought iron garden chair.

I knew that was for me and did not look forward to it.

He then sat in the center of it a large butt plug.

I murmured through the panties that it was too big.

He just laughed. He came over with a tub of Vaseline and proceeded to insert and grease my ass hole with one and then two fingers.

He stepped back and said too big eh.

Well we will just have to stretch the old ass hole a bit. He stepped behind me and forced three and then four fingers up my ass.

He continued to stretch my as for a few minutes and then marched me over to the garden chair.

You have two minutes to get that all the way up your ass he said.

He strapped ankle cuffs on me and connected them to two ropes running over pulleys to a small winch.

I tentatively started to sit down.

He guided the butt plug up my now stretched ass hole.

He stood with his hand on the winch and looked at his watch as I sat down harder on the large butt plug.

As it went in it started to stretch my ass hole and it hurt. Time’s up he said and cranked on the winch.

My ankles were pulled up off the floor and all my weight was put on the butt plug.

It slid in further I moaned through the sodden panties but it was not all the way in yet.

He came over and pushed down on my shoulders.

There was a wave of pain as the widest part went in but subsided a bit since the part behind was smaller. I sure knew it was there though. It was at this point I noticed the ice cold seat of the chair.

It burned my bare ass with its cold. Letting my ankles down he strapped me to the chair and let the cold chair freeze my ass and legs.

He went back over to the house and left me in my misery. The cold chair under me. And the butt plug stretching my ass.

By the time he came back the chair had warmed up a little.

He un-strapped me and stood me up. He then unhooked the handcuffs from the small ring on the choker.

He then wrapped a chrome chain around my waist. Next he connected a baby bottle cleaner to the chain.

It was about 8 to 10 inches long white, with stiff nylon bristles.

I had a sinking feeling what he had in mind and I knew it was not to be comfortable.

He then connected a thin leather strap with a buckle on it to the other end of the bottle cleaner.

Connecting a similar strap to small ring on the choker he passed the strap down my back under my blouse.

He fished it also under my bra.

Grabbing the other strap with the buckle on it he pulled the baby bottle cleaner between my legs.

Connecting it to the strap from the choker he proceeded to tighten it.

The stiff bristles pressed against my shaved cunt as he tightened it. When he was finished every movement I made pressed the bristles deeper into my sensitive pussy.

It was going to be a long day.

Pulling up and buttoning my skirt he said I guess you are ready to go out shopping.

He took me into the office with the full length mirror and there I stood in high heels a short jean skirt dark nylons a white blouse and black choker. I was mortified I was going out in public in the brief outfit.

Other than the cuffs on my wrists you could not tell I had clamps on my nipples, my waist severely constricted by a corset, a huge butt plug up my ass and my cunt spit by a stiff bristle brush.

I was in my glory and my pussy got wet again.

My glory was short lived. He soon came back and I was ushered out to the truck. I had a hard time getting in and he said now you can see what I had to go through. We drove up the road and he un-cuffed me to open and close the gate. The cold wind hit me in my brief outfit as I minced around in my high heels opening and closing the gate. My freedom was short lived as soon as I was back in the truck he re-cuffed my hands.


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