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Barbiee's Next move To Boston F/M (The Sequel)

by Slave4Barefeet

Barbiee's Next move To Boston F/M (The Sequel)

Barbiee's next
move to Boston F/M
The Sequel
Officially it had been six months since I went into Boston for my meeting with Barbiee.

You see I honestly thought I would never hear from her again. That's of course until I

received a strange package addressed to me with not only a letter inside of it from her but

in addition to that I received a cell phone too.. Placing the phone into my work shirt I next

read the following.

“Hello James,

Sorry I haven't written to you been very busy. But listen if your still interested in re-

connecting with me to catch up on old times.

I just purchased a cabin just outside of the city come visit me.

All my love,
Barbiee xxx

Smiling to myself I places the letter back down on the seat beside me. Dressed in a New

England Patriot tee shirt, and a pair of blue jean shorts I could also be seen with my Velcro

sandals upon my bare feet.

Remembering their most recent chat they had. Barbiee mentioned to me as soon as I was

within distance of her new place I needed to call her.

So finally within ten minutes of reaching the turn off I pulled over, off the highway and hit

send on the new cell phone I had dialing her number.

“Hi James, where are you exactly?” “Hi Barbiee, oh I'm ten minutes away from your

road off the highway thought I'd call you before you saw me driving up.”

“Good thank you for that I honestly think I'm in in trouble though?” “Trouble How so?”

“Well, I've got a large truck to unload and no one to help me get the things into the house

Page 2 Smiling to myself I started back up my car saying back.

“Relax Barbiee, now that's the kind of trouble I don't have any problem helping you get out

of .” Having said that I smiled to myself as I continued driving..

Seen dressed in a yellow half tee shirt with the word ticklish written across it caused me to

grin wide pulling up to her new cabin.

“Hi James, good to see you.” Watching her walking into the cabin carrying a box

I immediately started to join her grabbing boxes myself.

As we continued the two of us talked, and joked, playfully teasing each other. Hours passed

before I could carried in the last of the boxes for her.

“Whewww, now that was a workout”

Feeling her hand touching my shoulder I then see a bottle of beer in front of me.

“Here you earned this hero, coming to my rescue like this. Say why don't you go into
the bathroom first and take a shower.. I have some large beach towels in a box in there.”

Not one to ever argue with her ever, I decided to do it watching her walking away from me.

As steam from the shower rose within there I stepped carefully into the cascading

droplets of water amercing myself with it's confines. Lathering myself up with a bar of Irish

spring soap I re-emerged myself to rinse off. Once I finished I next washed my hair

with the shampoo provided on the bath tubs ledge.

Shutting off the shower I opened the curtain, drying myself off after I wrapped the towel

around me. Grabbing the beer, then exiting the bathroom back out to re-join Barbiee.

“Wow you've got some great water pressure here Barbiee. Hope I left you some hot

water for yours though?” Looking at me she lightly giggled to herself. “Don't worry about it

James, I'm sure the water will still be hot enough for me. So why don't you go grab yourself

another beer if you'd like and sit down and relax I'll be back shortly.” Grinning to myself

I watched her slowly vanishing into the bathroom.
Page 3
Listening to hear the shower re-starting. I helped himself to another beer, as

I walked around just looking at the things Barbiee had.

From the table lights to her books I was amazed by everything well with what I could see.

Just then my eyes fell upon a leather collar outside of one of the boxes.

Curious like most guys are I pick it up to examine it playfully putting it around to my neck.

When suddenly the unthinkable happens? It latched itself around my neck.

Seen struggling to remove it, I unknowingly fail to hear Barbiee re-entering the room behind me.
Smiling, she sits down quietly propping her bare feet up upon the table just watching with her

arms folded in front of her.

“Ahem, having trouble?” Suddenly having been discovered I try my best to explain.

“Listen Barbiee, I'm sorry about this it just attached itself when I examining it closely honest.”

Still with my back to her with my head lowered I listen as she says.

“Oh I believe you, I know all about that collar. Ahh, but why don't you attach the leash to it

it's there also... in the box. there by your right foot.” Watching him reaching down she see's

me pulling it out then attaching it to the front of the collar.

“There now how dose that feel?” Seen shaking my head I next say back.

“Like I'm an idiot who should know better about picking up something that doesn't belong to

me I'm sorry Barbiee.” An evil grin appears on her face next as she says back.

“I see, well why don't you turn around so that I can see how that collar looks on you.”

Turning around it doesn't take but to see the soft soles of her bare feet there upon the table to
instantly work it's magic placing me into an automatic hypnotic trance.

“Ohhh, I still got him, thats right slave keep watching.”

After Barbiee deepens the trance by letting me watch her toes wiggling.

Page 4
Watching me slightly hunch over in front of her I next could seen hanging my tounge

out of my mouth panting like a dog in heat.

“That's right slave keep watching my toes wiggling. Aww your such a good boy.”

As I keep starring the trance upon me keeps getting deeper and deeper until finally

convinced she has absolute control of me. Barbiee lowers her feet back to the floor.

Getting up Barbiee walks over to me. Then around me a couple of times before she

exclaims. “Mmmm, Head down slave look at my toes.” Grinning evilly toward me

she playfully wiggles her toes again. “That right.” Reaching down Barbiee picks up the leash.

“Come Slave follow me?” Leading the way Barbiee takes me somewhere I'll soon be

quickly referring to as home.

De sending down some stairs behind her bedroom wall. I find myself being lead through

a very ominous door.

“Here we are, hmm think if your gonna to be my slave. I'd better come up with another

suitable name for you.” As she places her hand upon her chin an idea comes to her.

“I've got it, I'll call you Jamie!” Smiling, she unhooks the leash then removes his

collar from his neck.

Pulling over a chair next Barbiee then displays the soles of her bare feet perfectly in front

of me to view.

After which she playfully wiggles her toes at me, causing her slave now named Jamie to hunch

himself over once more with my tounge hung back out of his mouth..

“Aww, that's right that's my good slave.” Deeper and deeper my mind returns

back into a trance.

Getting up now Barbiee steps over to a table picking up a syringe flicking it's metal tip it

next produces a liquid from it's end.

Page 5
“Alright just relax, hope your not allergic to Viagra I'm thinking of injecting your love muscle

with oh 50cc's to start with. To keep that love muscle of yours stiff as hell for ma'ma.”

Looking into my eyes Barbiee finds the perfect spot to finally inject me with it.

“There now that didn't hurt, did it?” Smiling, she watches my dopey expression

shaking his head no to her.

Sitting back down know Barbiee repositions her bare feet directly in front of him wiggling her

toes next all he could do is stare mindlessly.

“O.K. Now that I've injected you with enough Viagra to keep your cock stiff for 30 days.

Tell me what dose mama have to do to turn you into a male sexual nymphomaniac?”

Listening carefully she hears me saying.

“To transform me into a male sexual nymphomaniac of your desires I just require

a merciless intense dose of tickle torture daily for over six hours.”

Sadistically grinning to herself Barbiee keeps watching Jamie's tongue hanging out.

Shortly after re-injecting me another dosage 25cc's of Viagra.

“There now that cock won't go limp anytime soon. HAHA!

Positioned a couple feet off the ground I hung eye level to her.

With my wrists and ankles clamped tightly I hung spread eagle there before her.

“Just wait until your awake. All right I'm going to count to 3 then snap my fingers

when you hear them snap then you will be”

“1 2 3 Snap” Hearing the snap I awoke licking his lips.

“Oh God where am I?Hmm why do I feel like I'm I'm stoned? Huh HEHEHE Why?

Why am I hanging like this against a wall for? I can't HEHE feel the ground. beneath me.”

Trying to see where she is all I can see is darkness.

Page 6
“Welcome , I've been waiting for you to wake up did you have a good nap?”

Puzzled I'm about to answer when suddenly I feels something beneath me lightly tickling my

bare feet.



HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!” Smiling sadistically Barbiee continues tickling the
soles of my bare feet with her fingers lightly.


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! DON'T!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!KNOWWWW!!!!!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! DOING!!!!!!!” As my body squirms about wildly Barbiee watches

my bodies reaction to her torturous tickling.

“Well isn't this interesting my slave has ticklish feet like me what a coincidence.

Hmm I wonder where else your ticklish, ah I remember now.”

Taking a minute Barbiee gets up to retrieve something. Only after returning she kneels

back down before my bare feet.

“According to one of your e-mails you sent me you mentioned another place where

your extremely ticklish. Seen flicking a button on her remote control I lean my body

slightly backward laughing hysterically.



HAHAHAHA!!! STAPPPPPP!!!!!” There positioned at the very end of my cock tip was one

intense vibrator pointed straight directly in front of it to sadistically tickling it, as my mistress

continued too feather my feet.
Page 7
“Aww what's the matter? Is this ticklish too?” Smiling, she watched me buck wildly

about nodding my head back to her franticly.


Page 7
Hours passed slowly and with them so didn't my mental sanity go with it also.

Having just looked down at her watch Barbiee quickly realized she had been tickling me

there for a little over ten hours..

“Whoops look at the time guess it dose fly huh I better let you down.” Carefully she

wheels over a leather covered gurney then begins to release the clamps holding me up against

the wall.

Seen completely exhausted I flop down upon it's leather surface face down.

Barbiee just gazes down upon my ass.

Thinking to herself of just she'll do next with me she immediately starts

wheeling me from where I was into the underground dungeons shower room.

As I continue laying there my mistress smiles observing me then listening to hear me babbling

delights in my mouths drools appearing on either side of my mouth as I still display that huge mogley

grin from The Jungle book cartoon.

“There, now that should do the trick” Hitting me with the smelling salts,” Carefully I

come out of my trance to unlocks

I feel the wrist and ankle shackles coming off me.

Shortly after getting herself undressed to Barbiee walks over to kneel down in front of me

“Oh wow what, what happened?” Still kneeling in front of me She smiles sensually

as I pulls more of my site into focus upon her.
. Page 8
As our eyes met instantly our lips met not in a first gentle soft kiss, but in one that

engulfed each of their impending souls.

“Wow! Cowboy now that's what I call a mighty quick draw.” Smiling back at her I

says back.

“Oh you think so huh? Well why don't I get off this gurney and get it out of here for

starters?” With my stability a little bit back I get up swinging myself off it.

Barbiee, however steps away from under the shower room doorway to watch me walking

back to her.

“There that's a lot better don't you think?” My hand reaches in then over to start the

water cascading down.

“Care to join me in the shower Mistress, I'll let you play with my forgive the rock n

roll term but with my love gun.” Smiling she gently takes my hand as we walk into the steam.

(The End...You Think?)


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