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by mikufan4life


Maureen awoke before her slave. She looked at the older woman lying next to her. Her chest slowly moving up and down in a constant pattern.

Her slave was 42 years old, and she was only 20. She couldn't help but desire a more attractive, youthful slave.

Betty was beautiful though. She had soft black hair and pale skin. Piercing blue eyes that would make Maureen wet every time she looked into them. But wrinkles started to surround her face, and she was worn out. Worn about by Maureen's constant using of her, worn about by her constant abuse. She took it because it was what Maureen desired, and she lived to serve her Goddess.

Maureen sighed deeply. She felt shallow but the truth is, she wasn't attracted to her anymore, and it was as simple as that. She broke her own heart at her realization, and began to weep.

Betty woke up immediately.

"What's wrong, my beautiful?" She asked. She began to stroke Maureen's long, soft brown hair, trying to sooth her.

Maureen almost couldn't bring herself to tell Betty the truth.

"I... you know I love you, right?" She asked, sobbing.

"Yes my Goddess. I love you too." She responded. Maureen's stomach flipped.

"I think it... it's time for me to find a different slave. But I will always love you!" Maureen told her. She felt week. She felt almost submissive as Betty wrapped her up in her arms, but she allowed her self to feel her sadness. Who said dommes aren't allowed to have emotions?

"I understand, my love. And I will still always be here for you. I think it's time for both of us to move on." She told Maureen. She smiled at the younger, beautiful woman before her.

Maureen was tall; about 5'10. She had legs that went on for miles. Her eyes were an enchanting green, and her lips were full and luscious. She smiled back at Betty. She raised her hand up to caress Betty's cheek, and passionately kissed her. It would be the last kiss they would ever share.

Betty moved out of the house shortly after. Maureen was constantly thinking about her, and she felt she had made the wrong decision, but after contemplating it some more, she accepted it.

But Maureen was sad. She stopped going out. Stopped seeing friends.

Only slept.

And sat on her ass staring at the TV screen. As she was figuring out what to watch on demand, she came across The L Word, and started watching it. It started to turn her on.

She had forgotten all about the physical side of dominating a girl. How good she felt with a head between her legs. Her pussy began to tingle, and she was wet. She slid her hand down her pants but then stopped herself.

A tongue would feel so much better on her clit. She needed someone. She thought about calling Betty but decided against it. Sighing, she put her thought away, and decided to go get something at the corner store across the street from her apartment.

She slipped on some shoes and was out the door. Maureen was graceful when she walked, her hips always swayed from side to side seductively, easily getting the attention of anyone who walked past. She was almost out of the apartment when someone knocked into her.

They both fell to the floor.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry! I never watch where I'm going, that was totally my fault. Let me help you up!" The girl babbled, springing to her feet. She held out a hand to Maureen, and she took it, allowing herself to be pulled up. Maureen didn't release the girl's hand, instead she shook it.

"I'm Maureen, nice to meet you. And don't worry about it, hunnie." She told her. The girl smiled back.

"I'm Zoe. Are you sure, that was really dumb of me." She said. Maureen confirmed that it was fine. They began to small talk. Zoe was explaining that she was new to the apartment, but Maureen wasn't really listening. She was ogling at Zoe.

Wow, she was beautiful! Probably about 6 inches shorter than Maureen, making her petite. Her skin suggested she was not white, but she definitely didn't look black. Maybe she was mixed. Her eyes were a grey color that lit up against her olive skin. They were surround by thick-rimmed hipster glasses, but they looked like prescription. Her hair was about shoulder length, brown, with fringe bangs. She was thin; thinner than Maureen. Maureen was not fat at all though. She had curves in all the right places, and a flat stomach. She examined Zoe's body as Zoe talked on and on, noticing that she had smallish breasts, and a cute little butt.

"If you want, I can show you around New York." Maureen suggested. Zoe graciously accepted.

"Let me just get some nicer clothes on, here, come up to my apartment with me." She told her. Zoe followed Maureen to her apartment. Maureen was dripping, god this girl was hot. She wondered if Zoe would willingly serve her. When they got into the house Zoe noticed that The L Word was paused on the TV.

"The L word, huh?" She asked.

"Yeah, I love it. Do you watch?" Maureen asked.

"I mean, I'm not a lesbian, but yeah, it's cute." Zoe said.

Maureen felt disappointed. Zoe wasn't a lesbian, damn. But she wanted her so bad. An idea popped into Maureen's mind.


She had taken a class about it, but never really tried it before. It seemed a tad ridiculous, and she didn't even know if it would work. But it was worth a shot. Of course if it didn't work, it would be awkward and uncomfortable for both of them.

She went into her room to change while Zoe watched TV. She slipped in some fishnet stockings, and a garter corset, both black. She would wear this sometimes when dominating. She looked around for something to hypnotize Zoe with but found nothing. She remembered the necklace around her neck that Betty bought her. A golden locket necklace. She would use it, Betty would want her to. She walked back into the living room.

"Zoe," She called. "Stay very still."

Zoe did as she was told. Naturally submissive she was. Maureen loved that.

"Don't speak."


"Don't speak." Maureen repeated. "Just listen."

Zoe debated protesting in confusion, but she decided against it.

"Close your eyes, just listen." Maureen told her, inching toward the younger girl. She sat in front of Zoe on her coffee table, and took out her necklace.

"Open your eyes now Zoe. Just look into mine." Maureen told her. Zoe did as she was told. Maureen began to wave the necklace back and forth. Zoe's eyes began to follow it.

"Listen. Listen with your eyes Zoe, listen. You are going deeper, and deeper."

Zoe was going deeper and deeper.

"Deeper and deeper."

Deeper and deeper.

"It's okay, just listen. It's okay to go deeper. You want to go deeper. You need to go deeper."

Zoe needed to go deeper.

"Whenever I say 'listen' you will go deeper."

Zoe watched the glistening gold locket.


Zoe went deeper still.

"I'm going to count to 3, and when I finish, you'll be completely under my control."

Zoe's eyes moved from side to side.

"1... It's okay, you want this.

2... I will now be your Goddess.

3... it feels so good to just listen."

Zoe was completely and utterly under her control. She put away her necklace.

"You are here to serve me, say it."

"I am here to serve you." Zoe mimicked, monotone.

Maureen smiled. "Again, my slave."

"I am here to serve you." She repeated.

"Listen, my slave. Just listen. You don't have to think anymore. Your mistress will think for you. You just need to obey."

"Obey." Zoe said.

"When I tell you to, you will go to sleep. Once you wake, you will be my pet." Maureen told her. She went on to tell her all the things that Zoe would do for her new Goddess. Then Zoe went to sleep. Her face was beautiful under slumber, and Maureen was very pleased. She gently removed the girl's glasses, and stroked her cheek.

She sat next to Zoe, and put her arm around her. She lightly pushed her new slave's shoulder so she would fall into Maureen's arms.

She closed her eyes herself for a second, and relaxed. But then she remembered how horny she was, so she woke Zoe up. She decided that she should start by laying down the law.

She stood before Zoe, and smacked her in the face. Zoe quickly sprung awake. She looked confused.

"Ow!" She said, holding her cheek.

"Get on your knees, bitch." Maureen said. Zoe was confused but she found herself getting off the couch and sitting on her knees, between Maureen's legs. She didn't know why she did it, but it just seemed right.

"Good girl." Zoe's new Goddess told her. Zoe's stomach was filled with butterflies and she found herself smiling.

"Take off that shirt, pet." Maureen said. Zoe timidly took off her Clash T-shirt.

"The bra, too."

Zoe removed her pink bra and her small breasts fell out. Maureen examined her cute body. She had her belly button pierced. Her olive skin looked incredibly smooth and Maureen couldn't wait to caress it. Her nipples were small and erect. A beautiful soft pink.

"Very nice, hun." Maureen said.

"Th- thanks." Zoe said, shaking with excitement and fright. She was smacked across the face again, harder this time. It left her cheek stinging and red. Zoe fell to the side, yelping in pain.

"I am your Goddess, bitch. That's how you'll address me." Maureen said, angry. She wasn't used to someone so novice. It made her even wetter though. She loved the thought of really putting his little girl in her place.

She grabbed Zoe hard by her arm, and yanked her up so she was once again, sitting between her legs.

"I'm sorry Goddess." Zoe said. She had tears in her eyes. Not because of the pain, because she felt so disappointed in herself. She couldn't believe she would do such a silly thing.

"Aw..." Maureen started. She held Zoe's cheek and wiped away a tear with her thumb, and then she took back her hand, and put her thumb in her mouth, tasting the salty tear. Zoe bit her lip, and her pussy moistened. Maureen was the sexiest thing ever. She stared directly into her electric green eyes. It was like they stabbed her in the heart, and she felt overwhelmed with an erotic, passionate, need to serve and make Maureen happy. Maureen felt overjoyed, and she knew this wasn't about hypnosis, it was pure energy, directly from the heart, both of them penetrated by pure, raw, innate desire for one another.

Yes, at that moment, they fell in sync, in love.

An involuntary moan fell from Maureen's lips and her hands moved, as if by instinct, to the back of Zoe's head. She grabbed it hard and with all of her strength, jammed her Zoe's face into her pussy. Zoe immediately started sucking and licking up all the juices invading her slit, despite the pain in her face. Maureen smashed her pussy hard into Zoe's face over and over again, and Zoe knew that she would have bruises the next day. Zoe had never eaten out a girl before, but guys had done it to her. She tried to do it the way she would want it done. It was hard, for she couldn't really breath, but she tried her best. She sucked hard on Maureen's clit, which made Maureen scream in pleasure. She began to hit the walls of her new Goddess's cunt with her tongue, violently digging in and out at a speedy, constant rate.

"Yeah you stupid slut!" Maureen said firmly. "You're such a good girl."

The words would stay with Zoe for the rest of her life. Those words were what she craved.

Maureen suddenly, and without warning, burst into Zoe's mouth. When Maureen still kept her head shoved into her slit, Zoe decided she should clean up. She slurped down all Maureen's cum. Maureen grabbed Zoe's hair roughly and pulled her mouth from her cunt. She used her other hand to smack Zoe roughly across the face again.

Zoe's grey eyes filled with tears because of the pain. Maureen pushed her down and she hit her head on the ground. Maureen stood, and walked over to Zoe, towering over the small girl. She kneeled down and caressed Zoe's cheeks. Goosebumps emerged on Zoe's skin. Maureen moved to sit on Zoe's chest. Zoe was so much smaller that Maureen's weight crushed her. But she wasn't thinking about the pain in her chest anymore... She was overwhelmed with the enchanting beauty of her mistress's emerald eyes. Maureen grabbed Zoe's face softly with her hands, and kissed her lips gently. Their tongues danced with each other as their soft lips hugged. Maureen humped her cunt against Zoe's chest.

Zoe felt her hair being grabbed and then felt harsh yet delicate kisses down her neck. Maureen held the girls head in place, as she tasted the young flesh of her slave. She moved her lips to Zoe's ears and whispered, "You're going to be perfect."


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