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Pokedreams & Love part 2

by Raziken

Pokedreams & Love part 2

This content is very Adult. I suggest you be 18+ to read this story. I do not own pokemon. This is a fanfic written by Raziken and is meant for non-profit use.

Pokedreams & Love: Part 2

The darkness in Justin's vision fades, his eyelids hanging heavy as he opens and closes them. He could see the navy blue wall of his room near his bed and the white ceiling. There was a poster of the local pokemon on his wall with some stats all over it. As he becomes more aware of himself, he goes to lift himself up. His arms slide back and his chest heaves up, but he has something heavy on him.

He looks down and sees the naked female blaziken hugging his chest, her face pressed tight in a warm cuddle. “ don’t get up.” Ashley mumbles.

“oh... okay.” he lowers himself back onto his bed, putting his right arm around her shoulders. “how long was I out?”

She nuzzles into him some more and takes a deep breath of his new scent. “about 20 minutes. We got you on your bed in 5. You're heavy!” she gives a slight chuckle and rolls onto her stomach on top of Justin.

“eh.. thanks..” Justin can't seem to stop staring at the beautiful blaziken in front of him. She was laying between his legs and her breasts now rest on his chest. Her beak just inches from his, her mouth displaying a smile.

“after your sister left, I kinda took off your shirt to see what you looked like. Sorry.” her smile got a bit wider. Now that she mentioned it, Justin noticed that his green pokemon trainer shirt was gone! He could see the two yellow triangles of their chests pointing together below their hair vests. “um. Don’t worry.. about it...” he finds himself staring at her large naked breasts pressed on his own chest.

“I should probably leave you alone for a bit.” she slides down and off casually, her breasts and nipples stand as perky as ever. She stands on her knees and shows off her waspish figure. “tomorrow I want to show you some fire moves. Okay? Stuff you gotta know.”

Justin nods and stares in awe, his khaki shorts were still on him, and they felt like they were cutting into his waist now. “sure! I'd love to.”

And with that, she slides off the bed and walks to the door and swings around the door frame slowly, teasing him with a last view of her ass.

Justin takes a deep breath and sits up on the side of his twin sized bed, putting his springy feet on the ground and going for the door. He looks out of his room at the darkened hallway and swings the door shut as he backs away.

Justin spends a couple minutes just hopping around in small increments, feeling the new weave of the muscle design in his legs. He realizes how painful his shorts are again, and undoes the belt and shorts. He has to pull on the bottom edge of the shorts to get them off, but now he can see his straining underwear.

“oh my god...”

he looks down at the package, it looked as if he stuffed the underwear with his own shorts!

Justin quickly grabbed the waistband and pulled down. Letting everything fall to the floor. He sits on his bed and stares at the already partially thick cock. His round balls were about the size of apples.

He stares in awe and disbelief as his cock inflates. Ashley would never believe this. His cock throbs. Shes going to get split in two. His cock throbs again. He could swear he could cum at least two cups worth of cum!

His cock now standing painfully erect, and feeling as if it had been a week since he'd come. His own lust was welled up deep within his hips and his stomach, as if he was sick with a euphoric lust. His hips jerk and his thick soda can width cock heavily bounces between his legs.

He reaches a clawed hand down to his uncut cock, and slowly strokes up. He gasps and inhales as his lungs shutter. His new member was now much larger, and much more sensitive than it was before.

Justin strokes down the long length and lets out a long moan. His hips jerk and he falls on his back to enjoy the sensations. The long trek to get to the base felt so amazing and wondrous that he began to pick up his pace.

He starts to breathe heavily, using both hands on his huge dick. Precum begins to make a bead at the tip, inside the bulbous head, but it gets too big and falls down the head and drips off onto his furred abs. The pre glistening in the light of his room. The smell was so sweet, yet so seductive, that it only turned him on more.

His toned pecks heave with his deep breathing, his hands moving up and down on his monster shaft, and pre starting to drip down every few strokes. He was getting close, and for once he didn’t seem to care if he made a mess. In fact, the idea turned him on.

He strokes harder and faster on his cock, feeling just on edge. His wrists flare up on fire and he feels his apple sized balls pull against his hips, and a jet of hot cum shoot up his cock.

“BLAYY!!” he moans ferally, letting go of his massive orgasm. The first spurt of creamy, warm, blaziken cum shoots out partly in a rope across the bottom of his beak and landing on his pillow.

The second gush starts at his chest and goes off over a shoulder. But his mind goes into a fog of stroking and cumming, just enjoying the euphoria of the moment. He could feel the hot seed splatter over him and coat his upper body.

The spurts of cum die down and soon it just drools out over his hands. He gets lost in the moment and quickly lifts his hands to his beak and takes a quick lick. It is salty, but sweet! But his mind snaps back and tries to remind him of how gross it really was... but nobody was looking...

Justin greedily laps at his hands and gulps down the copious amounts of cum. Pretty soon though, his hands are clean. And he starts to wipe it off the rest of himself just to get more.

But what seemed strange, was that when he was human, it could get cold immediately! This stayed warm as he cleaned off his abs, chest, and most of his own beak!

But all of this warmth built up inside his stomach, and made him feel nice. He was almost soothed by the warm settling of his own cum in his stomach. He was drifting to sleep, and just about to forget all of his required cleaning for this mess he just caused.

But he never snapped out of his daze, and continued to enjoy his blissful orgasm. His tongue lolls out and he falls asleep sideways on his bed. His wrists having returned to normal and his cock deflating down to his new flaccid size.


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