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My Prostate is the Key to My Heart

by tinyjohnson

My Prostate is the Key to My Heart

When I was 18 I went to see our new family physician for the first time at the demands at my father. He seemed young for a doctor and had a rugged charm about him which helped me stay at ease and relax while he cupped my balls checking to make sure they were alright. Turns out they were fine which was nice to find out even if I did have to have a man rolling them around in his hands. Unbeknownst to me my older brother had to seen him earlier in the week and of course had to pay this wonderful new doctor of ours to go above and beyond his duties while examining his youngest brother. If you were an optimist you would have said that he was looking out for my health in his own special way, but I’m not. The reality is that my brother just wanted me to experience as much awkward embarrassment as I could in one day. So before I could pull my pants back up I was leant over the desk with legs spread so that this corruptible medicine man could slip a couple of latex covered fingers up inside me to do a “routine” check on my prostate. The strange part was when he held a cup in front of my flaccid penis and continued working my prostate until the cup had some sperm in it. He then held it up and looked as though he was measuring it before telling me that it was one of the smallest amounts he had ever seen and that I would need regular check ups from him from now on. I was shocked and stumbled out questions along the lines of “what do you think is wrong with me?” My shock intensified when he started laughing and said there was nothing wrong with me and that I had just been setup by my brother as he showed me a picture of my shocked face. I hate my brother a little bit. But this opened up strange and exciting new doors.
While in bed that night I thought about the session at the doctors office and remembered that while he was rubbing my prostate I had felt a sensation that I had previously never really felt before. A strange internal arousal rather than the exciting rampant one I usually have when I rub out my 3 a day obligatory orgasms. I couldn’t help it really, I loved wanking and had done since the first time I’d done it at the age of 12, not missing a single day since then. What was weird though was that even though I had released cum I hadn’t really orgasmed and the feelings had built the whole time but never really reached a peak. What was stranger was that I hadn’t cranked one out yet. Usually I pop one off straight after dinner and another just before I go to bed, but here I was in bed with a limp cock and feeling comfortable with it. I settled down and tried to drift off to sleep but I couldn’t. Something was stopping me from achieving a peaceful slumber, I had just a few fleeting moments of fitful rest. Thankfully with no job and it being the middle of the summer I had nothing I needed to do the next day, meaning a lie in was more than acceptable in my mind. But as I lay there I began to realise that the reason sleep was eluding me was because I was horny. I was realllllly horny. My mind kept wondering to this girl I had spent my time with at school, she was the embodiment of sex. All boobs and butt with no brains to be seen, she was a wet dream on legs and on a different sportsman’s arm each day of the week. My hand reached down and wrapped around my still strangely soft penis and started pumping away like a madman. I wasn’t going for the pleasurable masturthon like I would do sometimes at the computer. Face lit up with pictures of boobs as I masturbated for hours until I finally came in a heap of sweat and orgasmic exhaustion. This was an all out sprint for the finish. I was going to cum and cum fast. In my mind it was all over Megans tits and face. I could seem them now in my mind filling it to the brim as I went frantically at it for over five minutes.
Out of breath, panting I lifted the covers to check to see if I had somehow cum without realising it but no, my still limp dick was there dry as a bone. This inspired me to get out my “special occasions” lube I kept in the bedside cupboard for when I wanted it to be really nice and slippy. Most times I just used saliva but I clearly needed something more this time. A large dollop of lube in the palm of my hand and bam I was back at it again. Beating away like a furiously aroused chimp needing release. But it never came, I never came. I didn’t know what was going on, I was more aroused than ever but I just couldn’t achieve orgasm. I thought maybe more lube was need and so reached back over for the tube. While I held it there in my hand I thought about what I was doing for a second….what I was holding….what had happened to me earlier. Without pausing to really think it through I put a huge dollop of lube into my hand, shrugged off the covers, rolled onto my front and started to gently massage the lubricant into my apparently eager asshole. When the doctor had done it earlier it had hurt a little when he first slipped his fingers in but not for very long. The stuff he used made it go a little bit numb so it was fine. I was expecting the worst this time though, tearing pain that would make me come to my senses. Instead I was greeted with an asshole that was keen, eager and hungry for my fingers. As I fought through my abundant ass hair and into my ass it never occurred to me what was going on at all, I just needed something in my ass. After a few minutes I had two fingers buried to the hilt inside me building me up a little bit but it just didn’t feel right. I needed it to feel better but it was awkward to fingerfuck myself. I slipped my fingers out, squirted on some more lube and in a moment of aroused brilliance slipped my thumb up inside myself instead. This sort of worked, then it slipped in all the way and I felt it. I just bumped against my prostate. I jammed it further in again and there it was, the little nub of pleasure I had been searching for. I took some deep breaths and relaxed and started to press my thumb against it, wiggling gently. Soon enough I was panting away again, my mind in a sex haze. This time Megan was sucking my hard shaft but then she slipped her finger back there and I started to throb and buck like crazy. Soon enough I was erupting in a huge breathtaking orgasm.
I woke up with a lube and shit covered thumb and 2 fingers and the bed filled with my dried spunk. I had just slept for 8 hours straight and felt so refreshed and alive that I didn’t really care. I washed my hands and cleaned the sheets before stepping in for a nice long shower. Over the next 2 weeks I didn’t orgasm once without having my thumb on my prostate. Most times I never really touched my dick and that didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t even realise until the end of the 2nd week when I was watching porn on my knees. I was watching this busty blonde being plowed in her asshole and was lost in it until the guy pulled out for a bit too long and his cock was just there rock hard in front of the camera. I looked down at my own and it was soft, limp and dripping madly. My crotch was wet with precum. It was at this moment that I thought that I really wasn’t a manly man but before I could really settle on that thought he was back inside her and I was rubbing away at my prostate again running towards my 1 and only orgasm of the day. Afterwards I felt satisfied, that’s why I did it. I actually felt like I didn’t HAVE to rub another one out in 10 minutes time, but I still could if I wanted to. I went back to my thoughts of not feeling very manly but they were quelled when I went and looked in the mirror and saw that I hadn’t shaved in a week, was nicely bearded and had a thick covering of hair all over my body. With that thought I turned around and bent over, looking at my own asshole in the mirror. This prostate masturbation business was proving to be dirty in more ways than one and it would be useful to clean it up somehow. Out came the razor. Soon enough my ring was clear of hair, then my ass cheeks too. I also cleaned up the hairs around my dick, just like I had seen on the pornstars. I made it neat at first just getting rid of the strays. But that quickly turned into very well groomed, then into a little landing strip that made my dick look like a sundial. This made me laugh so I kept it.
I kept my crotch like this from then on as it just seemed to work, accessing my ass was easier than ever and I really liked that because it meant that I would get in from shopping and just slip a thumb back there. That was until I started buying buttplugs and then finally my favourite purchase possibly ever. A prostate massager. I would then just lie there on a Sunday and orgasm over and over again until Monday. I became a bit more of a recluse but it was ok because I was having the best orgasms of my life. My ass play kept spiralling though. Enema kits came in early on and helped clean me up, tubs of lube were ordered and the little lube shooters were a must. With the amount of stimulation my prostate was getting my cum loads were bigger than ever and it was getting more and more sensitive the more I seemed to play with it. I also started to play with my nipples more due to having hands free thanks to my wonderful massager. All of this happened within 2 months and I just didn’t care, I loved it all and enjoyed it so much it was unreal. Being part of a wealthy family with horrendously underachieving children had some real benefits and these were among them. But it was 2 weeks later when I would see the doctor again for some tests concerning some genetic disorder in my family that my life would really change…..


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Loved it! awaiting a 2nd chapter. =)

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