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A new phase of my relationsip

by uderiel

A new phase of my relationsip

It was only a matter of time before things started to get wierd. I had been dating this girl for about seven months already and she knew about my alter ego, my second half. I was a man, (as loosely as you can apply that term) by day and any other time I was a woman. Not just any woman but a sex addicted, dirty, slutty, ready to fuck and be a whore woman that wanted hers. I loved to dress sexy which I could do, and I loved to be treated like a common whore. My girl knew this and surprisingly she took advantage of it many times after I told her. She would say the magic binding words and I would please her any way she wanted, enjoying the way she would pull me hair and call me a filthy bi*&h.
It was seven months in when things started getting very wierd though. My girl worked for a girls fashion store. She sold retail and all the girls she worked with started to notice that I would love to look through clothes with my girlfriend. They began to notice the longing look that i had when looking at the stalkings or the short shorts. The began to sense it and from that point on the plot thickened. Let me tell you what happened after I noticed this.
My girl told her co-workers that I was out of a job and that I was looking so hard and she felt bad for me, and that she wished there were some way I could work nearby. They tied her down and hypnotized her while she was at work setting all their plans in motion.
My girl came home from work that day telling me we had to drop by the store on sunday around nine-thirty to pick something up. She did not look exactly right but when she said it I said fine and didnt bother to ask why we were going so late when they would be closed already. Sunday came and I took her to the store to see all the lights off but she persisted that we go in. We walked in the store and she walked straight to the counter at the opposite end of the store and when I went to follow her a minute later I was suddenly grabbed. All her female co-workers bound me and tied me down in the back room and started giggling.
"Who's she gonna be most like?"
my girls suddenly cut in, "if she is gonna look the most like anybody it will be like me!"
I wondered what the heck they were talking about. The manager said fine and declared that It was only fair that the newest worker get the assets of the one that brought her here. My girl was shorter and thicker than I was. She had thick hips and thighs and her breasts were not that big or perky but I loved the heck out of them. I saw her in surprise start to take off her clothes and asked what the heck she was doing. The boss frowned and said out loud, "We cant have her make this much noise, who is the biggest whore in here"?
Claudia frowned and raised her hand. The boss told her to take off her panties as well and to shove them in my mouth to make sure that not only was a i quiet, but that id be able to have a dirty little suckhole eager to take anything into it. She pulled off her panties as my girl finished taking her shirt off and she shoved them in my mouth which instantly began to salivate drastically. my girl pulled her panties up over my legs as i tried to resist and then pulled them snugly up over my dick and pulled them a little bit in between my ass cheeks forcing a wedgie. She then pulled her bra over me and strapped it in the back. I had courtneys glasses put over my eyes so i could see men the way she saw them and rebecca took off her short shorts and pulled them up over me. I tried to fight and resist but suddenly my body would not reply to my demands. each time a new clothing item was put on me I began to feel differant. Sarah put her tight blouse on me and realized that it fit perfectly. My girl got down on her knees and knelt over me. Her eyes seemed far off as if she werent really there, when she told me that she was gonna make jennifer more real for me than I ever imagined. they put makeup on me from michelles make-up bag and when I thought it was done, chanelle pulled off one of her blonde hairs and wrapped into mine forcing my hair to grow just like hers, long and wavy but super blonde. The boss smiled down at me and finally told every girl to pick the dirtiest, whorish, or stupid part of themselves that they wanted to get rid of and think of it while they kissed me. The boss cynthia kissed me first and I became selfish, my girl kissed me and I became extremely easy to anger, Rebecca kissed me and i instantly wanted and desired to be dressed for attention, claudia kissed me and I wanted to fuck, like an animal anywhere and everywhere, with anyone. Sarah kissed me and I became very ditzy and bubbly and when chanelle kissed me all my intelligence disappeared, I could not think in proper sentences and I was lost. Finally Michelle kissed me and i could only think of style and glamour pertaining to all the other negative traits i had received. I lay there twitching on the floor, when one last girl came in forced me to eat her vagina and then kissed me, giving me her terrible attitude and overconfidence. I lay on the floor twitching as my brain was reprogrammed and I didnt remember any more about anything before I woke up the next morning.
"EXCUSE ME?!?! what the heck am i.... like..... doing in this second..... uhm..... second hand store!?!?!"
The manager looked at me and smiled, I didnt like her smiling at me like that at all, i was like hell no you better not be checking ME out becuase i am a fine woman and she was not at all. The manager brought some girl out of her hypno.. uhm hipnosses or whatever and told her to look at jennifer. i was jennifer what the heck was this girl supposed to be lookin at at me i was like so mad!! then she began to cry and i felt bad for like a second until she came up to me and hugged me like some wierdo or something gettting her grubby tears all over my perfect makeup. she begged something like, "baby no, please dont stay this way, please just come back, dont be permanent, dont be permanent, do you remember me?"
"hell nah i dont rember you!! grabbin on me like im some cheap piece of ass"
She cried and asked if it could be changed back but the manager frowned. Some man, a hot man came up to me real quick like and was like, hey girl... you got some fine junk in your trunk you mind if I get at that. I almost passed out there, like.... yea!! like here? and like.. now in this place?
the crying girl tried to stop him as the manager walked us back to the storage room or whatever it was and demanded that she stop this all and give her back her boyfriend. pfsh not my fault your boyfriend want this fine bit of goodness i yelled at her but she didnt seem to care about him only me. maybe she was a lesbian?
he ripped my shirt off and eagerly sucked on my breasts, i couldnt help but moan forgetting everything. he yanked my long hair back and i exhaled sharply before he pulled my pants down roughly. He pulled down his pants and I rushed forward to suck on his dick, Oh god it turned me on looking at his throbbing head come closer to my lips, until I felt it touch my tongue and I felt complete. the crying girl banged on my door telling something about not coming or it would be permanent. I could care less as my hot whorish lips wrapped around his cock and went back and forth on it like an animal. I wanted him to use me and he did. He grabbed my head and pulled it deeper on his dick and i felt my eyes get big as he pulled me more till i began to choke and my perfect hair started to get messed up, i knew it was. I was mad that he would mess up my hair and lipstick even while he rammed his cock in my throat and finally came down my throat before pulling out and spraying it all over my eager face before he threw me to the floor. I was so turned on as i propped myself up and looked up at him. i had blood on my lip where i hit the floor and I could feel his juices on my face. he grabbed my hair again and pulled me into the doggy position before he got behind me, his hands still holding my hair which pulled my head back. He put his throbbing cock in my wet vagina for the first time and apparently it had been worn in already because soon he was pounding into it making my ass cheecks clap and my breasts move back and forth. He reached forward and grabbed them and when he did he finally found my spot. My mouth opened wide and my eyes got huge, i moaned like an animal as he pumped away and almost screamed for him to push harder and faster. I almost felt the climax coming and suddenly i lost control screaming, ahh ahhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhh YYESSSSSSSS!!!! until suddenly i climaxed and i screamed just for a second before collapsing on the floor as he came all over me. the cum immediately become stick on me and I instantly felt as if something had dissapeared from me forever. I was picked up by my neck and slammed hard against the door chocking at the tightness of his grip. he whispered in my ear, "your my bit%& now!!! you understand me? I will use you however I want and you will let whoever I want to use you use you.... you understand me?"
all i could do was nod as tears rolled down my face. next thing I knew i was put in an even skimpier outfit from the store room and led out with dry cum still on my face and exposed lower stomach and back. My vagina was sore and my nipples were hurting and as time went by i started to itch down there while getting dry. the crying girl was even worse than before as she looked at me go and I wondered what was her deal? He pushed me into the car and told me to put the collar on that I would find under my seat. I told him no but he threatened to slap me and so i put it on and as soon as it was clasped I would do whatever he told me and went into standby mode. What was i supposed to do, what will i be doing now?


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