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Adventure Ride

by computerf58

Adventure Ride

You woke up around 11 a.m. on Saturday morning, after
spending the night alone - your first Friday night
alone since you and Nikki started dating just over two
months ago. While Nikki went out with some girlfriends
last night, you stayed in, opting for watching TV.

You and Nikki started off as friends online, building a
friendship through chatting and joking, and getting to
know each other. Two months of dating each other had
flown by so quickly because the friendship just came
easy. You both enjoy each other’s company, you enjoy
renting movies together, you enjoy cooking meals
together, and you enjoy lying in bed together, just
falling asleep in each other’s arms after a passionate
night of foreplay and great sex. This was becoming a
comfortable routine for both of you.

Although you weren’t a "couple," neither of you was
dating any other people. Nor were you looking. You both
had an understanding that you would take each day as it
came, as long as the friendship came easy, and you were
both having fun, just go with it.

As you lay in bed, wishing you had Nikki’s soft curvy
body to hug onto; you acknowledged your growing morning
hard-on by giving it a little tug. Ahhhh, you wish
Nikki was there lying on her side, her round naked ass
exposed and inviting. Mmmmm, how you loved waking her
up in the middle of the night by spooning her warm
smooth ass. She loved nothing better than feeling your
hard cock poking her gently between the crack of her

She always stirred in her sleep slowly, letting out a
soft moan, as she arched her back, sticking out her ass
for you. God damn you think, how’d I get so lucky
finding Nikki? Just lying in bed, thinking of her soft
curvy ass had, by now, given you a raging hard-on,
which was now starting to get painful. You throw the
covers back from the bed, and climb out of bed to make
your regular morning trip to the bathroom.

On the way to the bathroom, the full-length mirror
catches your eye. You stand in front of it, then turn
to the side, you flex your muscles, then turn so your
butt is in the mirror, and squeeze your ass cheeks
together, "Yeah," not bad you think, "I still got it
going on!" You leave the mirror, cuz if you didn’t pee
soon, your rock-hard cock was going to bust! Just as
you finishing peeing, you hear the phone ring.

You give your hands a quick wash and race out to grab
your phone. "Hello," you say.

"Morning honey, how’d you sleep?" answered the sexy
voice on the other end.

"Morning beautiful, I slept great, how was your night
out last night with the girls?"

"Fantastic, I’ll tell you about it later when I see
you," she replied.

"Oh? You feel like doing something later?" you wonder.

"Well, I do have something in mind, but I need you for
the evening. You up for an adventure?" she sounded
sexier than ever.

"Hell yeah, what do you have in mind?" you ask Nikki.

"Well, I’ll come and pick you up around 7ish, and we’ll
go from there," she answered.

"Okay, anything I need to do, or bring with me?" you

"Nope, just have a shower, dress comfortably, and make
sure you spray on a little bit of that cologne I bought
you last week!" she breathed.

"Mmmmm, you’re on baby, now I’m so excited, I’m dying
to know what you have planned!" you reply.

"Ahhhh my love, never you mind, let’s just say you
won’t be disappointed!" Nikki says.

"I can’t wait to see you," you say, "see you tonight

For the rest of the day, you wondered what Nikki has in
mind. As you two were growing very comfortable with one
another, both intimately and sexually, you had a
feeling you were in for a fun evening.

When you and Nikki first started "chatting" online, you
had a few discussions about sex.

The typical: "What’s your favourite position?"

"Where’s the wildest place you’ve ever had sex?"

"What’s off-limits for you?"

"What’s your wildest but not lived out fantasy?"

In the two months of being with Nikki, you and her had
already done a few kinky things in bed, so as far as
growing closer together on a sexual level, you were
making strides together everyday. Just the thought of
what she had planned for you tonight made you instantly

"God what a fucking sexy woman, just talking to her on
the phone made me hard as hell!" you think to yourself.

You walk over to the full-length mirror again, admiring
your physique and your hard cock. You figure what the
hell, might as well blow a load now so you’ll be able
to go all night tonight. You start stroking your hard
cock while standing in front of the mirror.

"God, I look great," you think, "why haven’t I ever
masturbated in front of a mirror before?"

The more you watched yourself in the mirror, the
thicker your cock grew. You stroked your cock while
tugging at your scrotum trying to control your orgasm.

"Oh god, this feels so fucking good," you think to
yourself, "all I need is Nikki here, on her knees
sucking on this load, while I watch her reflection in
the mirror and I’d be near Heaven!"

Your stroking so hard right now, hitting all the veins
along your hard cock. You grab your scrotum and squeeze

"This feels so goddamn good," you moan "God I have to
cum soon!"

Your back starts to arch and you start groaning, oh
God, your stroking increases in speed. You squeeze the
head, some pre-cum squirts out on your fingers, and you
bring it up to your lips.

"Mmmmm, tastes great," you think.

You begin thinking about what Nikki has in store for
you this evening, and that helps increase blood flow to
your hard cock. You’re stroking with all your might
now, sweat is pouring down your forehead now, and the
muscles in your arms are flexed as you stroke your
beautiful cock in the mirror.

"Goddamn, this is fucking hot," you think, "I gotta do
this in front of the mirror more often!"

With that, you let out a loud grunt as you explode!
Your cum shoots out with enough force to hit the
mirror, squirt after squirt after squirt. Your cock is
twitching as you feel the hot contents of your balls
empty out all over your hand and the mirror in front of
you. As your cum begins to run slowly down the mirror,
you look around the room (as if to wonder if anyone can
see you), and figure "what the hell, why not?" and
stick your tongue out. You run your tongue along the
mirror licking up all your hot salty cum.

"Ahhhhh, no wonder women love giving blow jobs," you
think, "how can you not love this taste?"

After eating up all your cum, you decide to take a nap
before starting to get ready for your hot date tonight
with your lover Nikki. You set your alarm for 4 p.m.
just in case you fall into a deep sleep and need to be

At 4 p.m. you’re awakened by your alarm going off. Your
first thought leads you to what your sexy Nikki has in
store for you this evening. With that thought, you jump
out of bed with excitement, and decide to hop in the
shower and start getting ready. You make your way to
the bathroom where you brush your teeth, and shave your

While shaving your face, you ponder the thought of
shaving your pubic area. "Hmmmmm, something different,
I’ve never tried it, but what the hell, apparently
tonight is going to be filled with surprises, so maybe
I’ll give Nikki her own surprise too!"

You decide to trim down your pubic hair first with a
pair of scissors, to help smooth the shaving process.
After trimming the hair, you lather up with shaving
cream, feels good, nice and cold on your skin. You
lower your razor down to your nether region and decide,
"Well, here goes nothing!" You start with your first
scrape, then another, then one more, before too long,
your pubic area, and your scrotum are completely

"Looks a little funny, but it sure feels sexy as hell,"
you think to yourself.

You turn on the taps in the shower and adjust it to the
right temperature, then pull the lever to turn on the
shower. You grab your can of shaving cream and jump
into the hot shower. You lather up your head and begin
carefully shaving your scalp.

"Have to make sure it’s a nice close shave cuz I know
how much Nikki loves when my head is freshly shaved.
She always compliments me on how smooth my head is,"
and with this thought, you let out a little chuckle
thinking, "she’ll be getting two freshly shaved heads

After scrubbing your body with that fuzzy little loofa
thingy that Nikki left here on one of her overnight
visits, you rinse off with the hottest water possible.
You make sure every nook and cranny is clean on your
body, cuz it sounds like tonight anything can happen,
and knowing Nikki, probably will! You pull back the
shower curtains and grab for a nice plush towel, again
a gift from Nikki, cuz she’s such a shower queen and
loves to pamper her body with pretty things. You towel
dry your body, then climb out of the shower. You make
sure to dry between each toe, and you make sure to dry
your belly button out too. You then grab for a Q-Tip to
get that little bit of water out of your ears.

As you whistle out loud, "Ahhhh, clean as a whistle!"

You reach for some moisturizing cream and slather it on
your freshly shaved head, and figure what the hell,
might as well put a squirt of this cream down there too
since it’s freshly shaved too! You leave the steamy
bathroom and head for the bedroom to start getting
dressed. As you stand in front of your closet, your
mind recalls the conversation with Nikki this morning,
"...dress comfortably..."

You decide to go with a pair of sand coloured khaki
pants and a crisp white cotton shirt with buttons. You
put on a pair of socks, then slide your feet into your
leather loafers. "There, all set for tonight, with 15
minutes to spare too," you think to yourself. "Ahhhh,
one more thing." You reach down on your dresser for the
cologne Nikki bought you last week,

"HUMMER" and think to yourself, "how appropriate!!" You
squeeze the trigger and squirt a little on each side of
your neck. "Mmmmm, I have to admit, this cologne is
great, and I know Nikki loves it too, so hopefully
she’ll meet with her approval tonight."

Your hear a knock on your door at exactly 7 p.m.

"Good timing," you think.

You answer the door, and are blown away with how hot
Nikki looks. She’s wearing a white blouse that
crisscrosses in the front, and plunges down low
exposing her large beautiful breasts. She opted for a
tight black skirt, bare legs, and the prettiest black
high-heeled sandals with rhinestones. Her red hair was
in an up-do, with a few long strands of curls cascading
down to compliment her round face.

"God she has the most incredible blue eyes I’ve ever
seen," you think. You pull her close to you into a nice
warm hug.

"Hi beautiful, God are you a sight for sore eyes! You
look so beautiful tonight, are you sure you don’t want
to just stay in tonight and have a private party for

Nikki whispers in your ear, "As tempting as that is
lover, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what I
have in store for you!"

She nibbles on your ear, sending a shock straight down
your body, the biggest jolt to your cock, which has
already started to stir in your pants.

"Mmmmm honey, you put on that special cologne I bought
you, you smell sexy as hell and you look good enough to
eat!" she whispers throatily.

"Mmmmm, feast all you want baby!" you respond, as you
pull Nikki in closer for another hug. You feel her
large breasts against your chest and wish that you
could devour her body right then and there! Nikki tells
you to turn around so that your back is facing her. You
comply. You hear her rustling with something from
inside her purse. All of a sudden, you feel a piece of
fabric sliding over your shaved head and realize that
it’s a blindfold of some sort.

"Ahhhh, blind-folding me huh baby?"

"Yup, told you tonight was going to be an adventure!
Are you ready lover?"

"Ready as I’ll ever be, lead the way!"

With that, Nikki grabs your arm and helps you out the
door as she locks it behind you. She leads you down to
her car, and helps place you in the front seat. She
buckles your seat-belt, then closes the passenger door
behind you. You can hear the clicking of her high-heels
from outside and you think it’s one of the sexiest
sounds ever. You hear her car door open and hear her
body slide in the seat next to you. She starts the
engine, and puts the car in 1st gear and drives away.

"And so my adventure begins right baby?"

"Oh yeah honey, and then some!" She winks at you,
unbeknownst to you, as you can’t see it, nor the
devilish smile that crosses across her lips…

You drive for what feels to be about 15 minutes in
total silence, but being blind-folded has also
diminished any capacity to judge the amount of time
that’s gone by. The engine stops, and you hear her open
her car door. Then the click, click, click of her high-
heels and then you feel the cool breeze when the
passenger door opens up.

She takes your arm and helps you out of the car, then
closes the door behind you. She walks you up a few
stairs, and knocks on what sounds to be a heavy wooden
door. You hear the creaking of a door as it opens and
you hear a woman's voice saying, "Ahhhhh Miss. Nikki,
come on in!"

As you enter the house you smell the mixture of
incense and marijuana burning throughout the house, and
vaguely hear the sound of Jimi Hendrix’s "Purple Haze"
playing in the background.

"Am I allowed to take this blind-fold off now baby?"

"No, not yet honey, be patient!"

The lady of the manor offers you both a drink. You ask
for a beer, and Nikki asks for a chocolate martini. The
lady, who you’ve since learned, is named Raven.
"Figures," you think, "the incense, the marijuana, Jimi
Hendrix, and a woman named Raven?!? Nikki’s brought me
to some hippie chick’s house!"

As Raven hands you a beer, she runs her nails along
your smooth head.

"Oh Miss. Nikki, his smooth head is lovely indeed!"

Having Raven that close to you left a lingering smell
of Patchouli in your vicinity, and your only thought
was, "Yup, Raven’s a hippie!"

Being blind-folded was not only exciting, but also a
little scary too. Your mind started racing with crazy
thoughts of, "Who else is in the house? What do they
have planned for me? Am I going to get hurt in some
way? No, that’s not possible. Nikki’s a sweet, loving
girl and wouldn’t let any harm come my way!"

You hear Raven whisper to Nikki, "So, does he know
anything yet?"

"Nope, not a thing,"

You mind starts to race, "Know what? What are they
talking about?"

You hear footsteps shuffling across the floor, and can
only hope that it’s a good thing. You had to admit,
being blind-folded was a thrill a second of excitement,
fear, intrigue, paranoia, and you liked feeling that
way! The footsteps you heard were indeed Nikki’s.

"Baby, stand up, let me help you get more relaxed," and
with that she began unzipping your pants and sliding
them down your legs. As she pulls your pants from
around your ankles, she yanks your socks off too. Your
cock is already forming a tent in your underwear and
you can’t wait to have them pulled down your legs too.
You can feel Nikki’s massive breasts against your chest
and you can feel her breath just inches from your face.

"God even her breath smells beautiful!" you think, as
you’re tempted to yank your blind-fold off, but resist
in doing so.

Nikki grabs a hold of the front seam of your shirt, and
suddenly rips open your shirt with all her might, as
you hear buttons go flying to the floor.

"Goddamn girl, I liked that shirt!"

"Yeah, but I’m sure you’re gonna like this a whole lot
more honey! We’ll buy you a new shirt in the morning,
so just relax and enjoy this," said Nikki.

"Okay baby, I trust you!"

"You shouldn’t," she says with a devilish grin on her

"What?!" you scream!

Next thing you know, you’re being pushed down on what
feels like a mattress.

"Lie back honey."

You do as your told, out of fear of what will happen to
you if you don’t comply with the orders. Nikki slides
onto the bed and very slowly pulls down your briefs,
allowing your hard cock to spring straight up into the

Nikki says, "OMYGOD honey, you shaved all your pubic
hair off, I love it! How sexy!"

You respond back with, "You’re not the only one who can
give surprises beautiful!"

Raven says, "Miss. Nikki, I think he’s a little
excited, what do you think?"

Nikki responds with, "I think he likes to be dominated
like this!"

Next thing you know, your arms are being tied to the
posts on the headboard behind you. You wish you could
see who this was. Was it Nikki or was it Raven? Whoever
it was, was making sure there was no way you were
getting untied from this bed! You had to admit, you DO
love being dominated like this! Your cock was rock hard
by this point from the excitement and the unknown.

You’d never experienced excitement and fear like this
all at the same time, but you knew that you were up for
the adventure! You hear the mattress creak a little and
realize that someone else is on the bed with you. You
realize that whomever it is, is coming closer to your

You feel skin touch the sides of your ears and realize
that it feels like shins. Someone is now lowering
themselves down on your freshly shaved head! You feel
the weight of what you believe is a female now sitting
on your bald head. Yes it’s definitely a female, which
immediately excites you.

Whoever is now rubbing themselves on your head, has a
shaved pussy! The feeling of a freshly shaved pussy
rubbing all around your shaved head is so intense you
feel the need to let out a loud moan!

"Oh Miss. Nikki, I think he likes this, a lot!"

Nikki responds with, "Slide down Raven, let him lick
your hot wet pussy!"

Next thing you know, you feel the pressure of someone
sitting on your head, suddenly lift off you. You feel
an ass sliding down your forehead, your blind-folded
eyes, your nose, and land on your mouth. The smell of
pussy just ran across your nose and did it smell

You had to taste it! You stick your tongue out and
slowly start lapping at this bald pussy that’s now
sitting directly down on your face. If you moved your
head up just slightly, you might be able to put the tip
of your nose at the entrance of her asshole.

"Oh God, I can’t do that," you think, "I won’t be able
to breath! Oh fuck it, just for a few seconds!"

While lapping at her hot wet pussy, you maneuver your
nose so that it’s at the base of her asshole and slowly
begin making circles with your nose, rimming her
asshole ever so slightly. Raven let out a huge moan,
obviously she was enjoying this immensely!

Before your brain could even comprehend what was
happening, you felt a pair of hands on your hard cock.
Once again, being blind-folded you didn’t know if it
was Nikki or another surprise guest! You didn’t care at
this point, all you knew is that you were thankful
someone was now stroking your hard cock!! You were so
glad at this point that you had jerked off earlier in
front of the mirror, cuz Lord knows if you hadn’t have
cum earlier today, you would have cum by now! The hand
that was on your cock has now been removed, and it’s
been replaced by a mouth!!

"OMYGOD, this is fucking hot," you hear Raven scream!

You’re in Heaven right now, you have a pussy on your
mouth that’s dripping wet, and you have a mouth on your
screaming hard cock, what could be better? The feelings
of exhilaration are now permeating every sense you
have! You’re sense of smell is being fulfilled, you’re
sense of taste is being fulfilled, the sounds of Raven
screaming in pleasure, and the sounds of Nikki
screaming to Raven, "That’s it bitch, ride his face! I
wanna see you gush all over his face like I taught you
to do! Remember when I ate your pussy for hours, till
you were begging me to stop, and you gushed all over my
face, that’s what I wanna see you do to him!"

The only senses that weren’t being satisfied were those
of touch, and sight; a result of being tied to the
headboard and blindfolded. Although you couldn’t "see"
what was going on though, you could certainly picture
it in your mind. A woman sitting on your face, a mouth
sucking on your hard cock, and your sexy girlfriend is
off to the side, screaming obscenities to the woman
sitting on your face! Barking orders at her, calling
her names, and demanding that she cum all over your
face like she did to your girlfriends face!

"Oh God, just to picture Nikki eating out a chick is
Heaven enough for me, why couldn’t I be there to watch
that?" you think to yourself!

Could it get any better than this? Next thing you know,
you feel another pair of hands on your body, right at
your knee caps. Could be female, as the hand span is
quite small. These pair of hands, help bend your knees
up, so you’re almost in a fetal position now, when all
of a sudden, you feel cold lube begin inserted into
your ass.

"Holy fuck." You want to scream, but Raven’s lovely
pussy is covering your mouth. "I think I’m gonna get
fucked up, literally!" you think to yourself.

Next thing you know, you feel what appears to be a
penis inserting into your asshole. A good fake dildo? A
real man? A strap-on? For that split-sitting you
couldn’t tell the difference. All of a sudden, you feel
a pair of thighs up against the back of your legs.
Ahhhh, definitely female, the skin is so soft!

You hear Nikki say, "Baby, I’ve been wanting to do this
for so long, how do you feel with a strap-on up your

Then the full penetration happens, and the strap-on
fills your hole!

"OMYGOD, it’s official, I’m in Heaven!!!" you think,
"I’m eating this hot sloppy pussy, my hard cock is
being sucked, and I’ve got my ass filled with a strap-

The intense rush you felt in that split second sent a
jolt through your entire body. Your back begins to arch
upwards, forcing even more of your hard cock into
whoever’s mouth was sucking! You were officially in
sensory overload!

You want to scream at the top of your lungs, "I HAVE

Instead all you can think of is, "Holy fuck, Nikki
wasn’t kidding when she asked if I was up for an
adventure!!! Fucking awesome, Goddamn, how’d I get so
lucky to meet Nikki! She’s helping fulfill one of my
many fantasies of having a 4-some, but when we talked
about it, it was supposed to be a swap thing, not 3
people all over me solely! I can’t fucking complain
though cuz this beats a swap any day!"

Your balls are so fucking full right now, filled with
cum that was dying to shoot out! You hear Nikki say,
"Okay, pull off the blind-fold!" All of a sudden, you
feel another pair of hands gently pull off the blind-
fold. It only took a split-second for your eyes to
adjust to what your surroundings really were:

Raven, lying across your stomach, with your tongue in
her pussy, Nikki, slamming into your ass with a strap-
on, and a good looking tanned, surfer-type dude’s was
sucking on your cock. All around the bed, leaning back
on chairs, was every single woman you’ve ever had sex
with, naked, and masturbating.

"HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD!!" Is all you can think,
"This is the hottest fucking sex I’ve ever had in my

And suddenly your hard cock explodes, slamming the
tanned, surfer dude’s mouth with streams of your hot
sticky cum, Raven cums at the same moment, gushing her
sweet hot pussy juice all into your mouth, you can’t
swallow quick enough to catch all the sweetness of her
pussy, and Nikki cums as well, as she slams that strap-
on as far into your asshole as she can, hitting your
prostate with enough force that you can’t stop

As you’re cumming, with Raven and Nikki, everyone else
moans with utter relief and pleasure. Slowly, one by
one, every girl that's lying around the bed, starts to
cum! Bodies are shaking, cum is squirting, the room
smells of hot sex, hot cum, hot pussy, and you know
that this is what the afterlife feels like!!!

When I die, I hope Heaven is just half as beautiful as
what I’m seeing right now!

Nikki says, "Raven, get off his face now, I wanna hear

Raven complies slowly as the last drops of her pussy
juice slide down on your lips and chin. You let out the
loudest moan of pleasure that your brain can ever

Nikki says, "Baby, how do you like this adventure? Did
you enjoy it?"

The only thing you can scream is, "Oh baby, buy me a
seasons pass to this theme-park Adventure Ride!"



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