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The Relaxation Files

by ShadowSabre

The Relaxation Files

It was something like one of those relaxation tapes, the website said, updated for the 21st century. You downloaded a half-hour program, listened to it, and at the end would be quite relaxed. Kate was skeptical, but the stress of her job was getting to her, and they did offer one for free.

It couldn’t hurt to try. Kate uploaded the MP3 to her player and followed the directions on the website. She put on headphones and laid on her bed, closed her eyes, and started the MP3.

The tape had a recorded background of beach sounds—waves crashing, seagulls calling. And then the voice started, a gentle tenor. He repeated the instructions, then started to describe the scene. Laying on the beach, listening to the steady, even crashing of the waves. The sun warm on her skin, soothing, and the waves… steady waves, crashing….

She woke up to the sound of the first song on the next playlist, feeling warm and relaxed. She thought that she must’ve dozed off, listening to the recording, but she did feel a lot better…

Not bad, for a free recording, she decided, and kept it.


She listened to the beach recording eight times in the next two weeks. It was all right if she dozed during it, she thought. It was only a natural effect of being so deeply relaxed, and it only helped her become more relaxed. She went back to the website after a very stressful Friday, thoroughly convinced of the recording’s effectiveness, and bought the next recording in the series. This one was a nap in a hammock.

She went to bed and listened to it right away. The same soothing tenor, the same directions, and many parts of the beginning were similar. The sun on one’s skin, the rhythm—this time a gentle rocking motion as the hammock swayed in the breeze, and wasn’t she becoming so relaxed, so deeply relaxed as she counted the birds in a tree, ten in all, and then they flew away, taking her worries with them, ten, nine, eight….

Kate woke, feeling even more relaxed and peaceful than she had after the beach recording. She stretched, thinking that she’d be so much happier if she listened to the recordings every day.

And so she did, because listening made her feel relaxed and happy. Kate listened every day, sometimes twice a day if she had time. She liked to feel good, and being relaxed was very good. And, one day, she went and bought the next one in the series, a virtual massage.

This time the tenor played the role of the masseuse, directing her to lie face-down, to take off her shirt if she was comfortable with it, and to relax as he rubbed her neck, then her shoulders, then her back…

She woke at the end, feeling warm and happy and—she noticed with a slight flush—a bit damp between the legs. Well, arousal was a natural reaction to being touched that way, Kate rationalized.

But the massage—even though it was only imagined—was very relaxing, more so than the hammock or the beach, and she kept listening to it anytime she had the privacy. Sometimes she even stripped naked for the masseuse, to make it easier for him. It wasn’t like he was really there, after all.

Kate stopped by the website and left the author a rave review. It was very relaxing, she found, to tell him about how much she liked the recordings, about how she always dozed off, even about how she got wet during the massage. There was no reason to be embarrassed. Arousal was a natural reaction to being touched that way.

The next recording in the series was a walk in the woods. It wasn’t a relaxation program, but instead a program to ‘get in touch with your fantasy.’ Kate hadn’t planned to get it, originally, but she’d been sent a coupon for half off any recording by email, a boring form letter thanking her for her feedback. It was the next in the series. It made sense to buy it, perfect sense. Besides, it was longer than the others.

She laid down and listened to the tenor voice, let herself relax in that familiar way as he guided her to a walk in the woods, the sun warm on her skin. Then she came to a clearing, where naked fae danced. Human-sized, stunningly beautiful, ten of them. She watched, hidden, as they slipped off, one by one, and the voice counted them until only one remained.

And the one beckoned to her, and she followed him, and he took her to the fae’s home. She undressed—it would be strange not to—and she watched as the fae kissed, touched, so freely and without shame, and then some of them started to fuck, right there in the open, and she could join them if she wished. Didn’t she want it? Yes, yes she did, and they pulled her into the orgy, and she lost track of how many cocks she’d had in her mouth and pussy, or how many tongues had licked her clit, or how many times she came. She wanted to be a good girl, so when a woman-fae pulled her head between her legs she didn’t hesitate to return the favor, licking her swollen clit while she moaned and screamed, lapping up the come from her pussy.

Kate woke from the strange dream with her pants on the floor and a hand down her soaked panties. The walk had put her to sleep, and she’d had a dream about... something. She didn’t remember, but it had turned her on so much.

She listened to the recording every night, and never once connected the erotic dreams to the walk in the woods.

The next file was an exclusive first peek, received by email. A photo shoot, it said—taste of stardom. It was free, and a two-parter, with the second part to be sent in a week. She listened to the file eagerly. She imagined herself in a studio, guided by the voice, and listened to the photographer brief her, then take some photos.

Afterward, she filled out the form to get part 2. It came with accessories, so she had to give them her name and mailing address. She liked the walk in the park better, though, and listened to it instead of the photo shoot most nights. She had started to undress before all the files, not just the massage. Being naked was relaxing, and made her feel free and sexy. She liked to be naked when she listened to the files.

It took the package over three weeks to arrive. She sat the box down, unopened, and logged onto the website to download the second part. She was not to open the box before she listened to the recording. She undressed, then laid down to listen.

The voice guided her, back to the studio. She was naked now, and the photographer wanted sexy pictures. She stood, her eyes sleepy, and went to the box and opened it. She set up the digital camcorder from the box, set it up as directed by the photographer’s voice, and started to record. Then she opened the rest, a variety of dildoes, vibrators, and other toys. She laid down on the bed and, as directed, played with herself obediently in front of the camera. She was a good girl. The photographer was pleased. She was an excellent subject.

She woke up with a start after the file ended. She’d dreamed again, she realized, but it was fuzzy. She did feel nice, relaxed, almost as if she’d been fucked.

(Kate never really thought about when she’d bought sex toys, and she’d had a digital camcorder for months, now. She’d bought it when she went to the beach for a vacation six months ago.)

She listened to the second part of the photo shoot anytime she had three hours to spare. She loved it. After a few weeks, the author sent a second version of the file, an improved one. She emailed the author after each listen to the second version, telling him how much she loved to listen, to follow the guidance of the voice. Just thinking about it while she wrote the email turned her on so much, that she ended up masturbating to at least one orgasm after each email, right there in front of her computer. It was okay, though, because coming make her feel good and relaxed, and being relaxed was good. She even touched herself listening to her other relaxation files, because coming made her feel good and relaxed, and that was good. Good girls touch themselves when they hear the voice, she remembered. Good girls listen to their recordings every day. Good girls like to be guided by the voice.

Kate wanted to be a good girl.

One day, she was getting ready to listen to her relaxation file when the phone rang. She answered it.

“Hello,” the tenor voice said, “is this Kate?”

Kate felt her hearbeat accelerate. “Yes,” she answered, without thinking about it.

“Hi,” the voice said, “this is the author of the relaxation files you’ve been listening to. You know,” he continued, “you’re a very good girl, Kate.”

Kate gasped softly, feeling excited. One hand slipped into her pants to rub her clit. Good girls touch themselves when they hear the voice.

“Yes, you are,” he continued. “Do you enjoy my recordings, Kate?”

“Yes,” Kate replied, trying not to moan. Her breathing was coming harder as she became hornier. “I love them.”

“I’m glad,” the voice replied, sounding amused. “Kate, what are you doing?”

Kate blushed. “Talking to you.”

“Heh. Is that all? You can tell me, Kate.”

Kate moaned, her clit growing firmer at the thought of telling him. “T-touching my clit.”

He chuckled. “Why, Kate?”

Kate moaned. “G-good girls touch… when they hear the voice.”

“And you are a good girl, Kate. Go get your camera out and connect it to your computer.”

She obeyed, ceasing to pleasure herself for the time it took to fetch and connect the camera and configure it with her IM program, as the voice ordered. She sat in front of the computer and clicked a few things absently, as the voice ordered, then spread her legs for the webcam.

“Good girl, Kate. You are very pretty.”

“Thank you,” she replied, her hands going back between her legs, to stroke her sensitive clit and slip into her soaked pussy. She loved being in front of a camera. She’d fantasized about it so many times. How had he known this would turn her on so much?

“Come, Kate.”

She gasped, feeling her muscles spasm as she came hard.

“Very good girl. Keep touching your clit.”

She nodded, gasping at her own touch. She was sensitive, and it hurt a bit to keep touching for the voice. But she was a good girl, a good girl….

“Good girl.”

“Yes,” she mewled, rubbing harder.

“Go get your toys.”

She stood and fetched them, eager, and obeyed as the voice ordered her to play with one dildo, then a vibrator, then a butt plug in her ass. She was a good girl, and he was watching and making her come, over and over….


She woke up the next morning, sore and stiff. She’d had the most wonderful dream, about the voice calling. She pulled on her headphones and started to listen to a relaxation file, hoping she’d have the dream again.



Re: The Relaxation Files - angel123

Fantastic story, I really wish I had thought of it .... very hot, very sexy

Re: The Relaxation Files - chewtoy

Nice! I like the gradual development.

Re: The Relaxation Files - fabisandine

Fantastic! Wished that I was her...

Re: The Relaxation Files - EveRaine

I have to admit, while this is hot, it's sorta the reason why I'm afraid of using the files on this site... >~>

Re: The Relaxation Files - darkenedav

epic story :) it's well written spicy tales like this that keep me coming back to the story section :D

Re: The Relaxation Files - hunt4it

I loved the story, and think how exciting it would be to really happen. Who would not want to be that relaxed and sexy.

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