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Sex Study Week 5: Package Stimulus

by curiousguy92

Sex Study Week 5: Package Stimulus

From the time I left the lab on Saturday to the time I came back on Tuesday, I spent every waking moment thinking about Jack. For some reason I was becoming really attracted to him. I was spending less and less time with my girlfriend, and more time wondering what sexy things Jack would do with me during our next session. Maybe it should have bothered me that I had suddenly started having slightly homosexual desires since the beginning of the study, but it really didn't. I mean, it was just for science, right?

On Tuesday night, Jack met me at the front door of the lab in a form-fitting blue tank top and workout shorts that hugged his ass and cock perfectly. I found myself a little disappointed that he wasn't wearing just a jockstrap like he had been, although I wasn't really sure why.

"So Jordan, are you ready for those new steps I said we'd be taking this week?" Jack was grinning, and the sparkle of his bright white teeth made me feel comforted and uneasy at the same time.

"Um, I think so. You never told me what exactly this week would be."

"Oh, don't worry. Week five is just meant to test your response to external stimuli. I just need to make sure that you officially consent to doing what we ask you to do for the sake of the study, that's all."

Jack patted the side of my shoulder with his large hand. As I looked into his reassuring and very masculine face, my hesitation melted away. "I'm ready," I replied, smiling.

Jack walked me into the lab and sat me down on the loveseat, handing me the mp3 player like he always did. I stripped all my clothes off, put the earbuds in, and got ready to start track 5, but Jack stopped me.

"This week will be set up a little differently since it's a response test instead of the standard libido test. What I want you to do is just lay back and listen like usual, but don't touch your cock. You will wait for my instructions after the track is finished. Is that clear?"

I nodded, glad to have Jack guiding me through this study. He was majorly helpful. I wanted to follow his instructions exactly so the study would go smoothly. I started track 5 and the next thing I knew I was waking up. I must have blacked out again, like I did with track 4. Jack was standing next to the loveseat, looking down at me. I smiled up at him.

"You're doing very well, Jordan. Now, all I want you to do is watch me. Don't touch your cock, just sit back and watch me. Is that clear?"

I nodded, and sat up. Jack backed away and turned on a speaker that was sitting on a nearby table. It started playing music of some kind, but I couldn't quite place what it was. I knew I'd heard something like it before, but every time I got close to figuring it out it was just beyond my reach. Jack turned to face me and started peeling off his tank top. As his torso was exposed, I could see each of his eight solid abs in high relief, followed by his shredded serratus muscles. When his pecs came back into view, I noticed that his nipples were hard. Tossing his shirt aside, he did a quick flex, which caused his mammoth lats to flare. If I'd been able to tear my eyes away from Jack's physique to look down at my crotch, I would have noticed that my cock was hard as steel.

After the striptease that was taking off his tank top, I felt like Jack's shorts went too quickly, but damn was it just as hot. He turned facing away from me and lowered the waistband half way down his bulging glutes, exposing a bright white jockstrap. The side dimple on each glute was almost more than I could handle. I'd already been able to see his quads and calves before the shorts came off, so he didn't really bother with them. This entire time, it never crossed my mind once that I was a straight guy getting unbearably hard watching another man strip. It was just plain hot.

If I thought the shorts came off too fast, the jockstrap was gone in a flash, but that gave me a perfect view of Jack's rock hard 10 inches and hefty, low-hanging balls. Somewhere in the last three weeks, my perception of Jack's cock had shifted from impressed admiration to intense feelings of lust. As I looked at it, I became more and more turned on. Then Jack started jerking it and it all got hotter.

I stared, mesmerized by this god of a man who was rubbing his massive cock right in front of me. It was almost like I went into a trance looking at his meat. The trance was broken when Jack grunted and started cumming. I watched as load after giant load spewed out of his cock, and that was what put me over the edge. I shot my own massive load all over my chest, and a little bit hit me in the face. I might have moaned a little.

Jack chuckled and tossed me a towel. "You're coming along extremely well, Jordan. I think you might be the best subject we've had so far. I'm going to go take a shower. Why don't you dry yourself off and I'll see you Thursday?"

I just slowly nodded and stared at Jack's amazing ass as he walked over to the one shower. I wiped all the cum off myself, threw my clothes back on, and left the facility. I could smell cum on the entire walk back to my apartment.


When I got there on Thursday, Jack was wearing almost the same thing as Tuesday, but today the tank top was white. It made his deep golden tan look even hotter. As we went into the lab, Jack told me, "Ok, same drill as before. No masturbating, just respond to the external stimuli after you get through the track."

I took off my clothes, went to the loveseat, and promptly blacked out to track 5. When I woke up, Jack went straight to the speaker and started that music again. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, because the striptease was almost exactly the same as last time, but it was like he put more attitude into it. I think he winked at me once, and I know I saw him thrusting his huge package at me at least once. I was just happy to watch. Once Jack's massive cock came out, though, the routine changed a little.

He started moving closer to me, and he was more verbal. Everything he said was a combination of the words, "Oh," "Fuck," and "Yeah." I was so damn hard, I wanted to jerk off with him, but he said not to touch my cock, so i didn't.

When Jack was standing two feet from where I sat, he asked, "Want to touch it?"

I don't know how or why I ended up kneeling in front of him, but the next thing I knew, I was the one stroking Jack's 10-inch cock. It was so thick, I ended up using both hands to stroke it; I couldn't believe a cock could be this big. I stroked up and down, staring mesmerized at this monster in my hands. It was somehow hotter than any experience I'd had before. After a few minutes of me working on it, I felt Jack's meat tense and spasm in my hands. I didn't know what to do, so I ended up letting Jack shoot a massive load of cum all over my face and chest. As soon as I felt the warm goo on my nose and cheeks, I emptied my own sizable cumwad on the floor.

Jack was breathing heavily. "Whew. That was great, wasn't it? I can tell the external stimulus training is taking hold."

I looked up at him, puzzled, still kneeling by his cock. He smiled down at me and tousled my hair, which put all my worries to rest. I was so glad I was such a good subject.

Jack handed me a towel and I wiped all the cum off my face. As he was walking over toward the shower, he turned to address me. "Starting Saturday, I'm going to have an assistant helping with your case. I hope that's alright."

"Yeah. Whatever you think is best for the study."

"Good man, Jordan." Jack grinned. "Now, go get some rest for Saturday."


On Friday, I broke up with Katie. We hadn't talked in a while, and to be honest I just didn't feel like dating her anymore. I mean, she was nice and we'd had some fun times, but she just seemed kind of boring the last couple of weeks. She was a little upset, but after we talked a little I think she was ok with it. After the stuff with Katie, my mind wandered to the sex study. I felt like I was different than when I started, but I wasn't doing anything against my will. It turned me on and I participated was all.

Anyway, when Saturday finally came, I was more than eager to get to the lab. There was a growing part of me that wanted Jack to ask me to jerk him off again. Jack was there in his tank and shorts, but there was also a guy about my age with him. He was unbelievably built. Seriously, I think he was bigger than Jack, and definitely just as ripped. He was hot too--I mean, as far as guys go. He had short black hair gelled up into a fauxhawk, and his square jaw and high cheek bones framed eyes and lips that gave off an incredible smolder.

"Jordan, this is Brad. He was a subject in one of our exercise studies last year and decided to join the department to help with future research. He's going to be working with us tonight. Now, Jordan, you get ready like you have been, and Brad and I will be waiting for the second part."

I did as Jack told me, and soon I was waking up on the loveseat to two massively muscled men taking off their extremely tight shirts to reveal deeply chiseled 8-packs and matching sets of huge, striated pecs, which they bounced in unison. I think I was more turned on at this point than ever before during the sex study. Jack and Brad stripped off their shorts to reveal not jockstraps, but bodybuilding posers. Jack was in red and Brad was in turquoise, and their massive cocks filled the pouches to bursting. I wanted to touch them.

Part of me knew that this was a product of the sex study, but whenever I focused on that fact, my mind seemed to slow down and turn back to the lust I was feeling for the two huge cocks in front of me. When they were finally released from their confines, I saw that Brad didn't quite match Jack's 10 inches, but he still had at least an inch on my 8.25. I got off the loveseat and onto my knees so I could stroke these two beautiful pillars of meat. I took one in each hand, even though they were both too thick to completely grasp, and I stroked for all I was worth.

Brad didn't have the stamina that Jack had, and after a few minutes, I was blasted in the face with cum. The impact of the hot, sticky cum triggered my own orgasm, and I moaned as rope after rope shot out of my cock onto the floor. Meanwhile, I kept stroking Jack's cock and after another minute, his cum joined Brad's all over my face. As I knelt there moaning from all the stimulation, I realized what the bcakground music had been: it was porno music. After I realized that, I shot another load as big as the first onto the floor.

Brad handed me a towel, saying, "Nice job, Bro.I can tell how far along you are in the program."

"Brad's right, Jordan. You're making amazing progress. I have a few instructions for next week. I want you to take the mp3 player again, and listen to track 6 every night before bed. Then, listen again right before you come in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. However, I still want you to refrain from jerking off. Can you do that for me?"

"Definitely!" I replied, maybe a little too eagerly.

"Atta boy. You're check is on the table by the door. We'll see you next week, Jordan."

I grabbed the envelope on my way out, a full $10,000 richer than I was five weeks ago. This study was definitely worth it. I was cumming harder and bigger than ever before, it was easy money, and I got to spend time with two major hotties.

As I opened the door, I thought I heard the word "slut," but I'm sure I imagined it.


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FINALLY you've returned! This story is so fucking hot it gets me so hard I'm def leaking a bit. ;)

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