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The Breast of Everything [RENAME]

by jessielynn

The Breast of Everything [RENAME]

"He's obsessed with boobs," complained Maria, a new recruit to
Mistress Jennifer's cadre of dominant feminizers of hapless men. "My
husband Bob just stares at any woman with a full figure -- the fuller
the better."

It was easy to see why this disturbed her. Maria, though
extremely attractive, was a petite, small-boned woman who was far from
buxom. I was privy to this conversation, along with Teasing Tammy,
because Jennifer, Maria, and Tammy's sister and dominatrix, Susan,
intended to use us to bring the unsuspecting Bob into a trap -- a trap
that would deprive him of his manliness forever, it seemed.

Tammy, though only 16, had been designed by Susan and Jennifer
as the ultimate cock-tease, with full 35 C breasts. Although my own
alternate persona, Sissy Dani, was generally less generously endowed,
for this adventure I was also padded out to Playmate-like dimensions.

We were sent out to meet Bob at one of his favorite hangouts,
a bar that specialized in attracting men who "appreciated" bosomy
types. I was dressed for "bear" -- a skin-tight white satin cocktail
dress that played up my bogus breasts with a very short skirt, five-
inch white satin heels, and dramatic make-up. Tammy had also been
dressed to look older: She wore a black leather outfit, also extremely
tight and short, with six-inch heels and equally dramatic make-up.

Our instructions (enforced by the post-hypnotic suggestions
that created our submissive personalities) were to approach Bob, get
him to buy us drinks, and then get him back to Jennifer's house for
his own transformation.

Within minutes after we arrived, I spotted Bob at the bar.
"Well, hello there," I cooed as I approached him, playing up my charms
as much as I could.

"Hello yourself, little lady," Bob replied, smiling. He looked
me up and down, pausing noticeably (as expected) at my bust line. "And
who's this little heartbreaker?" he asked, as Tammy sidled up to his
other side.

"That's my sister, Tammy," I replied. "I'm Dani."

He put his arms around our waists, in the process letting his
hands graze our "boobs." I suggested he buy us a round of drinks. He
made the order, and I told him and Tammy to find a quiet table and I
would bring the drinks when they were ready. Bob readily agreed,
seeing a chance, I suppose, to make a little time with the enticing
Tammy while alone.

A short time later, the drinks were placed on the bar. I
carefully blocked Bob's view while I doctored his martini with the
colorless, odorless potion Jennifer and her friends frequently used to
render their potential she-slaves helpless. The drug -- a combination
sedative and mind-control potion -- had been developed by one of
Jennifer and Susan's dominant friends.

I wiggled my way over to the table, setting down the drinks,
urging Bob to try his, "to make sure the bartender got it right,
sweetheart," I told him. He took a big gulp, pronounced it great, then
suddenly a blank look came over him.

"Wow, that stuff works quickly, doesn't it?" Tammy remarked.

"It certainly does," I answered. "Now, quiet, I have to give
him the preliminary instructions that will get him into our
Mistresses' clutches."

I turned to Bob. "Can you hear me, Bob?"

"Yes," he replied in a monotone.

"Good. In a few moments, you will awaken, feeling quite
refreshed. When you do so, you will follow these instructions exactly.
You will agree to my suggestion that I invite us back to my place.
Once there I will turn you over to your 'trainers.' The phrase 'Sleep,
Bob," will return you to this hypnotic state. Is this all clear?"

"Yes," he replied again."

"Excellent. Wake up," I commanded.

Bob instantly came out of the spell and soon joined Tammy and
me on our way to Jennifer's. I rang the doorbell and Jennifer answered
the door, with Bob's wife, Maria, at her side. Before Bob could
completely take in the consequences of what was going on, Maria said,
"Sleep, Bob," and he was once again entranced.

The mesmerized Bob was led inside to the room that had become
Jennifer's "transformation suite." There he was made to lie upon a
comfortable bed, headphones were placed on his ears, and Jennifer
began a new technique for transforming a male's psyche to the one she
desired -- sleep learning.

"While he sleeps there overnight," she told Maria, "the tapes
will impress upon him his new persona -- 'Busty Barbie.' Just like
Sissy Dani and Teasing Tammy, she will be completely submissive to all
true women -- and especially to you -- and she will have her own
special twist: an innate desire to be as buxom as possible, the bigger
the better. In addition, she will be compelled to display those
'charms' to their best advantage at all times.

"But inwardly," Jennifer continued, "Bob will be completely
conscious of what is happening to him. If you request, he will explain
his humiliation to you for your enjoyment. He can be brought in and
out of his transformed personality by the following method -- the
phrase 'Touch your boobs, Busty Barbie' will activate the submissive
mode; a simple snap of your fingers will bring back Bob, who will be
completely aware of everything that has happened to him as Barbie. In
addition, in either mode, the phrase 'Sleep, Bob' or "Sleep, Barbie'
will permit new post-hypnotic instructions to be given.

"Does that satisfy your desire for revenge?"

"Completely," Maria replied. "I can't wait for morning!"

When morning came, Bob was awakened by a subliminal command on
the tapes, fully aware of his new self as Busty Barbie. Maria and
Jennifer were waiting for him.

"Barbie," Maria told him. "We have an appointment for you at
the beauty parlor. Put on the clothes we've laid out for you and we'll
leave shortly."

The now-totally submissive man began to dress, with Maria's
aid, in a completely bisexual outfit: white satin panties, garter belt
and stockings beneath; topped by a white satin man-tailored blouse and
raw silk pleated women's slacks; the shoes were patent-leather low-
heeled pumps. Next Maria made up his face lightly: Pale pink blush and
lipstick, light blue eyeshadow and the merest hint of mascara. She
then teased his hair into a slightly femme style. When completed, any
observer would have been hard-pressed to determine Bob/Barbie's

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the beauty shop run by
Jennifer's friend Margaret, the dominant woman who had aided in my own
transformation to Sissy Dani. There, "Barbie" was stripped to her
panties and strapped into the chair Margaret used for her "special"
customers. Once sure that the half-feminized male couldn't escape,
Maria leaned over and snapped her fingers in his face.

Instantly, Bob's own persona reasserted itself. He was
indignant. "What's going on, Maria? Why am I strapped to this chair in
this BEAUTY PARLOR?" He said the last two words with evident loathing.

"What's happening, 'Barbie,' darling, is that you are about to
be transformed into the kind of woman you most desire -- a big-
breasted, submissive bimbo. The only difference is that you will be
submissive only to me and other women," Maria explained "I fully
expect that when you see yourself -- as long as I allow you to be Bob
and not Barbie -- you'll come right in your panties. In fact, I may
order you to do just that."

Though he was absolutely livid, Bob realized that he could not
fight back in this environment. He settled back and said to Margaret,
"Do your worst."

Within an hour, Bob was further transformed into Barbie. His
dark hair had been lengthened by the addition of a fall that came to
below his shoulders, with attractive curls framing his face. That face
no longer looked male in the slightest: His eyes had been accented
with long false eyelashes, and deep green shadow, topped by plucked
and arched eyebrows. His cheeks were graced by a rose blush and his
lips looked full and kissable in their coat of glistening red. His
nails had been lengthened and painted the same red color.

Now came the treatment that would give Busty Barbie the figure
worthy of her name. Margaret approached him with a wicked-looking

"What's that?" he cringed.

"This is a special fast-acting breast enlarger, developed by
the same sympathetic doctor who came up with the hypnotic drug that
allowed Maria to enslave you so effectively last night," the dominant
beautician told him, smiling. "Once I've injected you, your breasts
will begin to grow as they attract the excess fluid in your body. I'm
told a single injection will give you at least a 34 C bustline." She
pushed the needle into each side of his body, just below the armpit.

"And not only that," Maria interjected. "The result of seeing
yourself with a real bosom will interact with your programming to make
you want even bigger boobs. In time, you'll look -- and want to look
-- like a brunette Dolly Parton."

Bob could tell it was true. Even in the short time they had
been speaking he could see the swelling begin in his chest. He knew it
would be less than an hour before he had the huge boobs the two women
had described.

As that thought sunk in, Jennifer returned, arms laden with
clothes for the "new woman." Deciding caution was in order before
releasing Bob from his bonds, Maria spoke the code words, "Touch your
boobs, Busty Barbie."

Seeing that the spell had worked, the women unstrapped Barbie
from her chair and began her final transformation. Now that her
breasts had grown to their full first-injection size, Margaret
powdered them and painted the nipples with the same red lipstick she'd
used on Barbie's face.

Now came the clothes: The white satin panties, garter belt and
stockings were replaced. Over them, a very sheer white blouse,
permitting the red nipples to show through provocatively, along with a
tight, knee-length white skirt and white patent-leather heels. A
collar, much like my own as Sissy Dani, was locked around her neck, as
were similar ankle bracelets.

Maria turned to face the transformed Bob. "Sleep, Barbie," she
ordered. "In a moment, you will see yourself for the first time as
Busty Barbie. I want you to pose so as to show off your boobs as much
as possible. When I am satisfied as to your ability to display
yourself, I will bring back your male personality. As soon as Bob sees
'Barbie,' you are to come in your panties. Now, awake."

Maria spun Barbie to face the mirror. Immediately, the she-
male began to run through the most provocative of poses, always with
the goal of letting her breasts lead the way. After a short while,
Maria snapped her fingers.

Bob was aghast as he at last saw the bizarre creature they had
made of him. At the same time, he could not help being turned on by
the image in the mirror -- in many ways, this was the woman of his
dreams: busty and unashamed of it. He couldn't help it: his cock grew
large and thick, heavy with the sexual thoughts within him. He
struggled against it but could not stop. As Maria had ordered, the
image of Busty Barbie -- his own transformed image -- made him come in
his satin panties.


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This was originally written at least 25 years ago by Sissy Dani. Give credit, at the very least.

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