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Wrestling with Change Chapter 2

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Takedown Drills

Ricky awoke with a great yawn the next morning, stretching and grunting as he swung his feet out of bed. Staggering to the bathroom, rubbing a hand through his tousled hair, he smiled as he looked in the mirror. Again the site of himself in the singlet he had fallen asleep in caused the slightest of stirs in his groin. He took a closer look at his reflection and paused a moment though. Running his hand through his hair again it seemed a bit shaggier than usual, even though he had gotten a haircut just the week before. That and he was badly in need of a shave, his typically smooth complexion looked as though he hadn’t used a razor in a couple of days.
Shrugging all that off he stripped down the singlet before stepping into the shower. As he lathered up, Ricky slowly became aware that the sudden increase in hair wasn’t limited to just his head and face. What had been just clean skin across his chest and abs now seemed to be covered in a fine coat of small hairs. Even his arms and legs were affected. He figured it was just hormones though, something of a growth spurt that’s all. He rinsed, then jumped out and toweled off. As the steamed cleared from the mirror Ricky could see that the fine layer of fuzz across his pecs and trailing down his abs wasn’t all that noticeable, but it was new nonetheless. He took out his razor and proceeded to shave off his beard growth. For a moment he hesitated then decided he preferred himself smooth and shaved the hair off his chest as well, what the hell, he figured, he knew a few of the seniors on the swim team did it.
Back in his room he packed his new wrestling gear in the duffle bag he had received them in, loaded his weekend homework in his backpack, and headed downstairs. As usual his dad had already left for work so Ricky fixed some eggs for breakfast while packing his lunch. Though he still had the entire school day to contend with, he was lost in thought about how he would present the new duds to the coach and the rest of the team. He didn’t manage to avoid it for long though. On the walk to school, he ran into a few of his teammates and they were quick to notice the bright blue bag slung over Ricky’s shoulder.
“Hey, Cowboy! What’s with the bag… where’d ya get that from?”
Ricky hadn’t exactly warmed up to his new nickname yet. Where he was from nobody even knew what a Stetson hat was, but when he moved here his last name meant the “cowboy” tag was applied to him almost instantly.
“Oh, hey Cam, Trick. It’s just something new I picked up this weekend.”
Cameron wasn’t as much a friend as he was a rival. He wrestled at 160 just below Ricky and was in a constant battle to stay in that lower weight class. The few times he went over and he and Ricky had to duel for the same spot, Ricky had edged him by just a couple of points. Still they were often paired together for warm-ups and drills. As for Trick, his name was actually Terrance Richards; he was almost a polar opposite of Cameron. While Cam was tall and muscle bound Trick was the 112 pounder, short and built like a wiry scarecrow. Terrance was tough though and ranked as one of the top wrestlers in his class statewide, especially since he was a junior and most of the kids he went up against were freshmen. Cam also had a dark complexion, olive skinned with dark black hair and Trick was pale year round with hair so blond it was nearly white.
“Really,” Cameron asked skeptically, “just happen to be out shopping and found a Westfield Wrestling bag?”
“Yup, that’s pretty much how it happened.”
Ricky could tell he was fishing for more info, but could also tell by the way he was checking out the bag he was a bit impressed by it.
“Come on, really where’d you get it from, Cowboy?” Trick finally spoke up, the boy was perpetually asleep, even walking to school he looked like he was about to pass out.
“Whoa Trick, try not to get too worked up will ya, I’ll tell you at practice ok.”
Pretty much as expected, by the time Ricky arrived at practice that afternoon the rest of the team, even the junior varsity, were well aware of the mystery bag. A crowd had gathered around him as soon as he walked into the locker room.
“What’s in the bag Cowboy?”
“Come on show us already!”
“Where’d it come from?”
“You holdin’ out on us dude?”
Ricky just smiled as he calmly walked to his locker. They all continued to peeper him with questions as he set the bag inside. He was just about to open it and pull out the new clothes, when another shout echoed through the room.
“HEY! What the hell is goin on in here? Quit draggin your feet and get your asses out on the mats before y’all have to do extra sprints!”
The booming voice belonged to Maxwell Krieger, the senior captain of the team, who stood in the doorway with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. At 189 pounds of solid muscle, Max was the unquestioned commander of the squad. In fact if you asked most people, they’d tell you he ran the team more so than the coach. He was also about the only person on the team Ricky really considered a friend. The team slowly filed out past his stern gaze before he turned his attention to Ricky.
“So what was all that about, Stetson?”
Ricky grinned back at him, “Actually I’m glad you asked. Max, how do you like our current uni’s?”
His brow furrowed a moment as he thought about it, “I recon they’ve seen better days, why”
Ricky knew that was probably about as negative as Max would get on the subject. For him loyalty was everything and it was blasphemous to utter a single disparaging remark about the team.
“Well, this sales rep cornered me at the mall this weekend and said he’d been trying to get a meeting with Coach about supplying the team. He gave me some samples to bring in so he could check the stuff out and I gotta say it’s pretty top notch.”
He riffled through the duffle bag and pulled out the warm-ups and the sweats. Though he looked skeptical at first, Ricky could see Max’s eyes widen like a kid on Christmas at the items laid out before him.
“Whoa! These look awesome, who makes ‘em?” he exclaimed as he picked up the warm-ups and turned them over in his hands.
“I guess it’s some new outfit called Gene-pool. I think I’ve seen some of their stuff before. The guy I talked to said they could turn their gear out real quick and he’d give us a great deal, too. Do you think Coach would go for it?”
“Hmmm, I don’t know. He’s always bitchin about how tight the budget is.”
Ricky sighed in exasperation, “Oh come on Max, you know we got a shot a winning states this year. Do you really wanna go there in what we’ve got now?”
“I know, I know, it’s just…”
“Ok well if you’re still not convinced, check out the singlet.” Ricky reached back into his bag and pulled out the stretchy uniform, handing it over to max. Even as he passed it off he couldn’t help but breathe in deeply to catch the scent of the new spandex rising above the rest of the odors in the locker room. He even imagined he could detect the lingering smell of his own sweat from his run the night before.
This time Max’s jaw literally dropped and the look of envious desire was clearly evident on his face. He ran his hands over it stretching and pulling the fabric. Ricky smiled when Max held it up to his face and inhaled just as he had done the day before. Though he had trouble taking his eyes of the singlet he was just as impressed by the new shoes that were brought out next. In only a few moments his mind was made up too.
“We gotta have this stuff. I’ll do everythin I can to help convince Coach.”
“Great!” Ricky jumped up from the bench he was sitting on, he almost felt like hugging his teammate. “Here, I want you to have these then.” He picked up the pair of grey sweats and handed them to Max.
“Really?” Max asked, stunned. Even so he didn’t wait around for confirmation as he stripped off his shirt and shorts to pull on the gift.
Since Max was so similar in size to Ricky, his extra weight coming from being a couple of inches taller, the sweats fit him perfectly just as Ricky had hoped they would. In fact Max and Ricky looked a lot alike. Their brown hair was almost identical in color, though Ricky’s was a bit longer and not as well styled as Max’s. The team captain also had dark brown eyes, but otherwise their features were very similar. They could have very easily passed for brothers if it wasn’t for the difference between Ricky’s East Coast English and Max’s Texas drawl.
The grey fleece cloth smoothed out the definition of Max’s body except where it hung somewhat loosely over his crotch, seemingly amplifying his already impressive package. Ricky too started to strip down to his briefs and soon ditched those as well. As he pulled on the singlet he felt the same electric thrill as he had the first two times, only he seemed to be more aware of it this time. Perhaps because he was aware of Max standing nearby watching him as he changed.
“So what do ya think?” he asked ask he posed for Max.
The upperclassman walked around Ricky muttering appraising comments to himself. Every once in a while running his large strong hands over the singlet, brushing his side or his thigh, running a finger under one of the shoulder straps and brushing across his chest as he checked out the sturdy construction.
“Shit, Cowboy, that’s freakin sweet. Looks like it fits ya perfectly too, how’s it feel?”
“Best I’ve ever worn, easy.”
“A’ight then. Coach is runnin late… again, he’ll be here in ‘bout an hour, we’ll hit him up then. For now though the guys are probably done with warm-ups and are all probably piled up on Trick so we better get out there.”
“Ok, I just gotta get my shoes on and I’ll be right out.”
“Right, see ya out there. Thanks again for the sweats, they feel great!”
Max left the locker room with what looked like a little extra bounce in his step while Ricky stayed behind and sat down to pull on his new shoes. They slipped on as easy as he had remembered and soon he was heading out to the practice room feeling completely exhilarated. When he stepped onto the mats the buzz and activity in the room instantly came to a halt. In a moment they were all practically on top of him bombarding him with questions. Fortunately Max stepped in and let everybody know that what he and Ricky were wearing were samples of the new uniforms they hoped to convince Coach to buy. The general consensus was tremendously positive and everyone hoped the coach would agree as well.
Eventually Max got practice started in earnest, demonstrating a few new techniques on a “volunteer” in this case Ricky since everybody kept staring at him anyhow. When they finally paired off for drills Ricky and his usual sparing partner, Cameron, found a spot in the corner well away from anyone else.
“So what do you think Cam, you like the new threads?” Ricky asked posing once again, finding that he was starting to enjoy showing off.
“What can I say Cowboy, they look cool, they’d look better on me of course.”
“Yeah right, they’d look real good sitting on the bench when you can’t make weight again.”
“Nope, even better when I take your spot.”
“Give it your best shot.”
For the next half hour or so they grappled with one another. The distraction of Ricky’s new singlet was a disadvantage for Cameron as he continuously found himself flattened to the mat. Both were now sweating profusely but Cameron seemed to be the more winded of the two. In fact after every pinning combination Ricky would bounce back to his feet quickly while Cam had to practically drag himself up off the mat.
By now Cam had removed his sweat soaked t-shit and was just wrestling in his lycra shorts. Though he usually wrestled this way in practice, this was the first time it really seemed to get to Ricky. He could feel his smooth slippery skin slide against his arms as he tried to take Cameron down, found himself staring at the beads of sweat that formed across his chest, and drank in the heat pouring off him when he pressed his face against his opponent’s bare back. This lapse in concentration didn’t go unnoticed by Cameron who took the opportunity to finally take Ricky down for a change.
Ricky hit the mat hard and was momentarily stunned, his inaction allowed Cam a better position as he sat atop Ricky’s chest. He soon had his legs around Ricky as he locked in a figure-four hold with one of his legs underneath his neck. Ricky was caught completely by surprise, not so much by the move but by the fact that he was in no hurry to get out of it. He found his face practically buried in Cameron’s hot sweaty crotch, the strong masculine scent filling his nostrils. His attempts to escape became nothing more than an excuse to run his hands across Cameron’s ass and thighs. His own crotch started to swell in response, his dick sliding between his stomach and the singlet as it crept upward, bulging outward blatantly in full view of Cam as he rode Ricky’s torso for the pin.
When he eventually looked down, Cameron’s reaction was immediate. If Ricky could have seen anything past the round globes of Cameron’s ass he would have spotted the wicked smile that played across his face. Instead he only gulped as the leg lock around his head was cinched tighter and he suddenly felt a warm hand pressing down on his cock. Involuntarily his hips surged upwards at the touch, which only served to knock Cam off balance, and he fell forward to lay flat across the top of Ricky’s body, his face a few scant inches from the spandex mound that covered his throbbing meat.
Ricky could feel the hot rush of Cameron’s breath as it blew across his singlet. While he wasn’t about to try and escape he noticed that Cam wasn’t exactly in rush to pry himself away either. Instead he just lay there with his head on Ricky’s thigh, his hands sliding down across his legs. The grip of his legs around Ricky’s neck slackened a bit as he rested more of his weight on the one knee touching the ground. This merely brought his crotch up to hover more directly over Ricky’s face. The smell of the hot sweat soaked spandex was intoxicating to Ricky and the rapidly swelling bulge of this huge member in front of him was too good to pass up. He craned his neck and pressed his face gently into Cam’s crotch, feeling his stiff prick brush against his lips and nose.
Cameron was inching closer to Ricky’s groin, his cheek never lifting off the spandex singlet as it slid along. The slow motion crawl of sensation nearing his cock was a blissful torture for Ricky. Just as those beautifully full lips were about to reach his shaft Ricky heard a quiet cough coming from nearby. For as entangled as they were Ricky and Cam quickly flew apart, rolling away from each other on the mat. The both looked up to see Max looking down at them.
“If y’all are finished with your drills, Coach is here now Stetson, let’s go show ‘im the gear.”
Ricky and Cameron both stood up trying hard to smooth down the erections that were rather obvious through the spandex they wore. However, If Max had any clue what they were really doing down there on the mat or had noticed the stiffys they both had he wasn’t letting on.
“Yeah sure I’ll be there in a sec, just let me grab a drink.” Ricky sputtered out.
Max headed off to the locker room and Coach’s office. Cameron was glancing around to make sure nobody else was watching them then helped Ricky gather up his stuff.
“Those were some interesting new moves you got there Cowboy. Maybe next time you can show me a few more,” he added with a wink.
Ricky was so surprised by how casual Cam was being with all of this, all he could do was smile back and nod. Even as he walked away though, Cam walked up behind him and slapped him on his ass, “I never realized you had such hairy legs either,” he said as he walked off towards the rest of the team.
Dumbstruck Ricky went back to his locker and grabbed the new bag and warm-ups before joining Max in Coach’s office. He sat silently in a chair as Max did most of the talking occasionally adding a piece here or there, most of the time he was barely aware of what was being said in the conversation though. His mind was still preoccupied with what had happened out on the mat with Cameron, how much he enjoyed it and most surprisingly how Cam had reacted as well.
He was brought out of his trance when Max elbowed him in the ribs, trying to get his attention. Coach wanted to know a bit more about the new stuff so Ricky pulled out the DVD that Jack had given him and placed it in the computer for the coach to watch. Max and Ricky stepped outside of the office for a moment to let Coach watch the video and think about his decision.
“I think he’s gonna go for it.” Max was whispering excitedly out in the hall. “I mean how can anybody say no when ya see that singlet on ya Stetson.”
Ricky just nodded along, still thinking about Cameron, not even noticing that Max was standing behind him gently and anxiously rubbing his shoulders, a lot like he did just before a match. As those large powerful hands kneaded his shoulder muscles Ricky could feel his cock hardening again and now found himself thinking about not only Cam but of Max as well. Fortunately he was still holding the warm-ups and he shifted them around in front of himself to hide his crotch from view.
In a few minutes Coach called them back in. His mood was almost a complete 180 from when they left the office a little bit ago. There was no trace of doubt or indecision, Coach wanted to place an order and he wanted it done yesterday. They talked for a few more minutes, most of it back and forth between Coach and Max, who both kept smiling over at Ricky. Eventually they decided they would have Ricky call that night after practice and place the team’s order. When the impromptu meeting broke up and Max lead the way back out of the office, Ricky was almost in shock at how easily that all went.
Once out in the locker room again, Ricky became aware of how much Max was smiling. He was slapping him on the shoulder and talking non-stop. This was pretty much out of character for the usually stoic captain of the team.
“Oh man this is freakin sweet; I can’t believe we’re finally gonna to get new uniforms. He’s goin for the whole smash too, warm-ups, t-shirts everythin! Holy shit Stetson ya really did it, this is great! Let’s get out there and tell the team.”
Ricky’s brain finally caught up to the rest of him and suddenly he was just as giddy about seeing the rest of the team in the new singlets as Max obviously was. In fact he had to run just to catch up to him before he bounded out into the wrestling room. The rest of the guys quickly gathered around them as Max made the announcement. Everyone whooped and hollered swarming around Ricky again to pat him on the back or punch him in the shoulder. Everyone except Cameron that is. He was careful to maintain his distance but every time Ricky looked over at him he would smile and wink.
It was tough for Max to get practice back underway with the buzz and excitement than had filled the room. Eventually though they went back to drills but this time Ricky paired off with Max. Ricky was still distracted though which was starting to piss Max off. Every so often Ricky would catch himself staring across the room at Cam, watching the way his chest or back muscles moved underneath his shirtless skin, or stare at the black spandex bulge in his crotch. Whenever his concentration would waiver though Max would make him pay for it with a particularly rough take down slamming him to the mat so hard a few times it knocked the wind out of him.
Practice eventually ended though and the team cleared out of the room to go shower off and head for home. Ricky chose to hang back though, heading next door to the weight room instead. Mostly he just didn’t want to be in there with the other guys at the moment, especially Cam. All of the team had free reign of the weight room and it wasn’t unusual for somebody to stay behind, trusted that they would lock up when they left. Ricky guessed it was about a half hour later when Max came in dressed in his street clothes, his new sweats slung over his shoulder.
“You’re not drivin up enough with your heels on those squats ya know.”
“Huh? Oh yeah, well I know my form is off. I haven’t been able to concentrate this afternoon.”
Max just smirked, again not letting on if he had noticed any of the activity between him and Cam, “Yeah I noticed. Anyway, here’s the list of sizes we need,” he said as he handed over a yellow note pad. “Make sure ya get in touch with that rep tonight, I want the new gear as soon as possible. Lock up when you’re finished.”
“Right, see you tomorrow.”
Ricky did a few more sets of exercises then called it quits, wiping down the equipment before turning out the lights and walking over to the locker room. Inside the locker room he could hear a shower or two still running and a cloud of steam was billowing out of the shower area. One of the guys must have left them running by accident he figured. He sat down in front of his locker and pulled off his new shoes, squeezing them just right to practically peal them off his foot they fit so well. He set them on top of his gym bag then walked back towards the showers.
The shower area was pretty typical, tile floor and walls with just a single doorway, each of the four walls had four sets of nozzles and controls for the individual showers. The first two sets of showers just inside the door were still blowing off scalding hot water so Ricky reached over to shut them off. He was about to turn and leave when he noticed a silhouette in the far corner.
The muted slapping sound of his feet on the wet tile was all he could hear as he took a few steps closer and as the shape became more distinct in the haze he felt a lump growing in his throat. Cameron was sitting on the floor; his legs spread wide apart and his back against the wall as though this was his own personal sauna. He was still dressed in nothing but his lycra workout shorts which were now sopping wet. He sat there with his eyes closed as the steam swirled around him, beads of sweat and condensation rolling down his bare chest.
“Cameron? What are you still doing here?”


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