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A Teen-age Wet Dream.

by Haxsaw

A Teen-age Wet Dream.

This was something a fourteen year old girl gave to me. She had gotten hold of a file of mine from a friend of a friend of a friend. I need point out EMG and I are close. EMG does not and never has given nor sold files to anyone under the age of twenty one, (21) years old. This was a dream the said girl received after listening to repeated plays of my file. I took the liberty of changing her name as well as her locale. This was done to protect the identity of the girl who listened. I re-wrote it to make it more plausible only. Let us begin.

I was seeing things milky looking. That was odd. I "Humphed!" Looking about I realized the air seemed milky. I then noticed my eyes fluttered several times. I found I was on my knees. I tried standing. I wanted to stand from this kneeling position. I wanted to get up from the floor. It was so odd. I found and discovered I could not! Upon becoming fully awake I was aware I was not able to stand alert at all.
I was with something embracing my bare knees. It was a metal device. It was a solid, metal device. It was locked about each knee. Do you know how handcuffs can go around the wrists? I had braces around each knee and they were form fitting. They were keeping me kneeling. I was struggling yet remained kneeling. The air around me was so milky.
Placing a hand over my breast I inhaled. I could smell the heavy scent of oil. It was like the smell of lubricant daddy used at his machine shop. Daddy was not here though. I shook my head yet the milkiness in the air would not part from me. How did this all start?
I was remembering that friend at school. She knew that college friend who was trying to quit smoking. He, in turn, had a free file from some website. What was the website, again? It was blocked? How was I supposed to quit smoking? Only three months puffing and if mom and dad caught me I was dead! Already it was hard to climb stairs without wheezing. I was tired of wheezing like old Aunt Liddy. These cigarettes are costing me a grand! I am more than happy to be hypnotized, thank you. A tall man entered the room.
I heard a voice and he said he was Haxsaw. I was scared. I knew him from somewhere. I had some idea but was lost for a clue. Who was he, really? I was looking up at a tall, well built, middle aged man. He was built powerfully. He stepped forward. He clutched me. Despite my fear I felt comfortable in his waiting arms. Wait! Did that sound right? It really, really felt right, that was for sure. I was no longer thinking. I stopped thinking as my mind was flooded with thoughts.
My mouth dropped open. I was thinking it was time for a cigarette. I was thinking it was time for a cigarette. Something slipped into my mouth. It was not a cigarette. I opened my mouth wide, as ordered. I pasted my lips around it. I was commanded to not bite. I remember it was not the taste of nicotine. I heard someone count and then snapping fingers. I suddenly wanted to taste this taste. I wanted the taste of a man, instead.
I could feel something huge go in and out of my mouth. I loved this taste of a man, instead. After what seemed all night a fluid I never tasted before shot out. I was eager to obey as I was told to swallow. It was warm, bitter, sweet fluid. I drank it all. Haxsaw pulled out of my mouth. He forced me to drink from a bottle of soda pop. I did whatever I was told to. Somehow, I was happy to be told what to do. I somehow felt I had purpose in obeying the commands. I wanted to taste a man again. I was told it could never happen again if I went back to cigarettes. I was told I no longer wanted cigarettes. Haxsaw counted to three and his fingers snapped.

Haxsaw's notes:
I am pleased the girl, I will call her L-N, is no longer smoking. I sent her a file to break her habit of desiring a man in her face. She was thrilled she could write to the one and only Haxsaw. She had, earlier, assumed hypnosis was some magic trick. She got this idea from seeing such, watching shows on The Disney channel.


Re: A Teen-age Wet Dream. - Haxsaw

Dear Gentle Readers,
I am glad and pleased you are finding this account suitable material. I cannot guess yet within the chambers of the mind guided relaxation, found by hypnosis can open many thoughts and ideas we, ourselves, may deny.
In the case of 'L-N' I am glad she ceased smoking. I am hoping she is doing something like, going to the malls with girlfriends or playing video games... Even Cos-Playing.
Within this site you find the unusual as well as the truly helpful. Thank God, thank yourself, thank EMG or even just glad if you stumbled across this place for the first time. Like was discover for 'L-N' the experience changes you.

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