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Guys to Dolls

by Briar

Guys to Dolls

You look up at the clock. Almost 5:00. You start gathering your things, looking forward to a weekend at home. By the time you're done, it's time to leave, and you happily walk over to the elevator, smiling, making idle chit-chat with your friends and coworkers, as you make your way to the parking garage.
You step into your car, and drive out of the garage, making your way to the highway. You drive, happily humming along to the radio. You see the exit for your home coming up on the right, but happily drive past, humming along. Eventually you come to another exit, one you've never taken, but you are already in the right lane, and pull off of the high way.
You deftly make your way through the back streets of the neighborhoods you've never seen before, making your way back into the city. You feel perfectly safe, it's a nice enough part of the city, and the streets are lined with homes, restaurants, and local businesses. You drive and drive until you come to a parking lot behind a nondescript brick building.
You put the car in park, and reach over to open the glove box. There is nothing in there but some manuals for the car, an old map, some pens, and a couple CDs, but you reach up to feel the top and find the key you didn't know was taped there. You step out of the car, being sure to lock it behind you, and make your way around the corner of the brick building to discover a door. The key is already in your hand, and you slip it into the lock, turn it, and enter, being sure to lock the door again behind you.
You make your way down a hallway, past several identical doors. It's not long before you stop to open one, though you can't tell it apart from the others. Inside you find a dim room with a chair at its center. You walk forward, starting to feel heavier with each step, until you reach the chair and sit down, your mind going blank.
A woman steps into the room from the door you just used.
“Hello there, right on time.” The woman says as she enters the room. You feel a tingle of pleasure at the praise. “Let's get started.”
She walks to stand in front of you, and you see that she has short, pink hair, and is wearing a long black dress, cut up the side to reveal her matching black stockings, and just a few inches of thigh at the top.
“First things first,” she says, and you stand to meet her as she strokes your face with one black-gloved hand. You remove your jacket and tie, folding them neatly and placing them on the chair as the woman turns to pull a box down from a shelf at the edge of the room. By the time she returns, you have removed your shirt as well. She hands you the box, and you obediently fill it with the clothes you already removed, and proceed to lay your pants, shoes, socks, and underwear on top.
Once you are entirely naked, the woman steps over to hand you a pair of underwear, which you take and step into. As you pull them up, you slip your cock into the provided pouch, letting it rest between your legs to create a small mound. Once that is settled, you reach behind yourself to maneuver the pre-lubed plug into your ass, feeling it fill you as you pull the underwear up the rest of the way. You look up to see the woman holding the rest of the box's original contents: a black zentai suit. It is already unzipped in the back, and you walk toward her to step in. With her help, you maneuver the tight material over your feet and legs, pulling it up to cover your underwear, and wrapping it around your waist. As it reaches your chest, the woman hands you a pair of silicone breasts with an adhesive smeared across one side. You press them to your chest briefly, letting them attach, and then slip your hands into the sleeves of the suit, letting the woman finish zipping it up behind you, totally encasing your newly augmented chest and reaching midway up your neck. As she does, your hands slip out of the sleeves and you slip the small at the end of each over your middle fingers, pulling the material over the back of your hands, but leaving the palms free. Once that is done, you look up and feel the woman slip a pink choker around your neck, covering the seam between skin and fabric. Finally encased, you return to the chair and sit.
The woman approaches carrying three boxes, the first of which she opens as she pulls up a chair to sit by your side, facing you. From it she removes a set of acrylic nails and a bottle of polish. She carefully applies each nail to a finger, finishing each one with a coat of the bright pink polish. Once your nails are done, she pulls her chair closer to you and rests the box on her lap. From it she pulls a container of very pale powder and a brush, and begins applying it to your face. Next comes an eyeliner pencil. She places one hand behind your head, and leans over to face you. Your eyes remain completely still as she drags the pencil across the edges of your lids, leaving them with dramatic black lines. Next is a pink shadow, dusted over your lids and nearly to your eyebrows, then pulled out to the sides. The finishing touches for your eyes come in the form of a set of eyelash curlers, followed by a mascara brush, leaving your lashes long and full and heavy. Then she pulls a pink blush from the box, and brushes a thick layer of it onto your cheeks, before finishing with a layer of pink lipstick and gloss, leaving your lips cool, wet, and shimmery.
The woman sets the first box back on the floor, and stands to retrieve the second. She picks it up and steps behind you to open it. You lean forward just enough to allow her to slip the long pink wig over your hair, feeling it cascade down your back even in your suit. The woman runs her fingers through it several times before deciding to brush and style it for you, leaving it silky and shiny.
The final box rests at your feet, and the woman kneels before you to open it. You lift each leg to let her slip the hot pink high heels onto your feet, fastening the strap around each ankle. As the woman stands, you once again stand to meet her, 5 inches taller than before. She looks you over, smiling at her work, and ultimately gives you her nod of approval. You smile back, again happy to please her, and turn to retrieve the box with your old clothes so you can place it back on the shelf before returning to the door you entered through.
Once again you make your way down the hallway, passing more identical doors and feeling the plug in your ass move inside you with every step. This time you take it to the very end, where a mirrored wall awaits. You see yourself dressed in the black zentai suit, standing perfectly on 5-inch stilettos, with long pink hair of the exact same shade framing your pale, carefully made up face. Your lips are full and sparkling, just waiting to take their first cock or kiss their first pussy of the weekend. You casually wonder which it will be before the thought slips from your mind, just as all thoughts will, until Sunday evening. Your only focus will be the pleasure of the guests that will surround you, as you ensure that drinks, toys and protection are never more than a few words away for those who choose to use them, and that your wet and willing mouth is even closer.
You almost remember your first time here, as a guest rather than a Doll, obviously, how much you enjoyed yourself. How you found yourself drawn to the submissive roles in the games of your fellow patrons, how you ached for more until you worked up the courage to ask the woman about a position, and how excited you were when she offered you this weekend spot. But then it again slips away, just as the memories of this place always do. The woman works hard to keep her clientele anonymous, even from themselves.
You smile to yourself, putting on your Doll's face before stepping through the door to another weekend of submissive bliss.


Re: Guys to Dolls - tomtom-phs

a dream one hopes will manifest nightly
leaving the doll's actual performance to our imagination is maddening, but titilating

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