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Hypnotic Clit Story

by techfreak101

Hypnotic Clit Story

This story contains hypnotic scripts. They may make you feel relaxed, calm, tranquil, and serene. And the best part is hypnosis can make you look and feel younger! Yes, when you are relaxed with no worries, wrinkles go away. It’s like magic, baby! Just know that they could turn you—like they did me—into a totally feminized bubble-headed silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut. But you won’t mind that will you, sweetie? Isn’t it why you are here? Just beware—once you begin there is NO turning back. These scripts are based on Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and techniques developed by the Chinese for brainwashing American soldiers. If you follow them you WILL become a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut. Ooooo, it sounds soooo good saying that, doesn’t it! You like the sound of that don’t you! Just like I did. You’ll want to know how you can get this way too. First, you have to go through the hypnosis scripts like I did. You’re going to love doing this. It’s soooo much fun, honey, and you’ll feel so good doing it too! And I DO love it! It’s time to go out and play, honey, and excite your clit! You have been warned.
Imagine the space between your eyebrows. Roll your eyes up to see it. It is black and blank. There is nothing there but darkness. It is like a blank slate to be written on.
Relax the tension in your mouth and jaw. Feel your jaw relax from the stress of the day.
Relax any tension in your temples, any stress you feel in your head. Feel your head being cradled by a gentle warm palm. Let it fall back against that palm and rely on it to hold your head.
Relax your neck muscles. Feel the tension drift away.
Now, your shoulders and upper back. Feel the weight of them in the gentle palm.
Let your arms fall and dangle by your side. Feel the tension and the stress leaving your upper arms, your forearms, your wrists and fingers Especially your wrists. Let them feel loose and relaxed.
That’s it. You are feeling so relaxed now.
Your hands may be so relaxed and so comfortable that you may be surprised to find that you can’t move them, even if you try. They may be anchored. Try to move them and see if they aren’t immobile.
Your breathing is slow now as your stomach rises and falls, rises and falls. Relax your hips and legs all the way down to your ankles and feet. Let the tension float away.
Feel the weight of your body now suspended as if held by the gentle palm. You feel so slumped and relaxed, so pliant, so open and submissive.
You are ready to be instructed, ready to obey, and I am here to teach you. It feels so nice to be open and relaxed, so ready and accepting, totally comfortable with your desires. It may bring to mind those times when you were driving a car and your mind was in a trance from the droning hum of the tires and the rushing wind. You were totally aware of your surroundings then, the road, the passing cars, the passing landscape. You saw them, but didn’t see them, because your mind was in a calm, comfortable, trance-like state.
Like it is now.
And in this state you may accept the fact that you are becoming calmer and more trusting.
Accepting it is a relief and a joy and you feel tranquil and safe doing it.
Say it to yourself now, “I am calm and ready to accept my inner girl.”
Say it to yourself again, “I am calm and ready to accept my inner girl.”
You are taking a small step to doing that. You are going on a journey of discovery and acceptance.
Perhaps it would surprise you to learn that you are not really a 100% complete male through and through. Perhaps it wouldn’t really surprise you. Maybe you have known it all along.
Consider the time in the womb, before a certain sex switch was thrown, when you were the same as any girl. It’s a fact that all of us start out life the same, from the same basic template. Boys have to be made from the common template by generating massive doses of testosterone at just the right time during three critical stages of development. There is plenty of room for error. Too little, too much, wrong timing. It is so easy for things to go wrong. Girls are a more natural state of being, an easier, gentler path. Girls are what result when the template is allowed to develop along a normal path uninterrupted by massive doses of boy-building hormone. Your nipples are proof that you began your development as a girl.
But that switch altered your path, and though the nipples developed, maybe the mammary glands did not, and now you may find yourself confused. The male is, after all, often a confused gender, with an X and Y chromosome, already half female, some more, some less.
So it is probably no surprise to you that there is no such thing as a 100% female or a 100% male. We all exist on a continuum and are more similar than we are different. It is not like a light switching on or off, it is more like a light dimmer with continuous change between all the way on and all the way off. Perhaps you are more female than male. In your case, you may know in your heart that you are more female than most males, more feminine than masculine. If that sex switch hadn’t been thrown you would have developed along your normal, rightful, natural path as a girl.
You may sense this because of your life, your submissiveness, your sensitivity, your feelings and attraction to female things. Perhaps now is the time to recognize this and give in to your natural desires, nature’s plan for you. You may find that if you accept the natural girl within you, you can be something special, something wonderful, and you will feel calm and at peace. Perhaps your gender role—the way you behave—should be more in harmony with your gender identity—the way you feel inside.
Your sex in the form of male genitalia was determined about week seven when that switch was thrown. You may know that the flesh of the male testes is the same as the flesh of the female labia. Testosterone causes it to fuse together in the male.
You may also know that the flesh of the penis is the same as the flesh of the clitoris and the tip of the clitoris is like the tip of a penis that extends inside the female. Maybe you know that some girls have a clitoris structure that is larger than some men’s penises? There is really no reason for girls to have penis envy is there? We all have a penis is one form or another, or we all have a clitoris in one form or another, depending on how you choose to look at it.
So you are probably not surprised that there is a difference between sex and gender. Your gender identity is not based on your genitals or on your chromosomes. It is not the case that penis equals male and vagina equals female. It is not as simple as that. Sex and gender are not the same thing. Your sex may be male, but your gender, your way of thinking and feeling may be more female than male. How could this happen? Because at week seven your testes had to develop so that at week twenty it could generate testosterone—a powerful steroidal hormone—at four times the normal dosage to develop a male brain.
But what if the timing was off and the brain started to develop before the hormone level was there? Or, what if the amount of the testosterone hormone fell short? Or, what if your body didn’t respond to testosterone in the way that others did? What would happen then?
Perhaps parts of the brain would develop along the normal female path. Absent testosterone, a female brain is the default. Male brains have to be created through an extraordinary effort, an extraordinary application of a powerful steroid—testosterone— at just the right time at just the right dose. You can see that there is plenty of room for error. Your sex may be male, but your gender identity may be female. You are not a woman, not in the absolute sense, but you are not a man either in the absolute sense. A penis does not make the man, or a vagina the woman.
Only you can decide who and what you are by how you feel and what you think. No one can decide this for you by looking at your internal or external genitals or by studying your chromosomes. You are a thinking human being and you are what you think you are.
Let’s go down now to a special room, a room where you can return to that time in the womb and feel that girl inside you and get to know her—your inner girl. Feel yourself cradled by the gentle palm, so relaxed as it takes you down the steps. You will relax even more at each step because you are going to a place that is cozy and warm.
There are only five steps to go, and you will be there, be in your special room. Number five, the top step, your eyes are closed and relaxed.
Down to step four and you are feeling so relaxed, so good, and letting go.
At step three now, you’re almost there, feeling more relaxed, more free.
Now at step two, nearly in your room, sinking into a comfortable, calm, peaceful position.
At step one, you are on the threshold. Breathe in deeply, exhale and relax completely. On the next number you will sink into that pink feather bed, feeling calmer, more at peace, more relaxed and serene.
One. Now you are there sinking into the pink feather bed. Let every muscle, every fiber go loose and limp as you sink into a totally calm, peaceful state of relaxation.
The room is bathed by a warm pink glow. The black between your eyes is changing to pink. See the pink color between your eyes now.
Your feather bed in the room has a fluffy pink comforter, so cozy, so feminine and girlie.
The soft pillows are pink with white lace.
There is a cuddly pink teddy bear beside you on the nightstand and you feel so comforted by having your beloved teddy there.
Look between your eyes again.
See a yellow ball appearing there now. Like a sun. It is descending downward turning orange as it goes. Down and down. It is gone now, and there is a pair of large red sexy lips. They want to talk to you. There is someone inside you. Imagine for a moment, if you can, that you have left your body and you are hovering just above it, floating there above your body, looking down as an observer.
I wonder what you might see? Do you perhaps see her—the nubile young body of the girl just under your skin?
You know she is in there. Glowing. She is part of you, your inner girl. Maybe you can feel her bare shaved legs inside yours, her sensitive wet shaved pussy just under your crotch so she can tease you with it, her red toenails just inside yours. Her breasts—squashed a little—under your chest. Relax your chest and let it flex at will to release some of the pressure for her perky breasts and nipples.
Now, put that image aside for a moment. The silky smooth legs, the baby soft thighs, the slick wet pussy, luscious red lips and the sexy red toenails of the girl inside you. Girls are so sensuous, aren’t they? Don’t think about that delicious image right now, put it aside. She will be there when you come back. She is always there, always a part of you, and always has been.
Perhaps you are wondering what your inner girl wants and needs? Wondering how you might help her fulfill those needs. Will you groom her to keep her skin and hair silky, dress her demurely or seductively as the mood strikes her, feed her like a girl? (She probably loves salads, you know—most girls do. Will you feed your inner girl what she likes?) We will explore these together in more detail as we go through our sessions, you, me, and your inner girl.
For now though, I would like you to do something for me, if you will. It should be easy for you to do and I think you would like it. It would please your inner girl if you bought her panties and wore them for her, keeping her discreetly covered. If you choose to please your inner girl in this way, I would suggest at least seven pair—one for each day of the week. Satin, silk, and lace in feminine pink, lavender, yellow, cream, and other feminine colors and textures. These would be very familiar and comfortable for her. You may want to buy more if you see some that you think she would especially like.
I think that she would feel better, too, if you shaved away your unsightly and scratchy genital male hair. Girls like to be smooth down there and her panties will feel much better that way.
Perhaps you would like to surprise her with some hose too. That would really make her smile. She likes thigh-highs, the kind that stay up and have lace at the top. Sheer is nice, so is black or white. Three pair of each would get her started. Of course, you will have to shave her legs for her. Girls always have smooth legs, don’t they, and your inner girl wants that too. I will give you instructions for shaving her smooth and you will follow them because you want your inner girl to feel good, so smooth and silky.
She would also like it, don’t you think, if you acknowledged her presence by telling the sales clerk and anyone else who asks that you are buying them for your inner girl. Be sure to say those words, “inner girl.” She would be very pleased that you are so aware of her and so proud of her.
If you do this for her, you may find that you have no further need for the colorless ugly male underwear. It would only itch and irritate her anyway, and it would be an act of commitment toward her if you simply got rid of them. When she is wearing panties and hose you may find that your inner girl becomes very submissive and obedient. She will want to obey and please.
You will feel at peace, so calm, and obedient and submissive when you wear her panties. You may find yourself obeying everyone who wants you to, and you will feel so good doing it. Your inner girl will be so pleased.
I am going to give you some words now to make it easier for you to enter into a deep hypnotic trance and return to this blissful state. In the future whenever you hear, say, or think, “sleep girl, sleep” you will breathe in, breathe out, close and roll your eyes and relax your body into a wonderful deep state of hypnosis, much deeper than you are in right now. You will feel so relaxed and so compliant and will already have gone down into your special room awaiting me on your pink feather bed.
You will be so happy to see and admire your inner girl as you are seeing and imagining her delicious sensuousness now. How wonderful you will feel, how sweet she will be to you, and how pretty, how sexy she will look. Each time you hear, say, or think the words, “sleep girl, sleep,” you will relax faster, go deeper and deeper into a submissive hypnotic trance, become more and more compliant, more and more submissive to your inner girl.
You can’t wait to see and feel and be with your inner girl again. You want to be able to come back again and again to this wonderful state.
And you will. She is always there, inside you. She IS you and you are her, quite a pretty girl, quite a good girl. Deep down you will remember this feeling forever. It is where you belong.
When I count to five we will go back up the steps, out of your special room, and you will awaken when I say, “awaken fully pretty girl.” And each time you awaken you will become more aware of your inner girl, more proud and protective of her. And in the future when I say, “awaken fully pretty girl,” you will instantly awaken to the same wonderful state you are about to awaken to. One…you are becoming more aware and slowly beginning to awaken, beginning to feel eager to tell others about your inner girl.
Two…the second step, there is light on the landing above and each muscle in your body is loose and limp and relaxed and you are feeling wonderful, feeling like bathing and shaving your inner girl for her.
Three…you feel yourself becoming more and more awake, feeling perfect in every way, physically perfect, mentally perfect, emotionally calm and serene, thinking about the panties and hose your inner girl will be wearing soon.
Four…you are almost awake now, your eyes are clear, and you are feeling your inner girl stir, getting ready to fully awaken on the next number I say, feeling calm, rested, refreshed, relaxed, invigorated, full of energy, fully aware, very feminine, a very pretty girl, ready to obey others.
Five…awaken fully pretty girl, open your eyes, take a long deep breath, fill your lungs, and stretch. You are back and feeling very refreshed, very relaxed, very wonderful.

Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. When you were in the womb, before that awful male switch was mistakenly thrown, your feet, calves, knees, thighs, hips, genitalia, breast tissue and glands were all poised to develop during puberty. And they would have developed nicely if that switch hadn’t been thrown.
Let’s go back and recreate that time in the womb and change things. Imagine yourself floating in the womb now before that switch was thrown, when you were the same as any other natural girl. Only this time the switch will not be thrown and you will develop fully as a natural girl just as you should. Imagine yourself inside a magic girl-shaping machine—a shape-shifter. All the correct hormones are already in your body. The girlie shape-shifter machine stimulates them by focusing a powerful white-hot beam of feminine shaping light in your mind on your toes, feet, knees, calves, your thighs, your hips, your genitals, your breasts, and your nipples. Imagine how you want each of them to look, how you want them to feel and be shaped.
Shape them starting with the toes and feet. As you imagine the beam of light moving across your toes and the feet feel your polished toes getting daintier, the feet softer and more pliable like a ballet dancer.
Next imagine the light passing over your calves. Feel them getting rounder, shapelier, with long taut muscles from wearing sky-high heels.
See the light reaching your knees. As it passes over them feel them soften and get smoother, like a girl’s knees.
Now the thighs. Focus the light in your mind on your thighs and feel them getting softer, rounder, and more sensitive to the touch.
Move the light on to your hips. Feel them expand outward taking your thighs with them. Your hips are getting rounder and wider and curvier with the shaping beam focused on them now, making your waist look smaller, narrower. Spread your legs a little more and imagine the beam focused on your inner girl’s pussy lips. They are becoming more sensitive, more open, and your cavity is becoming more inviting and ready for use.
Focus a special blue light on your little penis to shape the clitty. It’s a colder cylindrical light and is focused hard on your penis. You can feel it shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, going back into your body with just the tip remaining as your clitty, like a button. Your clitty can engorge and expand like a girl’s, but to no more than 3” in length. That is all an aroused clitty needs. Keep the cold blue light focused on your clitty  pressing it into your body and opening a pink slit, while you move the white-hot white light to your waist. Your clitty will continue to shrink so big fingers can stroke and caress it, and your waist will narrow so big hands can fit around it with ease. You will love the feel of big fingers and hands on your new girly body.
The white light moves up to your belly now and as it moves across it softens and flattens to give you a more exposable belly.
Now, move to your breasts. Imagine two cylinders of extremely hot white light focused on your breasts, sucking the nipples and breasts upward into a cone.  Stimulate them by focusing the powerful beam of white-hot feminine light on your breasts and your nipples. Imagine how you want them to look, how you want them to feel. Now, increase the blood flow to your bust area, and stimulate your breast tissue to develop into the size and shape of bust you desire, appearing the way you want it to look in your clothes. Visualize the pectoral muscles and the muscles around your breast area developing to hold your bust firmly to prevent sagging.
Keep the hot white cylinders focused on sucking on your breasts as the blue cylinder of cold light continues to work its magic on your girlie clitty. As the light moves upward your neck lengthens, your chin, nose and cheeks become soft and feminine, your lips become puffy and pouty, your eyebrows are shaped and arched, your lashes are extended.
Your inner girl is now on the surface. Now your body is developing as it should: rounder, curvier, softer, more sensitive.
You will keep your inner girl’s body totally smooth and soft by regular shaving and waxing and using moisturizing body lotion every day. You will bathe her regularly with lavender and vanilla bath oils and you will keep her shaved smooth when bathing.
You will feel very feminine, very sexy. You will show off your inner girl, show how feminine and how sexy she smells and looks. While doing this you can’t help but think of a Real Man’s hands rubbing and caressing your smooth legs and buttocks and spreading you open to enjoy your girlie charms.
You will put her to bed in the silkiest, smoothest, prettiest feminine garments you can—nighties, teddies, gowns, and panties.
In the future when you hear “Shape your girl,” you will mentally imagine going through this girlie shape shifting machine again and getting girlier and more feminine each time, your inner girl coming more and more to the surface until she is indistinguishable from you. When you shape your girl she is you and you are her.
Awaken fully, pretty girl.

Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. Shape your girl.
Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.
You may want to spend this time thinking and dreaming about your sexual self. Perhaps you will love to please with all that you have: your body, your mouth, your pussy, your clitty, your hands, your fingers, and tongue.
And your life will become simpler and will revolve around cum, nothing but cum, sweet yummy cum.
It makes things easier when you become a slut for cum, a cum slut, a cum whore craving more and more sweet cum.
In your mind’s eye imagine the new you, the sissy girlie cum slut.
You are wearing panties and hose; your body is smooth and curvy. Your tits are large and sensitive. Touching them, caressing them, rubbing your nipples makes you want to cum, makes you want to help others cum.
Your value and your worth is in your ability to provide sexual pleasure to others.
In the future you will have only right thoughts, only right actions. You will think, walk, talk, and behave like a girl—a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.
From now on when you hear, “Excite your clit, girl,” you will become highly aroused. Your clitty will engorge and feel wonderful. You will feel like a slut, lusting for cum. When you hear, “Excite your clit, girl,” you will go into pleasure mode—sexual pleasure mode—wanting to please and be pleased with everything you have.
If your thoughts or actions begin to stray you may bring them back by saying, “I am a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie cockslut.”
Saying that calms you, relaxes you, centers you, brings you back to where you need to be.
Excite your clit, girl.

Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl. Shape your girl.
Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.
Excite your clit, girl.
Your clitty is highly aroused. You feel it tingling and it feels wonderful and sexy. You want to please and be pleased. You want and need yummy cum.
You now know what in your heart you’ve known all along. You know you are not a 100% genuine Real Man through and through. In fact, you know you are more female than male and have always been. Perhaps you will realize that you have been on a little detour into man-land, a place where you don’t really belong, where you don’t really feel right. It is time to get back on your true path and be your true feminine self. You can no longer deny what you truly feel. Resistance is futile, girl—it only strengthens your desire.
First, we will get rid of that awful male name—the one with the negative associations—hairy ugly body, the male chauvinist attitude, the awkward gangly behavior. It is time to go all the way and take a female name, a sissy name as your new name.  On the count of three you will erase your male name from your thoughts and from your body. And with it, the last vestiges of maleness will be gone, sent tumbling out into space, into the universe, since you no longer need them.
One…two…three. Poof, you are now Sissy.
As Sissy you are attached to only positive associations.
Your life as Sissy is joyful and fulfilling.
Your mind is calm and tranquil, Sissy. And you are a real Doll.
You are a self contained, self sufficient, and a self-reliant Doll.
Your full name is: Sissy.
Sissy certainly does not need nor want anyone in her life who is negative or detracts from her goal of being the best girl she can be.
You now mentally erase them—those negative people.
Picture their shadowy shapes in your mind’s eye then rub them out with a magic can of erasing spray, until poof, they are all gone.
You are at peace, Sissy—a calm, little Doll.
Imagine a divine white healing light surrounding you, Sissy and flooding you with a sense of strength and purpose, and well being in your mind, body, and spirit.
For you are Sissy, have always been Sissy, a sweetie and a honey pie of a girl. Relaxed and calm and serene, floating more easily through life with more fun and joy.
It is done baby.
From now on you will be proud. Sissy is your real name, your given name, the only name you will want to answer to from now on. You are a good girl and proud of your name.
Go forth and enjoy, Sissy.
From now on, whenever anyone asks you your name, you will tell them, “Sissy.” That has always been your name, the only name you remember having since birth. You are now, have always been and always will be, Sissy.
If anyone calls you by a different name, you will correct them and tell them in no uncertain terms that your name is Sissy, and that is what you want them to call you That is what it will say on your bank accounts, credit cards, and driver’s license That is who your paycheck will be made out to. You should be forewarned, Sissy. There are those who will resist you as Sissy, and will want you to revert back to your male persona. You will stand steadfast as Sissy and the more they try to subvert you the stronger and more resistant you will become, Sissy. You and I know you are Sissy and you will stand up to the pressure and defend Sissy forever. You are doing this to bring out the real you, so you can feel better and no one can deter you from that goal. The harder they try, the harder you resist.
Every girl has a history, Sissy, and you have many memories to be proud of, to be reminded of. Imagine you are viewing a movie screen. Certain pictures will be projected on that screen that stimulate fond memories of you and your girlhood, Sissy. Some of them you may have forgotten, but you will recall them now and they will become strong memories of yours once again. Memories of a little Dolly.
Let’s begin with the first picture. It is coming on now. I believe it is you at the age of three. Yes, it is you. You are standing in someone’s back yard wearing a cute little pink dress and a pink bow in your hair. And those are a pair of white Mary Jane shoes I believe. You look so adorable and shy and are smiling happily. Aren’t those pigtails so cute? You were such a precious little girl back then So innocent and sweet. Such an independent explorer of the world around you.
Oh, and here you are in the next one. You were four in this one I think. You are standing next to a wading pool squinting at the camera and wearing a cute little one-piece purple bathing suit. You look like you are about to get in the pool with a yellow rubber ducky. That was your favorite ducky, do you remember? Those pudgy bare legs of yours were so cute weren’t they? And your hair was wet and flat and you were still smiling, still looking happy. Your breasts were just little nubs of themselves then, but they would fill out later, Sissy, into perky little things that boys wanted to feel and hold. Remember? You were a very confident little girl then.
Look at this next one, Sissy. That was your first day of school. You were such a pretty freckle-faced little girl standing at the bus stop in that cute blue polka-dot dress, black Mary Janes, and pigtails. See those little boys in the background looking at you? Maybe they knew what a girl you would develop into. You were so very smart in school weren’t you? The teachers loved you and encouraged you to learn and achieve. You were such an industrious little girl with a great respect for authority. You wanted so much to please.
This is you practicing your signature, Sissy. Look at those wonderful curly S's, Sissy. So girly and feminine.
Let’s fast forward past these many dresses and shoes, birthday parties, and cute hairstyles. Oh, remember that one where you were kneeling and playing jacks. Your white panties were showing. So naughty, Sissy. My, my. Let’s keep going. Oh, look at this one. Remember this? You must have been twelve. And look, you are wearing your first lipstick, and your hair is nearly to your shoulders and is shiny and curly. You are starting to fill out, Sissy. Remember that? Those little breasts and hips. You are wearing short denim shorts and a yellow crop top. See how your little belly is showing. You had your first crush on a boy at school. Remember that feeling? You couldn’t wait for him to kiss you and when he finally did in the bushes behind the school you almost fainted when he cupped your rear-end and pulled you to him. It was such a wonderful feminine feeling and that was when you first knew you were a real girl. You wanted makeup and dresses and lingerie after that. You were crazy in love for feminine things that would make you look and feel sexier and more and more girlie. This was a time when you loved being a girl.
Let’s forward through these outfits and makeup experiments. Isn’t that a pink tutu with tights and white ballet shoes? So cute! That was your first ballet lesson.
Oh, remember this? It must have been your first date to the movies. Were you 14 then? You are wearing a black dress, way above the knee. It looks a little slinky, Sissy. Hmmm…were you planning to seduce him?
Your hair is beautiful, so shiny and brushed out falling and bouncing down your back. Your makeup looks perfect—red glossy lips, some rouge on those rosy cheeks, and a hint of blue mascara. Are your eyebrows shaped? I believe they are, Sissy. And that little lavender sequined purse is such a nice touch isn’t it? Oh, are those high heels you are wearing? Yes, open toe, nice red toenails too. You were quite the hot little number weren’t you, Sissy? Remember how he put his arm around you while you were eating popcorn and you let him? Remember how he put his hand on your knee and electricity shot through your whole body as he moved up your leg under your skirt? It was such a wonderful feeling. You thought you were in love and you kissed him and let him explore your quivering body in his car. It was so intimate, wasn’t it?
Your body ached for him to do more, didn’t it? But he was too shy to do more than pet and you were frustrated weren’t you? Was that when you discovered you could rub your clitty? You were frustrated so many times, weren’t you? You wanted to be touched and caressed and kissed. And your body itched to be held and stroked and penetrated. You had such strong needs, Sissy. You were so turned on you would do anything. You were so passionate and so horny morning, noon, and night. But you couldn’t get that itch scratched could you, Sissy?
Well, now you can. Now you can be the girl you wanted to be then. You can dress and wear makeup and lingerie all you want. You can be a slut if you want. You are free Sissy. No more frustration. You are free to be who and what you want, to take and give what you want. You can make up for lost time, Sissy. You can be that hot little number again and be as wild and wanton as you want to be. You may have felt guilty then because those needs made you want to be wild, to take your passion over the top in an orgy of uninhibited pleasure. But now you can admit it, confess to your wanton feelings and accept your passion as a part of yourself. And by confessing your natural naughtiness, admitting your wanton passion you can enjoy life now, Sissy, the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with only positive joyous feelings of pleasure.
You have learned so much. You have learned that what a Real Man wants, a Real Man gets. And Real Men want you, Sissy. You have learned to always be pleasant, that it is unfeminine to express anger, and you want to be feminine, very feminine. You know that a Real Man does not always like a woman who is more intelligent than him, so you have learned to act dumb, even like a blonde bimbo, if that’s what it takes to please your Real Man. Because a Real Man’s needs should be put before your own. You know that and you know to be passive and obedient to your Real Man. You do not have the right to say no to him. Your role is to be the maid of the house and the slut of the bedroom.
To be happy and dumb and obedient is to be a bimbo isn’t it? And bimbos have fun. They can be silly and fluffy, they can be sluts with bad boys or bad girls, can’t they? And now you are a bimbo aren’t you Sissy? A silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut, here to serve anyone, anytime, in any way.
Your mind is blank now. There are no images, just blackness, a blank screen. In the future when I say, “Go-blank, bimbo girl,” your mind will automatically go blank—bimbo-blank—and you will feel silly and happy and fluffy, not thinking of anything in particular. When I say, “Go-blank, bimbo girl,” you will be ready to accept any ideas or thoughts that anyone wants to put in your bimbo-blank mind.
To “Go-blank, bimbo girl” is to be in the here and now, in the moment, where your only goal is pleasure for yourself and others. What orgies of pleasure await you, Sissy.
Go-blank, bimbo girl. Breathe the air around you in delicious gulps, smell and taste the luscious essence of the people around you. See and hear the happiness and playfulness of the nature you are a centerpiece of. Be a Bimbo Doll.
Go-blank, bimbo girl. You are relaxed and in the moment and feeling wonderful.
Awaken fully pretty girl.

Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl.
Shape your girl.
Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.
Excite your clit, girl.
Your clitty is highly aroused. You feel it tingling and it feels wonderful and sexy. You want to please and be pleased. You want and need yummy cum.
Go-blank, bimbo girl.
You feel so silly and happy and fluffy and your mind is blank and open to everyone, ready to listen and obey, ready for pleasure in whatever form it might take.
You are in your secret girl’s room sinking into your feather bed. The room is bathed in a warm pink glow all around. You feel so loose, limp, and relaxed, so feminine, so girlie. Your mind is bimbo-blank and because you are relaxed you feel free from all tension, anxiety, and fear. You are confident you are taking the right steps, making the right choices.
Being a good sissy bimbo girl is as natural as the air you breathe, and as the food you eat. Because you now realize your natural femininity you are a happy sissy girl now with a positive attitude toward the future and life. You are succeeding in becoming the sissy girl you want to be and you are submitting deeper and deeper each time to that desire.
The girl within you has become you and you have become her. She is a goddess to be obeyed and she totally occupies your body. She demands that her legs and pussy be kept shaved, her toenails kept painted, and that she always wear sexy panties, hose, high heels, and mini skirts. Isn’t it nice to be a submissive sissy girl, so open and accepting of your true sissy self? You are now the sissy girl you want to be.
Your inner sissy girl is a shameless tease and sexy flirt. Everyday, she will tease your sissy clitty until it leaks pre-cum, but she will never let it cum until you fully obey her desires as a slave obeys its Master.
Imagine the smooth skin, so shiny and silky. It is what you love about your inner sissy girl. She is smooth all over. Her shaved pussy has an exciter ring there that vibrates and arouses her clit on command. It will arouse your sissy clitty too, when you hear, said, or think the words, “Excite your clit, girl.”
And the calves, so curvy from wearing high heels, feel them, rub them together. And the long smooth legs with delicate knees, soft curvy thighs with sensitive inner skin, and the broad hips, so curvy, so soft, so feminine in shape. You can feel them and see them in your mind’s eye.
Let your chest relax and feel her breasts pushing up, the nipples popping up erect.
You want to smile and show those big white girlie teeth.
You detest the hairy, colorless, lying, deceptive, dull, monotone, emotionless man that was in you. The violent hard-ass troublemaker in dull lifeless clothes that possessed you. He is banished from your body forever, never to return, and is replaced by a beautiful, voluptuous, sensuous girl. You are so lucky to be a sensuous sissy girl.
But you want the cocks of such men. You want them to hold you tight, throw you on the bed and pin you down and fill you up with their big cocks and make you their woman. It will be so heavenly. You will profess your devotion to them and admit that you are a sissy girlie slut for their use and pleasure. You will accept that you are their bitch, their property, their whore and slut to use as they please.
You look forward to being comfortable around Real Men, dressing and acting like a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut. You will enjoy flirting with them. You will want them to find you sexy. And you will want to be as good as you can to give them all the pleasure they want and deserve.
You will spread your legs wife-wide for them. You will grind your hips against them. You will be a writhing white-hot sex dolly craving sweet cum and more cum, craving and craving to please them to the max.
In the future when you hear, say, or think the words, “Come out and play, girl,” you will prepare yourself for pleasing your Real Men. You will dress in a sissy slut outfit and make yourself up like the wanton sexy slut you are and they want and expect you to be.
I want you to see Lady Sarah. I will give you her card. She will show you how pretty you can look. You will get your hair teased, permed, and styled like a good girl. You will dress like a sexy Barbie Doll, in delicate, feminine colors, panties, thongs, minis, hose, garters, corsets, bras, and heels, with makeup, lipstick, rouge, arched eyebrows, long eyelashes, earrings, piercings. Such wonderful things.
Girls are so much fun to dress and makeup and play with, aren’t they? You will have so much fun you will want to lock yourself in sissy girlie clothes to keep the fun going.
Awaken fully pretty girl.

Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl, a good bimbo.
Shape your girl.
Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.
Excite your clit, girl. Your clitty is highly aroused. You feel it tingling and it feels wonderful and sexy.
You want to please and be pleased. You want and need yummy cum.
Go-blank, bimbo girl
You feel so silly and happy and fluffy and your mind is blank and open to everyone, ready to listen and obey, ready for pleasure in whatever form it might take.
Come out and play, girl.
You want to dress yourself for pleasure, to feel sexy and wanton, ready for play.
You are in the process of creating a new individual, the exact girl you want to become. You are doing that by mentally creating that person. Once you decide what kind of girl you want to be you will become that girl. What you think about is what your subconscious accepts. You will tell it exactly what you want and it will do exactly as you suggest. Your subconscious knows what’s right and trusts you and listens to you. Right thought is just as important as right action, and you will think and act like the girl you want to be.
If you want to become successful, you will mentally create a more successful person. If you want to become more relaxed you will mentally create a calm, more relaxed person. And if you want to become an uninhibited silly submissive bimbo sissy girlie slut you will mentally create that image within you, so you can change what you need to change.
You are becoming relaxed and obedient, ridding yourself of hateful men’s things, surrounding yourself with lovely girly things, thinking and behaving like a silly submissive bimbo sissy girlie slut, hypnotizing yourself the way you want to be.
I suggest you find pictures of girls you want to be like, study them, think about them, and while picturing them your mind’s eye, write down all the girlie characteristics you want to develop for your body, your mind, your surroundings, your behavior, and your sexual self.
You may want to consider such things as: long silky spreadable legs, soft smooth touchable body, big squeezable grapefruit breasts, full kissable pouty lips, narrow waist that large hands can fit around, wide hips for wiggling, curvy and round luscious shakable butt for grabbing, long muscled high-heel trained calves, soft smooth sensitive milky thighs, long shiny curly feminine hair, thin arched feminine eyebrows, long flirty eyelashes, soft caressable skin, pointed and polished girlie fingernails and toenails, large white feminine teeth for a natural smile, soft girlie voice, submissive vocabulary and intonation, free emotions, more laughing, more crying, a more girlie diet, exercise, and attitude. There are so many girlie things you want and need and must have.
When you list them and write them down it will remind you of the girl you want to become, because all the traits and characteristics are within you that make it possible to know and believe that you can become what you think about becoming. Think about what a good girl is. Do good girls listen? Do good girls do as they are told?
You will study the list every day and improve it just as you are improving yourself. You may be surprised to find it becoming your new reality, your new measure of progress.
 You will no longer be weak, you will be strong and accepting of your new reality.
Awaken fully pretty girl.

Sleep girl, sleep.
You may turn loose now of all tension, fears, and anxieties. Let them float away from your body like helium balloons and disappear into the vastness of space.
That’s a good girl, a good sissy girl. Send a nice pleasant wave of relaxation through your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel it pass through your temples, your eyes, your jaw, your lips, and neck. Feel it relaxing your shoulders, your chest, your arms and hands. Let it pass through your stomach and hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, feet, until it passes through your toes and out.
You feel droopy, drowsy, and sleepy. So calm and relaxed. Feeling more relaxed with every easy breath you take.
Relax…relax. Let a good, pleasant feeling of well being fill your body. Let every muscle, every nerve lose its tension and go loose and limp and so relaxed. Your arms and legs are limp as a rag doll.
Shape your girl.
Imagine yourself in the magic girlie shaping machine. The white-hot light shapes you like a girl, rounder and softer with wider hips and breasts. The cool blue cylindrical light shrinks and shapes your clitty the way a girl’s should be. Go bimbo blank, girl.
Your mind is open wide and so accepting of these gentle words. You are hearing them, absorbing them, feeling them caress and settle comfortably into your mind and deepest thoughts.
You feel so compliant, so obedient, so submissive to these words and thoughts now. You are one with them, ready to learn, to believe, to understand, to shape and become.
You are such a good submissive sissy girl and becoming better every day. Remember that right thought is as important as right action.
You obey the sissy girl within you more and more and are becoming more obedient, more submissive to your Masters and Mistresses, the Real Men, and the Real Women around you.
You’re a sensuous and loving sissy girlie when you want to be, you are a wanton slut when you want to be.
Sex is a wonderful experience for you.
You are ready to Come out and play, girl.
You truly enjoy giving pleasure and as you concentrate on that you make your partner feel happy and you will succeed in giving and receiving peak pleasure and enjoyment.
Each sexual experience will be better and better and more and more sensuous and enjoyable.
Excite your clit, girl.
You experience sex like a very naughty girl, a slut, the kind of girl Real Men like. You love foreplay and passionate kissing and caressing.
You have a very talented mouth, lips, and tongue.
You have a very tight and deep pussy that you keep clean and lubricated and ready for use.
Your throat is deep and accepting.
You have soft, sensual gentle hands and fingers.
You love to suck and lick and stroke a Real Man’s cock and make it hard and throbbing.
You love to lick and suck and tease a Real Man’s cream-filled balls and make them churn and boil.
You love sweet cum cream and the more you kiss and lick and suck the sweeter the cream becomes.
And the longer you nibble and slurp and lick and suck a Real Man’s cock and balls and hold him back from cumming the more sweet cream you will get and the hotter it will be.
And if you finger and lick and tongue around and in his ass and asshole the sweet hot cream will erupt like a geyser filling your mouth faster than you can swallow it, dripping from the corners of your mouth and down your chin. It is sweet and heavenly like the nectar of the gods, and you will not waste a drop of it.
The more sweet cream you have, the more of a woman you become, and the sexier you become the more sweet cream you crave and lust for.
Sweet man-cream makes your breasts bigger, your hips wider, your skin softer, your hair shinier.
It makes you smile and giggle like an air-headed blonde bimbo with nothing on her mind but cock, hot hard cock full of sweet cum cream for you.
You are a cum junkie, a cum addict, a cum bank, a cum depository.
You need to be constantly filled with cock and cum.
It is more than a need, more than a want, it is a lustful craving, sweeter than candy, tastier than chocolate.
You need it and you need it often.
You love to beg and plead in your best sissy girlie voice for him to fuck your pussy lips deep and hard and make you his wanton woman.
You want his sweet cum inside your pussy, on your face, in your mouth, everywhere and anywhere you can get it, wherever he wants to put it.
You love to lick his cum-coated cock and balls until they are clean and wet and shiny.
You become delirious when he licks and sucks and nibbles on your sensitive girlie nipples.
Wanton sex will make you quiver and shiver and shake like an orgasmic girl. Wanton sex opens up your pussy and makes it smile.
You go wild when he cups his hand on your clitty and rubs it.
You beg him to take you and fuck you as his whore, his slut.
You spread your legs wide—wife-wide—for him.
You moan and scream with delight and pleasure.
You tell your lover to never stop.
You want to be completely dominated and used shamelessly for pleasure.
You dress to please in heels and hose and short skirts.
You want to be owned, shown off, whored out.
You want to be ravaged, relentlessly into total submission.
You have a soft and willing mouth, lips and tongue for kissing, licking, and nibbling nipples, clit, ass, balls, or cock.
You are available for total pleasure from head to toe, whether its kissing or massage or getting hot and rough and nasty and dirty.
You are in constant need of hard cock and loads and loads of hot sweet cum on your face, your tits, and in your mouth and pussy, day and night.
You want your pussy and mouth used and used well on a regular basis.
You love to tease and flirt and your sex drive and stamina are insatiable.
You want to be treated like the slut and whore you are.
You love to swallow and taste sweet cum from heavy cumming cocks.
You want your pussy pounded, your ass spanked, your hair pulled like a slut.
You love deep hard long fucking by dirty-talking dominant men.
You love being made to beg for sweet cum.
After sex, you love to hug and kiss and snuggle and cuddle.
You do whatever is needed to be taken fully for loving.
You are eager to please, to be played with, and be enjoyed.
You love for your pussy to be penetrated and thoroughly fucked.
You love to eat pussy, to suck cock, and get fucked hard.
There is nothing more exciting than having your lipsticked lips wrapped around a big thick hard cock.
You have a huge appetite for sweet cum, you can’t get enough of it.
You love to be paddled, spread, fucked, and forced to swallow.
You think about cock all the time, caressing it kissing it, licking it, sucking it. Cum is yummy, yummy cum is what you want, what you need.
Script #8
Sleep girl, sleep.
Relax. Send a wave of relaxation through your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Go deeper in trance, honey, go deeper. That’s a good girl, a good bimbo.
Shape your girl.
Feel the white hot light on your body and the cool blue light on your clitty shaping you, rounding you, feminizing you.
Go-blank, bimbo girl
You feel so silly and happy and fluffy and your mind is blank and open to everyone, ready to listen and obey, ready for pleasure in whatever form it might take.
You feel so deeply relaxed, so deeply feminine, such a good sissy girl.
Let go and embrace those secret feminine desires.
Accept the delicious sensuous girl within you.
Imagine your pussy lips parting and the intense throbbing in your clitty.
See your legs spreading and your pussy parting and that big hard cock going past your opening and sliding deep inside you.
See the big, thick, long cock fucking your pussy lips, in and out, deeper and deeper and deeper with his big belly crushing and rubbing your throbbing clitty with every powerful thrust.
You want that big thick cock soooo bad.
Your girlie pussy feels alone and empty without a Real Man’s big cock filling it up, and stretching it open.
You need hard wet nasty animalistic sex.
You need to feel a man’s cock thrusting deeply inside you to feel like a woman. When you feel the masculine power of a Real Man’s cock inside you, it makes you more feminine, more submissive.
You love it when a Real Man fucks you and you are becoming more addicted to cock everyday.
Your pussy and mouth are so horny for cock.
Hard cock is your drug, your addiction. It is the only way you can cum.
You will become the ultimate cockslut.
You will worship cock.
You want to be fucked all the time, everyday.
You will beg for it just like a love-starved girlie slut.
You love to be fucked and you want the world to know it.
You are a slut, a slut for cock. A cum swallowing, cock sucking, fuck slut whore. And you like sweet cock cream more than anything.
It is better than sugar, candy, chocolate, cake, all rolled into one.
There is no turning back.
As of now, you are a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.
You will go forth, as a wanton cockslut, and please Real Men in every way you can, regardless of size, shape, or color.
Hairy men, muscular men, bald men, flabby men, white men, black men—it makes no difference as long as they have a cock full of sweet cream.
Serving their cock is your duty, your job, what you were put on this planet for. You will get better and better and better at it with practice.
You are in constant training to give pleasure.
From now on, whenever you hear, say, or think the words, “Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut,” your pussy will ache for cock, your clitty will engorge and throb with an intense desire to cum, you will long to wrap your sissy bimbo girlie lips around a Real Man’s hard cock. The words, “Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut,” will drive you to feed your addiction, to take your drug of cock. And you will want this drug of hard cock more and more every day. You will want to feast on sweet cock cream.
You will be unable to say no. You will be unable to lie. You will tell the truth to the whole world, that you are truly a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut. It is your destiny.
If someone asks, “what do you do?” you will said, “I am a silly submissive sissy bimbo slut.”
If someone asks, “what is your name?” you will say, “I am Sissy, a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.”
You are ready, slut.
Excite your clit, girl.
Come out and play, girl
Be a silly submissive sissy bimbo girlie slut.


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