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Your Turn

by gordboy

Your Turn

This is Marie taking her turn at domination after the story "A Kinky Afternoon". This story can certainly be read and enjoyed on its own, but you might want to read about the Kinky Afternoon first.


We're together naked – but I'm exhausted. I apologize and beg for you to let me sleep for an hour or so. You pout a little but give in as long as I take a Viagra pill first and you let me know that you'll be ready for me in an hour!

I fall asleep with your breasts in my back and your arm around my chest. I'm amazed that I can sleep knowing that I'm with you and dreaming of an hour from now – but I'm dead tired.

I wake up on my back – with you whispering in my ear. I don't quite get what you are saying, still half-asleep. I try to move my left arm to put it around you, but it doesn't move. My eyes jerk open and I look at my wrist. It is tied to the bedpost! I pull on my right arm that won't move either. I look into your eyes, and you're smiling.

Now I begin to understand what you've been whispering. "Do you trust me?"

Nervous and excited I nod my head and say 'Sure'. You then ask, "What are our safe words?" At this point my whole body is beginning to tingle and I moan. You smile and repeat "What are our safe words?"

I'm nodding my head but finding it difficult to speak. Finally I croak 'cauliflower and chocolate.'

You patiently say 'yes, but what do they mean?'

I tell you that "chocolate (your favorite food) means don't stop but lighten up, and cauliflower (the food I hate) means I'm over the edge – please stop now".

You smile look down my body to my penis, which is standing straight up, and say 'it looks like your ready.'

I nod but am somewhat anxious because I have no idea what comes next. You lean down to kiss me and I try to put my arms around you, forgetting that they are still attached to the bed. You kiss me lightly and start to pull away. I lift up trying to remain in contact with your lips, but you pull away and say 'it gets a little frustrating doesn't it?' Oh God yes it does!

You sit up and say, "Where shall I start?"

I stammer 'Anywhere you want!'

You tell me that 'that's the right answer' and lean over and place your nipple in my mouth.

Oh wow, I'm thinking, what a good place to start! I lick the tip of your nipple with my tongue, then swirl all around the edge. I close my lips on your nub, tighten, you start to pull up – I hold on as long as I can using my teeth at the end – until you finally pull your nipple out of my reach.

You then say – "Oh that reminds me." You get up off the bed and walk over to your bag. I follow you with my eyes. When you come back you have something hidden behind your back, at this point I'm not too concerned because I'm mesmerized by your breasts swinging back and forth as you kind of bounce back to me. You kneel beside me and tell me you've gone shopping. You show me a handful of clothes pins in one hand, and then pull out the other hand and show me a couple of metal clamps. "I bought these for you!" You smile. I smile nervously. You drop them on the bed and move your hands to my chest.

You rub my chest and slowly rake your fingernails over my nipples. You put your lips to my nipple and using your tongue, you lick, and then suck it into your mouth. You then grab it with your teeth and pull. I groan and start to lift of the bed and lift with your mouth until I'm stopped by the restraints - you pull a little more and then finally let go. I shiver and sigh.

You then pick up a clamp and holding my nipple with one hand put the clamp over it and gently allow the clamp to tighten. You watch my eyes and I look at you. I can feel the pressure increasing until you let it go entirely. I finally let out my breath I didn't even know I was holding. You ask 'are you OK'? I smile and nod. You smile and lower your head to my other nipple.

For some reason the anticipation is worse, knowing what's about to happen. This time as you place the clamp over my nipple instead of slowly letting it tighten, you let go quickly and it snaps on my nipple and I groan 'ahhhhhhhhhh!'

You again ask, "are you OK"? I don't say anything for a minute afraid of what will come out of my mouth.

Eventually I level off and say 'I'm fine'.

I kind of smile and then you do too. You reach up and kiss me on the lips. I kiss you back but my lips and mouth seem to have dried up. As you kiss me your chest come in contact with the clamps and adds additional pressure. You then start to move down my body and put your hands on my penis which was hard before you even touched it.

You start to wonder aloud, "I have these extra clothespins now – what can I do with them?' At this point I'm just moaning. You stretch out my ball sac and take a pin and clip it on. You look at me and then continue and attach two others. At this point you lower your head to the head of my penis and lick off the precum. I again groan.

When you start to lower your head again, one hand comes up to my chest and begins to flick the clamp while your other hand go to the clothespins and begins to twist. And then your mouth envelops my prick.

My mind is going crazy with the range of sensations. My nipples are burning, and each twist adds a flame. My ball sac is all stretched out and each twist adds tightness. Your mouth on my dick is warm and giving me incredible pleasure. You work your tongue around and lick the head.

I am groaning with delight. It's like I can't tell if it really hurts or it really feels good but I know my penis is getting ready to burst at the same time as I feel the burning pain from the clips. WOW.

You then start moving your mouth up and down my penis. You use your tongue when you reach the top. After a while I can start to feel my impending orgasm, you can feel it too and pull your mouth off. I lift my crotch to try and find your mouth again so I can remain in contact and finish. But you say "we'll save that for later."

I can't believe it. I was so close and you just stopped. My body is twitching to try and finish myself but I can't. You come up to my face and say "it will be even better when you do finish, but there's something I want you to do first."

I'm still breathing heavy just beginning to come back down to earth. You kiss me – my mouth is still dry – so you give me some of your tongue and I slurp on it beginning to get moisture in my mouth again. You notice how dry I am, and ask, "do you need something to wet your whistle?"

I nod, and you say you have just the thing. You get up and I think that you're going to get me some water. Instead you reposition yourself, so that your pussy is inches from my face. "Can you see how wet I am?" you ask. You lower yourself so that I have to reach up so I can lick your lips.

You were right, you are wet. My tongue licks you - soaking up your moisture. My mouth is now moistened and I revel in your taste.

You then lower yourself until your pussy is jammed up against my mouth. I use my mouth and lips and tongue. I lick up and down your lips. I use my tongue as a probe and finally push it a little way into your vagina. I push it in and out – in as far as I can reach and then out again. And then rapidly in and out. Then I rub my tongue up and down your lips. You moan as I start to concentrate on your clitoris.

I use my lips to grab your clit in my mouth. At that moment your hands are behind your back and you grab the clamps on my nipples and pull on them. I groan into your crotch and hold on tight to your clit. You keep pulling on the clamps and I pinch your clit even a little harder and just put my teeth on it when you start to spasm as you begin your orgasm.

You let go of the clamps and pull yourself out of my reach shuddering as your orgasm winds down. You lay down beside me and cuddle me for a few minutes. You put your head on my shoulder and run your hand over my belly and chest leaving my sore nipples alone for the time being.

Eventually you've recuperated and you again move your body down mine. Soon your breasts are over my cock. If it lost any of its hardness since your mouth left it, I've regained it. I feel like I'm as hard as I've ever been in my life.

You press your soft breasts into my penis. They feel cool and soft against my dick. You move them up and down the shaft.

At this point you begin to unclamp the clothespins on my sac. You move your mouth down and gently take my balls into your mouth. You are very gentle as you swish them around your mouth. You lift up and they fall out with a plop.

You then move up again and wrap my penis in your breasts. You slid your breasts up and down the shaft. At the end of each stroke your mouth ends up on the head of my dick. And then you stroke again. I am groaning wildly with pleasure. You then take one hand and reach up to a clamp. You flick it, then twist it and finally pull on it.

You're still moving your breast over my cock and licking it. You move your hand to the other clamp and repeat the process and his time when you pull – you keep pulling. I groan and begin to ejaculate. This first spurt hits my belly and then you hungrily put your mouth on me and begin to suck me dry.

As I am emptied my dick begins to go limp and falls out of your mouth. You move up to my belly smile at me and lick up the first spurt you missed. You then reach up and remove the clamp from my left nipple. It kills as blood rushes back into the nipple. You put your mouth on it and GENTLY lick my nipple helping it to calm down.

You them look at me and repeat the process on the other clamp. I am biting my lip in anticipation of the release of the clamp. The release is so much worse that the original bite when you attached them. But you use your mouth and tongue very effectively, to alleviate the sting.

You lift you head to mine and kiss me deeply. You're lying on top of me and your soft breasts are resting on my chest pressing against my tender nipples. What an incredible feeling! Your mouth is exploring mine. You bite my lower lip and then lift your head and smile. You ask, "are you OK?"

I reply, 'No I'm not OK - I'm fantastic!!' You laugh and reach over to release my hands rubbing your body against mine. As soon as I'm released I wrap my arms around you and Hold you tight. I might never let you go!!


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