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My Ride of a Lifetime. Mind Control.

by Haxsaw

My Ride of a Lifetime. Mind Control.

Haxsaw presents... This recollection was from a college aged girl from the Netherlands. Her name is Cindy. As usual, I worked the writing to make it more simplistic to read. I corrected any grammatical errors. I also changed the name of the subject. This was her experience with one of my files.

I awoke from a dream. I remember I had a pink slip on. It was from my undressing. I remember coming home from some restaurant but do not recall which one. I looked about the room. My heels were along the floor. A glass of wine was on the coffee table. The windows to the living room were shuttered. My dress was tossed over the couch. It was then a strong hand pushed me from behind.
I craned my head back and cursed.
"Do it again, Haxsaw!" I hollared. I do not remember how Haxsaw was in my house yet I could turn and see him. I was dropped on my knees. I hiked my slip up. Haxsaw grabbed a handful of my hair. I was breathing heavier. As the music played that beat again Haxsaw pulled my hair more. I was not always this way.
I am the records clerk at the company. I sometimes dreamed of the accounts payable being sent to my own personal account. I never would do this and being caught means heavy prison sentencing. I had thought of it though. I stumbled across warpmymind.com. I ran a few files by Haxsaw. Some files of his are just lousy! Other files are quite good. I often awoke to find myself with a tight tummy and a mind afloat of ideas.
While listening to ***** file I was wanting to be bound! I wanted to be controlled. What was happening to me? I never felt this way before. Come on, Cindy, grab hold of yourself. It is just a file. After a stressful day at work I came running home to plug in the headphone. I did not even like Haxsaw's voice! What was he doing to me?

Haxsaw's note. The following is my best at re-writing what Cindy told she lived through. I tried making it sanitary as possible, end note.

I was feeling his huge cock plunging in and out of me. My insides were like, on fire! I wanted him to stop! For the love of God, Haxsaw! Stop! His arm came over my shoulder and he was pumping in me from behind. He was deep inside me. My back was arched and I was breathing heavier. I wanted it to end. For all he put me through I came and came. My bug was so wet! God, I was so wet. I never had a man control me like this before. I was being put in my place... Big time. As Haxsaw stopped I was begging for more.
What was Haxsaw doing? What was happening to me? I could not even think right. All I could do was feel. It was then Haxsaw hollared at me for wanting to steal from the ***** account. I never told him where I worked. How did he know? Exhausted as I was I simply lay there, naked. Haxsaw started spanking me. Wearing leather gloves, he spanked me many times.
Clutching me with his other hand he was pressing firmly up against my bug. He used his other hand to spank me. As uncomfortable as I was I hitched my rear end. Each time Haxsaw then spanked. I soon felt tingling in my bug as he spanked me again. Strange as it was, the pain of being spanked seemed to coincide with the feeling as he fingered my bug. My tummy tightened again. I hugged a pillow at the edge of the couch. "No, Haxsaw, no!"
Later, I was nearing orgasm. I squealed. I orgasmed many times. It was soon a series of lost feelings and nothing more made sense.
I do not know of other girls yet if you are alone then maybe, just maybe the ***** file can awaken something in you like it did me. After using the file for ****** weeks I am happy and not as angry with others. I seem to not let life trouble me as it did before. I want to try other files dealing with bondage.


Re: My Ride of a Lifetime. Mind Control. - darkenedav

in future you might want to proof read before posting...

Re: My Ride of a Lifetime. Mind Control. - Haxsaw

Dear Darkenday,
I went over the writing, carefully. I could not seem to find anymore grammatical errors. I apologize for any short comings though. I do confess my eyesight is not good as it should be. I try hard to compensate for this. Would you mind pointing out what you are discussing, please? Thank you.

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