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My Adventures in Science!

by outkast1728

My Adventures in Science!


And finally, I arrived at my destination, I'm coming to the facility with the help of the map, is impressive, the building has a hemispherical form, but only see a door.The building is not very large, is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of native forests, to get here would have been difficult without the help of a map.

I'm here because I received by mail an invitation to take a free tour in this facilities, according to rumours, here there are all sexual research than one might imagine, I predict that it will be really very interesting.

I enter through the front transparent glass door, and it opens by itself automatically.


Within of room was quite spacious, guess that's the main room for visitors, in the center is someone who looks like a robot, well, surely is a robot, since its body is made entirely of metal and wires.

"Hello, my name is Jake Shadowpaw, I come for the invitation I received a few days ago.", I said.

"Welcome to Advanced Research Center 21, thanks you for coming, according to my records is for a free tour in this facilities.", said the robot with autonomous voice.

"Affirmative, I'm anxious to see what research here.", I said, looking around trying to see something.

I noticed that there were cameras rolling in the corners of the room, I smiled at the camera.

"Of course, but before proceeding, you must sign this document.", The robot took from his desk a few documents with a pen and handed it to me.

"What is this, could you summarize me?", there are plenty of pages that I could last several hours reading.

"Basically, during your stay here at our facility, you are not allowed to harm any of the subjects, although you can interact with them. Some volunteer subjects are immobilized, and you not allowed to try free they because as spoil the experiment and could be necessary to start over. Besides containing other provisions to respect the proper operation of these facilities. It is a standard procedure for these installations."

"Ok", It seems logical, I took the pen and signed with my name Jake Shadowpaw to the document in the box that said "sign here".

"Alright! please kindly follow me...", the robot took the documents and put them under the counter.

I followed the robot to an adjacent room, there were some lifts, we entered one of them. Then the robot manipulated some keys and lift starts down until it reached its destination. How many plants have down? looked pretty deep.

"How deep we are?", I asked the robot.

"We are currently about 20 feet below ground, is designed to maintain and better energy efficiency, and in the case of a leak within the biological sections, we could easily control the situtation. The air is continuously renewed throughout life support system, and we have several emergency generators in case of power failure. "

Wow, interestingly, is a very modern facilities, the robot followed in a well lit hallway and got to the first door. The door was locked safely through an electronic panel, the robot took a card, passed the panel and the door opened.


When I entered in to the room, I gasped dry, there was someone trapped inside a latex suit, is all covered and I can not see any part of his body, but by the form I conclude that it is a male dragon. The body is on his back on the floor, leaving her exposed legs and belly up. Legs, wings, and tail are completely immobilized with ropes, and not appeared normal ropes, sure it is impossible to break them. He wears a mask that prevents having vision, and his mouth is connected to protruding tubes. It's amazing, this vision made ??my heart beat too fast.

"Here is our latest addition, is a volunteer who is being subjected to a system of orgasm denial, for now is holding up well, as I see in the computer already been here a week.We have put it a high-tech cockring that prevents he ejaculation or orgasm, without lowering the sensitivity, he feel all the pleasure."

"But how he can endure so much? How long will the experiment?", I asked.

"This depends on the endurance of the subject, the system is programmed to detect health problems and will disable the device to let he cum. In the meantime, he is connected with supply pipes that provides the necessary nutrients, and also we offer a massage by day, so his feeding and feeding is guaranteed."

On hearing the word of the robot, the trapped dragon moved violently and launched groans, but the restraint was very effective and could hardly move his body.

"It seems not at ease here.", I commented to the robot.

"This is impossible, the comfort is a priority for this subject, He certainly want to draw attention, as it has not received many visits since he is been here. Ah, excuse me, but I have to go up, my sensors detected that we have another visitor, and I need receive he, please continue the tour yourself, no loss, follows the blue line on the floor. here's a visitor card for you that lets you move freely around the facilities."

"Okay, thank you very much", I said while I took the card.

Then the robot left the room leaving me and the subject alone. The dragon tried again to release and launched other moans, but as expected, he is remained in her place.

"Hey dragon, looks like you're reaching your limit", the dragon gave another whimper, trying me to feel sorry.

A closer look, I see his erect cock in latex costume, and is stuck with a vibrator. and below him finish out a rope with a bundle, I conclude that it is a kind of pump for the anus. But it seems that the vibrator is at minimum power and the pump is not inflated.

I remembered what the robot said, I can not hurt him or release him, only interact with it. And the poor dragon can't ejaculate or have orgasm, will be a little difficult to help he. I looked around the room, not seem to have cameras like the ones in the main room. And these white walls are completely smooth, like modular panels, so it was unlikely that anyone is watching us.

"Want to help?", I asked, and this time the dragon nodded.

"You're a pervert dragon, how could you get into this situation?, the dragon tries to speak but his gag prevented from doing so.

I smiled, this situation is arousing me and my heart beats strongly.

I guess it's time to get on with my tour, but first I should try to help the poor defenseless dragon.

"Be quiet dragon, I will try to help you", I toggle through the lump that is connected to his anus,

and also I put the penis vibrator to full power, while I began to massage his penis, he screamed in excitement, I'm sure that he was enjoying this.

After a few minutes, the dragon started breathing so accelerated, however his breathing returned to normal and started to fight again.

Wow, the antiorgasm device works well, not let him finish.

"I'm sorry dragon, but it seems that the antiorgasm device is doing its job, I can't do more for you, I need continue my tour", and left him alone with the vibrator to full power.

And I started to follow the blue line into the next room, while the dragon fought hard against his restraints. I smiled to myself.


I use the card that gave me the robot to move to the next room.

In this there is also a subject, this time is a female dragon, but unlike the other, she is not n any latex suit. She is kneeling on the floor, his legs and arms are immobilized with a single metal bar, and this is connected to ground by a small chain, this makes the dragon is face down on the floor with his private parts exposed to air. The restrictions are strong, and in this position, is completely helpless against any attacker. Its wings are also fully folded and tied, and best of all is that his tail is attached to a collar neck with a rope. She also can not see me, because she have a rubber cap and covers her eyes.

"Hello!", I greeted him, and began to squirm and emit groans trying to speak, but is wearing a gag and prevented him from doing so.

What was she doing there? There not appeared to be doing any experiments, no one to understand these scientific.

"Looks like you're another volunteer on this, I not seem that you to be getting any external stimulation, I bet you want to help you reach an orgasm", then she began moaning and trying to free.

I smiled to myself inside, is totally helpless in this position, it seems that scientists have put so invite the visitors to play with.


I use the card that gave me the robot to move to the next room.

In the next room there was no subject, but in the middle is a very unusual machine.

It's kind of hemispherical egg, someone may be lying face down on top, and seems quite comfortable, because as the top is made ??of a soft material. The machine has holes, according to the distribution seems to be meant for the arms, legs, and... the intimate parts.


And then came the day of my release, a robot entered the room where I was immobilized.

I visited several more rooms, all with very interesting subject, but it's getting late and I already wanted to go home to rest. LOCATION: EXTERIOR FACILITIES

I left the facilities, it seems a very interesting place where I would come back another day.


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