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My Thoughts On Hypnosis

by randomperv26

My Thoughts On Hypnosis

Hello, everyone.
My name is David.
I've read that in order to get a bit of Premium time, one of the easiest ways to earn it is to submit a story. I don't have any fiction to offer, or a personal testimonial of hypnosis working, so I've decided to write a bit about my personal thoughts and feelings regarding hypnosis.
I have to admit, I stumbled upon this site while searching for erotic audio. I found this site, and was immediately intrigued. I really like the idea of transforming myself, at least to my own perception, to be able to experience things that normally I wouldn't be able to experience the way I am now. I don't really have the freedom to literally change my physical self, as my masculinity in my personal and public life are a necessity. However, I find myself thinking about what it would feel like to experience being a woman, or even a shemale. The thought of feeling like I'm a shemale, honestly, turns me on. I would love to be able to trigger a perceptual change and see/feel myself in that way. I wouldn't even need porn at that point. I'd just look at myself in this new form and become hard and ready to masturbate almost instantly.
I've downloaded a few of the free files here, and have yet to experience any success. Primarily because I haven't yet been able to achieve trance. I have found one file that seems to be leading me in that direction, though. Once I've trained myself to trance, I'll undoubtedly begin training with EMG's "Trig Shemale" file. That, honestly, is what I want to achieve first. As I stated earlier, the very thought of transforming, even temporarily, is such an amazing thought, I can't help but fantasize and dream about it.
Finding free time to listen these files, at times, proves difficult. I'm a stay-at-home dad, taking care of my 17-month-old son while my wife sleeps and/or works, so I generally have to be in the same room as him, or with my wife, at any given point in the day. However, when I do find time, I cherish it, and make the most of it.
Well, that's the gist of it. This has been my personal thoughts and opinions on hypnosis, at least in regards to myself, and what I'm looking forward to achieving through it.
Thank you for your time.


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