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Haxsaw Presents..... [OVERLAP, RENAME 1]

by Haxsaw

Haxsaw Presents..... [OVERLAP, RENAME 1]

I once again present this submission given to me. The name was changed as well was the location. I re-worded the story for clarification and grammar. Please be open minded.

I was listening to the French Maid Series by Haxsaw. I am Amy. I am at Trenton University in Washington. I was responding well to the files. I was amazed the files worked so fast! He was a fast talker and I reacted so quickly. I was liking how Hazsaw put me under so deep and quickly.
I was listening to a living doll series. I was getting into it. In time, it was becoming a habit. One time I was dressing more and more for the listening of the file.
I was really, really into Barbie. I grew up with Barbie. When little I cut her hair only to find it would not grow back. Oh well! I just love the Barbie doll fantasy. I was looking at an old Barbie I had before slipping on some headphones. I last remember the one, two three and then snapping fingers. It was all unreal afterwards.
I came to in bed. I was naked. I was never so embarrassed in my life. There was Haxsaw. I am eighteen years old, okay? I am lying there in bed and Haxsaw is standing at the sideline. I am not able to move, I mean I am so exposed! He speaks and tells me I am living my ultimate fantasy. I am a rubber doll. I am thinking, "WTF?"
I hear the high school playing band music. I am wondering what is going to happen next. I see Toby run in the room. Now Toby is six feet, thin, musclebound and black. I am noticing he is suited up for a football game, okay? His jersey is open so his privates are exposed. He then makes love to me!
I never made love before yet dreamed of it many a night. I never felt such a huge man before! I am lying there as I am. I am just merely a rubber doll, okay? I am with legs spread and arms at my side. Toby is just pumping me wild. I cannot speak or offer resistance. I am just taking him, fully. After he is done I feel something wet shoot inside me. I want to speak yet my mouth is set partially open.
Another high school football player of ours comes in. It is Douglas. He is shorter yet heavier. He is huge and black, of course. I want to get up and leave. I am set and in position. Douglas is dressed for football. He makes love to me like I am an easy target. I try screaming as his meat pins me in place. Once he is almost done he shoots something wet inside me too. I get an idea I am being used for a sperm recepticle.
All during the night the football team gang bangs me good. I am in tears yet it feels so good. I mean, my privates are torn yet I want more. Haxsaw is standing a short ways from me. He keeps reminding me I am a sex doll. I start believing I am to be used for sex. In time, I begin to lose count of how much come is shot inside me.
At end our team mascot makes love to me. Our team mascot is a blue, fuzzy wolf. I welcome him with relief as I know he is the last one. He shoots the longest, runniest come load. I feel so cheap and used. I want to run and hide. I am posed and in place. Haxsaw picks me up, washs me up and carries me away.
Haxsaw sets me upright in a closet. He tells me he will use me again, once I listen again. He tells me I will be back. I hear him count to three and then snapping fingers. I next fall deep asleep. I welcome the rest.
I am yours Haxsaw,

As we can see I have changed the place setting and names for privacy reasons. Files of the type mentioned here do bring on differing dreams. Here is hoping I am receiving more confessions in the near future.


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