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Finally (The full treatment)

by Blankisbeautiful

Finally (The full treatment)

It had been so long since he had been treated like this. Some alone time, no wife and kids, having his hair washed by a beautiful woman. And she was beautiful.
The “Executive Cut” came with a scalp massage and hot towels and he was enjoying every moment of it. She was so beautiful. She wore black jeans, tight to her unbelievably round ass, and a tasteful black baby tee. He was married, but he wasn’t dead.
The shampoo was refreshing, and when she put the hot towel on his face he was overwhelmed by the scent of eucalyptus and, cinnamon? It was strong and it made him feel, a little drunk, actually. That was funny, drunk, but he was so relaxed and tingling, and god she was beautiful.
She loved this part. This moment; this was even better than what came after, because this was when it happened. The towel had some herbs with a very mild sedative, but that wasn’t the magic. And the magic was all her. She looked down on her client, peaceful, arms limp. He wasn’t moving at all, but she knew he was awake. Perfect. This part always made her wet, and that was good because the magic came from there. As she looked down on her prey she eased her right hand into the front of her jeans, and slipped it beneath her panties. She bathed her middle finger in her wet warmth and took the opportunity to play with herself a bit. She loved this part, and so would he, in a moment.
Removing her wet fingers from between her legs, she used her other hand to gently unwrap the towel from his face. His eyes were closed, his cheeks and forehead pink from the heat of the towel, and she gently stroked her wet finger along his upper lip, just under his nose.
The effect was delicious. He inhaled her scent, and his mind responded instantly to the stimulation. He started to feel the Fever.
Everyone has experienced it, the Fever. That moment in your arousal when you will say anything, do anything to keep it going, to mate, to fuck. It is fleeting, intense, and has led to many awkward post-sex conversations, but it is extremely powerful.
And he was feeling it right now. His mind, conditioned from millions of years of evolution, was completely focused on her, on sex… on her.
Now she reached for the little bottle next to the sink, and pulled out the dropper inside. This is what made it more than just lust, this liquid glistening inside the clear dropper. This is what made the fever permanent. She massaged his face with one hand and carefully pulled his jaw down, opening his mouth slightly. Then she slipped the dropper in his mouth and squeezed. He was surprised, and jerked slightly, but he also swallowed reflexively.
His mind was spinning. Oh god she was beautiful, and he wanted her so much. He didn’t want to have her, or fuck her or own her, he just wanted to do or say whatever would make her stay. Please look at me, he thought, please pay attention to me, please, please, please…his heart was racing, his heart was aching. He just wanted her to keep touching him, he needed that, nothing else mattered. Nothing.
She stepped one leg over his reclining form and straddled him. A moan escaped from his throat. He was still trying to control himself, how sweet. She put her hand on either side of his face and spoke, “Open your eyes.”
He looked into the face of heaven, her eyes were infinite, perfect, and they were part of the most delicate sweet face ever to exist. She told him to look deep in her eyes and he tried to look deeper but he was already completely immersed in them. Her voice stroked his mind, her words filled his thoughts. He wanted nothing in the world but her approval. Nothing.
There were things he needed to do. He called his wife and told her that the car had broken down and it would take a while to sort it out. He was very convincing, because that is what she wanted him to be. He filled out a form in great detail, providing complete information about whatever it asked; his name, his social security number, his job and bank accounts. He signed a Power of Attorney, giving her control over his affairs, and each time he did what she said, he felt like his heart would burst with love for her. After he had given her each and everything thing she wanted from him, she looked in his eyes again, and told him he was her good boy, her slave, and that she was pleased. She kissed his cheek, and leaned close to his ear, and whispered, softly, “Come for me, my slave.”
And he did. He made a mess of himself, and thought of nothing but her, and her command. And when he was exhausted and covered in his own come, he didn’t feel relief; he felt the fever burn even hotter.
He would do anything for her, anything.
She told him to clean up, and she left the room, and he felt pain like he had broken up with his one true love. She was gone. He ached for her, longed for her.
He cleaned himself as best he could and left the dark shampoo area. The sight of her standing near the front door filled his heart with so much joy he thought he would burst.
“Please don’t leave me, please…” He tried not to whimper, but his need was so strong he couldn’t remember how to speak normally.
She smiled at him.
Oh she loved this. He was completely hers, and any thought of resistance was impossible. He was deep in the Fever. She reached out her hand and he dropped to his knees and started kissing it. She placed the hand under his chin and raised his face to look up at her, “What would you do for me?” she purred.
“Anything, anything, please, anything…”
“You need to get home to your family, my slave.” She got wet at the look of terror the thought of leaving her aroused in him.
“No, I don’t care about them, I don’t want them, I want you, I need you, I am yours, yours, please, don’t make me go back to them, please?”
“You would forsake them, abandon them, to serve me?” Her eyes smiled as the words poured out to him.
“Yes, God yes! You, only you, I can’t pretend that anything else matters, please, please…”
“Prove it. Take out your phone and call her. Tell her.”
He couldn’t get the phone out of his pocket fast enough. He wanted this, he wanted to do exactly what she said and he wanted to devote his every waking thought to her. The moment his wife answered the phone the words flew out; he was done, never coming back. He had found his only true love and couldn’t think of being near another woman. He hung up the phone without so much as good bye and looked at his dearest, only Goddess with nothing in his mind but the need to see her approval.
He spent the next 5 hours staring at her picture, chanting his devotion over and over and over. His voice hoarse, his mind mush, she came to him. She wore a short skirt and a halter top, and her body was the dream of every man who had ever lived. His Fever rose, and burned him, erasing parts of his mind he didn’t know he had. His need for her was his only reason to live. She asked him to give up everything for her, to forget, to stop resisting. He heard the words as if they echoed from Mt Olympus. He twisted every part of his being too find anything that was not hers, completely, and with a final snap he changed forever.
Empty, blank, completely devoted, he waited for her command.
Delicious - one more for her collection. His hard earned pay would go to her, and he would work at least two jobs now. Eat, sleep, work, obey.
And it made her so wet.


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