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by bugmenot2


The following story contains fictional accounts of hypnosis/mind control and m/m fantasies. If such subjects offend you or you are under 18 do not read any further.

The party was in full swing by the time Steve and Rick arrived. More than twenty guys stood around chatting in Donnie's living room. As the two men surveyed the scene, Rick said nervously, "Well, this is the test."

"Ease up," Steve laughed, giving Rick a reassuring smile. "You're going to do fine."

"But parties are my downfall, man. I always want a smoke with a beer." Rick pointed at a haze of cigarette smoke that hovered over the room. "It's gonna be too easy to bum one." Steve placed a hand on Rick's shoulder and squeezed. Rick blinked and looked directly into Steve's eyes. Steve's voice was firm and confident. "No smoke," he said simply.

At those word, Rick straightened, squaring his shoulders while taking a deep breath. "No smoke," he responded. "I really don't want a cigarette."

"Good man." Steve's voice was friendly and encouraging again. "You're gonna be fine. You're gonna have a great time tonight. The best time you ever had at a party. No smoke and lots of fun."

"Thanks, buddy," Rick smiled. "Let me buy you a beer!"

"Kitchen's that way." Steve pointed across the room. "I'm gonna find Donnie."

Rick moaned. "I may be a few minutes," he said as he headed off for the refreshments.

Steve smiled as he watched Rick walk away, nodding to himself. His roommate was going to do just fine tonight. No cigarettes in that man's future. And plenty of fun. Yes, plenty of fun.

His reverie was broken as Donnie, their host, stepped up and offered a quick kiss. "Good to see you tonight," Donnie said quietly. "You're looking good. And our boy Ricky looks very fine indeed. Everything cool?"

Steve smiled. "Everything cool."

Steve didn't know why Rick was so down on Donnie. At 6'3" he was taller than most guys in the room, and Donnie had a magnetism that usually gave him the pick of any group of men. Very muscular, with dark olive skin, Donnie possessed an outgoing personality, a charming smile and a classically masculine face. He was also a sexual powerhouse, and Steve knew from experience that he could keep the excitement going for hours.

Steve also wasn't sure why Rick had gotten under Donnie's skin so badly. Steve knew that if he had all the assets Donnie had, he would never worry about one guy who turned him down. Still, Rick had an innocent charm and a shy smile that had broken more than a few hearts in guys who didn't understand why he got nervous and backed off when they came on strong. His clean, blonde good looks had won him a nickname that Steve was sure Rick didn't know about. Guys called him "Iceman," because he never seemed to get heated up. What Steve did know was that Rick wanted to be wild. They'd jerked off together as Steve regaled Rick with stories of his own hot times, and Rick had responded with fantasies of his own about orgies full of men. Something deep within Rick just always seemed to get in the way.

"When do we start?" Donnie asked.

"Be patient," Steve smiled. "Let him get comfortable and relax awhile. Don't worry about a thing.

Two hours later, Steve found Rick sitting out on the patio, talking to a guy he'd never seen before. The stranger, a light-skinned black man with a lanky body was puffing on a cigarette. Only mildly concerned, Steve walked over and stood behind Rick, resting a hand on his roommate's shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

Rick turned and looked up at him with a smile. "Thanks, man, but I'm cool. No smoke. No desire for a smoke. I was just telling Paul here how you helped me out."

"Hypnosis, huh?" Paul sounded skeptical, but his eyes flicked to the butt between his fingers.

"Yeah, " Rick went on enthusiastically. "Steve learned it as part of his psychology training. We worked at it every day for six weeks, then stopped. Tonight's a week since our last session and I am doing great!"

A week since the last no-smoking session, Steve corrected mentally. Weeks before he had implanted the suggestion that Rick would not remember their work together unless he was specifically instructed to. The extra-sessions on removing whatever it was that made Rick the Icemanincluding the half-hour spent just before the partywere lost to Rick's memory.

"Rick's come a long way," Steve said happily. "He feels better, he looks great, and he's having a great time, aren't you, partyboy?"

At his use of the trigger word, Steve gave Rick's shoulder another firm squeeze. The word and the touch had to be simultaneous. Steve's smile deepened as he heard Rick give the acknowledgment response he had implanted.

"Fuck yeah," Rick said happily. "I am so horny I just wanna chow down on some cock right now."

Paul sat straight up in his chair.

Oh, this was good, Steve thought. At the use of the word partyboy, Rick was supposed to express his most immediate sexual desire and think nothing strange about it. Steve spoke confidently when he said, "Sex is good, Rick. I bet Paul thinks so."

"Yeah," Rick said eagerly, "I'd love to suck Paul off right now."

Paul's eyes darted from Rick to Steve to Rick again. "You serious man?" He smiled nervously.

"Sure he is," Steve replied. "Rick's a partyboy." Squeeze. "He knows how to go for it."

Another squeeze and Rick was sliding from his chair, forward onto his knees and undoing Paul's pants. Steve grinned as he watched Rick pull Paul's semihard cock out and begin massaging it. Paul had a long, skinny dick with bulbous head, which Rick gave a long sloppy lick. Paul's head rolled back with a smile on his face.

Steve stood massaging his own cock through his pants for a minute and then turned. Time to find Donnie.

By the time Steve and Donnie had returned to the patio, other men had found the action. Rick had his face buried in the ass of a kid who looked barely old enough to drink, while Paul was bent over the back of one of the chairs, his mouth impaled by the cock of a smooth bodied, beefy platinum blonde, his ass being rammed by a muscular skinhead covered in tattoos.

"Hey," said Donnie. "I thought Ricky was all for me tonight."

"Relax," Steve replied, putting an arm around Donnie's shoulder. "The one thing Ricky won't do is cum without instruction. He can play for a long time and you can still get everything you want. Besides, it's fun to watch isn't it?"

"Hell yes," Donnie said. "Look at him!"

Rick had pulled back from the kid's ass and was now standing up, pulling on his erect cock, lubing it up with spit. "Come on, man," the kid rasped, "stuff it in me!"

Rick guided his cock forward and speared it into the boy's ass. As the kid thrashed, Rick grabbed hold of his hair and pulled his head back, grunting as he thrust his hips forward.

"I thought you fixed this so Ricky would bottom for me," Donnie said quietly.

"No," Steve said. "I planted a suggestion that would remove the inhibitions that kept him from doing what he wanted. Rick isn't my slave, Donnie. He's just gonna go after whatever turns him on."

Steve's right hand massaged his cock once more. "Rick's gonna wear that kid out soon. He'll never shoot until I tell him. Makes me pretty fuckin horny, Donnie. Make you horny?"

Donnie nodded, his eyes fixed on Rick's ass as it tensed with each thrust.

With great satisfaction, Steve went on. "You always get horny, Donnie. You're such a nasty top." And with the phrase nasty top Steve squeezed Donnie's shoulder firmly.

"Fuck yeah," Donnie replied, giving the same response as Rick. The same response Steve had implanted in Donnie's mind nearly a year before when Donnie had come to him, looking to increase his motivation at the gym.

"Turn around and look at me, Donnie," Steve said.

Donnie turned slowly, his eyes looking down at Steve, his tongue moistening his lips.

"Make me your cockwhore, Donnie, you nasty top." Two more squeezes.

A sneer spread across Donnie's face and he grabbed the hand Steve had planted on his shoulder. Quickly, he twisted the hand away, whipping Steve around, pulling Steve's arm behind his back, pushing upward and forcing his hypnotist to his toes.

Steve felt Donnie's hot breath on his ear as Donnie growled, "Want it rough?"

Sheer excitement took his voice away. Steve nodded vigorously.

Donnie bit Steve's ear, hard.

"Say it, Stevie, say it," Donnie ordered.

"Use me, fucker," Steve managed to gasp back. "Use me."

Donnie released his hold on Steve's arm, but even as the smaller man relaxed, settling back down on his feet, Donnie was turning him around and with a powerful hand on his shoulders, pushing him to his knees. The hand moved from Steve's shoulder to his mouth as Donnie forced two fingers in, shoving them deep into Steve's mouth. Steve felt himself wanting to gag, but his throat relaxed as he willed ita benefit of his own self-hypnosis. He found himself staring up the length of Donnie' hard, muscular arm, then beyond, into the eyes of a man who would have no inhibition about taking advantage of his need to serve.

A cute Asian guy Steve recognized from Donnie's gym crowd was watching the pair of them, transfixed. Without a word, Donnie grabbed the guy behind the head and pulled his mouth to his chest. Hungrily, the guy began chewing on Donnie's nipple through his t-shirt.

"Harder," Donnie barked, grinding the guy's face into his big chest.

Steve reached up and began fondling Donnie's cock through his jeans. Donnie whipped his hand out of Steve's mouth and slapped him.

"Hungry, bitch?"

Donnie laughed as Steve whimpered. He reached over, undid the top button of the Asian dude's pants and yanked them down, nearly to his knees. Donnie's titsucker was nearly erect already. Donnie grabbed the cock and squeezed. Its owner's moan was muffled by his mouthful of Donnie's chest.

"Suck this meat, bitch," Donnie told Steve.

On his knees, Steve leaned forward to suck the cock into his mouth. He gasped as he felt Donnie grab his shirt near the collar and pull. Buttons popped open as the shirt came free around Steve's chest and Donnie used the shirt to pull Steve upward. His mouth wrapped around the cock Donnie had ordered him to suck. Steve felt himself nearly hanging in the air, his shoulders still trapped in the shirt. He struggled to free on arm, then the other, still obeying Donnie's commands.

The Asian guy stiffened and started to pull away. He must be close to cumming, Steve thought. He heard Donnie say something and the guy pulled his cock out. Disappointed, Steve looked up just as both Donnie and the other man spit on his face. Steve tried to lick off the spit that landed on his upper lip, but Donnie grabbed his chin and pulled his jaw all the way open.

With his other hand, he slapped the Asian dude's cock against Steve's spit-slicked face. Steve moaned as the guy began to shoot, his cum flying everywhere as Donnie beat the spasming meat against Steve's nose and cheeks.

"Fucking whore," Donnie said, letting go of the spurting cock. He smeared his hand through the cum on Steve's face. "Lick it off."

Hungrily, Steve's tongue lapped out...

Another two hours passed, and nearly all the men at the party had gotten in on the action. Naked, Steve crouched on the patio cement, sperm from a kid with a gymnast's body running down his face. The kid had shot a huge load all over Steve as Donnie reamed his ass with his silky huge cock. Steve had heard the kid's guttural moans of pleasure, though they had been muffled by the fact that Rick's meat had been buried in his throat at the time.

The kid was grabbing up his clothes now, somewhat wobbly from the sexual high he was still riding. Inside, a few voices said that not everyone had split after climaxing, but on the patio, only Steve, Donnie and Rick remained. Steve was in heaven. He could barely remember all the things that Donnie had ordered him to do, but he had done them gladly. In the midst of enhanced domination, Donnie was a creative and truly nasty top. But like Rick, Donnie was unable to cum until Steve ordered his release. That had been a disappointment to many of the others who Donnie had used tonight, but Steve had been waiting until this moment, when only the three of them remained.

Donnie at last seemed to be getting what he wanted. Rick's mouth was suctioning one of his tits while a hand was gripped tightly around the big man's balls. Steve stood up, stretching his legs, which were stiff from so long a crouch. He rested a hand on Donnie's shoulder, squeezed, and said, "Relax." Quickly, he repeated the steps with Rick.

It was amazing to see the two men standing there, quietly, their cock's rock hard. Waiting.

Steve looked into Rick's eyes. "Rick," he said firmly. "Are you having fun?"

An easy smile spread across Rick's face. "Amazing," he said softly.

"Good," Steve said. "Rick, you get a choice. Where do you want to shoot your load?"

"I wanna see you eat it, man. I love the look on your face." Rick leaned forward and kissed Steve passionately.

"Cool," Steve said. "When I say go, I want you to feed me your cock. You can cum as soon as you are ready, buddy. Now Relax."

As Rick relaxed again, Steve turned to Donnie and spoke his name. "When I say go, you're going to grab my ass and fuck it. You're gonna fuck it hard, Donnie, hard and nasty. And after you see Rick shoot his load, you're going to be able to cum. Okay?"

Donnie nodded.

"Alright," Steve thought and he said. "Go."

Steve was unprepared for the speed with which Donnie grabbed his ass with both hands and dragged him backward toward a picnic table. "Alright, boy," Donnie barked, "Get up on that table and show me your hungry hole."

Steve practically threw himself onto his back atop the table, spreading his legs wide, his eyes fixed on Donnie's thick eight inches. He barely noticed that Rick had moved around to stand behind him until his roommate leaned forward and spoke into his ear.

"Come on, buddy. Suck on my cock and get me off."

Steve let his head fall back, his vision filling with the image of Rick's cock and above it his smoothly muscled body. Though more slender than Donnie's cock, Rick's was longer by nearly an inch, and as it slid into his mouth and down his throat Steve was amazed that he had never tasted Rick's meat until now.

It was all Steve could do not to bellow as, with a single thrust, Donnie penetrated his ass. Immediately he withdrew and thrust in again, all the way. Steve bucked his hips, trying to raise is ass to allow Donnie deeper penetration. He felt Donnie grab his nipples and squeeze, and as he shuddered with excitement, he was dimly aware of the gravely sound of Donnie's voice calling him a pig.

Steve lost himself in the alternating sensations of the two cocks within him, until with a terrible sense of loss, he felt Rick withdraw from his throat. Then suddenly he felt his faced showered with warm, silky liquid as Rick blew his load.

Steve's ass was lifted off the table completely the next moment as Donnie drove into him with astonishing force. Steve shook as he felt the spasms of Donnie's cock deep within in him again and again until the big man collapsed forward on top of him, his dick still buried in Steve's ass.

Sunlight was stretching across Donnie's yard when Steve finally woke up. His body ached and every inch of it seemed coated in dried cum. At a sound, he raised his head up from the table, then smiled.

No longer under the commands that Steve had implanted, Donnie was awake, but not exactly up. Bent over the back of same chair Rick had used so often the night before, Donnie was moaning as Rick stood behind him and fingered his muscular ass.

Rick saw that Steve had awakened and flashed him a happy grin.

"Great party last night," Rick said. "And as my thank you, buddy, you can be next."


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