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My boyfriend's surprise : )

by cd4lyfe

My boyfriend's surprise : )

My boyfriend came home from work one afternoon when I was out gardening. He usually goes upstairs and changes his clothes and such before coming down and talking to me about my day, and today was no different. However, when he finally came downstairs after changing, he turned on some smooth sensual music before walking out to the garden to come find me. I was working with my head down in the plants, so I didn't see him come out, but he walked over to me and picked me up from behind. I knew something was different when I felt his penis getting hard against my behind. I turned around to find my boyfriend completely nude and sporting the beginning of an erection. I thought, wow, this is my lucky day! He kissed me deeply, causing him to become a bit more hard, and the feeling of him pressing against my leg made me want to rip my clothes off. He started pealing layers of my clothing off until I was nude as well in the garden. We then moved to the grassy portion of my garden and he laid me down in the grass. Instead of laying over me missionary style, he flipped around so that his package was dangling in my face. He bent his face down to my wet pussy and licked, a position that sent his bum up in my face. Eagerly, I grabbed his penis and licked and scratched at it, causing him to scream out and moan my name in pleasure. I took him in my mouth, only about halfway because of his large size (he's about 9 inches), and he tensed up his entire body in pleasure. He inserted his tongue into my aching and damp vagina, sending pleasure throughout my core. As he got more and more excited, he flipped around so that he was facing me, and picked me up. He carried me to the bench inside the house and asked me to continue my ministrations on his penis, which I happily obliged. I stroked and pumped with my fingers and even pulled and nipped at it a bit with my teeth. I directed it to my core and wiped it along my vaginal folds. He told me he was about to explode, and the tension in his penis was making me so horny. He knelt down against my chest and released in between my heaving bosom, driving me wild. He then took some of the release back up onto the tip of his penis and wiped it against my folds, even pushing in just a bit. Then he used his penis as a paintbrush to paint the remaining semen around my chest. He proceeded to lap it up as he sucked and fiddled with my nipples, causing me to get even wetter with anticipation. Due to the fact that I was breastfeeding our infant at the time, a bit of milk squirted out. Seeing that as a sign, he latched onto my nipple and drank from my breast while rubbing and stimulating my other very ample breast. I couldn't take it anymore - I wanted that long gorgeous penis inside of my aching wet core immediately. At that moment, I heard a knock at the door. I had to go get it with a sheet wrapped around me, and I was so upset it was ruining the mood. As I pulled on the door, the sheet fell to the ground and I saw my neighbor, a young male, at the door. When he saw that I was naked, with a near-dripping wet pussy and large, wet, heaving bosoms, I saw that he went hard. With two erections nearby me, I thought I was going to explode. My boyfriend invited him in, and I soon had his clothes off. This man, though young, has a smaller package than my boyfriend. My boyfriend caressed his penis (which is about 6 inches, I'd guess) and the man got so hard I wanted him. We decided it would be best to have him first because he is smaller than my boyfriend. The two men laid me against the couch, and as my boyfriend suckled from my breast, the neighbor entered me swiftly, causing my to scream out in pleasure. He kept pumping and pumping and I was getting so close, but to ease it along my boyfriend bent down and licked my clitoris. That was all it took for me to climax. Because neither man was wearing protection and we didn't want me pregnant off of another man, my boyfriend stood behind the neighbor, sticking his own erection against the man's bum, and grasped the end of the man's penis, pulling it gently from my dripping core. The man, still fully erect and without release, proceeded to explode all over my chest, just as my boyfriend had earlier. Both men leaned down, taking a breast a piece, and lapped up the excess semen. I was on fire! Then my boyfriend, with his enormous penis, entered me. He was slow at first because of the great size difference, and kept asking me if I could take more of him. We managed to get him in about halfway when we hit a stopping point, but I just was so aroused I had to get him in. I thrust my legs around his bum as the neighbor bent down and licked at my core. This caused me to get so wet and my boyfriend pushed in further. It was amazing. I cried out as my boyfriend shoved the entirety of his nine-inch shaft into my core (we knew we could because we have already been pregnant together), and the explosion of pleasure and stretching was insane! I immediately hit my orgasm, sending me whirling into a world of pleasure and sensuality as I bucked my hips to match my boyfriend's fast, long, firm thrusts. He rode me so hard and deep that I screamed out for him and moaned long and hard. He exploded inside of me but remained firm as he rode out his erection with powerful thrusting movements. It was then that things got even more incredible as I felt a strange stretching in my vagina. I soon realized that my neighbor was sticking the tip of his penis inside alongside my boyfriend's penis. I didn't think it was even possible! It was painful at first because my boyfriend is already so large (in his genitals), but the pain turned to pleasure as I felt my boyfriend get hard again within me! The man could only fit the tip of his erection in, but it was so stimulating to all of us. As my neighbor removed his penis, my boyfriend began thrusting with even more force, embracing my stretched vagina. He pulled my legs firmly around his bum, allowing him to go in really deep and hard with his very long shaft. As he pounded into me, the neighbor stuck his penis into my mouth, and as my boyfriend and I rode out our orgasms together through vaginal intercourse, my neighbor exploded in my mouth. Needless to say, it was the most intense, arousing, peculiar love making I've ever experienced!


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