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Haxsaw Presents..... [OVERLAP, RENAME 6]

by Haxsaw

Haxsaw Presents..... [OVERLAP, RENAME 6]

Haxsaw presents. I found this recollection cute... Until I discovered a man sent it! Regardless, I am the sort who deals with you all. I present Tim. Please be open minded. Submission was fixed and made suitable with sizing and corrected for grammar.
I am Tim. I am majoring in Physics at this local university. The guys and I were scanning all over the Internet one time. We were up, late. We had been studying. We all had two large pizzas and some Coke. With our being filled like we were we were far from sleepy.
Studying was far behind us all! One of the guys, I believe it was Steve, decided to just fly the Internet. Someone made cracks about our being like zombies. It was quarter past two in the morning. I was not wanting to be here yet the exams were coming up. Now we were all jittering hard core from caffeine. One of the other guys... I do not remember him, made jokes we were all zombied out, crashing like the computer. Someone yelled we were like we were being hypnotized by the system. After some searching we came to this frigging' site.
Steve was hooting with laughter.
He made a bet and downloaded a file. He went and read the heading. That was what got him laughing. Being how we were all so tired we all were laughing a great deal. It was delirious laughter from lack of sleep. No one dared go to bed without studying a bit more yet we all generally agreed we needed a break. Being punch drunk we agreed to what Steve said.
Steve downloaded Aluminum Lady.
Ever been so tired you misread the instructions?
Steve was hooting still. He thought it would be great to have sex with an aluminum sex doll. We all did a per-cursory reading of the heading to the website. We had this idea the sexual file was Aluminum Lady. We had a drawing. Numbers were placed in one of the guy's baseball hat. I drew the hot number. By all this time we agreed it was quiet and we were all ready for bed. Steve downloaded Aluminum Lady on a Memory Stick. I put it on my I-Pod. We all went back to our dorms to crash and re-fuel. It was no doubt we were dog dead tired.
I lay in bed and played the freaking file.
I woke in the morning naked and in the corner of my room. My I-Pod had dead batteries and I had no idea what occurred. I was raised in church. I went to church until age twelve. I thought of demons and horror movies. I immediately convinced myself that was nothing but a slick movie script. Okay, okay, how did I end up on the floor, naked and in the corner of my dorm?
I met the guys for breakfast. I looked rough and they even said so. I had the Memory Stick in my pocket. I saw Steve and gave it back to him. He asked questions yet all I told was it placed me so deep I had no idea what was on it. He chuckled. It was Sunday so we all had a day off. Steve said he was going to see a friend. I was seriously wondering about seeing a priest. I later went outdoors. As cold as the weather is this time of year my head soon cleared. I knew I could shave later. I was late with many things. What is a fairy tale, right?
I was talking with the guys again at the same old Student Union for lunch. Some of the guys were walking some trails around the campus. Steve went Mountain Biking. That guy was so hyper, sometimes. After discussion and talk of the Patriots Game was done someone mentioned the Stick. Steve halted.
I could see he was acting like he was caught mid-sentence yet he stopped.
He gave it back to Amber. Now Amber was his girlfriend. One of the guys mentioned he wanted to try it out. A couple of the guys struck my shoulders. We all just laughed. Steve explained to us she was supposed to be coming along. We all left yet no Amber, okay? It was early on the afternoon Steve TEXTS me. He tells me a dormitory name and a room number. I went over. I showed I.D, walked in and looked for Steve.
I knocked and Steve walked me in the little dorm room. I saw Amber! I mean, I really saw Amber! I saw a Hell of alot of Amber. She was naked and pacing back and forth in her room. We stood by the door and watched. We were quieter yet dared not make a sound all the same. Amber was wearing a portable player. The Memory Stick was plugged in it.
I pointed at the stick and Steve quietly closed the door. We argued in hushed tones as we rapidly paced down the hallway. There was no way we were going to wake her! How do you explain this?
"Yes, Dean we meant this as a graduation gift."
At schools end we discovered from Steve Amber made copies of Aluminum Lady. Many of the girls in her dorm were listening to it, over and over from what she told him. We went back and re-read just what the file really offers. We were still lost. Whoever Haxsaw is he must work for some group or something to make material at your site like this? Does this file have any long-term danger? I ask as I have read about Water-Holes for some reason. I also read of mind control studies by the former U.S.S.R. as well as accusations our own C.I.A. was secretly blinding us in control group studies? I seriously doubt the later yet where did the group HAXSAW get the underwriting as well as the material needed to make the human mind react as this one simple file did from your site?

Gentle Readers, I need point out I work alone and am paid nothing for what I do. I am the one and only. Some have made out the messages within my quirky headings to my file descriptions as well as my subliminal messages proper in the files.


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