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Wrestling with Change Chapter 4

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Point of Maximum Resistance

A few blocks away another member of the team was finding it hard to concentrate on schoolwork. Cameron sat as his desk lost in a daze as he recalled what had happened at practice and afterwards. He couldn’t remember feeling this way about one of the guys on the team before (though he wasn’t sure why not), but ever since he and Ricky had wrestled that’s all he could think about. As usual the heat was cranked up in his room and he sat there in nothing but his boxer briefs. His cock had seemed almost perpetually hard since the afternoon and was tenting up his shorts perceptibly, especially now as he thought about Ricky’s hairy bod. He tried to shunt those thoughts aside and get back to his homework but it was no use, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Eventually he gave up and was about to walk across the room to his bed when he tripped over his wrestling bag. Ricky’s shoes!
He couldn’t imagine how he had possibly forgotten about them. Pulling them free he immediately held them to his face again, picturing Ricky in his mind’s eye as he reveled in the scent of him. He turned the shoes over in his hands a couple of times marveling at their construction and puzzled by the strange belt closure on the top. Cam flopped down to the floor and pulled the shoes on one at a time, wiggling his toes as he settled his feet in. The fit extraordinarily well, if felt as though they conformed to his very feet. He stood up and jumped around a bit, the shoes were so comfortable he barely tell he was wearing them at all. Practicing a couple of shooting maneuvers in the confined space of his bedroom, Cameron fairly drooled at the prospect of wearing them in a match, especially a match against Ricky.
His thoughts drifted back to his teammate and he again found his cock stiffening in his shorts. He continued to roll around on the floor picturing Ricky in his grasp, feeling them tumble against one other, grappling and grabbing each other’s bodies as they struggled for dominance. The soles of the new shoes scraped against his own legs as he envisioned the slick singlet clad body rubbing against his skin. His hands soon found purchase as the slid down into his boxers and grabbed a hold of his rigid member. The motions of his body combined with the vivid images in his mind ensured it was not long before he found himself spraying cum all over his stomach. Cameron fell back to the floor blissfully content, Ricky’s face drifting before his slowly closing eyes.
The splatters of cum hit Ricky’s mirror at about the same time Cameron was experiencing his climax. Strutting and posing for himself Ricky could scarcely resist. For a second he wondered why he was feeling so horny lately, but again he just chalked it up to adolescence. He cleaned up a bit them pulled on his new warm-ups. Now comfortably clothed in the soft nylon and a bit more relaxed, he was finally able to make some progress on his homework. Eventually he gave up though and climbed into bed The last thoughts he had as he drifted off to sleep were of Cameron slowly pulling off a brand new singlet of his own.
Morning followed much too quickly and Ricky awoke in a tangle of sheets. He rubbed his eyes as he shut off the alarm clock and swung his feet out of bed. Staggering to the bathroom his hands moved to unzip his slightly rumpled jacket. He dropped it to the floor and idly reached up to scratch his chest. His hand froze as he quickly found himself fully awake. He looked down, and what had been a fairly thick spattering of hair, was now nothing short of a fully-grown fur coat. From the neck down there was no trace of his skin, his arms, from the shoulders down to his wrists, were completely enveloped. Ricky nearly leapt the final couple of feet into the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. He twist and turned a couple of times and found that the hair completely covered his back. What’s more the color had faded. While yesterday, the new hair had been roughly the same brown on his head with a few flecks of grey, all of it now was very light, almost the color of burnished steel.
Ricky traced a finger down his stomach to his waist and a thought hit him. He dropped his pants and was started to see that the, well, fur continued all the way down his legs to his ankles. He leaned back against the wall in shocked amazement. Scratching his head he couldn’t figure out how this was happening, much less what to do about it. They was no way he could shave it all away it certainly wouldn’t be possible to keep it hidden for that long. In the end he decided there was only one thing he could do. He pulled the warm-ups back on and went back to his room for his shoes and his school bag. He went down the stairs and found his dad at the breakfast table with the morning paper.
“Morning Ricky, there’s some bacon and eggs on the stovetop for you.” His dad said without looking up.
“Dad, I got a problem. I think I need to see a doctor or something.”
‘Really? What’s wrong,” he asked setting the paper aside. “Oh hey is that the new warm-up from Gene-pool? It looks good on you.”
“What… how did you…” Ricky stammered before he looked over at the TV in the living room and notice the open case for the demo DVD laying on top. His dad must have watched it last night before bed.
“Yeah, but like I said, I’ve got a little problem.” He unzipped the jacket and let it fall off his shoulders, his grey fur rippling in the bright morning sunlight.
His dad looked at him for a couple of seconds before he shrugged, “So what’s the problem?”
“Umm… hello!” Ricky exclaimed and thumped his chest with his fist, grabbing a handful of hair.
“Yeah, your coat is coming in nicely. Now hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”
Ricky felt his jaw drop in astonishment. His dad was completely unfazed by the sudden changes in his appearance. The pitiful little squeaks of protest stuck in his throat as he threw his hands up. He was completely speechless as he picked his jacket back up off the floor and put it on. He grabbed he duffle bag and backpack and shuffled out the door. Something very strange was happening here and he was having a hard time trying to decide if he should be concerned about it.
Cameron was waking up to his own troubles this morning. First his stiff muscles let him know that he had fallen asleep on the floor and the dried and hardened remnants of his activities the previous night still coated his stomach. He stood up slowly and stretched a bit coming fully awake. He didn’t realize he was still wearing Ricky’s wrestling shoes until he bent over to do some toe touches. Something was a little off though. It looked like his feet were slightly swollen. The shoes didn’t feel any tighter, in the felt even more comfortable than the night before. However they definitely appeared to be larger around his toes and even longer through the arch. He padded over to his bed when he noticed that he was walking on the balls of his feet.
That’s strange, he thought. He tried to force his foot down so the sole of the shoe was on the floor, but he found it rather uncomfortable and it was harder to walk that way. Cam stood back up on his toes and paced the room. It actually started to feel natural to walk like this and soon he decided not to worry about it. It was getting late and he needed to get ready for school. He sat at his desk and tried to pull off the shoes. He tried tugging on the buckles but they wouldn’t loosen. “Why couldn’t they just have regular frickin laces” he grumbled. Try as he might they just wouldn’t come off and he had to stop when he yelped in pain from torquing his ankle a bit too far. Screw it; I’ll just have to wear them till later, he figured. He pulled out a pair of jeans that were usually a bit too long; the cuffs were frayed and stained from dragging on the ground to much. Putting them on he found they mostly covered the shoes so nobody would notice. He finished getting dressed then grabbed his unfinished homework and raced out the door.
Ricky felt odd walking through the halls in his warm-ups but not nearly as strange as he felt about the fur all over his body. He could feel it shifting and ruffling under his clothes, almost as if it were still growing. Through it all though he realized he didn’t care all that much, in fact all he could think about was getting back in the wrestling room and practicing with the rest of the team, especially Cameron. Throughout the day Ricky kept getting a hard-on at just the thought of Cameron, actually he found he was getting an erection just about any time he ran into any of his teammates. However the one guy he was really looking for was the one that he hadn’t spotted all day, even at lunch when most of the team usually ate together.
When the final bell rang for the day Ricky raced down to the locker room. By the time he got there most of the team had already assembled and Max was distributing DVD’s from the box the gene-pool had delivered that morning.
“According to the letter we’ll be getting the new uniforms this Friday, just in time for our first match. Just make sure you take these presentations home and have your parents watch them before then. Ok that’s it, let’s hit the mats.”
The rest of the team filed out still abuzz about the new gear. Max stuffed the remaining DVD’s in the bottom of his locker before gabbing his practice clothes so he could change.
“Hey Max, is Cameron here? I haven’t seen him all day.” Ricky asked setting his bag on the bench.
“Yeah he was in English earlier this afternoon but I haven’t seen him here yet.” Max said as he pulled out the sweats that Ricky had given him. “When he gets here could ya give him one of these DVD’s?”
Ricky found it odd that Max went into a nearby and seldom used changing room to get dressed, most of the guys had no problem striping in front of each other and Max didn’t have any problem changing in to the sweats he had given him yesterday. When he returned he was wearing gene-pool sweat pants again, his shirtless form simply radiating power. His mounded bulge looked perfect just below the waistband rimming the underside of his washboard abs. The shifting fabric of his warm-up’s let Ricky know his cock had stiffened again and was poking outwardly in a blatant display of arousal. What’s more he made no effort to hide it when Max finished dressing and looked back at him. Instead of looking away or showing any signs of displeasure Max just smiled broadly.
“Ya know you’re gonna to have to do somethin about that before ya go out to practice, Cowboy. I can’t have you and Cameron gropin each other on the mat like ya were yesterday, it’s too distractin fer me.”
So he had spotted what they were doing and what’s more he didn’t seem to mind too much. Ricky found himself moving closer to Max and soon had him backed against a locker, his hard prick now pressing into the underside of Max’s crotch. “You have any recommendations for how I should handle it?” he asked moving his face within inches of Max’s.
A slight gleam in Max’s eyes was visible before he rubbed his cheek against Ricky’s, “Well I usually try somethin like this.” He whispered as his hand slipped under the waistband of Ricky’s pants.
Max let his long fingers probe gently, caressing the hardened shaft and cupping around Ricky’s churning balls. Ricky forced his hips deeper into the touch as he felt the heat of Max’s palm wrap itself around his pole, gently pulling and tugging on his meat. He found himself nuzzling against Max’s strong neck, licking gently at the rough line of buzzed hair from his most resent haircut. He nipped at his ear and kissed his cheek as his own hands ranged over Max’s chest feeling his strong pecs and powerful shoulders. The slow and deliberate pace of Max’s stroking was heavenly as Ricky felt a strong tingling center around the base of his cock, seemingly wrapping around his shaft in an almost identical way to the tightening feeling of Max’s grip further up the length of his dick.
Soon their lips were pressed tightly together, the hot rush of breath they shared as their mouths and tongues met spreading through them both. Ricky’s hands ran down Max’s back before settling on the rounded mounds of his perfect ass. The powerful grip of his hands played over the surface of the sweats tracing the cleft of his butt and squeezing the tender flesh together or pulling it apart. His pleasure fogged brain barely seemed to register the swollen mass just beneath the waistband of his captain’s pants. His breathing became more ragged as Max picked up the pace stroking him faster, a steady stream of pre flowing out of the tip and providing a natural lube that let Max’s hand slide even faster over his skin. Moments later Ricky felt himself thrusting against Max, his hands being slammed between the locker and Max’s ass. The hand around his cock clenched almost uncomfortably tight as he unloaded his orgasm into Max’s grip.
His hand dripping with sticky white fluid, Max edged away from Ricky. His mind whirled, ecstatic about what he had just done. His own cock was strapped down tight in his underwear but the bulge was still rather prominent in his sweats. For what ever reason ever since yesterday all he could think about was Ricky. He had a study date with his girlfriend last night and while that would have typically broken down into an extended make out session he found himself completely uninterested. He kept picturing Cam and Stetson rolling around on the mats like they had during practice, then picturing himself getting involved. His girlfriend left in a huff but he didn’t care. He was soon in his room dressed in the new sweats Ricky had given him, masturbating wildly to the thought of being with his teammates, even rubbing and fingering his ass imagining Ricky fucking him with his massive cock.
Now here he stood after just kissing and jerking Ricky off, his spunk running down his hand. His butt was still a little numb from banging against the locker and sweat was dripping down his face. Max licked one finger clean of the salty juice before he placed his hand over Ricky’s mouth smearing his own jizz over his lips, “Better hurry and get changed, practice has already started.”
Ricky licked his lips, the taste of his orgasm filling his senses. He watched as Max wiped his hands off on a towel and winked at him before walking out of the room, a small but distinct dark wet spot on the front of his sweatpants as he pulled on his sweatshirt. He shook his head still coming down from the physical high while he unzipped his bag and pulled out the singlet. He opened the shoe compartment but stopped. Inside were his old worn out wrestling shoes. He was sure he had his new ones in there. Turning around he rummaged through his open locker tossing out old shorts and socks and digging around but they weren’t there. He knew he had them yesterday, right up until he and Cameron… the shower. Ricky jogged over to the stall to see if they were in there, but a quick glance around proved otherwise. Even if they had been in there the janitors would have cleaned up overnight. Well the only other place he was yesterday afternoon was the weight room, he didn’t think he took them off in there but maybe he did.
He walked out in to the hallway his bare feet getting a chill from the cold tile floor. As he drew closer he could hear that the room wasn’t empty, in fact he could hear two voices arguing rather loudly. He couldn’t quite make out what they were saying but he recognized the voices, it was Trick and Cam. Ricky tried to edge the door open quietly but a loud creak announced his presence. With the element of surprise gone he stepped fully into the room and saw Trick dressed for practice but laying on the floor at Cam’s feet. Cam was still in jeans and a t-shirt and it looked as though he had been trying to shove Trick away.
“Hey guys, what’re you up to? Practice has already started.”


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