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The Milky Way ,Feminized and fattened

by yo55

The Milky Way ,Feminized and fattened

I had always had a thing for the big girls. Being an athletic and as I was told attractive young male I suppose it did’nt make much sense to a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong I was down for the get down with your traditional main stream smoking hottie when the opportunity arose but I was always thinking about the plus sizes. The exaggerated hourglasses and the pear shapes in particular really got me going. So when I saw the new dispatch at my job I was captivated. Leah was her name she had huge E cups at least and possibly upwards of a G and was packing quite a good amount of poundage on the ole wagon’. With a pretty face and a pair kissably plump lips. Technically she was my boss so when I attempted my first awkward conversation and she shut me down I was non too surprised.

Month: 1

Suitable Subject located a fit male age 23 ethnicity mixed subjects height is 5’8 weight is 155 occupation driver for local deliveries pheromones appear to be taking affect as subject appears to show interest.

It was one month later that I finally made my break through with Leah. The day started out like any other I woke up went for a quick morning jog before my work out, a light breakfast and good shower. I was feeling pretty good when I walked into the officeto get my route sheet for the day.
“Morning Leah got my routes for the day ma’am”
“Here you go” she replied with a smile which was odd for her. I saw an opportunity and I went for it.
“So miss smiley pants, given and thought to my dinner proposal I am really not as bad as people say”
“UGH ” her mood quickly changed “Look you don’t understand guys like you are only interested in woman like me for one thing and that thing is hard earned from me and could effect our work relationship negatively”

“Look ” I said prepairing to lay it all on the line “I like you and I will be a total and complete gentleman ma’am” I hit her with the boyish charm smile. She looked in my eye’s and I was entranced
“fine” she said “meet me at my place for dinner at like 7:30” Looks like tonights work out would have to wait.
I showed up dressed in my sleekest styles I could smell the food before she answered the door it was a lil funny to me that she fit the stereotype of fat girl that could throw down in the kitchen but I completely forgot about that when she answered the door. She looked amazing Gone were the business casual clothes of the work day I was used to seeing her in. She was dressed in a tight fitting pair of skinny jeans that showed of all her curves and light camisole that gave me a lot to look at. That hypnotic feeling from earlier returned and maintained through out the night. As we made our way the dinning room I saw a HUGE bounty of amazing looking food. She smiled at me and said
“Dig in a fit guy like you has to eat to keep up his energy”
Normally this amount of carbs and calories was Waayy beyond my normal capacity but that hypnotic feeling took over and I found my self keeping up with her we did’nt clear the table. But boy did we try.

Continued exposure to pheromones has shown change in subjects behavior will initiate chemical ingestion and attempt to indoctrinate subject

So it went for the next month. We would keep up the appearance of working professionals during the day but at night I would meet her at her place for a night of lavish dining and cuddleing with some pretty intense making out. Those lips tasted as juicy as they looked. However no sex was the hard fast rule of courtship with Leah I never even got her panties of but man I was into it. Maybe a little too into it all this time spent with her was time I was’nt working out and all the right and decadent foods had’nt really taken any physical toll on me but boy was I mentally getting used to them. I found my self compelled to get similar foods even when I was at home just chilling also my will to work out was diminishing rapidly. I had’nt even made the time to get my hair cut.
It was the beginning of our second month seeing each other that I had my second break though with Leah. We had just finished a huge dinner and there was desert left on the table but we had abandoned that for a spot on here couch we we’re tonguing each other up good and proper when she did something I had been looking forward to since I first met her. She looked me in the eye with that hypnotic look and slowly removed her top leaving her gigantic bra encased breasts exposed. I looked at her carefully and asked “Are you sure?” she nodded slowly and said
“you have been good but we are not ready for sex yet but I think I have something else you might enjoy. Take of your clothes down to your boxers” I practically did a back flip out of my pants
“Now stand against that wall” again I followed her command obediently. She took out her camera and took pictures of me in my boxers prison style, something I would get used as it would become part of our routine.
“Now come closer” she said as she indicated towards her chest
I slowly unhooked the rubix cube of a bra she was wearing and let the beauties hang free. With out any guidance I got on my knee’s in a trance like state and began suckling she put her hands on the back of my shaggy head and made the sexiest noise “ Nnnngh” she said in a high pitch moan. I couldn’t help my self I sucked and sucked and sucked when the strangest thing happenend I began to taste something it was barely there at first but it was thick and creamy. Eventually I realized it was some kind of milk but I was to far gone a that point to care about why or how. It was delicious my eye’s rolled back into my head and I drank and drank as it gushed forth and began to overflow my lips. She gyrating and grinding and panting and moaning and she had also snaked her hand down to my rock hard junk and was stroking me like a pro. then the weirdest thing happened, we both came. HARD that was almost better then sex I thought
“See I told you, you would like it” she said with a smile as she kissed my dumbfounded face and I drifted off to sleep way earlier then usual. I awoke during the middle of the night in a fog as I wandered back to my car to get home I passed by the left over desserts and my stomach rumbled, even though I had just eaten a huge dinner I found my self compelled to eat, and eat I did until the entire dessert tray was cleared. I made my way home patting my slightly distended stomach and slept way to long the next morning I usually never slept this much or this late late but dating the boss has it’s perks.

Chemical ingestion achieved. Subject has shown signs of acceptance of indoctrination and changes have begun subject is till un aware of any changes and is growing addicted to hormonal ingestion

Our new routine for the next month consumed me. I still had’nt cut my hair and exercise was a thing of the past all I wanted to do was spend time with Leah eating fatty foods, suckling her gigantic tits and lazing about at her house. And every time I drank of her I felt like I was ingesting more and more but I could’nt stop. I knew it could’nt be the case but I felt like I was swallowing something like a gallon of the stuff each session, but I dismissed that a ludicrous even though my constantly distended stomach begged to differ. I was begging to blur all of my feeling together she usually would jerk me to epic climax but lately it had gotten to the point that just tasting her milk was enough to make me come gallons.
2 weeks into the month I was getting in to the shower to get dressed for work when I was hti by a strong urge to pee. I had a bladder full of last night suckling session and it needed release. I was till groggy from my 10 hours plus of sleep so I decided to hell with standing and figured what the hell and sat down like a girl to pee, I was getting soo lazy. But man was there a lot of it ½ way through I noticed that my junk was touching the top of the bowl which was weird because it had never done that before. I realized that the causes were two fold. The most obvious one was that my package was packaging alto more then I rememberd and the more direct but much more subtle reason was that my ass was taking up the entire toilet seat and causing me to sit just a little bit higher then I remembered which was also a new development. Still being groggy and not really caring I ignored the changes to my body for the duration of my shower but after I was fully awake I looked my self over carefully as I got dressed. My ass was definitely missing work outs as my boxers were a good deal tighter, and my chest and stomach were looking down right doughy. I squeezed into my work clothes for the day as they were just a little bit more snug . Oh well I thought I can always hit the gym up and work it off and get back into it. I even went for a jog late that night and boy was I out of shape I was all sweaty after like 5 minutes and my body was chaffing in weird places. But in my mind it was a testament to my iron will so after I showered I drove furiously over to Leah’s house for a nice little reward for my hard work. And man did I keep rewarding myself more and more for the next two weeks.

Month: 4
Subject has begun physical transition in preparation for assimilation and is very deeply indoctrinated into the mental changes. Subject remains ignorant of 15lb weight gain as well as 1 and ½ inch height loss and changing bodily proportions initaiting next phase of assimilation. Subject is approaching psychological point of breaking

Now I was left to drive quietly to my self at work so I mostly never concerned myself much what other people thought of how I looked since I interacted with them so little. I had begun successfully ignoring or maybe was just in some kind of sex induced denial about any changes to my self that I had undergone but they we’re becoming apparent to other people. I just squeezed into my work clothes ever day and dreamed about my nights with Leah as I drove around all day. I was unloading a normally easy load but man was I struggling I was panting and sweating and I could barely lift a few boxes. I was getting so weak. But I just figured it was because I had skipped breakfast. Although most people would consider a dozen donuts sufficient I really needed more carbs in my diet to keep my energy up. So I decided to head back to the office were Leah was happy to oblige me with a decadent meal of pasta and cake. I was surprised when she pulled me back into the stock room to wash it all down with a fresh gallon of her delicousness but not displeased. I was amazed when later that night she still had a fresh supply of the sweet and creamy stuff for me to gorge myself on although I really shouldn’t have been. The one change I was definitely aware of was that my junk was growing about 2 inches larger and my cum was a lot less viscous and acrid it was getting quite thin and cream and man was there a lot of it. But the reason she seemed to have more milk was that her previously generous cleavage had gotten even more generous in the past months. It seemed to more ravenous for her milk I got the more milk there was for her to supply me with. It was on the night that she introduced a new element to our escapades after my photo for the session I hypnotically got into position for the good stuff when she gently stopped me. She had me sit in her position and she wrapped her plump juicy lips around my nipple which seemed a little bit easy for her to do considering how small they usually were. But man did shot go through me when I involuntarily gasped and slowly moved my hand to the back of her head. The sensation kept building and building when I could’nt help my self and made a noise “nnnngh”. Now our routine had an amazing new element we would switch back and forth suckling eachother although she didn’t get the delicious belly full of cream that I did she always seemed to come. I was like an addict at this point I did’nt even care if I ever got to put my newly endowed penis into poon as long as I kept getting my milking sessions and my nipple play. My nipple were getting quite prominent and all the time sensitive but again it was one of the changes in my life that my new mentality had seemed to keep me unaware of.

Month: 5
Subject has physically aswell as psychologically become addicted to hormone and is nearing final phase of assimilation. Upon subject beginning of production of hormones final phase of transition will begin. Subject has gained a total of 50lbs and lost 2 inches of height while allowing hair to grow out. Preportions have continued to adjust though subject maintains original wardrobe subject is expected to be in size 22 panties by next cycle

While something had changed in my brain that made me oblivious to the changes that I was undergoing and I was adoring the time I spent eating with or with out Leah. There were still things my foggy mind would pick up on like I never noticed how my chest would jiggle now when I jumped down from my truck after unloading it or how often I would have to dig a wedgie out of my crack as my booty would just swallow my boxers now. But little things like how I would emphasize my “b”s when I spoke now the cause being that my lips were getting quite kissably plump them selves. All the better to wrap around Leah’s ever expanding nipple and areola’s. Or how my hips would hurt at the end of my shift was pretty hard to ignore but it never dawned on me that the reason was that my seats arm rests would now dig into them for most of the day although there new found padding did help some my hip that is not my arm rests unfortunatley.
I finally hit a breaking point during the final week of the month I was struggling as I often did now to unload some boxes from my truck I guesse I must have made a high pitched sort of grunting noise to lift a 30lb “man I am weak” I thought o my self when a big guy I had been waiting on to receive the package ran up and said let me help you with that which I thought was odd, no one ever offered to help me. “Thanks BBig guy, I’ll just Bbe needing your signature Bbefore I go” I said trying to sound confrontational but bouncing my “B’’s like that only made it sound “cute” I guesse because he responded with
“No problem ma’am happy to oblige I like to keep chivalry alive”
Ma’am?! Chivalry?!! The fuck???!?!? this guy thought I was a chick I stood there dumbfounded with a ditzy “o” stamped on my face while he signed and winked at me.
“Um yeah I need to go to the BBathroom” Shit those damn “B”s I had have to make an effort to alter my speech to avoid that. I walked briskly to the bathroom noting how foreign my gait had become but not aware that it was all the jiggling and parts rubbing together that caused it. When I got to the bathroom the fog my brain was in was so thick I just ran into the womens room inadvertently. When I arrived a slim woman was leaving and she just politely smiled at me instead of calling security as would have been the case 5 months ago. Once I was alone I looked my self over “what the hell was wrong wit these people” Why would anyone think I was a chick? I looked my self over increduoulsy noting that my brisk jog to the bathroom had in fact ripped my work pant in the ass, oh well they were worn out anyway. Then it dawned on me the only change my entranced mind could register, THE HAIR it was so long now that MUST be the reason I laughed to my self. I couldn’t believe I had let my self get so sloppy. Worn out clothes long shaggy and apparently feminine hair all this time spent with Leah had taken a toll on me. I called Leah and cancelled our milking for the night. Boy was she pissed.
“ Oh really you don’t even know what you’re in for you fat lazy bastard” she yelled over the phone “after all I have done for you in the past months Fuck you, you can’t just treat me like that one day you’ll be engorged and see if I help to relieve you then Asshole” What did she mean by that I pondered for a second before I decided that maybe I would head to the gym and definitely get a hair cut. I got some weird looks when I went to the barber to get my usual ceaser cut but I was carefull to keep my “b”’s under control and was out of there in no time. Even though sitting at the barber was’nt really strenuous I found my self sweating and a little dizzy by the time my cut was done. My stomach was growling like crazy so I decided to skip the gym and go tomorrow and just load up on food for energy tonight. I stopped by a local Burger joint and loaded up I must have ate like 4 or 5 of them, jeez when had my appetite become so huge? I thought but I was still hungry and felt a little feverish after I got home I was still hungry and my condition seemed to be worsening so I odered a pizza and polished that off before I decided maybe my now customary 10+ hours of slumber weren’t enough and I had better just skip the gym and call it a night. But I was awoken by almost cripplingly painful stomach cramps . I was about to cry from hunger and pain when I broke down and called Leah.
“There there she said it’s Okay I know what you need” she said being a gentle and tender as possible I’ll be over in 15 minutes she said. I crawled under my blanket and waited desperately for her arrival. When she finally did arrive we tore into each other. Her breasts seemed engorged and I was still dizzy but I swear I could see veins in them they were massive this time. I drained her hard and fast for what must have been an hour my stomach had not been this distended in a while when I was done I rolled over as was usual and she started working on my own swollen chest which was kinda sore after my ordeal. This time my relief combined with my arousal and slowly built up as she worked my nipples much in the same fashion I just worked here it was building “nnnngh” I whimper and Building “Nnngh” and Building “Ohhhhhh”I was coming again in waves after waves in what hade become the focus of my days but lately but this time it was most intense of all my senses were heightend I closed my eyes as I was wracked with pleasure but I could feel her suckling and gulping I could hear her slurping. When I finally came down I noticed a thin dribble from her chin and slowly realized what had just happened, I had just reversed roles with Leah in that one instant. I was being Milked.I drifted off to sleep with little memory of what had just happened and we never talked about it after that but my chest remained swollen to hugeness and the strange new ravenous appetite I had endured that night remained with for the following week although the fog of my mind seemed thicker then ever and I was convinced my fresh haircut had solved the problem, but one thing did’nt change Leah and I kept up our routine of milking only this time every so often I would be the one getting milked. Leah began keeping stuff at my place spare clothes, panties, and she kept me stocked with an endless supply of food to gorge my self on but I took no notice of what was happening.

Month: 6
After a close call resulting in a small rebellion and a haircut Subject has begun production and is ready for full initiation into the fold. Subject has leveled at 5’5 210lbs and after final injection is expected to exceed expectations.

My life of decadence had settled down after that. Leah and I were closer then ever. My penis had continued it’s strange awakening I had given up working out but still held onto the pretense that “Oh hey I’ll get back into it” but I never did. The “sex” or what ever it should be called with Leah was still insane and getting more and more insane the more I gained. Although I found I was the one being milked more and more often it was one of the many things my brain just could’nt wrap it’s self around. But that was nothing compared to what happened two weeks into the 6th moth of our relationship my mind was about to be blown. I was furiously suckling on Leah’s ever expanding teat when I noticed it had gone on for a long time, my belly was quite rounded but no matter how much I drank I still needed more. We had just finished one of our traditionally huge meals but I was ravenous in more ways then one. After about to 2 hours worth of food and milking she stopped me and said “it’s time ” while looking deeply into my eyes. I went dumb again “time for?” I replied. She remained silent she stood up and turned around and slowly removed her panties revealing her amazingly round plump ass which I had just realized was entirely new to me. I felt my nipples krinkile now huge cock stir and reach diamond cutting levels of hardness as I prepared for us to finally ingage in intercourse. For some reason my mouth was dry and I began licking my plump lips in anticipation for what I did’nt know. As she turned around I found out. I was greeted at eye level with a gigantic veiny cock one that rivaled my own in size and stature. I almost instinctively took it in my mouth as I was thirsty and some how new that woud sate my hunger but I caught my self, this was wrong. This was all wrong. My Girlfriend should’nt have a dick, or gigantic udders that I suckle every night. I could feel the fogginess of my mind reeling as it fought back against my now awakened sense of reason and logic.
I ran. As fast an my thunder thigh would carry me jiggling the whole way. Bouncing with each step as I made my way home tears streaming down my face, Partially from confusion and partially from clarity. When I arrived home I turned to my one solace, food. I dug out about 2 gallons of Ice cream in under a half hour. I polished off like four pizzas and was still hungry. I just kept eating and eating trying to fill the void but deep down I knew there was only one thing that would. Eventually I passed out in a food coma, when I awoke late the next afternoon I was hungry as ever. I had endured dreams all night of Leah and her cock and what I wanted to do to it, but I wrote those off as shock and delusion. I did’nt show up to work or answer my phone for the next week. But I kept eating I just couldn’t stop. I was getting beyond pleasantly plump into downright chunky territory fast. But I knew I needed Leah’s cock to sate me. I likened it to how when a vampire is turned they suddenly are aware of all there is too being a vampire and eventually the craving for blood takes over. That’s how I felt, in those last moments with Leah something had happened the fog on my brain had partially lifted a process that had log ago begun had been halted right at the apex by my refusal to drink. I knew that when I did give in the process would be complete and I would be just like her, or him I don’t even know any more. I begane to imagine that one day long ago he had been just like me and suckered into the same situation. But I was going to find away out or at least fight it. In the mean time I was content to just sit around and gorge my self on regular food. My hair began to grow long again and my male clothes were one by one beginning to fail me as I grew each day. I began wearing the clothes Leah had left at my place starting with the panites and working my way up to bra’s eventually when my tits reached E cups and shirts when I need to leave the house to get more food. I smelled different now too more feminine and I was acutely aware of the smells of others and those who would be succeptible to the pheromones I was now ozzing.

When the 15th rolled around I awoken to gentle but intense feelings of a tongue on my now thumb sized nipples I had forgotten how sensitive they were but It all came flooding back “nnnngh” I squeeled in my now high pitched breathy tone. Lost in one of the many dreams that now beckoned me while I slept. Only it was’nt a dream I jerked my head up as I opened my eyes to see Leah. She was giving me the milking that I was now realizing I desperately needed, both my tits were full on spraying I was getting milk every where. “noooo …nnnngh…..nooo nggh… I don’t hhhnnng I don’t want to” was all I could say
“shhhh you need this”she replied
“I…. I love you” I blurted out as she finished me off. “I know you do” she said. Which is why I know you’ll not refuse me again she said as she pulled off her pants, I knew it too my will was shot it had been a rough couple of weeks and what did I have left to fight for? I knew of no way to reverse this and I just couldn’t fight it any more I knelt down and began suckling her tit like we used to with my wide fat ass bouncing in the air.

I suckled and gulped for what seemed like hours but I knew it was just the warm up. I made my way down slowly knowing what she wanted what I wanted. I don’t remember much about the incident it’s I was lost in a primal passion. But I remember hers was the same strage thick and creamy consistency as mine had come to be and it was soooo much more intense then anything we had experienced up to that point. Like drinking her milk but concentrated. I felt a shift in power at that precise moment the fog from my brain was completely erased and I was aware of all that she was and all that I now was and the power that I possessed and the gifts I could now give. When I awoken late the next night Leah was gone but I could feel her presence as if she would never be far from me again and I was aware of a new feeling a strange combination of a hunger and a fullness and a need to seek out a proper subject I felt my chest as It was heavier then the night before I could tell that I was now engorged.


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