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Francisca, back in the habit.

by Haxsaw

Francisca, back in the habit.

Haxsaw presents... In this piece of general fiction we see the return of Francisca. As I was once asked, a while back, Francisca is real. I changed her name, of course. She is here, on the island and we have our time together. I have written the fiction we only dream about. It is based on chats she and I have had. Please excuse the silliness.

Francisca looked around the large home. She was impressed with the size and dimensions. Haxsaw was walking her through his retirement home on the ocean cove. They were from only the hallway leading past the metal security door. Francisca spoke.
"Cement walls reinforced?"
"Yes," he answered. "I had a layer of cementing plastered over the four outer walls, just in case. Of course... It is best I go to the balcony to dial out on my cellphone. The added thickness disturbs the signal." They each took seats at the kitchen area. The table was heavy, Tropical wood, featuring inlaid glass. The chairs were of heavy, sturdy fashion.
"Ever thought of placing your cell phone by a window?" she inquired, leaning toward him. Haxsaw returned the gesture. He never let his eye contact waver.
"I had standard prison bars installed on some windows so that interrupts how calls go out by cell phone."
Francisca had a questionable expression upon her delicate face now.
"In case of what?"
Francisca smiled sweetly and asked again.
"Cementing layered over four cement exterior walls? What are you hiding from, Haxsaw?" Haxsaw broke into a grin. He leaned back into his chair and tried not to laugh. While not answering he urged and beckoned she follow him inside the main house.
All flooring on the downstairs was Italian tile. It was soft, creamy white color though high gloss on the surface. "Fun for me to sweep and wash," he remarked. "Why don't I shut up and show you more?" Francisca looked over the large floor space, the wrap around furniture set, the coffee table made weathered in appearance and the China cabinet in the far corner. Toward a bay window were some weights and an exercise bike.
"Quite nice, sir." It was her only response. Though a government employee with high rank; in following Haxsaw, being led she felt like a little girl again. It was the way he told her, 'You do this,' and 'You will do that.' Though she was annoyed, a little pissed off, the high commanding voice he used made her, somehow, want to. Haxsaw never was mean. He was never degrading. He was simply telling, straight up, what you would and would not do. What he told her to do was always pleasure.
The Staircase.
Now this was something that read off like the heading to a title for a love story.
It was with separate landings. It had jet black, custom installed wrought iron piping for hand rail. The balusters were iron shafts, twisted and painted jet black, as well. Francisca smiled.
"Very masculine and powerful... Like you, Haxsaw." She reached and touched his shoulder as he stepped ahead of her. She shivered or at least she felt that up and down her spine. Haxsaw was still rugged enough.
Upstairs the flooring was wood. Haxsaw brought her across another living room. He turned left and opened a door.
Within this room were pillows on the floor. Haxsaw walked over to a tiny table. He picked up a small, round Ferro-Molybdenum magnet to her ear. It was so it fit within her ear opening only. He placed it there and left it.
As she remained there, standing, Haxsaw went to the side of the room and plugged in an electron-magnetic device. He had it pointed at Francisca though she did not notice what it was. Also in the room was a Cd Player. Haxsaw turned on some slow, alluring music. He then stood before Francisca and spoke.
After short time she reacted to his words. She was droopy and slower feeling. She was tired and droopier. After so much coaching, Haxsaw had her deeply under.
"And you can end this if only you can remove the magnet from your ear. Of course, your arms are so, so heavy, Francisca."
She struggled to raise an arm. Haxsaw grabbed at her as if she was a toy. Her tummy felt tight. In effect, she was his toy to control. Suddenly, her private area was tight as well.
"Get on your knees, Francisca!"
Obediently and more to see what would take place she dropped to her knees. The pillow was there. Haxsaw made sure of it. Haxsaw was unfastening his pants. She did not want to be a cock sucker. No! Not that. Anything but be used. Please, Haxsaw. She was unable to speak. She doubted he would pay her mind.
Haxsaw commanded she stroke his private member. As he become stiffer and thicker so she wanted him. It was now she really did need him. Anything but stop. Yes, Haxsaw, let me stroke on and on. I am your cock sucker. I feel so dirty. I love it.
So close was his shivering penis to her lips. Haxsaw then took out a baby bottle and placed it in her mouth.
Francisca was powerless but to obey. She needed to suck yet this was not what she was wanting. Then again, she did not want a penis, right? Wrong? Now she was so confused. As she sucked Haxsaw told her to remember her name and how it was spelled. He then told her to remember it spelled backwards. Francisca sucked what the bottle contained.
In the morning she awoke in Haxsaw's arms. It was the weekend and she had no office hours today. She was naked and wondered what the night had been filled with.


Re: Francisca, back in the habit. - Drake66

Oh wow. That was good. I can't wait to see more, Hax.

Re: Francisca, back in the habit. - Haxsaw

Dear Drake,
I am of service and will try making more fiction, when the time arrives. I am glad you were pleased. I sent in the two writing styles. I made the two styles of the same story to see which one received the most downloads.
I try delivering quality, all the time. I want all be happy, of course. I am concerned with the Gentle Listener being happy here. This is a number one prerogative.

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