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A Deep Enticing Dangerous Ocean

by Jeshi

A Deep Enticing Dangerous Ocean

I met a man who was like an ocean. The deepest depths of the ocean, the parts where it gets so dark that you can barely see anything. The parts with angler fish and other terrifying things lurk and hide, yet despite all that, it is so enticing. You have to keep looking. There are also beautiful glowing worms and transparent fish and all sorts of beautiful things, and you haven't found any angler fish yet so you just keep staying enticed by the ocean even though you know that it is dangerous.rnrnI met him at midnight on a friday. At my college, it's really quite odd and funny, there is a large hypnosis community. A few years ago, a guy who was a hypnotist had been quite the show off and then taught a lot of people how to do it, they taught people, and they taught people, and they fucked around and some terrifying stories are told of that time, and eventually all of the hypnotists came together and wrote up a code of hypnotic ethics and safeties. rnrnI'm a first year, but I was into hypnosis before college. I listened to files online a lot and I have a hypnosis fetish, but it has always been my deepest darkest secret. The college I go to has a club called alt-sex, which is a confidential club where people talk about kinky stuff and more often how to be safe and ethical while still being kinky.rnrnThe first time I ever went to the club was because I heard they were doing a workshop on erotic hypnosis. I was terrified of showing up, I didn't want to be outed, but the potential of meeting hypnotists who didn't only exist on the internet and who found hypnosis sexy, well, it was too enticing. I showed up and learned all about the code of ethics and safeties that the hypnotists here follow. Always discuss every suggestion with the subject before putting them under, do not ask for consent after they have already been put under, avoid age regression or other suggestions with the potential of going places psychologically that you are not aware of, always take a subject out immediately if you lose control of the suggestion, always wipe all suggestions afterward, do tests to make sure the subject does not easily go back under after you thought you've woken them up. There were more but those were the general gist of it all. rnrnThe man who was like an ocean is also a first year, he showed up to the workshop, I saw him there but we did not meet there. He was intrigued by it all, he'd never seen hypnosis before, and he went up to one of the senior hypnotists after the workshop was over and asked to be taken as an apprentice.rnrnI remember talking to her, the senior hypnotist, about this later. She said he was the perfect apprentice because she knew that he was going to go learn about hypnosis anyway on the internet if she hadn't taken him as an apprentice, and that this way she could control how he learns it and so he would only know how to do it the safe and ethical way. rnrnIt became a tradition for all of the hypnotists and hypnosis enthusiasts to gather in one room every Friday at midnight. It was not a formal meeting or official event or club, just a gathering. The first time I showed up to one of these was the night I actually met for myself the man like an ocean. He wore a silly hat and had very short blonde hair under it. While all the senior hypnotists were out of the room getting food from the kitchen, he suddenly decided to make an announcement to the room. He announced himself as a hypnotist and named other hypnotists in the room (but only the amateurs like him) and asked everyone who wanted to be hypnotized to raise their hands. I raised my hand and he came over to me and we began to talk about hypnosis.rnrnHe asked what suggestions I wanted to do, I said I'd already done in some capacity all of the common boring ones and that I was much more interested in experimental original ideas. I asked him if there was anything he'd ever wanted to try on someone but that no one had ever wanted to try. He thought long and hard and brought up memory suggestions, he'd never tried them before. I thought it was cute, I'd done memory suggestions so many times before in my life, it seemed so basic, but I decided that if he wanted to I would go for it.rnrnHe put me under with a basic eye fixation induction, but using a technique that was a bit uncommon. He moved his finger around my eyes in a way that it was difficult to follow. I recognized it as what the senior hypnotist who was training him used during the workshop. It was actually a very common technique at the college, it was invented there actually, which was why I hadn't seen it before coming there. rnrnHe suggested that I'd forget the number four, and I did, and he woke me up and we had some fun with that then put me back under. Then he wiped the suggestion. Then the part where he turned into an ocean. rnrnHe asked for consent to turn me into a dog, while I was under. This violated one of the ethical rules he'd been taught, and he knew why it was a rule. The rule existed because if you ask a subject if they're okay with a suggestion while they are under then they will almost certainly agree to it. Hypnotized subjects are very agreeable. So the fact that he violated the rule showed that he knew that by asking it then I would agree to it while before he didn't want to risk me saying no and getting scared.rnrnIt was enticing! Erotic! Exciting! That little hint of danger, that he intentionally broke the safety and ethics that these hypnotists all used that made them somewhat boring. He became an ocean, a deep one, a deep deep ocean going deeper and deeper and deeper.rnrnHe had actually brought dog toys with him that night, planning to turn someone into a dog like this, and it was the best time I'd had being a dog ever. It wasn't just bark and sit but actually fetch and getting pet and I really really enjoyed it. rnrnWhen he was making the suggestion for me to be a dog, he mentioned how everything he said became the truth. How I could always trust everything he said. When he put me back under, he removed the suggestion that I was a dog, but not the suggestion that I could always trust him, and that everything he said was always the truth. rnrnLater that night, after he was done with me, the senior hypnotists came back and heard about how the man like an ocean had made that announcement at the beginning while they were gone. They gave him a stern talking to about it, apparently he wasn't supposed to do that, which only deepened how exciting he seemed to me. And the fact that I remembered and knew that he had never removed the suggestion about trusting him, and that I still felt that I could trust anything he said, made it all even more exciting. rnrnrnrnI've been going to midnight hypnosis every week since, and often times he hypnotizes me, and it's something interesting and new every time. He has yet to cross any kind of boundaries with me, everything he thinks of as "new" and "experimental" is actually already quite basic to me, but it's so fun making him so happy getting to try things like post-hypnotic sleep suggestions that most of the hypnotists see as too sketchy to try. He holds me on such a tight leash during those nights too, suggesting that only he can hypnotize me until he releases. I feel claimed by him and it's really really great.rnrnI recognize that he's reckless, and dangerous. One time he tried to push a suggestion I wasn't okay with on me three times, and I kept rejecting it until he gave up. But I forgive him, because he's the most fun hypnotist there.


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