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More Fiction From the Man You love.

by Haxsaw

More Fiction From the Man You love.

Haxsaw presents.... In as such this work is general. It is entirely fiction. Here is hoping it is better than the last pulp I cranked out during last submission? This is the continuation of my favorite on-line lover, Francisca. This is her make believe name. The following is the recollection of what we only dream of doing, should we get together again. Please be open minded and read along. Have fun with it.

Haxsaw swung open the metal security door before stepping across the hallway. It was Italian tile and highly glass like. It was so he could see up Francisca's dress, should he look down and try hard enough. Haxsaw went back and locked the metal security door shut. Taking Francisca by the hand he led her along the short hallway.
"I am never too cautious, lover," he muttered. Francisca's dress swished as she stepped along behind him. Haxsaw then unlocked and slid open the screen door leading to the kitchen area of his large house. Once they were both in he slid and locked it shut. He pulled out a heavy, wooden chair and Francisca took a seat. The heavy wooden table, made of Tropical woods, was with inlaid glass.
"You know, I am so glad you are back with me again, lover." Francisca neared his face. Haxsaw drew closer. It was a moment as if they were frozen in time. For a brief nearing it was if they were going to kiss. Francisca wanted, hungered for this very much.
Haxsaw suddenly rose from his seat in the darkened room. He stepped over to the main house door. Fumbling with house keys he had the lock turned and they entered. He was quick to close the stained wood door quickly yet gently.
"It will be a nice night for us," was all he said. Francisca viewed the room in a sweeping glance. She liked the wrap around couch yet adored the China cabinet. Inside were wine glasses and fancy tea cups with matching saucers. Oddly, over to the right by a bay window was an exercise bike and some free weights. The floor was clean yet good tile with a semi-shine. Turning, she could see a T.V. on a large stand along with several books on many subjects. She could make out a Bible, books on medicine and an encyclopaedic set. She even made out books on financial investments. Odd assortment!
"You still live alone, Haxsaw?" was what she asked.
"I have guests," he replied. "I have many guests. Lets go upstairs."
The staircase was in differing landings. Someone paid for black piping to be bent and fit for railing. Metal strips were twisted and shaped for balusters. All were painted glossy jet black.
Upstairs the floors were all wood and cherry stained. There was a living room, and three bedrooms there. A doorway led to a balcony outside. Haxsaw led Francisca to a door. Francisca was nervous yet curiosity drove her to follow. Inside she found to discover the floor was with several pillows tossed about. Haxsaw went and plugged in a Electromagnetic device. He reached to a small table. He motioned for her to have a seat. Haxsaw easily placed a small, powerful magnet in her ear. He then spoke easy, gentle words to Francisca.
Unknown to her, the waves from the device were affecting her own thought pattering. Add to this Haxsaw was slowly hypnotizing her. In short order, Francisca was out like a light.
Haxsaw soon has her on her knees. He tossed a pillow beneath them. As he undid his pants he commanded her to suck and suck him good. Francisca looked at his slowly swelling penis. She knew she was causing this. She did not want to suck. After hearing his fingers snap she was suddenly wanting to have it in her mouth. She cursed herself for feeling this way. As she tried resisting the feeling of hatred faded as the penis slid in and out of her face.
She kept her lips sealed around his member. She was also careful to continue leaving her mouth wider open. She did not want her teeth scraped against his skin. She knew this would hurt, terrible. As she was confused the pain, pleasure principal was swinging to and fro, to and fro. "I am such a cunt," she thought. She felt his penis tickle the back of her throat a few occasions. A few other times she almost gagged. Despite this feeling of revulsion she was more than glad she was in control of Haxsaw. She heard him grunt. As he panted sperm shot.
A heavy load of warm sperm came out. It was followed by yet another. She could feel it flow out the length of his thick shaft. This was followed by three more smaller shots of sperm. It was the last shot was only a few drops.
Francisca wanted to swallow it all. She wanted to be a good girl. She could hear a voice repeat her thoughts.
"Good girl. Good girl." It was then a bottle of Coke was placed in her mouth. She drank greedily from it. This was followed by snapping fingers. All was blackened and calm, thereafter. Her body was limp and peaceful.
In the morning Francisca awoke, lying atop Haxsaw. She was nude and calm. She was with her hands atop his hairy chest. Her head was curled inwardly. Haxsaw was sound asleep. Morning was yet speaking and the new day was there's.


Re: More Fiction From the Man You love. - Haxsaw

Dear Gentle Readers,
I have had a pleasure serving and making files for you. I am glad this fictional story was such a good hit, as well. Here is hoping 2013 proves to be a good year for all of us.

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