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Slave # 14 part 1

by hidden953

Slave # 14 part 1

Slave # 14 part 1

Matty did not know what to think when he woke up in the padded room. He first initial reaction was fear and confusion. Mattie’s tall lean joggers body was naked except for the clear chastity belt that protected his thick 8 inches. He was strapped to a large comfy chair. Seated across from him was a young dark haired woman who wore a black choker with a large heart tag like a dog. All it read was “Property of Mistress Samba. “ in elegant letters. She smiled at him with a kind smile that reminded Matty of the smile a nurse gives you just before she sticks IV in your arm. She stood up revealing a strong fit body. She wore a white dress that stopped just above her ankles. She was barefoot however and walked silently along the floor of the large room. Matty then noticed the tray in front of him a cold-brushed steel tray. The kind that looked like it was for surgery. On it was an pink iPod shuffle, shaving cream, a straight razor, a black box and a set of loaded syringes.

Mattie’s heart began to beat at the sight of the razor he saw hostel he knew how this was going to go down. Torture and pain awaited him. As he tried to protest he found he was gagged a small hole allowed for air to pass through. The Dark haired women smiled at him and patted his read reassuringly. Matty tried to communicate but before he could the woman smoothly and fluidly picked up a syringe with a red plunge and stuck it in his arm. She did so with so skill and precision that Matty was stunned. Then the contents of the syringe took affect. He felt light, numb and happy. The lady then put headphones of the iPod on his ears and pressed play. “hello sweetheart” a wonderful soothing voice met his ears. “ I have chosen you to be my new slave your name is now slave # 14. Don’t be scared you agreed to this remember? It’s all been taken care of. Your family thinks you’re out of town on business. You are safe here safe with me. You’re agreed to this when you signed up for product testing.” Mattie’s mind vaguely remember to be a test subject on a hypnotic website. “The voice continued “ I am mistress Samba and the woman shaving you is Raven my favorite pet.” In his drug induced stupor Matty had not noticed that the woman named Raven had taken off his chastity belt and started to shave his balls. “ Raven is your new best friend she will feed you and take care of you. Now Slave 14 you will spend the first week being turned into a perfect slave for me. Then you will start to be my test subject. The drug coursing through your veins will have no side effects it’s only to make you docile and more willing. After this introduction Raven will see to you being a perfect slave and then will will meet. Til’ then good bye sweetheart.”

Slave 14 marveled at his new life and felt excited. Then he heard buzzing. He looked up at Raven who smiled. She had finished shaving him and had reattached his cb 3000. The buzzing was coming from the tattoo gun in her hand. Mattie’s heart raced again. Raven slowly put it up to his fit chest and began her work.

Slowly she put the needle into his skin blood and ink flowed freely. Despite the pain Matty liked the idea of getting a tattoo and especially from a beautiful woman. After half an hour his tattoo read “ Slave 14” in big letters. For the next week slave 14 was fed and drugged via I.V. all the time listening to mistress samba’s work. Ccp made him dribble cum from his belt (he found out later that his cum belonged to mistress samba and only her hence the belt.) his cock grew because of porn star penis. It was now 10 inches long and bore a tattoo the read “Samba’s “ . he knew all of the surrender sessions by heart. On the last day of the week his listen to train stallion stud 50 times. He was now a perfect slave.

Raven came over on the last day. Kissed him on the cheek and said” my reward for helping to create you is I get to try you out first” . Raven kept her dress on as she pulled of his chastity belt. Slowly she unlocked the latch and pulled is of his manhood. Raven cold blue eyes gleamed with excitement as his member grew to the size their mistress demanded. Raven had wanted it so badly but, she didn’t want to ruin his training. Slave #14’s giant cock rose the tattoo stretching with it. Raven let out and uncharachteric giggle and moved as if to rise on the huge member. She however did not. Her strong body continued to his mouth and rested her pussy lips on his regular ones. What Slave #14 didn’t know is that he was already being used as a test subject for new recordings. One of which was dedicated to being a perfect lover and performing oral on ladies. It had sunk in well. His tongue licked perfectly and hit every single nerve that it should. Raven moans turned to screams over pleasure. Her whole body was shaking as the waves of joy rose from her pussy. She was orgasming so hard that she nearly suffocated poor slave #14. She also nerly drowned him with squirt. No thoughts were going on in Slave #14’s mind he wasn’t Matty and he wouldn’t be again till after he was let go. Right now he was a mindless expert pussy licker nearly drowning in squirt.

Raven’s legs gave out from pleasure and she slide off of Slave # 14’s drenched face. His hair and the bed covers around him was soaked with girl cum.

Raven lay next to him twitching and shuddering spasmatically still experiencing her full body orgasms. Slave #14 caught his breath and relaxed the smell of Raven;s sex and his own pheromones aroused him even more. He wanted to fuck her but he was not allowed. Raven’s nose caught the scent of his pheromones. She thanked her mistress silently for making that session. The pheromones made even an ugly man fuckable. Raven rose off the matt and asked Slave #14 “If he wanted his reward?” Slave #14 nodded obediatly she quickly pulled out and ipod and inserted they earbuds in his ears. “ Hello slave you have been very good and your are now going to get one of my new sessions as a treat”! Raven leaned backed and pulled out a custom made flesh light from under the mat she had put it there before hand. It was custom to match Mistress samba’s pussy. She knew I the Session the slave got to fuck mistress samba while being used by beautiful shemale the result was a full body orgasm. The custom fleshlight which had a cum resevoir on the end of it was to his real reward pleasure for his body not just in his mind but also of his body. Raven wished she could fuck him herself and his orgasms and cum would still belong to Mistress Samba until Raven could advance herself a little more. Slave # 14’s eraction grew even larger as she pumped the fleshlight up and down on his massive manhood. Raven was afraid he might break is Her mistress was very tight. Then his first orgasm came the large resevoir started to fill. Raven gasped he has cum a whole half cup of jizz and wasn’t done. He kept going fucking the fleshlight until the outside started to crack. The bag filled by his second orgasm and would have leaked out if his cock hadn’t filled the whole so tightly. The bag rose and swelled light a balloon being filled up with air. At his fourth and final orgasm it poppedand sprayed cum all over. Raven couldn’t believe her eyes. This had never happened before. With the explosion Slave #14 was carried off into arms of Morpheus and fell insto a deep stupor. Raven rolled her eyes at his post orgasm sleep. She rose wiped cum off of her body and reported to Mistress Samba. The following day was strange for Slave #14 he woke up in a doctors chair and started to hear Mistress Samba’s voice . Announcing his life as a guine pig would begin.


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