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Cursed Lingerie #1

by MacGyver

Cursed Lingerie #1

this story is fiction but could be made into a file.

I had just got laid off from work, and when i got home, my loving wife was there making dinner as usual. My wife works a slightly earlier shift than i do, she leaves at 5 am and i leave for my job at 6:30 am, or did until the layoff today. When i came through the door she could see that something was bothering me and asked what. So, i told her, "about half of us were layed off today, and since unemployment does not pay really well, i guess it is time to hit the street looking for another job." My wife kinda joked around a bit with, "Well, you know i make enough for both of us dear, you could stay home if need be and have dinner ready when i come home from my job, i'll even teach you how to cook," and that is where i cut her off," I am not really feeling like it right now babe, a guy is supposed to be the bread-winner and provide for his woman." About that time she chimed in with," Dear, you sound a bit stressed out over this, why dont you let me set you up an appointment with my therapist, she can help to releive your stress, too much stress can be bad you know."

Well, i agreed to see her therapist as i figured it would be better than taking pills to relieve my stress as i have to choke myself to take pills. It was not 5 minutes and she was on the phone to her therapist as she was finishing dinner. When she got off the phone she said," Well, good for you, she can see you 9 am tomarrow morning, now dont be late." After dinner, i went right to sleep, i forgot to set the alarm clock, but, at 7am it went off. When i awoke, i found a note beside the alarm clock reminding me to be on time, and directions how to get to her office. I got dressed, ate a bowl of cereal, warmed up the car and took off, i arrived 30 minutes early and signed in.

At 9 am, my name was called and i went back into her office as instructed by her assistant. "Hello Jon, Joanne says that you are a bit stressed out about your job." I replied," Yes, i was laid off yesterday and it does not look like i am gonna be going back to work any time soon, and there just is not alot of good paying jobs around close by." Then she broke in," I see, the stress is due to not being able to have enough money of your own to be considered the provider, well, i am going to use hypnosis to releive your stress, but you are going to have to see me atleast once a week." Hypnosis?" I asked, " I dont mean to bust your bubble but, i dont think you will be able to put me under, noone else has had any luck." About that time she chimed in, "Just trust me, it may take several visits to first put you under trance as i need to figure out what kind of subject you are, and beleive me, your stress will just seem to disappear."

She started with an induction and then i woke up, did not remember anything she had told me except after waking she told me i was a good subject and she would need to see me twice a week from now on, and i agreed, and when asked how i felt, i replied, calm and happy. well, when i got home, i found myself doing the house cleaning, something my wife has always done since we were married. i could not explain it, i just had such an urge, i was helpless to resist the urge to clean the house. After i had done that, i watched the tv for a while, then looked up and could not figure out why but, i went to making dinner, which i was just getting finsihed with as my wife walked through the door.

"Smells good!", she said as she went off to the room to change out of her work clothes. when she came backk, she asked if her therapist had done me any good, and i replied that the stress had gone and how it was like a weight that had been lifted off of my shoulders. then i told her that her tharpist wanted to start seeing me twice a week, i thought my wife would go nuts at the thought of me being around another woman, but she was cool with it.

I kept my appointments and soon, i had appointments set up 5 days a week. After about 10 weeks, i came home from a hypno-therapy lesson and found a pair of panties on the tv set, and another on the kitchen table, walked into the bedroom and there were 10 more pairs on my side of the bed, i was curious as to whether or not someone had broken in as the panties were new and still on the plastic hangers, and they were NOT the type my wife wore. my woman wore thongs or g-strings, and these were the kind that fully cover a woman's butt. about 10 minutes later, she came through the door, she had got to come home early today. i asked her about the panties all over, and she told me that i must be seeing things as she did not see any, and when i walked through the house, sure enough they were gone. She called her therapist back and told the therapist i was seeing things and so on.

After another 2 weeks of therapiy sessions, i came home and had a strange urge to look in my wife's panty drawer, and off to one side were those brief type panties i had saw 2 weeks earlier, except this time i had a strange urge to grab a pair and put them on. What i did not know is that my wife had set this up with her therapist and that they had been planning this for some time now. At first, i wore them once a week and only for an hour, but after a while, it got so i was wearing them 7 days a week, only taking them off long enough to shower each day. One morning, i opened my underwear draw to get me a pair of breifs, and it was full of nothing but those breif style panties, but, for some reason, i saw them as being my own, i had memories of wearing them since i was a child. I could not explain it, and soon i was wearing them as if it were normal. One day, i happened to notice they were getting tighter, and after a few days i told my wife, " my drawers must be shrinking in the wash, they seem to be getting a bit tight." she replied," well, you do look like maybe you are putting on a bit of weight dear."

My wife took measurements and the next morning i awoke to find she had replaced all my drawers with a bigger size. What i did not know was that the more i wore the panties, eventhough my conscious mind that they were men's breifs, the more my body was starting to feminise. I had no idea that my hips were widening and my butt was growing to be nice and round like my wife's, my waist had been shrinking too and soon my feet and legs were turning into something more feminine as well. Over time, i noticed my areola's were darkening and enlarging and so were my nipples, and soon after, my breasts were beginning to grow, not much but enough that i had noticed. I stood infront of my wife's full length mirror with nothing on by my drawers, i looked myself over the front, side and back, and i could not figure out for the life of me why i had developed an hour glass figure and a nice round butt like a woman, but looking at myself in the mirror was enough to make me hard as my body was beginning to look exactly like my wife's body.

Later that evening when my wife had come home from work, i told her about what i saw in teh mirror,"Show me" she said, and when i took off my shirt, she replied,"Looks like someone needs to wear a bra," and she started to laugh. then she said," dont worry dear, i will get you an appointment with a doctor and the doctor will see what is going on and let us know." After my therpay session wednesday, i went to have some blood work done to see what was going wrong with me. about 2 weeks later the results came in and i went back to see the doctor, she sai," Sir, i am at a loss to explain this but, you have a hormone imbalance. And from what these tests show, you might want to start wearing a bra as you now have the same hormone levels as a woman, and i am afraid there is nothing medicine can do for you now, not even testosterone injections could halp you as the estrogen in your system is killing off your testosterone leaving your male hormones too weak to fight back. what i am saying is, looks like you are turning into a woman and there is nothing that can be done about your problem. scientists just have not figured it out yet."

When i got home, my wife was waiting for me, she had something in the bag that she said she had bought just for me. Now she knew i liked when she wore shiny underthings, she had some B cup bras, but they were for my chest measurement. She told me to take off my shirt, and i did, then she put one of them on me, and then i put my shirt back on, and as soon as she left the room, i ripped that sucker right back off as a bra was a woman's underthing and i did not want to wear them, not even if my breasts were growing and starting to look feminine. the next morning, when i awoke, i felt something strange on my chest, it was a snug fitting long line bra, i tried to take it off, but found i could not get it loose, and it was too small for me to remove like a t-shirt. my wife had crimped it shut and even put on a water-proof glue to make sure i could not get this one off. she had done it in my sleep. over the next few weeks, with hypno-therapy, i accepted the bra and would not resist my wife putting one on me.

My feminine breasts continued to grow until the B cup bra was a tight fit, then my wife brought home some C cup bras for me to wear. the therapist had told her that i thought a DDD cup was sexy, and my wife kept bringing home bras with bigger cups until my breasts had filled out a DDD cup bra with a tight fit. a week later, my breasts had stopped growing.


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