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Francisca the Love Doll.

by Haxsaw

Francisca the Love Doll.

Haxsaw presents....
In this we see the next fictional chapter of Francisca. Francisca is fifty. She is alone, her husband having passed on. In our long talks, since 2008, she has admitted being extremely, extremely submissive. Francisca works a government office job. After coming home to chat with me my commands and ways make her feel as a little girl. I create the desire to bow down and obey. This causes her to let go, lose control and dwell on her submissive spirit. It is harmless fun. We never have actually done these actions. Francisca fantasizes over this, many times. The writing are what we fantasize over.

Francisca awoke. She blinked several times. She was unaware of her surroundings. Her head was cloudy as was her vision. She focused.
She was fastened upright. It was she was in a harness, of sorts. Haxsaw had her in his living room. Francisca could make out the China Cabinet in the corner. She glanced about, unable to move any.
A large dog approached her.
She was unable to move. She was strapped to a standing position. She was dressed in a satiny white garter belt. On her legs were white, sheer stocking. She had on a white, extra support bullet bra and no panties. Her body was strapped to a board like that used by paramedics. Of course, she was the only one calling for an emergency. The dog was sniffing around her as it paced the room.
Francisca knew the voice. She sighed heavily.
"Haxsaw my arms and legs are tied down. This is not funny. Why am I like this?" The dog was paying her attention now.
"Dear. I made you a doll. I sent a living doll file to warp my mind and now you get to live out a living doll fantasy. Note the dog I have? He is here to sniff you over. I sprayed your private member with a scent he may find attractive!" It was then, as if on cue, the large dog started licking her private area. Francisca gasped. Her mind was ridden over with feelings.
"Oh! Oh, God!"
Francisca was strapped to the medi-board quite well. Her legs were out straight. Her arms were out straight, as well. The dog was, now, licking furiously at her private area as if having found a late night snack. Francisca's arms and legs were trembling and shaking. Her words were jagged.
"N-n-nnoooo! Please...." her voice trailed off. This was followed by her panting.
Haxsaw was seated at his wrap around sofa, smiling. He was with a cup of coffee. He laughed, some. He rose and walked over.
"Dear, after my fingers snap you will like, no, even love this. Do you understand?" Haxsaw rose his cup skyward, emphasizing the point.
Francisca's face was half delirium of pleasure, half confusion of the moment. She was trying to fight yet it all broke away when Haxsaw stated, "1, 2, 3!"
Francisca's face went limp and her body relaxed deeply. The dog was licking her in passion. Francisca seemed to hunger for more as her back arched. Haxsaw told her what a good girl she was being, this way. It was soon after, Francisca came.
Fluid shot a while from between her legs. The dog whined and lost interest. Haxsaw smiled and massaged Francisca's cheek. He told her what a good little love doll she was being. He told her he loved her this way. He leaned forward. He kissed her cheek. Francisca's eyes were closed. Haxsaw tenderly touched her breasts. He told her how good she was in pleasing him the way she was. He deepened the trance. He then unstrapped her from the board.
He next had Francisca bent over on the wrap around sofa. She could make out a painting of Albert Einstein on the wall. Haxsaw told her to tighten her rear end for him. He also told her the pain she would love. His powerful hands went over her shoulders. Like her bra straps, they connected to her upper body. There was no way she could rid herself of this. She was commanded to lift her rear end for him. Somehow, she knew she was his love doll. A piece of her told her not to. Another part of her mind begged for more! This part of her mind begged to belong. As humiliating as it was for her she wanted to obey. She wanted to be commanded. She was tired of telling others what to do. She wanted to simply be put in her place. "After all, cannot others make up their own minds for a while?" she thought. It made sense. She felt his huge, thick penis spread and part her vaginal opening. She gasped and waited.
"Ohh!" She labored to cry out. She felt her insides shift about. She was his love doll. She was somebody now.
As Haxsaw went all the way inside Francisca was panting. Her pussy was getting soaked. She felt so embarrassed, so deeply embarrassed it was yet this was happening and it was Haxsaw controlled even her feelings. She buried her face in a pillow on the wrap around sofa. Haxsaw started pumping her.
"What are you?" he roared as he panted for air.
"Love doll!" she choked back. She wanted, needed to be a good little girl. The idea of being a good little girl made her feel wetter still. Haxsaw forced her legs together as he used her as an object. Francisca hid her face in a pillow. She was an object. All she could was feel. As if reading her thoughts, Haxsaw told her she was and was always his love doll. Always had and always would be. After so much time Francisca passed out.

She opened her eyes. Her dress was lovely. She noticed that right away. What was this from? Haxsaw had her wearing her clothing yet she did not even know. She was wearing a black dress with pleats, semi-transparent. As her eyes opened she was in bed. She brought her legs together, noticing she was still with the sheer stockings. A voice brought her back to reality.
"You have lovely legs for a fifty year old love doll!" He spoke with a harsh whisper. She looked about. She was in his bedroom, upstairs. Haxsaw was seated beside her, checking out her legs. "I appreciate you and other men do not. At your age other man would look you over. At your age you are tight beyond tight and filled with love."
Francisca felt her face redden. She hid her face, partially.
"Oh my."
Haxsaw watched her bow her face as if in defeat. He knew the method worked again. Of course, it always did. She rubbed her tummy while deep in thought. She looked at him. Francisca shifted, sitting up in bed. She smiled, a look of expression that hinted at being ready to radiate light hearted laughter.
"Were you really serious, Haxsaw?" Francisca was still waiting for the reply as she moved over to be near. She needed to touch him all over again. Haxsaw just grinned.
"Do you enjoy my hypnotizing you? Just us private and alone?"
Francisca was thinner for an old girl- with a full head of hair to boot. She had fully breast that went along with it. Despite the older facial features she was far from being an old dog.
"Haxsaw... I will be your love doll for any weekend you call me over." She then laughed. Haxsaw hugged her and they kissed. After their lips parted Haxsaw snapped his fingers again. Her face went expressionless. He commanded she undress. She would spend the night with him, of course.


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