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Wrestling with Change Chapter 5

by outkast1728

Wrestling with Change Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Under Review

Cameron had gone out of his way to avoid Ricky all day; he just didn’t know how to tell him that he had “borrowed” his new shoes. Add to that the fact that he now had them stuck on his feet. He was ducking in and out of nearby classrooms or hiding in the restroom every time he had spotted Ricky; fortunately he was wearing those easy to spot warm-ups. He was finding it hard to concentrate in his classes too. He kept thinking about Ricky and being near him even though that was what he was trying to avoid right now. Trick wasn’t helping matters either. He had noticed right away that Cameron seemed to be walking around on his toes and quickly became quite persistent in finding out why. When he finally saw that he was wearing the new set of shoes, Trick became adamant that one, he help Cameron get the shoes off, and two, that he would get to try them on next.
Just before the rest of the team arrived for practice, Cam made his way to the weight room for one last shot at removing the borrowed wrestling shoes with Trick following closely in his wake. Together they tried everything they could think of to remove the shoes but nothing was working and Cam was becoming increasingly frustrated. He sat back down on one of the weight benches as Trick continued to pull at the Gene-pool gear. Altogether Trick wasn’t really very helpful though. Half the time it was more like he was just feeling up Cameron’s leg then trying to pull off the shoes. Finally he was down on the floor where it was unclear whether he was just nuzzling his face against the unique footwear or trying to chew them off with his teeth.
“Damn it Trick, that’s not helping!” Cameron shouted, trying to shove Trick away.
“No I think I almost got ‘em! Come on just let me try some more.” Trick pleaded diving towards the shoes again.
“Come on man, back off. You’re not going to figure them out!”
“Yeah I will Cam now hold still.” Trick bit back, leaning in closer and taking a deep breath.
Cameron grunted as Trick grabbed a hold of his left foot and started twisting. He let it get to about ninety degrees before he had enough and placed his free foot on Trick’s shoulder and tried to push him backward.
“Ouch, stop it,” he yelped, “You’re going to pull my whole foot off!”
Trick just kept on tugging harder, an odd gleam in his eye. Cameron just pushed him away harder, finding himself having to use both feet to shove him off. Suddenly the door creaked open and the last voice he wanted to hear right now startled them both. Cameron awkwardly jumped up and tried to hide the shoes at the same time. The net result was that he clumsily fell over and found himself on the floor next to Terrance looking up at Ricky.
Just then the door opened with a loud groan and Ricky walked into the weight room. “Hey guys, what’re you up to? Practice has already started.”
“Oh we were just, um…” Cameron stuttered.
“I knew I didn’t lose those.” Ricky said with a cocky grin.
“I was trying to help Cam, I mean we’re on our way in, you know I’ think I’ll just see you guys out at practice.” Trick blurted out quickly before hopping up and trotting out of the room.
Cameron though just sat their smiling like the cat that ate the canary. “I told you they would look better on me.”
Ricky couldn’t help laughing. From the moment he walked in and laid eyes on Cam again he felt his groin stir. The cute little innocent look he gave him was almost too much and Ricky had barely let Trick escape from the room before he strode up next to Cameron and planted a kiss on his lips. Pulling back Ricky exhaled a lungful of Cameron’s breath.
“You know if you wanted to borrow them you should have just asked, I’m sure we could have come to an agreement.”
“I didn’t think you’d say yes.”
Ricky smiled then reached down to give Cameron a hand and help him up. “Let me get this straight. Yesterday I had your dick in my face as I gave you head, but you didn’t think I would let try on my shoes?”
“Well, Cowboy, when you say it like that…”
“So how did you like them?”
Cameron felt more relaxed now that he knew Ricky wasn’t mad, “Oh man they’re awesome. They fit perfectly. Except now I can’t seem to get them off. I’ve been wearing them since last night.”
“Here, let me do it for you, there is a slight trick to getting them of.”
“No he tried; he couldn’t get them off either.” Cameron said quickly, laughing out loud.
He got down on his knees and took Cameron’s foot in his hands much the same way Jack had done at the mall for Ricky. Except this time when Cameron shook his foot at Ricky he stopped short.
“Dude, what’s wrong with your feet?” He asked caressing the shoe. “And what the hell did you do to my shoes man? They look all stretched out!”
“Hey, it’s these things that messed up my feet, not the other way around. Probably cut of my circulation or something. That’s why they’re all swollen up and I can’t get them off.”
“Well serves you right. Here you just grab it by the buckle and the heel and it slides right…” Ricky’s voice trailed away as the shoe was removed exposing Cameron’s foot. Or what used to be Cameron’s foot.
Instead Ricky was left holding what resembled a large paw in his hands. Covered in short black fur, Cam’s leg ended in what could only be a canine paw. Four short toes were tipped with claws, while his big toe had seemingly moved further up along his foot and the bottom was covered by soft pads. His ankle had completely shifted position and moved further back from his toes.
“Oh my god! What the fuck is this?” Cameron yelped, wiggling his foot before his stunned eyes.
Ricky quickly grabbed the other shoe and yanked it from his other foot to find an identical black furred paw. Even as he set the footwear aside he watched as the shoes shrank back down to their former shape.
“Shit.” Ricky muttered as he ran a hand over his jaw.
“Cowboy, what the hell is going on here?” Cam asked slugging Ricky in the shoulder.
Ricky fell backwards to the floor still staring at the two large black paws at the ends of his teammate’s legs. This was certainly something that couldn’t be explained away as hormones. It was starting to dawn on him that all of this had started since he got the new gear from Jack. Could that possibly cause all this, he thought as he idly scratched at his furry chest.
“Stetson!” Cameron kicked him in the shin since he wasn’t responding to him.
“Look Cam, I don’t know ok! I don’t know why this is happening. I think it has something to do with these new clothes though.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I don’t know, just a gut feeling. But this new stuff is the only thing different and I can’t explain these changes otherwise.” Ricky said getting up to his feet.
“I don’t know, how could a simple pair of shoes do this do me?” Cameron asked as he stood up as well, his new stance now placing him several inches taller than Ricky.
“It’s not just the shoes, dude. I mean you noticed it yesterday with all my hair.”
“You mean you’ve got more now?” Cameron asked excitedly, “Oh man I gotta see this.”
Cameron reached out for Ricky and started to grab at his warm-ups, fumbling for its zipper. Ricky tried in vain to look sternly at his friend, he hardly felt this was the time but he couldn’t fend off his friend’s insistent hands. Eventually he just sighed and reached for the zipper himself. He pulled slowly on the fastener teasing Cameron with his deliberateness until he was able to slip the jacket off his shoulders and drop it to the floor. His teammate actually gasped at the sight. The gray fur completely covering his upper body up to his neck and down to his wrists rippled slightly as Cameron reached out to touch it. Ricky looked down at himself and if anything he was surprised to see his muscle mass had increased yet again from that morning. Somehow he was surprised at the sensation of Cam’s hands against his pecs, as if this body couldn’t possibly be his, but it was.
“Oh wow, Cowboy! God you’re totally buff now!” Cameron continued to stroke his hands over Ricky’s body shocked at the feeling of hard muscle beneath his touch. He was gradually inching himself closer to his friend, wanting to feel his entire body pressed against his own, especially against the throbbing of his cock that now felt decidedly trapped within his jeans. “You really think the warm-ups did this to you?”
“The warm-ups, the singlet, I don’t know. I’ve been wearing both of them a lot over the past few days.”
“Are your legs like this too?”
“Jesus Cam, could you stop thinking with your dick for a moment? This is serious!” Ricky all but growled.
Cameron just flashed him a mischievous grin, “You’d think so wouldn’t you, but no.”
At this he dropped down to his knees and quickly grabbed Ricky’s pants by the waist and started yanking them down. The young wrestler’s eyes widened sharply as his gaze shifted down his friend’s fur covered legs. Each appendage was as thick as a medium sized tree, massive muscle and steely sinew draped in soft gray fur. Cameron felt his mouth water at the sight of those powerful legs, instantly envious and finding himself wishing that the black fur on his feet would spread across his body just like Cowboy’s. It wasn’t until he lifted his eyes back up to his groin and found his nose just a few inches away from Ricky’s sheath.
Ricky was quicker to notice the alterations to his dick than Cameron was. From the moment his pants were pulled down he had spotted the thick furry appendage, however he was too dumbfounded to register more than a whimper as Cameron busied himself with exploring Ricky’s muscular legs. Now that he was looking right at it though, Cam seemed to have a hungry gleam in his eyes, the same sparkle he saw in his eyes yesterday in the showers. For Ricky’s part he was trying to discern the new sensations radiating from his groin, the hefty weight of his enlarged balls and the thick soft fur on his sac, the oddly warm and tight sensation of having his cock partially encased with in his body, and the slight tug against his lower abdomen that connected his sheath to him.
“Holy crap this is sweet!” Cameron exclaimed.
“What?” Ricky practically shouted. “Are you fucking nuts? Look at what happened to my junk.”
“Trust me buddy, I am looking.” Cameron replied wryly. “This totally looks like my pet husky’s sheath. You suppose the rest of your cock looks like a dog’s too?”
The shock was starting to wear off for Ricky though he was still puzzled as to how his teammate could be taking these drastic changes in such stride. His own combination of hormones and curiosity were starting to have an effect on him though and he very badly wanted to see his dick too. He could feel himself getting hard and his delicate flesh swelling and filling out his sheath before sliding up the fur covered tube. Cam continued to help things along as he grabbed and stroked the plump appendage further coaxing the growing cock to make an appearance until finally the pointed red tip started to emerge.
Cameron had completely forgotten about his changed feet. Instead he was totally focused on the sight before him. As if the fur that now coated Ricky’s increasingly muscular body, wasn’t enough, he now had an honest to god sheath. He would have never thought it possible but Cameron felt even more turned on now than he was before. The heat radiating from that impressive tube of flesh rolled over his hands in waves as he stroked up and down its furry length. When his partner’s cock eventually started to come into view Cameron felt his breath catch in his throat. A bright red spire of meat extended outward until a full ten inches of slick moist cock was visible. The tapered tip was certainly unlike any human’s and steadily oozing a slippery stream of clear juices.
“Oh wow, it is just like my husky’s dick.” Cam found himself exclaiming.
Despite himself Ricky had to grin at that, “And how would you know that?”
“My parents breed husky’s so it’s not like I’ve never seen dogs doing it. I wonder if you have a knot too?”
“A knot?”
“You’ll see.” Cameron said as he started stroking the massive cock even faster, his hand gliding over the smooth skin aided by the slick natural lubricant Ricky kept creating.
His curiosity piqued Ricky had to try very hard not to just close his eyes as his friend pulled on his meat. He wanted to watch every minute of this. From the moment that deep red hunk of flesh had emerged from his sheath he felt his mouth start to water. For some reason the altered appearance of his cock was driving him to further heights of ecstasy. Cameron was still pumping away furiously on his shaft when he started to notice a swelling sensation emanating from near the base of his prick. In fact his sheath had started to distend outward as a large growth expanded beneath his furry skin. Seconds later this growth slipped free of his sheath extending his cock by another three inches and making him harder than he had ever been in his life. The swelling at the base of his dick looked like a pair of slightly flattened tangerines on either side of his shaft, except in all it was easily bigger than Cameron’s fist which was rapidly moving to cover the super sensitive flesh.
“Now that’s a knot!” Cameron exclaimed squeezing down on the bulb.
“Oh my god, that’s incredible,” Ricky moaned as the intense pleasure of Cam’s hand compressing his knot hit him, “but what is it for?”
“Use your imagination.” Cameron said reaching around behind Ricky to grope his ass.
Ricky’s mind swirled and he was struck by a strong desire to mount his friend right then and there. However the rational side of his brain managed to win out for once and he instead thought of wrestling practice.
“Maybe later Cam, right now I suggest you finish what you started so we can get to practice.”
“You’re the boss cowboy!”
Cameron gripped the knot even tighter and dove down on the pointed tip of his friend’s canine cock. The pointed tip slid in to his mouth easily but the massive girth started to strain his jaw by the time he felt the hot flood of pre coating he back of his throat.
While all this was going on neither boy took note of the small crack opening in the weight room door or of the pale face peering through it. Trick, however, was all too aware of what was going on in the weight room. His initial shock at what he saw was quickly replaced as he became increasingly aroused. His own hand quickly found its way into his own pants as he made to adjust his rigidly stiff rod. He was a bit suspicious of what was going on with his two friends since the day before when he thought he caught a glimpse of them getting a little too physical at practice. Then when he spotted Cam at school this morning wearing the new wrestling shoes and the strangely large shape of his feet he knew something was up and he had to find out what.
Personally Trick had always had sort of a thing for feet, specifically guy’s feet. He hadn’t thought about it much but he figured he was at least bi, he liked girls and went out on dates and everything but he just liked checking out other guy’s feet, even if sometimes in is fantasies his interest in soon roamed into other areas. When he got to high school he debated between the joining the swim team or the wrestling team just so he could check out the other guys. He ended up going with wrestling as it turned out he had a knack for it, and because he found himself interested in the footwear too. There was just something about the tight, form-fitting, thinly-soled shoes that drove him wild. Throw in the fact that when wrestling he could get up close and personal with another wrestler’s feet. The new pair that Ricky had come in with yesterday absolutely took the cake though. All during practice he had kept glancing over to check out the awesome footwear. That was when he had noticed Ricky and Cam pressed close together each sporting some serious wood. That wasn’t all that rare an occurrence during practice, what was odd was that they didn’t seem to be doing anything to separate from each other.
Unfortunately he didn’t have a chance to catch up with either guy after practice. The next morning he was quick to notice the odd way Cameron was walking and even quicker to spot the flashy new pair of kicks. He had confessed to Trick that he had borrowed them from Cowboy and now he couldn’t seem to get them off. All day long Trick kept trying to get a closer look and offered up a steady stream of advice on how he should go about getting them off. When practice rolled around he followed Cam to the weight room. When he finally got an up close look at the shoes he was surprised to see how much they had deformed around Cameron’s feet. They were a lot longer and much wider than they should have been which was fine by Trick since for him the bigger the foot, the better. Together they tried everything to get them off but they just wouldn’t budge. Trick offered to take a closer look, so he ended up on the floor with his face pressed against the surprisingly soft exterior of the shoes. He was taking in a deep lungful of the strange synthetic smell of the shoes and could swear he could detect the musky odor of Cam’s feet through the fabrics. Of course this was when Ricky walked in and interrupted things.
Trick made a hasty exit for himself but he didn’t get far. He was about to head to the locker room to change for practice when his curiosity got the better of him and he doubled back to the weight room. Very carefully and quietly he edged the door open and peered in just in time to see the first of the shoes come free from one of Cameron’s feet. The sight of that massive fur covered paw was nearly enough to cause Trick to cum on the spot. It was all he could do to bite his lip and not make a sound as he gazed Cam’s new foot. His own cock suddenly throbbed in his pants and he desperately wished he was still in there so he could touch it to see if it was in fact real. The glossy black fur, blunt clawed toes, and thick pads looked incredible and Trick actually found himself jealous not to mention aroused. He wasn’t sure who he was more jealous of though, Cam for the awesome way his feet now looked of Ricky for getting to be so close to Cameron like that. The changed feet didn’t seem to be enough for Cam and Cowboy though. They had suddenly shed the rest of Ricky’s warm-ups to reveal a thick coat of light gray fur covering his entire body. But all that paled in comparison to were their attention was ultimately drawn.
Rubbing his eyes in absolute disbelief as Cameron started to rub at Ricky’s crotch, Trick couldn’t believe the appearance of the massive tool that quickly extended from Cowboy’s fur much less how Cam quickly swooped down on it and took the entire length of that cock into his mouth. Trick was completely stunned as he watched his best friend going down on another teammate. He watched on as countless idle daydreams and nighttime visions played out before his eyes only with a new combination of participants. Cameron’s head bobbed up and down on the meaty spire at an ever increasing pace as Ricky’s panted faster and faster. Soon Trick was no longer simply adjusting the hard cock in his own pants but working it in his grasp, beating off as he watched his friends. His gaze kept shifting from Cam’s feet to the action in Ricky’s groin and he began to imagine the friction he felt from his boxers was the touch of Cameron’s tongue on his dick. In the end he wound up cumming seconds before Cowboy did. His own sticky stream of fluids was nothing compared to Ricky’s though. He felt the hot rush flowing over his hand and soaking into his shorts as a thick white jet blasted from Ricky’s member, splattering across Cam’s head and matting down his hair. Trick stood up on wobbly knees and retreated to the locker room in serious need of a change of clothes, quietly deciding that he was going to find out more of what was going on here, one way or another.
Ricky felt himself heaving for breath, the strength of the orgasm erupting from his altered cock left him in a daze. For the second time in the last fifteen minutes he had gotten off with one of his teammates. The euphoria of the moment faded quickly though, leaving him with the same questions he had before Cameron had managed to so effectively distract him. It was difficult for Ricky to sort through the feelings he continued to have for his teammate and his concerns over the astounding changes taking place with his body.
“I still don’t know what’s going on here but I’m starting to think I’m not going to complain too much.”
Cameron smiled up at him, wiping a thick layer of white from his chin, “I know what you mean, if this is what happens I can’t wait till the rest of our uniforms get here. Hey I have an idea, why don’t you let me wear your singlet for practice today? I mean you’re going to keep the warm-up on to hide your nice new fur right?” he asked while reaching over to stroke Ricky’s soft gray thighs.
“Yeah, I suppose I am. But are you sure you want to? I mean what if…”
“Hey I think we’ve already decided we’re not opposed to seeing where this goes.” Cam interrupted, getting to his feet.
“Oh alright, come on we’re late enough for practice as it is. I left the singlet back in my locker and we still have to see if we can get these shoes back on those enormous feet of yours.”
Actually it turned out to be easier to get the wrestling shoes on then either of them figured. The material simply stretched over his feet as easy as the spandex singlet stretched to conform to every curve of Cameron’s body. Cameron couldn’t help but stand in front the locker room mirror and admire the way the shiny blue and red fabric clung to his skin. I knew I would look better in this than Cowboy He thought to himself, of course that was before he added all the muscle and fur. He flexed his toes in the shoes and thought of his paws as he was already starting to think of them, silently hoping that Ricky was right and that wearing more of this gear would result in a body just like his friend, especially that awesome cock. He felt himself get hard again just thinking about that massive tool and the sight of his own erection in the singlet was that much more of a turn on for him. In the end he had to tear himself away from the mirror as Ricky had finished covering up in the nylon warm-ups and pulling on Cameron’s wrestling shoes.
Together they walked into practice to find it in full swing, with Max directing the troops from the front of the room. The sight of Cam entering wearing Rick’s new singlet though was enough to cause a minor bit of buzz though and a fair amount of staring.
“About time y’all decided to join us,” Max called out, “we’re doin takedown drills so pair off and try an get caught up.”
As they settled in and got on with practice Cameron was not the least surprised to find out how much stronger Ricky had gotten. With all the extra mass and dense muscle his partner seemed t have acquired it was like trying to attack a brick wall and he was finding it nearly impossible to take him down. Naturally it didn’t help that Cameron was not very focused on the task at hand. In fact every time the two teammates came together, Cameron would take advantage of their proximity to cop a feel and grab at his partner’s groin, finding a few more ambitious opportunities to actually slip his hand into Cowboy’s pants and give that thick fur covered sheath a squeeze.
Ricky was finding it hard to concentrate as well, but not only because Cam was so intent on groping him every other second. For some reason it just felt like all the other wrestlers in the practice room were watching him and Cameron. Nobody was being very obvious about it and he never really caught anybody looking at them, nobody but Trick that is. Trick was openly gawking at him, so much so that he was getting flattened by his sparring partner. Even then, though he was almost literally being turned into a human pretzel, he never took his eyes of the two of them. It was the intensity of his stare and look in his eyes that made much of the new fur on Ricky’s back want to stand on end.
Max was also frequently caught looking at them as well but this was not out of the ordinary as he was running the practice just like always. Every time Ricky would make eye contact with him though, Max would either smile or wink before quickly turning away. It was after one of these brief glances that Ricky realized that their team captain was acting a bit unusual. He was circling the room along the wall instead of working his way through the pairs of wrestlers like he normally did. He also seemed to be rather careful to keep he back turned away from everyone at all times. He was constantly adjusting his sweats and reaching behind himself and pulling down his sweatshirt or rubbing at the small of his back.
It suddenly dawned on Ricky that the sweats Max was wearing were the same set from Gene-pool he had given him the day before. That meant if his suspicions about the new uniforms were true maybe Max was starting to experience some of the effects as well. With some effort Ricky managed to peel Cam away long enough to get his attention.
“Hey Cam, why don’t you work with one of the other guys for a minute. I need to go talk with Max.”
The disappointment was evident on Cameron’s face but he didn’t argue. “Sure, just don’t be gone long, I got a few more moves I want to try on you.”
“Yeah I bet you do.”


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