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Won't you Ring my Bell Balls Blue?

by wolfnchains

Won't you Ring my Bell Balls Blue?

The night before you were bored. So you decided to listen to some hypnosis files. You were on WarpMyMind.com, and you noticed that one of your buds from the site has sent you a new file. A specialty file, just for you.

"Ringing Bell Balls Blue." What a strange file, you thought. And it's a mystery file, too. But you were bored, felt adventurous, and decided to play it.

It starts off with an induction that takes you deep. Than a deepener that takes you much much deeper. You woke up for a moment during part of the body. It sounded like a country song from the 80s. Chrystal Gale maybe? Singing about turning her blue eyes blue.... And you could just barely make out a voice underneath, and the occasional ringing bell. But the song takes you under again. And by the time you wake up, it's morning.

The song was still playing as you turned off the player. Did the file repeat all night? That's odd, because you didn't set it up to? A feeling of dread sweeps over you.

But then you laugh, toss the thought aside. The whole things ridiculous. You must have accidentally set it up wrong. So you get up and start your day. After all, what could happen?

Before heading to work, you decide you need a boost. So you go for a cup of Joe at your favorite coffee shop. You open the door to step inside, and just as you do, you hear the bell that "DING"s to let the shop keepers know you are there. Suddenly, you feel the most attention grabbing sensation enveloping your balls.

Your balls are throbbing.

You keep walking forward, as you don't want to appear weird. You approach the counter to order your coffee.

But that throbbing sensation is growing. It is a mix, really. Yes, it is painful. It feels like someone has grabbed a hold of your balls, pulled them down, and is giving them a repeated tug and squeeze. But it is also pleasurable too. It is making you aroused, getting you hard, and making you feel very aware of your surroundings.

The specialty drink is made, and now you have your cup in hand, but the sensation hasn't stopped yet. In fact, you kind of want to bend over, like you did when your friends accidentally kicked you in the nuts back in high school. So you decide to sit down.

That's when another customer steps into the coffee shop. The door bell "DING"s again. Suddenly the throbbing has been kicked up a notch. It grabs your breath. You are trying your damnedest not to make a sound.

When is this going to end, you want to know? Why did I listen to the file with the subliminal messages under the music? And why can't I remember past the command to forget?

But now you are stuck with it. And surrounded by witnesses.

Oh, God. You think. So painful... but so damn good... Almost to the edge, might actually shoot...

That's when a customer gets up to leave. She and her friends are heading toward the door. You know it's coming. Just as you are about to. As... soon... as... they... open... ... that... ... DOOR!

The blaring "DING" rings your number. The amplified throb that follows hits you harder than you are ready for. Yes, you cum. And yes, it's a gusher in your pants. Several "SQUIRT...SQUIRT...SQUIRT"s in quick succession. Like your cock is the fucking lawn sprinkler set to Full Blast.

And yes, you did make that gasping amalgamation of squeal and moan that has everyone looking at your flushed sweating face. You can faintly hear the barista, "Are you having a heart attack?"

But the throbbing hasn't stopped. It is still going strong. And your balls are more sensitive than ever. It is really unbearable. And you feel so shaky, you don't think you can stand up.

The barista is calling an ambulance. She thinks you have had some kind of mental break because you aren't responding to her questions and there is a pool of something forming at your shoes.

And as the paramedics come rushing in, you hear that damn bell again. "Ding Ding Ding Ding," several times in a role in fact...

My god, the THROBBING. And you are cumming again. Stronger and Harder than the last. And it's not stopping.

You can't breathe. You are spasming out of control as your pelvis involuntarily thrusts forward again and again. They are loading you on to the stretcher, strapping your jerking body to the table, and loading you into the back of the ambulance.

After ten or fifteen minutes, the throbbing is ceasing. You don't know if it's because the file programming has played out to conclusion, or because of the sedative they just injected into your arm.

"It's going to be okay," one of the EMS tell you.

But it's not, you realize. Because as soon as you wake up, you are going to be in the hospital. And hospitals have lots of "DINGING" bells...


Re: Won't you Ring my Bell Balls Blue? - wolfnchains

wow, a 150 glances and not a single comment? Guess I'm going to have to work harder to get you harder....

Re: Won't you Ring my Bell Balls Blue? - hypnonips

wow! just wow! that was an incredible story. thank you

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