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Cursed Lingerie #2

by MacGyver

Cursed Lingerie #2

When my breasts had filled the DDD cup bra to a tight fiit and had stopped growing, i happened to notice one morning that there were over a hundred pairs of pantyhose in my sock drawer, and no socks. they were just plain pantyhose, i knew they did not belong to my wife as she wore a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Whe my wife got home that day, i told her about what i found, and even showed her, and she told me," well, with those big boobs, and seein as you dont have any hair on your body except the eye brows, eye lashes, and the hair on top of your head, you could wear those and no one would know that you have a little something extra between your legs." This went on for about 5 weeks, then out of the blue, she said," You know, i find it sexy when a man wears pantyhose, so, wont you please put them on for me?" She knew i could not resist her tone and those sad puppy dog eyes she gave me, she even showed me how to put them on so i did not rip them.

Like the panties, i started out not wearing them very often, and after a couple months, i was wearing them all day, every day like the bras and panties, and soon, i noticed my penis and testicles were shrinking, but when i tried to say something about it to my wife, i could not get the words out. Instead, i would say something like, 'nice weather we're having today'. She knew what was going on because she had set this whole thing up with the hypno-therapist to do this to me as they both wanted me to be their lesbian love slave, i just did not know it yet.

Time passed and one morning, when i got up and went to pee, i noticed that i was sitting down to do it like a woman, when i looked down, what i saw shocked me. I now had a vagina, no penis or testicles, but a vagina with the lips neatly folded in place. it was saturday and my wife had the day off, she told me a friend of hers was coming by later and i needed to get dressed so i would look nice. She got out some feminine clothing and told me to put on my panities, and then she told me to put on my pantyhose, and she cinched me up in a very tight corset, it was one that was made to go over the breasts as well. Breathing was difficult due to the corset being so tight and the fact that it was the first time i had ever worn one. next, she had me step into a dress, she pulled it up on me and put my arms into it, and when she zipped it up, it was snug on me as well.

My wife then told me to lift my left foot, i could feel her slip something on, and then my right foot. I found it to be a bit of a struggle to keep my balance at first as she had put 5 inch high heeled shoes on my feet. She had also done my hair and make-up, then she stood me infront of her full length mirror and said,"See, you look beautiful, and sexy!" I could not believe my eyes, my manly muscles were gone, my hair was almost down to my butt, and my god did i look sexy, which made me horny, then i rememberd, i no longer had a pnis, infact, i was no longer a man, i was now a woman.

When the door bell rang, m wife answered, and i could hear,"Well, come on in, so nice to see you again." When my wife came into the room, she said, there is someone i want you to meet. It was the hypno-therapist. My wife said,"Yes, she is a really good friend of mine, and we have both been wanting to have a lesbian lover for some time now, but we wanted one that did not have some kind of disease, and well, i knew you would do just about anything i ased of you, so i set up your first appointment, and when Kristy heard that you were clean, she had decided to go along with it. You see, this way we do not have to worry about the spread of disease. Now, take us, and do oral on us both, we demand to be satisfied, NOW!" "No!" i said. Then kristy said," Do as your wife says or else!" And with that, Kristy snapped her fingers, and just as if a switch had been flipped, i did as i was told, and for some strange reason, was happy to do as my wife had told me. while i was servicing Kristy, my wife said,"Oh, and another thing, I've got you a job ready, you start monday where i work, you are going to be the new secretary." When i had finsihed with Kristy and started performing oral sex on my wife, Kristy said," The hardest part was getting you addicted to wearing women's clothing, at first you resisted but by going at it one peice at a time made the whole process easier. If you would have stopped wearing the panties, you would not be a woman, oh, i mean, if you would have been able to resist wearing the pantis, ha ha ha. Now you are a lesbian love slave for me and Joanne."


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