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The old/new Baby Bill

by Hellraiser90

The old/new Baby Bill

Good Evening everyone. This is your Hypnosis Friend Hellraiser from WMM. In the last few weeks i had a nice subject for my interests in Diapers and being babyfied. He was nice. Today we want to call him Bill because of privacy. So let the Show beginn:

Bill is someone who would be called an Adult Baby. Someone who loves to be diapered and be babied. No one in his family or his friends did know about his "Baby play". He was in his late 20th and was a tall and strong men with blond hair and blue eyes. No one would ever see that he likes to be diapered if he was in public. Sometimes he wished he could go back to infancy to have a carefree life. One Month ago he lost his Work and his Girlfriend. It has been a really bad month for him. After some weeks of spending on the couch he got his self-worth again and searched for a new Job. Today was his first Day at the new Pizzaria around the corner of his home. It was a hard Job. He delivers the Pizza and gets enough for his rent and some Extras. But it really has been naging on him that he lost his old work. He wanted to go back so hard today that he went on a search for rejunavation process on the web and found WMM. He didn´t know whats up with this website, because it looks more like a forum. He read through the articles and stories and found some of the babyfied people here on WMM. Bill thought "WOW thats really cool. Probably i could be the same like them on the snapshots" and browsed the site for some of the baby hypnosis files. He found them very nice but there has always been a problem to go down with the file. After listening for some files he gave up and leaved the site.

After a couple of hard days at the pizza place he was more than pissed. The Scooter from work gave his life today and it was raining cats and dogs. It was a horrible day. And even his new Boss said that it was his fault that Customer didn´t get the pizza. He was not fired. But he was shortly before it. He was exhausted. So he tried again the files on WMM but couldn´t get under. He was nearly to giving up again. But then he saw the button with the name chat on the left side. He chatted all night with some guys and girls on the chat. But then he saw Hellraiser90. He had made some good files and published them here on WMM. Bill thought that he could help him. So he messaged him. After a couple of hours writting about hypnosis and on other stuff they decided to write over mail and messenger. After a couple of days and other hard days at work Bill thought again about going out and get some diapers. He now had enough for some that he would fit in. So he decided to go to the local pharmacy shop and buy some. They had a new special brand that are called ******. They were big enough for him and very fluffy and absorbent. As he was back home he packed himself into one of them and thought again about being a baby again. He writes an long mail to Hellraiser90 who is a hypnotist. After a couple of days he got an answer with a file. The text only said "use it with care!" he didn´t thought very long and made it an MP3 Player and got in his bed. He woke up on the next day and his mind was a blur. As he got he said "What the fu**?". He did pissed himself in his sleep. First he thought it was an accident but it would be very very more. As he got up his legs were wobbly like that from a toddler that could almost stand. It was so strange to him. It was his first day where he didn´t need to go to work for weeks. So he did made his way to the bathroom and cleaned himself and changed into a new diaper. His mind was cloudy and hazy from the file he heard last night. He decided it would be the best if he tries it a second time. But he didn´t saw that the MP3 player was on loop. And the file looped and looped and looped. As the battery was on low it died and he got out of trance. His mind was more and more cloudy. His diaper was sagging from piss and shit. He was blabbering something you couldn´t understand. His mind has gone simple and did not really worked that way he wanted to. And his cock would spring a leak again without him noticing . . .

A couple of days later: The Boss from Bill was really angry. Bill didn´t got to work for days and his phone is not reachable. He decided to go to the place from Bill. The building he lived in was big and had many people in it. He searched for Bill and found his Appartment Number. He got to the appartment and found the door was open and not closed. The rank and and horrible smell filled his nose before he entered the room. Everywhere had been staines of piss and shit. He wanted to leave, but Bill was one of his best drivers. Even if he had been very harsh to him the last days. He had felt guilty and thats why he hadn´t already fired him. He didn´t saw him in the living room. He did tried to not get on the staines of piss or shit. It was nearly everywhere. The computer was still running and he heard something in another room. Some staines looked more like a toddler that had played with his own fluids. As he came to the bedroom the odor was going more and more heavy. And there he was. On his bed. Smiling like a little child. And he had a diaper on. His eyes looked like they where full of clouds. But he was happy . . .

3 Months later: The cause of babyfy-ing of Bill had never been found. Some doctors thought he had taken a drug or something else. No one could now it. Only Bill and Hellraiser90. But that guy had never been found. But now back to Bill and his Boss. His Boss felt in charge for that little guy Bill is now. So he had taken him Home. His wife couldn´t get pregnant and was at first not really happy about that decission of her husband. But after some Months She thought Bill is preciuos and made her Happy all day. Now they live happy and decided to hold him as long as they can. And Bill got a new name and became a part of their family. His Name is now Sandra. Now some of you will now say thats a girls name and yes thats right. Because Bill was always a bit on both sides they said he would be better a girl. He wears now pretty frillie dresses and very cute merry janes. His now a sissie and loves it.

The End?

Hope you enjoyed it ^^


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