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Roxy Submits to Alexis

by Klove

Roxy Submits to Alexis

Roxanne was on her knees, bent over one of her Goddess' sofas, completely undressed with her dark brown hair over her eyes. Behind her, Goddess Alexis pumped her 8-inch cock in and out of Roxanne's virgin anus. "Ohhh..." moaned Roxanne.
Roxanne Mercado was a 17 year-old Latina girl attending West Brooks High school after having moved from California. She had a pale complexion and dark-brown, seductive eyes. She had large DD breasts and was 5'9''. Although many men fell for her, she was secretly bisexual, with a rather unusual fetish.
Only a month ago, Roxanne had never heard of her Goddess Alexis--had never thought she would one day be her personal sex toy.
Roxanne had a strong passion for women feet. She constantly pampered her own beautiful pair, polishing her toes with a deep red. She would often masturbate at school and at home, with her vibrating dildo or her own two fingers.
She imagined herself at the feet of a hermaphrodite. At the feet of a woman's body with a man's cock. She imagined herself worshiping and licking their feet. Then she would reach with her beautiful soles and wrap them around the thick, pulsating cock. It was a glorious cock--8 inches with blue veins. Slowly she would turn her feet around the cock, at times stopping to use her smooth toe to draw a small circle on its head. Finally, it would convulse and orgasm, jetting huge amounts of cum over both of them. Then Roxanne and the hermaphrodite would embrace and lick themselves clean. Next, they rested on a sofa, with the hermaphrodite at one end and Roxanne at the other, facing each other. They would place their feet on each other's breasts, and they licked and sucked at them while using their toes to squeeze and massage the other's breasts...
And then Roxanne came, gasping until she realized she was masturbating in her shower, with the shower head pulsating streams against her swollen clitoris. With a delicate hand she gathered her cum and ate it, moaning with her hand in her mouth. She remained in the shower for a while longer, admiring her voluptuous body: her large, firm, yet smooth breasts (which she squeezed, gripped, and massaged as she moaned); her tight, shaven pussy; her long, smooth, and lightly tanned legs; her smooth and attractive ass; and lastly, her size 8, curvy feet, with her attractive (slightly long) toes, painted that deep, seductive red that drove her absolutely horny.
Finally, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself, as well as her hair. She opened her drawer and was about to put on a black latex bra, but decided she was feeling much too horny to hide her slowly erecting tits. So she strode to her closet and chose a revealing black tank top, and pair of short-shorts that left her with an obscure camel-toe. Lastly, she chose a pair of black sandals with a two-inch heel that accented her red toenail polish quite nicely.
With her parents gone away on their anniversary vacation (they wouldn't be home for three weeks), Roxanne decided to drive into town and stop for some coffee at Starbucks. She took her license, keys, and purse and stepped outside into a warm, sunny June Saturday. With her red Porsche convertible, she drove off. As she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed a tanning salon had opened next door. Eager for a tan, she put aside coffee and walked into the tanning salon.
At the counter stood one of the hottest women Roxanne had ever seen. She was around her own height, with smooth blonde hair, and very light tan. She had almost translucent grey-blue eyes, and wore a tank top as equally revealing as Roxanne's. She was around 25, and bore a tight set of DD breasts.
"Hello, welcome to Fluro's Tanning Salon and Spa, how may I help you today?" As she spoke, Roxanne felt her head grow a bit numb, and felt a wave of pleasure roll through her... "It's... It's kind of empty in here..." she said.
"Yes..." replied the woman "We have only opened a few days ago, and business has been rather slow."
"My name is Alexis, by the way..." she said. Roxanne felt another wave of pleasure and relaxation gently roll through her, and although she was not tired, she felt a great urge to sit and fall asleep. "I'm... Roxanne... but you can call me Roxy... or whatever you'd like..." she barely managed to say.
"You know, Roxy... why don't you try one of my foot massages... complimentary for being a first-time customer..."
Roxy imagined Alexis at her feet, while Alexis worshiped them in every way imaginable, Roxy was pumping a dildo in and out... in and out... in and out of her tight pussy...
"That sounds... like a pleasure..."she said. "Good. Come this way then... Come..." At those words, Roxy felt her nipples stiffen, and her pussy grow wet. As Alexis walked ahead, Roxy quickly pushed a finger into her pussy, and moaned quietly. They walked into a vast room with a large window to the far side that was shut and covered with a curtain, save for a very small crack of light. In every corner of the room, there were two candles lit, and in the center was a steaming hot tub. Around the hot tub, there were long, comfortable lawn chairs, with several electronic devices Roxy guessed were for massages. The whole room smelled of an intoxicating lavender. "Take a seat..." whispered Alexis. Roxy obediently sat and laid back on the nearest chair. Alexis then gently removed Roxy's sandals, which she breathed in and licked and moaned. Roxy seemed not to notice. She was staring at the ceiling as if in a trance.
After removing her sandals, Alexis slowly rubbed Roxy's feet. Gradually Roxy began to moan. Then, Alexis began to lick Roxy's feet, and both girls began to moan. Finally Alexis stopped, and adjusted Roxy's chair so that they were both at eye level. "Worship me, your Goddess... Goddess Alexis..." she whispered into Roxy's ear.
"Worship Goddess Alexis..." repeated Roxy.
"We both know... that you and I want something from each other... pleasure..."
"That's right... With the word PLEASURE, feel your breasts stiffen, and grow even... feel your pussy grow moist...FEEL your lust for my body..."
"OHHH... OHHH..."
"Now... when you feel my lips upon yours... PLEASURE... when you feel my tongue embrace yours... PLEASURE... when you feel our breasts touch... PLEASURE... you will be bound to me forever... PLEASURE... obedient to me... PLEASURE... my slave... PLEASURE..."
Roxy was shaking, her eyes were rolling up, her mouth was open, and her face was red. Alexis was pulling off her tank top, and pulled off Roxy's as well. Then, Alexis crawled on top of her, and kissed Roxy feverishly. Their breasts rammed against each other passionately, and both were moaning loudly. Still locked to Roxy, Alexis tore off her thin short short to reveal an erect 8" cock. She tore off Roxy's shorts, and rammed into her tight, dripping pussy. Roxy was experiencing pleasure beyond her wettest dreams, and wanted nothing but her eternal servitude to Goddess Alexis. Alexis pulled away from Roxy's lips and screamed: "Slave, you shall come after I have!" Alexis returned to Roxy's lips and gripped her breasts, and Roxy's arms hung limply to her sides. Both had their toes curled, and Roxy could see Alexis' deep red toe nail polish, which drove more pleasure into her. Alexis was quickly pushing in and out Roxy, and her cock grew until it reached 12 inches, and was clearly visible from within Roxy as it pushed deeper and deeper.
Suddenly, Alexis screamed and let loose an inhuman amount of cum into Roxy's womb. Roxy finally let go of the incredible pressure and screamed in a tremendous orgasm. Roxy's belly had swollen and kept growing still, as it was being filled with Alexis' inhumane amount of cum. Soon, Roxy could no longer see her precious feet. Finally, after Roxy's belly had grown around 12 inches, Alexis pulled out of Roxy... and continued to shoot her cum. Roxy was covered from head (where she swallowed as much as she could) to seductive toe within seconds.
Finally, Alexis stopped. Roxy was covered in the semitransparent substance, with the exception of her hair tied back in a small braid. Alexis lowered herself to Roxy's feet and began to lick the cum off. Roxy only stared dreamily. Alexis kept moving up Roxy's body, licking every corner that Roxy had not already gotten to. At Roxy's pussy, Alexis ate from it as it gushed cum continuously, until it stopped. "You have nothing to fear slave..." cooed Alexis lovingly as she stared at Roxy's belly, "This cum has been sterilized; you will not grow pregnant."
Roxy could feel the heavy weight within her womb. She seemed to feel distant and sleepy, as if though she existed elsewhere before she made love to her Goddess. But she couldn't remember. Nor did she want to. She was perfectly content; she had always been content to be with her Goddess. "Come slave, into to the hot tub. I will fuck you in the water."
Carefully, Roxy climbed out of the chair and strode towards the hot tub. She noticed that her belly seemed to shrink gradually, and could tell this was true from the dripping of her pussy. The cum must have been leaking. Alexis walked her in, and both sighed a bit as they were met with jets of warm water and lavender scented steam. Suddenly, Alexis pushed Roxy against the hot tub wall, which forced her to bend over. Alexis began to push into her once more, while at the same time, massaging Roxy's breasts. After some intense minutes, both shrieked as they came with a greater force than before, as Alexis' cum drifted into the water.
Next, Alexis dressed Roxy into a slutty french maid costume, where Roxy took Alexis' cock into her mouth, and managed to swallow a large amount of cum, although most of it later spilled out of her mouth. Alexis fucked Roxy in her pussy, then filled her anus. It seemed as if though they never tired.
The two did the same again, but with Roxy in a slutty nurse costume. And again once more with Roxy in a skin-tight black latex suit. Alexis paused from her intercourse with Roxy to masturbate with Roxy's sandals. In a minute, the sandals were no longer visible beneath Alexis' cum.
Having a foot fetish herself, Alexis left the room and came back with a barrel of liquid chocolate. Delicately, she dipped her feet into the sickly sweet brew and commanded Roxy to lick them clean. With that done, Alexis then lowered herself into the barrel, covering everything from her breasts up to her neck. "Cleanse me with your tongue slave...mmm PLEASURE...MMM PLEASURE..." At these words, Roxy orgasmed but payed no attention to her dripping pussy. Instead she began to lick Alexis once more. However, Alexis stopped her. "No, no... wrap your feet around my chocolate cock slave... mmm PLEASURE... I want a footjob..." moaned Alexis. Roxy's pussy exploded once more, and again she paid no attention, but instead obediently wrapped her beautiful soles around her Goddess' pulsating cock. She stroked up and down, and occasionally pulled one foot away to trace a circle on the cock's head with her dainty toes.
Soon, her Goddess came powerfully, and covered their bodies in cum. Alexis then got up and laid on top of Roxy, their breasts pressed together. Alexis once again pushed in an out of Roxy with her chocolate cock, while Roxy felt and licked Alexis' erect chocolate breasts. And once again, Alexis' cock grew to 12 inches. Finally, she came explosively, filling her womb until she pulled out and covered the outside of Roxy's body. But Alexis did not stop, rather kept fucking the seemingly pregnant Roxy. Before she expelled more jets of cum into Roxy, however, she pulled out and shoved her cock into Roxy's mouth. Both moaned with pleasure loudly as Alexis came inside Roxy's mouth, filling it until she could no longer swallow, and it spewed out.
For a long while, Alexis simply rested on top of Roxy, lovingly stroking her legs, her pussy, her ass, or feet. Their breasts remain pressed together, until Alexis began to suck on Roxy's passionately. She stopped, and then grabbed Roxy's head and kissed her, wrapping her tongue with hers. And they remained embraced for days, two souls existing in a gap within the universe. "Slave..." began Goddess Alexis,"Now, together we will masturbate. It intrigues me to know how you PLEASURE yourself..."
"Ohhh..." moaned Roxy.
Roxy slid her fingers into her pussy, with the other grabbing her tits. She continued for hours, with every second applying another wave of pressuring pleasure. She was not allowed to come until her Goddess allowed her to do so. Instead, her Goddess picked her up with inhumane strength, with Roxy still pleasuring herself as Alexis carried her into a room a few doors down from the one they were in (the two of them in no clothing, whatsoever).
The room was similar to the other, except for the fact that it was smaller, and instead of the hot tub or lawn chairs, there were 4 structures that appeared to be stone beds. Alexis put Roxy on one of them, with Roxy stilling screaming from her own pleasure. At the end of each bed, there was a device similar to a film camera. Goddess Alexis strapped Roxy's arms and legs to the bed, then approached the device. Roxy was still screaming. As she turned on the device, from the end facing the bed, there slowly began to come out a dildo. It was approaching Roxy's pussy, and slowly it began to vibrate. It was remote controlled, and Alexis could make it shoot a protein-enhanced liquid in place of cum, change the speed at which in pushed in and out, or make the vibrating stronger.
In and out the dildo pushed and pulled out Roxy's pussy, and Roxy was screaming with pleasure. Not until veins appeared along her pussy and her eyes rolled into her head, and her face was completely red, did Goddess Alexis say: "Come, slave."
"OHHH...OHHH...OHHH!!! OHHH!!! OHHH..." Roxy wailed in godly pleasure as jets and jets of her cum gushed out of her pussy and spilled onto the floor.
She manage to produce enough cum to reach the soles of Goddess Alexis, at which she could not help but lay on her back and suck on her own feet. Alexis stopped and slowly pulled her foreskin up and down as she masturbated, grabbing her erect and gradually growing tits with the other hand. "Slave..." moaned Goddess Alexis,"You are listening now... You see, I am not your normal human slut... I am, in fact, a Goddess... You have no choice but to believe me... This cock I am teasing now, I can choose to grow or recede at will... I can take any shape of form or body I desire... I can change your body in any way I want to as well... Because you belong to me now, my slave... mmm PLEASURE... and I have chosen to do things beyond reality with you... mmm PLEASURE..."
Slowly, Alexis' body began to change... it lightened, and molded itself into... Roxy's body. At the same time, Roxy's body began to change until it was virtually identical to Alexis' body. One would have said they switched bodies, which was accurate enough. However, from Alexis' back (which was the body of Roxy) there came tentacles. Thousands of tentacles, each containing a thick cock at each end. Roxy (in Alexis' body) looked down to see that they both had a pussy. Slowly, one of Alexis' tentacles lowered into her own pussy, and began to fuck her own body. "Mmm... PLEASURE... Don't you want this slave...? This PLEASURE..." With the remote control, Alexis released Roxy's arms and legs from the bed.
Instantly, Roxy began to feel her new body... and began to masturbate. She shoved one hand into her pussy, and squeezed her tits with the other. With her tentacles, however, Alexis picked up Roxy and bound her arms and legs. Every corner if her body was being fucked by one, two, or three tentacles at once. Both were moaning with pleasure in their new bodies. Three cocks were in Roxy's pussy, two were up her anus, one enormous cock was pushing into her throat, four cocks were in between each toe on both feet, with another cock in each sole of the foot. Two cocks were tugging at each breast, with another two wrapped around each breast. "Ohhh... Mmm..." sighed Roxy through the cock in her mouth.
"Ohhh... Mmm PLEASURE... Ohhh... Fuck... Ohhh... mmm PLEASURE!" screamed Alexis.
Roxy's face was purple and her tits were swollen to a DDD cup. Her pussy was covered in veins from the three cocks hungrily pushing into her, and her feet were being pumped tirelessly. Suddenly, Alexis' cocks came... everywhere. Cum streamed from Alexis's mouth and nose. It was spilling out of her anus, and pushing up her digestive track. It was inflating her belly and womb to a startling 16 inches in diameter, and virtually everywhere there was an opening or crook, there was cum.
"Slave..." moaned Alexis.
"Yes Goddess...?" moaned Roxy
"I love you..."
And the two threw each other at themselves and embraced, kissed, licked, and worshiped. They remained locked in time and space, for their pleasure had rendered their minds limitless from the boundaries of reality. If anyone ever approached the tanning salon, they would find nothing but empty lot, for the tanning salon itself had slipped through the cracks of time and space. Roxanne's parents came home to find her gone, and after years of tears and searching, she was never found. She would always remain bound to the powerful, sexual, Goddess Alexis, in Limbo... somewhere mortals had no reach. Only pleasure could take them there.


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