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School First Semeter Subliminal Music

by lew897

School First Semeter Subliminal Music

The day began as it usually does, but today was new for Sandra, her first day at college. All the new people, new classes new relationships. Although, she already met her room mate she hadnt seen the whole college and was eager to see it all. The air was good to breath and lunch was around the corner, waking up too early wasnt her thing so lunch sounded good first.
The day also began the same for George but instead of being late he was already out and about seeing the college with a tour from his new room mate. Down the halls, through the corridors everything was amazing and huge. Girls everywhere! Leaveing the small town was hard but girls was something he was going study and study hard. After babe watching all day and not having the courage to talk to any the roomies thought lunch was the best idea.
George met Sandras ass first in line and couldnt keep his eyes off of them. It was amazing almost like in a trance. Sandra didnt notice until she felt someone bump into her from behind. :Oh, so sorry i was... uh distracted and didnt see you there: George muttered. Sandra laughed and said :its okay: They both got their orders and sat down. :I saw that putting the moves on, i get it, lunch is your thing huh?: Aww, come off I was just admiring her butt and tripped: They both laughed. :Maybe you should follow this up with a date offer, to apologize, shes not here with someone.: :Yeah, maybe I will, sounds like a good idea.: But before he could decide Sandra was already on them and said: Hey, could you two show me the place, Im new here...: : I would but Ive got some important business to take care of, but George know this place inside out: George almost starting sweating when his new roomate left. He didnt even learn his name but felt more comfortable around him than showing off the college. Halfway through the tour she could tell he didnt anything more than she did. It was kinda strange, but meeting new people was her specialty. :Just breathe, it looks like your sweating too much, its just a tour.: :Its not that, its just...[I havent talked to a girl before that was this hot]:: Just what?: : Uh, I lost my train of thought.: : You know what, I can help with that, my boyfriend in highschool really helped me out with that, he gave me this file to listen to when I went to sleep or just while watching tv.: After going back to her room, she gave him her file thanked her and left. Quite odd. Both were thinking over what happened. But the day was still beggining for Sandra and coming to a close for George.
A few weeks later, George found a file in his pants he hadnt washed yet. Curious to what it was he put on his laptop and heard nothing at first, then he remebered his speakers were jammed so he put in ear phones and then his ears heard sweet music. His favorite in fact. Although, he heard a little noise the background. The file had two hours. He hadnt heard this type in a while so what the heck why not listen while doing homework.
Sandra was back in her dorm getting screwed by two gorgious men. [I love college!] :Fuck me,... oh your dick is so tasty.: When they left, Sandra did her ritual of putting in her favorite music that lasted two hours but decided to listen to it while she masterbated. After an hour her room mate came back, saw her masterbating, and thought[ once shes in trance she cant come out it for two hours, I guess dancing is out the question].
Waking up the next day, George noticed something was slighty different. He seemed more alert. Which was a good thing since his homework needed some revising. After an hour of working on it, he couldnt seem to stop thinking about his dick. The more he thought, dicks just came his awareness. He had to go for a walk, get some fresh air and sleep in a while. This morning he put his favorite music on and started working on his homework, he finished in 30 minutes, and dosed back off to sleep still listening to the music. In the afternoon, his roommate woke him up for lunch which he thought was weird since George always is up and about. :Nice pants, they look good on you, could you take them off...: George mumbled almost in shock. :wow, somebody had a fun night.: They both laughed and headed to the lunch room.
George met Sandra the next day going out on a run. That butt looked familar. He just jogged right behind so as to try and remeber. It was amazing. He sped up a bit, and Sandra slowed downand bent down. The two collided hip to hip. : I am so sorry, I dont know what I was thinking.: : Havent heard that one: George started to run again a little bit flustered. Sandra caught up to him and sped past. George was a little surprised but then saw it as a challenge when he saw her smiling. They sped through the whole park. Exhausted they decided to get some drinks at her place.
Once at her door George realized what was happening he was at a girls room! He walked in almost in a daze and got an erection. Sandra noticed his weird walk and stance. Eyeing him up and down she noticed his penis poking out of his shorts. :Nice dick, we can have sex you know: Then she grabbed him and kissed him. George started to stiffen more and came all over both of them. Both just looked at each other. :I have a solution to that: After cleaning themselves up, Sandra got a file and gave it to George, :a friend gave this to me for longer orgasms. Listen to them for a month come back and well finish this.: :Okay.: George whimpered and left.
At his room, George didnt know wheter to smile or not. He just came on a girl by a touch and kiss. Although he was thinking about cocks, women get him hard but cocks were all he could think of when horny. It was strange, but something was happening to him that was weirder than he ever imagined. Was it college? Was it the work? George just deceided to listen to his favorite music and masterbate during it for the afternoon. A few minutes later his roommate came back and saw him masterbating. [ Its strange but what can I do he just seems to want to see me naked whenever we talk. He was okay for a while but I dont know what to do. I have a gay roommate who knew.] :Hey, can we get going?: Nothing, just masterbating. Well, if he wont come out of it then Ill just leave him here.
George came out it, did his homework, and decided to listen to Sandras file. At first it was sorta unfamilar, but after a while he heard music he knew. A few weeks of this new hour long music album he was noticing his longer orgasms and even came harder. It even made him have vivid dreams of cumming on a dick and sucking it clean. His ears were full of men groaning and telling him he was doing a good job. Waking up was almost a disappoinment. There was no men, no dicks, no nothing.
After a month, George knew what he needed to do. All the hesitations were gone, he asked anyone out to dates. He needed some way to release his tension and sex was the way to go. He thought about girls and could get hard but a man was what he needed. The more the merrier.


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