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Logan's Toys

by Hexept

Logan's Toys

Logan's Toys
By Farleven

Foreward: This story is written as a prequel of sorts to "Cindy's New
Program". Basically I just wanted to warn or inform the reader of this fact,
just in case you wanted to know. Otherwise, enjoy.

Logan Pierce puffed causally on a fine Cuban cigar as he waited for his
associate to arrive. He was sitting alone at his private table in his favorite
restaurant, a luxury afforded by his position as vice president of Trans-Global
Limited. Logan enjoyed the indulgence his position allowed him, and longed to
advance even higher in the company. His path was blocked by the current
president and his associates, however, and he was glad to be meeting with his
own ally. With a little luck, Logan was certain he would overcome these
obstacles to his ascension.

"Good day, Logan. I'm glad you could meet with me on such short notice."
Greeted Alan Zoran, an aged man and one of Logan's most valuable associates.

"Anything for you, Alan. After you worked those miracles in Asian, how
could I refuse you." Logan replied. TGL had several production facilities in
Asia, and a slew of labor rights reforms in the region had cost TGL billions of
dollars in profits. Until Alan solved the problem, that is. Logan didn't know
how he did it, but Alan had somehow rewrote the rule book in Asia and TGL's
plants became so efficient and productive that even with the new labor rules,
TGL was making more then ever before. That action alone drove Logan to securing
Alan's loyalty with every resource he had.

"I'm glad you appreciate my efforts." Alan replied as he sat beside his

"You'll have to tell me how you did it some time." Logan commented.

"That was what I wanted to discuss with you. With TGL's assistance, I had
the funds to complete my motivational work at HRI, and I would like to properly
thank you for helping secure that funding." Alan was the President of Human
Resources International, a company founded on the principle of effecting maximum
productivity from employees for client companies.

"I can't think of a better reward than the profit figures I've seen for the
last quarter, thanks to your work."

Alan smiled. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that. I think you'll find my
new proposition much more favorable than a little more money in your pocket.
Did you ask your secretary to meet you down here later?"

"Yes, just as you asked. Why did you want her to come down?" Logan asked.
Logan's secretary, Sandy Mersher, was quite the woman. Logan had hired her many
years ago thanks to her trim figure, though he had grown incredibly frustrated
by the fact that she associated with him in no more than a professional level.
She was a good secretary, but Logan had hoped for a more expanded relationship
with his lovely assistant.

"Don't worry about it, you'll be more then pleased with the reasons once
we're finished. Now, I wanted to discuss expanding the HRI operations into the
states. I'm going to give you a tour of our development facilities and
hopefully we can work out a way to overcome the problems with the expansion."
Alan replied cryptically.

They continued to discuss some of the less detailed parts of their new
relationship. Logan would lend financial support from TGL for HRI's expansion
in return for use of HRI's employee motivational methods in TGL's domestic
facilities. Locan still didn't know all the details of Alan's methods yet, but
he was assured of full disclosure during the tour of HRI's facility.

Sandy interrupted the conversation some time later. Alan looked over his
friends secretary with great appreciation for Logan's frustration. Sandy was
wearing a sharp business dress that hugged her trim form perfectly, accentuating
her ample breasts and slim waist. Her skirt covered only her upper thighs,
leaving her smooth legs naked to Alan's gaze. She wore her black hair in a
somewhat conservative bun, keeping her hair away from her lovely face. For a
mother of three, Sandy was a stunning woman, and Alan appreciated the torment
his partner went through in a given day with those charms kept so close but
still out of reach.

Alan led them into his limousine and the trio were taken to the nearby HRI
development facility, where their motivational techniques were developed. Alan
was proud of what he had accomplished in the third world, and looked forward to
Logan's help in bringing that same success to the states.

HRI's headquarters was located in a rural part of Washington state, and it
took almost an hour to drive to the location. The building was built as a
pyramid in the Aztec tradition, with reliefs carved into it's surface. A glass
covered garden rimmed the base of the pyramid. The entire structure was located
in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by dark and foreboding trees. Alan
watched as both of his guests took in the awe inspiring sight as the limo pulled
up to the entrance.

"Here is the source of all my pride and efforts. It took me decades to
build this company to where it is today, and we will make history together with
this next expansion." Alan beamed as they walked into the entrance. As they
walked in black suited security guards surrounded the trio.

"Miss Mersher, would you be so kind as to go with these gentlemen. They
will take you to our contract division so you can begin assembling the
information for our new partnership." Alan instructed.

Sandy hesitated for a moment, not liking the look of the guards around her.

"Go on, Sandy, we don't need to keep Mr. Zoran waiting." Logan prodded.

Sandy relented and followed the black suited guards off into the facility.

"I'm sure you're curious as to how I achieved those miracles in Asia." Alan
teased as he lead Logan down a hall of empty pedestals.

"Certainly, how did you get productivity up so sharply?" Logan asked.

"I'm sure this will surprise you, but we conditioned your workers to be
100% loyal dedicated employees. They don't stop work unless absolutely
necessary, and ignore everything but their work. After our program, they
willingly work 16 hour days for no more then room and board. They never
complain or organize unions or anything of the sort, giving you the perfect
labor supply." Alan remarked cheerfully. He had been exceptionally proud of the

"How is that possible?" Logan asked. He had already seen the results, but
everything he knew said such a thing wasn't possible.

"Simple, a combination of mental conditioning techniques and modern
computer technology. We've also been working on a direct input control unit
that is implanted into the brain stem and can override conscious control of the
body, though that wasn't needed for our Asian work." Alan explained. It had
taken him years to develop the technology and years more to find ways to
implement it where the local government wouldn't intervene.

Logan stood back, aghast at the notion. He quickly ran through the
possibilities of such technology, just what could be done with that kind of
power. Now he knew why Alan wanted to expand his operations in the states so
badly and Logan was even more happy to be involved at this stage of the game. A
new world order was being created and he was in position to be on top of that
order. "So what is you intention for the expansion into the states?"

"I haven't quite decided yet, but I want to build the framework to allow me
options in the future. For now I just want to assemble resources until we're
ready to make an aggressive expansion. We both understand the implications of
government involvement with this project, which is why you're here. I want to
ensure your loyalty with a few gestures of my generosity and an assurance of a
place at the table when HRI does expand." Alan explained. He hadn't decided yet
just what he was going to do and keeping Logan's loyalty was important for
financial viability until HRI did make it's next move.

"Can I assume then that Sandy isn't arranging contracts right now?" Logan
asked with a near devilish smile.

Alan laughed.


Sandy walked quietly down the hall with four guards escorting her down the
hallway. She wasn't sure why this kind of security was necessary, but
definitely didn't like it. The men were completely silent, and Sandy was too
intimidated to ask any questions. She was lead down a deserted hallway, each
side lined with doors.

One of the lead guards turned to one of the doors and opened it. Sandy
nearly gasped as she looked into some kind of laboratory, she didn't wait to
examine the scene before turning away, hoping to escape. Her attempted bolt was
cut short by the two guards behind her who grabber her by her upper arms and
carried her into the room. Sandy felt her self being placed in some kind of
chair, and being quickly strapped down.

"Let me go!" She cried as they secured her to the chair.

"Calm down, Miss Mersher, were not going to hurt you." replied a man in a
lab coat who was operating a small control panel beside the chair.

Sandy struggled against her bonds as one of the guards pushed her head into
the chairs headrest and ran another strap over her forehead.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sandy screamed again as she continued to
fight against her bonds. She felt someone spread some kind of jelly like
substance on the base of her neck followed by something being pressed against
that part of her neck.

"You'll understand shortly, now just relax and the process will be much
easier." Replied the technician as he began to work the controls.

Sandy's next demand was cut short as she felt thousands of needle's poking
inside her mind. She screamed in pain just as she passed out.


Sandy awoke some time later. Her head ached, pounding with the persistence
of a light hangover. She found herself laying atop a bed in an otherwise empty
room. Sandy wondered just what had been done to her, she reached back to the
base of her neck and felt a scar that hadn't been there before. She hoped that
Logan would rescue her from this strange fate quickly, certainly he wouldn't let
them do this to her.

After a few minutes, Sandy got up and paced the room. After she felt that
her headache was retreating she walked over to the door and quickly confirmed
that it was locked. She walked back over to the bed and laid down. She didn't
know what fate awaited her, but there wasn't anything she could do until someone
came through that door.

After what seemed like hours, Sandy was brought back from a light nap by
the opening of the door. She was relieved to see Logan stroll in, though Alan
was right behind him.

"Thank god you're here, Mr. Pierce, some of his people did some kind of
experiment on me. I expect you'll resolve this and get me out of here." Sandy
said forcefully, trying to keep from making an angry outburst.

"Of course, I will, Sandy. Would you like to explain what your people did
to my secretary, Alan." Logan replied with a devilish smile.

"Certainly, Miss Mersher was introduced to what we have designated a level
two protocol. She'll respond to voice commands or direct input, and will be
appropriately discrete with her new status. Another benefit is that she'll move
to anticipate any desire you may have, Logan. Close the door and she'll give
you a demonstration." Alan explained.

"What are you talking about?" Sandy asked as Logan shut the door. Just as
the door closed, she felt herself fall to her knees and crawl before her boss.
Sandy watched in horror as her hands moved up to Logan's pants and quickly
pulled out his cock. As she wondered what was happening to her she leaned
forward, taking his semi flaccid member into her mouth. Even when she had been
married, Sandy had avoided oral sex after her first attempt, she hadn't liked
any of it, especially the submissive position she felt it placed her in. Now,
she recoiled at Logan's musky taste as her tongue worked his member with a mind
of its own, quickly bringing his rather large member to attention. Sandy heard
her boss groan with satisfaction as she began to fuck his member with her mouth,
sucking and licking him with earnest. Inside, she was nearly sobbing, wondering
just what had been done to her. How could she be made to behave like this, she
cried as her mouth continued its work on her boss's cock.

"Very nice, Alan. I wouldn't have imagined that my little Sandy was such a
good cock sucker." Logan commented between self satisfied groans of pleasure.
"Like the rest of her new repertoire, her conditioning includes detailed
instructions on every technique. Even if she had never seen a cock before, with
our program, she would suck you like a pro. Feel free to explore her other
features." Alan explained.

Sandy felt a tear roll down her cheek, the closest she could get to the
sobbing that she was doing inside. She was being treated as if she wasn't
there, and apparently they'd turned her into some kind of sex toy. Sandy
couldn't bear it, but even as she cried, her mouth never ceased its intimate and
expert caressing of her boss's member.

Sandy heard Logan groan again, and this time, she felt his member pulse
within her mouth. Her head pulled back till only the tip of his cock was
wrapped in her lips. Sandy felt her boss's seed splash against the roof of her
mouth and her tongue quickly gathered the warm salty liquid into a pool. Once
he finished pumping his seed into her mouth, she released his member and sat
back on her knees. Sandy felt like she could retch as her tongue played with
the pool of semen in her mouth, swishing it around in her mouth. It was several
minute before she was finally allowed to swallow the fluid, a tortuous amount of
time for the taste of Logan's seed to mingle in her mouth.

"So you say she'll be discrete, just what precisely does that entail?"
Logan asked as he looked down at his clearly distraught secretary. He was
already beaming with the power he held over her. He hadn't imagined such things
as being possible, and now Logan was more aroused then he had been in years.
Even though he had just had the best blowjob of his life, he already could feel
his member coming to attention again, and he was ready to use it.

"She won't be able to discuss her new role with anyone other than you and
myself, unless you tell her otherwise, and she'll do her best to keep her
affairs private. Basically, Sandy won't be allowed to advertise her new role in
any way without your approval and she will never reveal any connection to HRI."
Alan explained. He was quite proud of the programming accomplishment, it had
taken his technicians years to refine the non disclosure program. Keeping a
subject from revealing the operation was very important, but it was also a
preemptive task that took a lot of resources. Now, however, a subject could be
turned into an unwilling slut and be completely unable to tell anyone about it.

"Very thorough work, Alan." Logan complimented his new partner, then turned
back to his secretary. "Why don't you give us a display of your fine body,

Sandy felt a strange tingling run through her head, and she stood up. Her
hands moved up to her top and she cried again inside as her fingers quickly
unbuttoned the garment from the top down. Even as inside she sobbed, she looked
up to her boss with a doe like look of sheepish innocence. At an almost
lightning pace, she quickly stripped herself, first her shirt, then her skirt.
As her hands reached for the clasps of her bra, Sandy resisted with every ounce
of strength within her, but the garment joined her other clothes on the floor
without her pace being slowed. As the bra hit the floor, her stripping paused
for a moment and she thrust out her chest, showing off her firm b cup breasts to
her boss. With her chest pushed out, her hands slipped her panties over her
hips and down her legs, leaving her completely naked. Her hands then moved back
up to her head and quickly released her dark hair from it's ensnarled condition,
bringing her hair down in a flowing cascade around her shoulders.

Alan and Logan watched as his conservative secretary slowly turned around,
giving them a view of her every charm. Logan salivated at the delicious female
in front of him, completely bent to his will. Even as she presented herself in
front of him, Logan was considering all of the things he could have her do.

Sandy was already beginning to resign herself to her new fate. Even as she
tried to stop, her body continued its lewd display for her two tormentors. She
had known that Logan had his eye on her for some time, and feared what the
future would bring now that she couldn't say no any longer.

"Would you care to join in, Alan. I'm sure Sandy wouldn't mind." Logan
asked as he prepared for his first good romp with his lovely secretary.

"No, I have my own entertainment. Besides, I don't wish to intrude on my
first gift to you." Alan replied.

"Alright, your loss." Logan faced his still turning secretary. "Sandy, why
don't you get on all fours on the bed and get ready for a good fucking."

The tingling continued in her head as she stopped turning and moved onto
the bed. As she moved into position, a wave of arousal spread through her like
nothing she had ever felt before. Her nipples hardened instantly, and she could
feel her pussy warm up in anticipation, her internal juices flowing faster then
she could remember. Sandy sobbed again as she waited, her breasts hanging below
her, her legs parted, and her pussy dripping and open for penetration. She had
always felt that doggy style sex was degrading, and now her body was moving her
into place without resistance. Even as she was revolted by every new
development she couldn't deny the growing emptiness that she felt between her
legs as her arousal ripped through her, eating away at her resistance.

Logan moved up behind her, removing his clothes as he went. He cupped her
dripping pussy with one hand and felt Sandy push back against his fingers,
moaning in sexual pleasure from his light caress. She couldn't believe how
slutty she was acting, but she couldn't stop herself. The ache in her pussy was
growing unbearable, and Sandy could hardly fight the desire to have Logan's
shaft split her enflamed folds and satisfy her burning need. She hated what she
was becoming, and she feared it. Already Logan was offering her body to another
man, as if she was nothing more than chattel. Sandy wasn't ready to accept what
she already knew, that she had been turned into nothing more than a sex toy.

"Very nice." He said, gratified by how quickly she had already became ready
for him, as evidenced by the stream of feminine liquid that flowed from between
her legs.

"Her body is conditioned to react with all due haste to your commands.
Also her own sex drive has been enhanced to a near hyper state. As soon as you
begin, her conscious mind will be swept away in a torrent of pleasure as her
body services your needs." Alan explained as Logan positioned himself behind his
trim assistant.

Sandy felt the head of Logan's member rub against her pussy lips and felt
her hips move to bring more pleasure from the contact as she moaned in pleasure.
She could barely hold onto control, even as he was barely touching her. She
cried out as he teased her tender folds for a moment, rubbing himself up and
down her intimate crevice. Sandy hadn't had sex in years, ever since her
divorce, she hadn't wanted to get that close to a man again but now her body
cried out to be filled and she ground her hips back against her boss's probing

Logan didn't keep her waiting long. He teased her for just another few
moments before he seated himself at her entrance. Sandy felt his bulbous head
find rest within her then cried out in passion as he thrust forward, filling her
tight vagina completely. Sandy panted for a moment, her animal side reveling in
the stuffed feeling that emanated from her loins, her boss's balls tickling her.
She could never imagine being in a position like this, but even as her rational
mind rebelled against the injustice of it all, her body was already working on
the first fuck of her new life. Her vaginal muscles were pulsing, caressing the
cock within her as her hips ground back against her rapist, fighting to sink
every bit of his cock into her.

Sandy moaned loudly as he pulled back, massaging her inner folds in his
retreat. Logan rested for only a moment with the tip of his member wedged
inside his secretary. This time, he thrust forward slowly, enjoying the
sensation of Sandy's nether lips caressing his cock as he drove into her, her
internal muscles clamping down to maximize their massage of his member as he
parted her folds. Sandy cried out again as he sank slowly into her, parting her
tender, sensitive folds. Once he had filled her to capacity again, Logan leaned
down, cupping Sandy's breasts with both hands. He pulled her upright as he
continued to massage her two globes, gratified as he heard her moan in pleasure
every time he pinched on one of her nipples.

Logan leaned his head over to her ear and whispered. "We're going to have
to do something about these little titties of yours."

Even awash in the sensation of being fully impaled with her breasts being
caressed, those words sank into the rational part of Sandy. She had always
liked her breasts, and had never considered implants as necessary on her small
frame. Now, though she knew she didn't control her own body anymore, and breast
implants were just one more sign that she was going to be little more than a sex
toy for Logan's amusement.

Logan lowered Sandy back down onto her hands and knees and began to pump
into her pliant body. He reveled in Sandy's moans of pleasure almost as much as
the expert caress of her pussy on his invading member. He pumped into her with
a vengeance, enjoying the complete control he had over his once resistant

Sandy could only fall back within herself as her arousal and the pleasure
from Logan's thick shaft compounded. She cried out in pleasure as he pounded
into her, her hips moving to meet every filling thrust, her pussy massaging his
member every moment it resided inside her, and her breasts bouncing below her
with every pounding movement. Her programmed arousal was more than she could
control and Sandy was swept away by the cascading pleasure. As her mind
drifted, her body continued it's expert work on her boss's shaft, helping bring
him the maximum pleasure Sandy's body could deliver.

She was brought back to reality some time later, by a loud groan from
Logan's lips. She felt the warmth of his seed spread inside her a moment later,
and her own pleasure reached its peak and Sandy dissolved into a mind bending
orgasm. She had felt orgasms before, but never so intense, she rode the
sensation of pure bliss for a seeming eternity. She barely recognized the
sensation of her boss withdrawing from her well used pussy. Once he let go,
Sandy collapsed onto the bed, panting and slowly recovering from the pleasure
that had wracked her body.

As she laid there, she heard her two keepers leave the room, and with their
influence now gone, Sandy drifted off to sleep.


Sandy awoke hours later from the sound of the door opening. Before she
knew what was happening, her body swung itself off the bed and presented itself
for inspection. Sandy stood there, completely naked, her breasts thrust forward
and her hands clasped behind her back. She sobbed internally again, realizing
how completely she was being controlled now as her lips formed a smile for her

Logan smiled as well, though his reflected his true feelings, unlike his
secretary's forced expression. He took a moment to admire her naked form before
he reached out to cup one of her breasts. "Now this is much better don't you
think? Why don't you take a look."

With that permission, Sandy looked down at her breasts. Her formerly
gentle curves had been replaced with two large orbs that were at least two cup
sizes larger than they had been before. They stood round and pert, jutting from
her chest, still tipped with two small pink nipples. Even as inside she
anguished at the violation of her body, she moaned as Logan kneaded the two
tender globes with his hands.

"You had better get dressed now. I need you to finished up the contract
back at the office. Knock on the door when you're finished and you'll be lead
out to the limo." Logan ordered. He wanted to thank Alan one more time for his
generous gift before heading back.

As Logan left, Sandy picked up her clothes and began to get dressed. She
slipped her skirt back on, and pulled on her shirt. With her new breasts, Sandy
couldn't button up the shirt fully or use her old bra. She resigned to
buttoning as many of the lower buttons as she could and holding the upper folds
in place until she could find a better solution. As she went to signal a guard,
Sandy realized that she hadn't even slowed to put on her panties, and she
couldn't get herself to try as she waited.

A black suited guard opened the door and waited for Sandy to leave the room
before leading her towards the entrance. She was surprised when the guard
didn't give her a looking over. She had expected that her new ample cleavage
would have given him plenty to leer at, but the man didn't even flinch. As she
followed the guard back out of the building, Sandy wondered how they could have
given her implants so quickly, much less prevent the pain of the surgery. At
first she thought they had kept her here for days, but Logan hadn't behaved as
if they had been they for more than the afternoon. She lamented this and her
other problems as she obediently followed the guard out to the limousine.

Another guard opened the door for her, and Sandy seated herself beside her
boss. As soon as the door closed, she found her hands moving back to her shirt,
unbuttoning the few retaining buttons. She pulled open her shirt, leaving her
new breasts open.

Logan smiled approvingly and reached over and fondled one of her bare
breasts. Sandy could only sit and moan as he caressed her soft flesh.

"So, Sandy, how do you like your new duties? Be honest." Logan asked as he
tweaked his assistants tensed nipple.

"I hate them, you bastard. How could you do this to me?" Sandy cried out,
surprised that she'd actually said just what she'd been thinking. She paused
for a moment, thinking of what to say next, but her voice didn't respond as she
tried to rip into her boss's recent behavior.

"Now that's not very polite, from now on, when we're alone you will call me
master, understand?" Logan ordered. He enjoyed the notion of playing with his
little secretary. The notion that she hated everything she did, was quite
arousing, and Logan lamented that he didn't have the time for another good romp
with his new slave.

"Yes, master." Sandy replied, wanting to bite her tongue at that simple
acknowledgement. She knew just what her new place in life was, but she hated
being forced to state it so clearly.

"Good, now I want to be clear that your new duties can't be allowed to
interfere with your old tasks. You still need to get all of your work done
everyday, no matter what else I have you do, understand?" Logan explained,
squeezing her breast for emphasis on what those new duties would be.

"I understand, master." Sandy replied. She had always sought to keep a
balance between her work and home life, and now she knew that would change as
well. As Sandy considered that, she worried about just what would happen to her
family now, she had two daughters and a son at home, and Sandy couldn't bring
herself to contemplate what Logan and his evil friend would do to them.

They rode in silence the rest of the way, save Sandy's moans of pleasure as
Logan casually explored her body. It wasn't a very long drive back to TGL's
offices and soon Sandy was back at her desk, typing up paperwork as if nothing
was changed. The distinct smell of sex and the size of her breasts didn't let
Sandy forget what had changed, but she dove into her work with a dedication and
energy that she rarely had before.

After only about a half hour of work, Logan called Sandy into his office.
She noticed that he had cleared off his desk, and she recognized what that must

"Hello, Sandy, I'll have bed moved into my private lounge tomorrow but I
wanted one more romp before I left for the night." Logan got up and walked
around his desk to his secretary.

As he spoke, Sandy felt a wave of arousal flow through her, and she felt
her body prepare for another round of fucking. Before Logan had rounded the
desk, her two remaining garments had fallen to the floor, and Sandy stood before
him in only her two inch heels. Sandy wrapped herself around him, pulling his
mouth to hers, and embracing him like a long lost lover. She tried to resist,
but her body paid her no heed as her tongue mingled with his and her naked form
ground itself into him like a sex starved animal. Her large new breasts mashed
against his chest, and her abdomen rubbed up against his erection through his
pants. Sandy cried again inside as the need to be fucked swept her away. The
passion inside her carried her away, and she longed for her breasts to be mauled
and her pussy to be filled with Logan's thick cock. Sandy didn't want to give
in, but her body's demands were too powerful, too complete.

Logan lifted up his sex crazed secretary and set her ass on the edge of his
desk, even as she continued to kiss him passionately. He pulled back slightly,
and Sandy's hands moved down to his pants, quickly freeing his raging erection
from it's bonds. Her soft finger circled his member, stroke it a couple time,
and Logan felt himself twitch under the gentle torture.

"Guide me in, Sandy."

The order brought a piece of Sandy back from the pleasure filled haze that
was engulfing her, allowing her rational mind to observe her bodies actions.
Sandy couldn't help but watch as her hands gently pointed his shaft towards her
dripping pussy. Logan moved forward, and her hands guided his raging cock to
her well lubricated opening. Sandy let out a cry of passion as she helped place
the tip of his cock just inside her folds. Logan reach down and grabbed onto
both of her large globes and squeezed as he thrust forward. The sensation sent
fire through Sandy's body and she cried out again as she felt her insides
stretch to accept her bosses thick member and her breasts squeezed painfully.
As soon as his shaft was rested deep inside her, Sandy felt her own internal
muscles begin to caress him, and she heard him groan with pleasure.

Logan enjoyed the sensation of his secretaries pussy milking his member for
a few moments before he began a slow pumping motion within her. Sandy moaned as
his thick cock parted her sensitive flesh over and over. Her own internal
muscles helped maximize his pleasure, massaging his withdrawing shaft and
lightly resisting each relentless thrust. Soon, Sandy's cries of passion came
in time to each fulfilling trust in her pussy. As her boss pumped away inside
her, Sandy leaned back, resting on her elbows, watching as his member slipped
between her lewdly spread nether lips with every thrust. She moaned again as
Logan leaned over and suckled on one of her new breasts while he fondled the
other. Sandy had forgotten how electric that sensation had been, and her head
fell back as she let go another passion filled cry.

Sandy sat there and enjoyed the sensations as her body was thoroughly used.
Her rational mind had succumbed to the pleasure coursing through her as her
breasts were licked and her depths plumbed. She could only pant happily with
every filling thrust, whisked away by the pleasures of her new existence.

Logan enjoyed himself as well, pleased with just how thorough and complete
his control was. His once proud, upstanding secretary was now lewdly moaning on
his desk as his cock was nestled within her welcoming pussy. He had dreamed of
this day, but he had never imagined it would be so fulfilling. As he sucked on
her now plentiful orbs he was already thinking of the two lovely young ladies in
Sandy's family photos. Alan had already said he would do allow Logan several
more pets in the coming days. Logan could barely control himself as he thought
of having two young nymphs to compliment their mother as his pets. He began
thrusting even more forcefully into his secretary's willing body as he
considered the possibilities.

Sandy cried out again as she felt Logan's pace increase inside her. With
every thrust, the passion inside her increased, growing to an all consuming
degree. She no longer cared how she came to be in this undignified position,
her only concern was the thick pleasure giving shaft moving insider her. As her
boss drove ever faster inside her she fell onto her back, her arms refusing to
hold her up any longer. She laid upon the desktop, gripping the edge with
passion enhanced strength, keeping herself steady against the fury of her boss's

Logan pounded into his assistants eager pussy with increasing fervor for
several minutes absorbed in the sensation of her tender folds wrapping around
him as she cried out with every thrust. He couldn't keep up the pace forever,
and soon reached his own climax, impaling himself deeply into Sandy's writhing
form as he pumped his seed into her.

Sandy recognized his final thrust, and her body lifted itself up, wrapping
herself around him as she felt his seed spread warmly inside her. As her orgasm
ripped through her being, she pulled Logan towards her, and kissed him
passionately as her spasming pussy milked his pulsing member for every ounce of
his seed.

They remained like that for several minutes as their orgasms faded away.
Logan enjoyed the feeling of his lovely assistant wrapped around him, her lips
against his, her breasts ground into his chest and his cock slowly softening
inside her. He enjoyed the sensation for a moment before pulling away. Sandy
fell back panting, lewdly spread before him, her chest heaving and her pussy
dripping the evidence of their recent coupling.

"Be sure to have this cleaned up before you leave. I'll see you tomorrow."
Logan ordered simply before he reset his clothes and left the office. He knew
he'd have plenty more opportunities to enjoy his new pet, and he had important
plans for the evening.

Sandy rested for a moment, her conscious mind reasserting itself as the
pleasure from her fucking receded. She nearly broke down in tears from her
earlier behavior. Logan's orders prevented that however, and Sandy set about
cleaning his desk. Still in the nude, Sandy polished away the streaks and
smears she had made when she had been so thoroughly used. She could hardly
believe what she had become, and she felt herself fall into depression as she
considered her future. Worst of all, she knew she wouldn't even be able to
protect her family, wouldn't be able to warn them about what Logan could do to
them. She feared it was only a matter of time before her darling children
joined in her fate, and that thought was almost more then she could bear.

Logan's Toys
By Farleven
Part 2

Over the next month, Sandy was relieved that her fears hadn't been
realized, and she came to accept her new duties as a sex slave. It wasn't an
easy adjustment, but after weeks of three fucks a day, she gave up resistance to
her new fate. Her family had been left alone so far, and that helped her cope
as she came home to such familiar surroundings every evening. The additional
programming she had received that focused her attention also allowed her to
complete her normal work so quickly that even with Logan's constant attention
she had been able to keep from staying late unless Logan wanted an evening romp
in bed. It wasn't the life she would have chosen, but Sandy came to accept her
new status as Logan's pet.


Logan sat back enjoying the scene before him. Sandy was leaning over his
desk, moaning in time with the thrusting cock between her legs. Her lower body
had arched to ease her partner's access to her pussy. Her large breasts bounced
beneath her with every thrust. Logan could see Sandy's passion etched into her
expression, her eyes stared blankly ahead, and her mouth hung open as she

"I can see why you enjoy her so much." Alan remarked between his own groans
of pleasure. His hands wrapped around Sandy's waist, holding her in place as
his member pistoned into the pliant secretary. Alan enjoyed a slow steady pace,
allowing himself to fully experience their coupling. His cock plunged into her
and Alan groaned as Sandy's internal muscles massaged him with expert skill. He
was still surprised that the conditioning had been so effective, Sandy had been
one of the first sexually trained candidates at HRI. Alan was thoroughly
pleased with the results, however, and had already expanded the program and he
was almost ready to begin HRI's expansion within the USA.

Sandy panted as Alan moved inside her, unable to stop herself from moaning
as his cock massaged her inner walls with every wonderful thrust. She had grown
use to being Logan's sex pet, and though she regretted being lent out, Alan
wasn't the first important client that she had entertained. She felt like a
whore, and she knew that was what she had become. Still, she couldn't control
herself anymore, and that left her just where she was, fucked, thoroughly,
completely and all too enjoyably fucked. All she could do was lay back and
experience the variety of perversions her body now lead her through.

"And I have you to thank for that. I don't think I've enjoyed work more
now that Sandy has changed her attitude towards her duties. I did want to
discuss a few difficulties I've been having here regarding our continued funding
of HRI." Logan said.

"Oh, what's the problem?" Alan asked. He didn't doubt Logan's loyalty for
a moment. Alan understood just how much his associate craved the power HRI
represented, and for now Alan knew he needed to appease that desire. Eventually
Logan would have to be put in his place, but at the moment, his resources were
too important to risk loosing.

"Manuel has been threatening to revoke authorization for continued funding
to HRI unless he sees something tangible. I've been thinking that we might want
to give him a personal demonstration." Logan replied. Manuel Perido was the
president of TGL and a very results oriented manger of the company. Though he
had been pleased with HRI's results in Asia, he couldn't understand what further
good the company could do for him, and Manuel certainly didn't see cause to keep
funding HRI in any capacity.

Alan leaned forward and cupped Sandy's breasts, considering Logan's request
as he elicited a series of passionate cries from her lips. He let her vaginal
muscles caress his shaft as he stood there, deeply impaling the lovely woman
beneath him. Her internal ripping moved deliciously across his cock, and Alan
considered the issue before him. He had been wanting to try out a new
procedure, and this could be as good an opportunity as any. Logan certainly
wanted the top spot at the company and Alan was going to help him get it, and
with that secure HRI's financial requirements for the immediate future.

"I think I can arrange something. Have Manuel stop by HRI headquarters in
a couple of days and we'll convince him of our value. It might also be a good
idea to have the rest of the executive staff stop in over the coming days, so we
can solidify our relationship." Alan suggested. He'd hash out the details with
Logan later, but for now just arranging the meeting would be enough.

"Excellent, I'll be sure to have Sandy send along the time and date once
it's been set up." Logan beamed. He'd soon be in control of the company, and
with a little leverage, perhaps he could even gain control over HRI as well, if
he could play his cards right.

With that decided, Alan turned his full attention to the writhing woman
beneath him. He picked up his pace, pounding into Sandy with increased fervor.
Sandy cried out as she felt his speed increase, she felt his hands release her
breasts and grab onto her hips, and she braced herself for the wave of pleasure
that was about to engulf her. As Alan began furiously pumping into her, Sandy
was washed away by the torrent of pleasure coming from her well used pussy. Her
inner muscles clamped down, increasing the friction on the invading cock and
intensifying the sensation.

Alan kept up his pace for only a few minutes before his own passion peaked.
Sandy's internal control had quickly brought him to the edge, and Alan felt his
seed begin to flow. As he impaled himself upon her for the last time, he pulled
her upper body to him, fondling her ample globes as he filled her with his seed.
As his cock pulsed within her, Sandy cried out in her own orgasm. Alan felt her
pussy clamp down even more fiercely and her spasming vagina extracted every drop
of his seed.

Alan stood there recovering for a few minutes before he pulled back and
felt his cock slip out of Sandy's slick pussy. Sandy gasped at the sensation,
and fell forward as he released her. Alan admired her trim figure and shapely
ass, he thought she was even more trim than last he had seen her like this, and
figured that Logan had made sure she kept in shape.

"Why don't you clean up Mr. Zoran so he can get back to work, Sandy." Logan
ordered in an almost suggestive tone of voice.

"I would be happy to, Master." Sandy replied, behaving with the now
standard demeanor for entertaining clients. Inside, Sandy wanted to bite her
tongue for speaking those words, but she had little time to consider the issue
as she turned and descended upon Alan's limp cock. She proceeded to engulf his
member with her mouth, being certain to remove every drop of fluid from their
coupling. Her stomach still churned every time she was forced to taste sexual
fluids, but her repeated expose now allowed her to distinguish between the
tastes of cock, pussy and semen as she licked her partner clean. She finished
quickly and stood at attention before her latest partner, jutting her breasts
forward and giving Alan a wide smile.

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to please you." Sandy smiled,
wanting more than anything to not have to thank another man for using her as a
sex toy.

Alan reached over at the smiling woman and fondled one of her breasts.
"The pleasure was all mine, Sandy. I'm glad to see you adjusting to you new
life so well."

Sandy fumed inside as a moan of pleasure passed her lips. She still hadn't
gotten used to how sensitive her new breasts were or the open way she was forced
to express herself when she felt pleasure. "My pussy and titties are always
happy to serve the man who made me the woman that I am today." She found
herself saying between moans as Alan pinched her nipples. Sandy cringed inside
as Alan laughed.


"I don't know what Logan thinks this will accomplish. We simply don't have
need for your services any long Mr. Pierce. You've done a great job for us, and
we've compensated you handsomely for the work. I just don't see how HRI can
provide us with any more services." Manuel commented as he was lead into HRI
headquarters. Manuel was a middle aged Hispanic man, he had a strong build from
working out every day. He kept his hair short giving his rather average looks a
slightly serious touch.

"I understand your reservations, we are fairly demanding on our resources,
but you're continued backing is very important for our upcoming expansion
domestically." Alan replied as he lead Manuel down a hallway lined with empty

"Well, I hope you don't expect us to fund your own internal projects.
Unless you have some new services you can offer, I can't see how we can continue
our relationship." Manuel continued, he had been after Logan for weeks trying to
cancel the funding for HRI. Logan had opposed him at every request, and finally
convinced him to visit HRI and see what the money was going to. He silently
wondered what the rows of pedestals were for, but he didn't want to get off
subject by asking.

"That's why I had Logan arrange for you to come visit us. I'm sure after
your personal tour of our facilities you'll view our relationship in a whole new
way." Alan stated as he lead Manuel towards the conditioning rooms. Alan had a
special procedure planned for Manuel. It was still experimental, and Alan
couldn't think of a better subject to work on.

Alan opened up the door to the lab and lead Manuel inside. "This is where
we develop our motivational techniques, we've came to the realization that a
combination of different stimuli into a relaxed mind has powerful effects on
personal attitude. Perhaps you'd like to give it a try."

Manuel hesitated. He didn't really trust Alan, and as he looked over the
volume of equipment ringing the room, he had no intention of placing himself in
one of those chairs. "I think I'll pass. What does the process consist of?"

"Trade secret, but I will tell you that it is very effective, but then you
will understand that first hand." Alan replied.

Before Manuel could reply he felt two hands clamp down on his arms. He
turned to see a black suited guard holding each arm. "What do you think you're
doing? Release me immediately!"

Alan stood by silently as the two guards pulled Manuel over to one of the
chairs and secured his arms, legs, and head. Manuel resisted as best he could,
but the two guards didn't even flinch as he kicked and twisted against them. By
the time he was strapped down he was furious but also quite concerned about what
Alan had in mind. Manuel screamed obscenities at Alan as he felt something
press against the back of his neck. A moment later his mind seamed to be awash
in pain, and the last thing Manuel saw before passing out was Alan smiling
smugly in front of him.


Manuel awoke several days later. He drifted slowly back to reality. A
strange tingling seamed to run through his entire body, and he could feel his
head throbbing uncomfortable. He realized he was laying naked on his back on
top of a bed, but it was several minutes before he could summon the strength to
move. When he did, he felt an odd shifting of something on his chest and he
looked down and screamed a moment later. Two pert b cup breasts rose from his
chest to greet him, tipped with two dark brown little nipples. His hands flew
to the two globes to confirm what his eyes refused to believe, and he had the
strange sensation of both cupping the breasts and feeling his nipples harden
from the caress. His heart raced from the shock and he told himself he was
dreaming, though this was more real than any dream he could remember. He let go
of the breasts and looked at his hands, now small and feminine, each finger
tipped with a well groomed nail. His arms were also changed, and clearly looked
for all the world like a woman's weak arms. His skin was a near milky white,
unlike his formerly tanned hue. Manuel could scarcely believe what he was
seeing and feeling, but the strange reality was highlighted every time his
breasts giggled when he moved. His fear already ebbing, he reached down between
his legs to confirm his condition, and was not surprised or relieved to find a
plump pussy mound resting between his legs instead of his cock. He ran his
fingers over the sensitive flesh, exploring his new anatomy, and a very feminine
moan passed his lips as he passed over an unusually sensitive spot. He looked
around for a moment, to find the woman who had made the sound before realizing
it had came from his own lips. As he turned back to his new form he caught his
image in a mirror that was hanging on the wall and he stood there aghast at what
he saw.

What he saw was a beautiful young Asian woman staring back with a shocked
look etched into her lovely, soft features. Manuel recovered from the shock for
a moment and looked at his new form. His new face was lovely, enough so that
the old Manuel would have had a raging hard on just looking into her soft brown
eyes. Long black hair flowed from her head, and Manuel could feel it tickle the
small of his back, now that he thought about it, it held the silky sheen that
was so common among oriental women. His body was now much smaller than it had
been before, he was now a slight little thing. His two breasts sat pert and
round on his chest, and Manuel could feel a strange warm tingle spread between
his legs as he examined their lovely curving forms in the mirror. He realized
with a start that he was turning himself on and quickly turned away from the
fetching image in the mirror.

He sat there for a moment, wishing there were some sheets he could cover
himself with, to keep him from looking down at the naked female form that he now
inhabited. Manuel couldn't believe what was happening to him, he wasn't a girl,
much less an oriental girl, he was a man and quite proud of the man that he was.
Still, his every movement accentuated his new form, and he couldn't deny it to
himself so easily when he felt a cool draft tickle his new nether lips. The
entire scene made it very difficult for him to cling to the thought that this
was all just a dream.

Manuel sat back and considered what had happened to him. The last thing he
remembered clearly was being sat in a chair, with Alan looking down smugly at
him. After that everything was disjointed, though Manuel had the feeling that
he had been here for days, not just a few hours. He wondered how this could
have happened to him, and he felt anger quickly build within him, both at Logan
and Alan, as they had clearly been working together to do this to him. Manuel
figured that they must have wanted him removed from his position, so that Logan
could take over the company. Soon, Manuel was pacing in his lovely young form,
ignoring the jiggling of his new breasts as he considered what he was going to
do to them once he got free. Even in this slight form, he had resources to call
upon, he had set up a few numbered accounts just in case he was forced
underground, though he had never foreseen this possibility. A few million
dollars was all it would take for him to rebuild an empire and have his two
enemies put to an exceptionally painful end. Focusing on revenge also allowed
Manuel to escape his new state of being, at least for the moment, and after he
had dealt with Logan and Alan, then he could attempt to reverse the process.
For now though, he contented himself with deciding on just how to end their
miserable lives.

Manuel's fuming was cut short when the door to his room was suddenly opened
and Alan walked in. Manuel turned to the older man, and stared daggers at him,
but he couldn't bring himself to move any closer or speak out. Even as he
glared at Alan, he felt himself push out his breasts and clasp his hands behind
his back, his body standing at attention to give Alan full view of all his new

"Hello, Manuel. I see you turned out very nicely. I must say Logan did
have excellent choice in body type." Alan commented as he walked in, closing the
door behind him. He had been a little surprised by Logan's choice, but he
understood why now. Manuel had been transformed into a lovely young woman,
physically she was only about 18 and thanks to HRI's modifications her body
would retain the mature teenaged form even as she aged. For the rest of her
life, Manuel would be a nymph like vision of beauty for all to enjoy.

Manuel shivered as he thought he could feel Alan's eyes trace every curve
of his new form. Still, all he could do was stand there and stare angrily at
the man. Impotent rage seethed within him, compounding every moment he stood
there as Alan looked him over.

Alan enjoyed the sight of the lovely young oriental woman who had once been
president of TGL. Already Logan had assumed Manuel's duties as head of the
company. Officially, Manuel had been driving his convertible down a mountain
road when he lost control and plunged into a river. His wrecked car was pulled
from the river, but his body hadn't been found and Manuel was assumed dead.
Alan was pleased with the faked death, and even more pleased by the success of
his new procedure, though there were still a few details he wanted to confirm
before he turned the girl over to Logan for proper handling.

"You may speak if you wish, Manuel." Alan granted, and patiently waited for
the little nymph to speak.

Manuel felt his outward demeanor suddenly shift, and instead of the angry
expression he had been holding, he felt his face relax and smile warmly at his
tormentor. "Master, you humble servant wishes to express her displeasure at
being turned into such a beautiful woman. Your slave is very displeased with
the firm, sensitive breasts and warm inviting pussy that you have so generously
given her. She wishes to return to her ugly male condition before her master
decides to give her many wonderful orgasms as he uses her body. You slave
doesn't want to feel her pussy tingle with desire, or cry out in passion as you
fill her depths with your thick wonderful cock. You slave also wishes to be
released, Master."

Manuel was aghast at the words that had passed his lips. In basic form
they were what he was thinking, but twisted by new phrasing and the sweet almost
childlike voice that came from his throat. He realized now that more than just
his body had been transformed, and he felt the first spark of fear course
through him.

"Master, you humble slave wishes to know what has been done to her to turn
her into Master's sexy and willing slave." Manuel flinched again at the way his
thoughts were translated into submissive slave speech by whatever had been done
to him.

Alan smiled, pleased with how well the program seemed to be working. Every
new experiment brought HRI closer to creating completely compliant subjects, and
Manuel's programming was one more step along the process. "Well, Manuel, I
suppose I should answer that question for you, as my last favor to you before I
turn you over to Logan. First, you've been the first person to receive our
program of full genetic resequencing. You have been turned into the lovely
young woman you are in every way right down to your DNA, and that also means
that you're completely female and can even have children. In addition to your
physical modifications, you've received our latest work in mental conditioning
and internal control circuitry. I'm sure you've noticed that Logan's secretary,
Sandy has been far more liberal in the past months. That is just part of what
we've done to you, we've went a step deeper in your conditioning, and eventually
your internal thought process will reflect your new outward personality. You'll
still remember who you were, but the relevance of that information will become
less over time. You should be pleased by that, we've had problems with older
subjects in that they go insane because of the differences between their outward
actions and internal thoughts."

Manuel absorbed the information for a moment, realizing just what that
implied. If Alan could be believed, it was only a matter of time before Manuel
became the submissive oriental slave that he had been crafted into. The notion
was almost unbearable, but Manuel couldn't let himself give in, he had to fight
his conditioning, he couldn't give in to these monsters.

"Master, your humble slave will resist your attempts to turn her into a
pleasure giving servant. She will resist the pleasure of a man's attention even
when her nipples stiffen and her pussy drips with her with arousal. She will
fight against her orgasms as her body gives itself to every man who wants her,
as her pussy is stretched so completely and joyously by a man's cock, as her
breasts are massaged and suckled, as her voice cries out in pleasure and her
lips passionately embrace her every lover. You slave will resist, Master."
Manuel chimed in his new sing-song voice. He wished emphatically that he could
control himself


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